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North Bergen
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Responsive and creative math and SAT Prep tutor with 10+ years experience in Greater NYC area

I instruct students in grades 5-12 in math content classes and SAT Prep in reading, writing an math. I individualize my teaching strategies based on students' existing knowledge, needs and learning style. An initial assessment of relevant topics provides me with the information necessary to target specific content, skills and strategies.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced Learning Coach and Teaching Assistant: Middle School, High School, and College Students

In every situation a person encounters, they are either teaching a lesson or learning a lesson. In order to successfully teach, you must be able to learn. With my students, I always want to have an open door for learning. This increases the confidence in the students, and allows them to begin to understand and take responsiblity for learning and teaching.

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Dedicated History Teacher with experience in IB curriculum and learning disabilities, Foxboro, Massachusetts

My teaching methodology is a collaborative approach in which myself and the student work together to find out what the student's needs are, determine an appropriate methodology, and develop an effective rapport which will help build success for the student.

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Skilled communicator and writer with an MA in Psychology offering Psychology and English help

My teaching method is laid back and tailored to the student. I like to go at the student's own pace and recognize that learning is a process. I offer Psychology lessons to high school and undergraduate students. I offer writing and English help to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as undergraduates and adult learners. My lessons are easy to understand.

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Qualified Educator with 20 years experience teaching all subjects to students with Special Needs

I am very hands on when working with students. I make every effort to create lessons that will be engaging and fun for each of the students that I am working with. Whatever the subject areas that we are working on it is important to me that I am ensuring that my student feels safe, secure and knows that I am proud of the efforts that they are making and they are working toward mastery.

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Hello, I am currently teach Pre-k. I am a certified to teach Pre-k through 5th grade. I have a passion for helping children reach their potential.

As a teacher I try to make the subject interesting and exciting to the student. I like to find their strengths and use them to help them succeed. Every child is like a ball of clay just waiting to be molded by the right person.

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Teacher/Professor with 20 years of experience in the classroom and online tutoring

I am Rebecca Letellier, often referred to as Ms. L, by the majority of students, both young and adult. I give lessons to 3rd - adults on reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. My undergraduate degree is Business Management. I have an MBA and a Masters in Education. I am working on a PhD in Educational Psychology.

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A psychology student offering to teach in psychology, health and wellness, and public speaking.

I approach teaching by making it relaxing, inquisitive, and, informative for the student. The student should not feel overwhelmed by all the information being pilled on them but rather be able to stop, think, and, ask questions along the way.

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Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student (Psy.D.) in Fifth year of an APA-Accredited Psy.D. Program. Offering tutoring for psychology topics.

My teaching method is collaborative with the student. After receiving some information about what help is needed, I will let you know if I am able to competently assist you. If I feel that I have the necessary knowledge, I will work with you to create a lesson plan that is most convenient for you.

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Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

New York
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Experienced tutor and graduate student offering Psychology and English lessons in NYC

My teaching style is supportive, encouraging, and patient. Coming from a social work background, I am able to bring a new perspective to achieving goals and understanding the needs of each student. I do not have any particular methodology as I adjust to the learning style of the student.

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Parent and Non-Traditional Adult Student in Middle Level Social Studies in Erie, Pennsylvania

I am willing to give lessons to any age group. I specialize in U.S. History and civics (states, capitals, gov't structure) but I am willing to teach just about anything. I take an informal approach to teaching and try to make things fun. I love to integrate technology into my teaching and will use comics and video games to teach lessons (Fallout 4 and Boston are my favorite!).

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I am majoring in political science and minoring in history. I can provide help in government, civics, or history related subjects.

I offer lessons for students 7-12 grade and seniors who wish to learn basic study and organizational skills for college. To help the student understand the material, I assess what he/she knows then what they need to know. Upon this, will we correct and add the additional information in a way that is fun and easy to remember.

Santa Ana
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Create and implement successful program for students understand impact of history and current events today.

The training I would implement allows me to provide the latest techniques to increase the morale and performance of student's in order to exceed standards. My methodology includes providing training materials, study guides, multi-practice exercises, tests, and examinations, in other words, combining lecturing with demonstration, discovery and research.

Fort Wright
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Special educator with 23 years of experience in helping students reach their greatest human potential through academic instruction using their preferred learning styles and interests.

My teaching methodology is very distinct. I first build a student learning profile and use the data I gathered to create unique and differentiated lessons specific to the group of learners assigned to me.

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Very experienced Psychology tutor with a degree in Psychology offering tutoring online and in home :)

I like to ensure that I approach my lessons with warmth and compassion as well as intellect. I believe it is so important to meet a student where they are so that they do not feel overwhelmed and discouraged. It is essential that my student feel as though I am just as determined and invested as they are and I give my 100% to all my students.

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Yale graduate in Art History and Education with four years of teaching experience based in Northern NJ

My teaching method is rooted in my experiences as an education studies student and museum educator. My lessons are rooted in critical pedagogy with a focus on the development of critical thinking skills through student-driven inquiry-based learning. I have focused my education on the theory of interdisciplinary teaching and learning combined with classroom and museum teaching experience.

North Providence
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Graduate Student with expertise in psychology, counseling, and in marriage and family therapy.

I believe that the best way to teach students to know their strengths, understand the way they process information, and give them step-by-step instructions on how to complete their assignments. I can teach students how to study more effectively and have a good understanding of the Mental Health Field.

Grove City
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College graduate with Psychology degree and Tutor experience helps students reach their academic goals.

I love to flip the classroom, which is a very hands-on learning approach. I believe that teaching is learning, and if students are able to articulate a concept back in their own words to "teach" it, they can truly know it.

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History teacher with 2 years experience, and a great passion for history

I give the students a pre-assessment to determine what they already know, then use the assessment to determine where to begin instruction.

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Experienced After School Teacher with a Degree in Communication Studies in Bakersfield

In my workplace, I tutor and teach kids from our subjects under S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) while following PBIS guidelines (Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems) to ensure a safe, positive environment for students. These are the tactics in which I utilize in my teaching and tutoring methods.

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Retired Mental Health Therapist would love to share my knowledge in written and verbal communication, psychology of individuals and groups, and making meaning and a sense of purpose in life.

I am an 'in the moment' type instructor. I prefer interactive learning, as opposed to lecturing. I have learned the things people recall and remember are primarily experiencial. I also love to learn from my clients opinions, perspectives, and life experiences.

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Master's in Psychology tutoring psych students, reading difficulties, and ESL conversation practice.

My teaching method is based on the weekly needs of the individual. Homework is a fundamental part of the structure. There should be a small amount of practice outside the tutoring session every week. Lessons are customized for the individual.

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Professional in psychology offering online tutoring for all psychology courses and tests.

Lessons will be personalized based on each individual’s need. I work alongside students so they are able to discover topics alongside guidance from me. Lessons can be given to students of any academic level within the field of psychology or social skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated academic history fanatic that's more than willing to help in Howell

I love to be personable, and really get to know whoever I'm teaching before I approach it. I will find whatever method works best for you/your child in order to really reach a deeper understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Psychology major at a public Ivy with a 4.0 in psychology related classes.

I try to relate concepts to things seen in everyday life. This makes them more understandable and easier to visualize and therefore creates a stronger link in your brain when you have to remember that information later for tests and homework.

Cape Coral
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High School Cambridge Teacher, Masters in Sport Psychology & Behavioral Analysis, SW Florida

I am a hands on teacher and enjoy bringing real life examples into learning. I usually begin teaching new students by finding out their cognitive style (which side of the brain they use most often). This helps me figure out how to present the information to each students in a way that makes sense. I not only teach content, I teach students how to study an stay organized.

Oakland Park
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Rising senior in college: Neuroscience and Psychology double major offering online tutoring

I like to lean heavily on analogies and examples to explain content. I have great communication skills which allow me to better assess if students understand the material. I am a very hard-worker and am very passionate about both psychology and neuroscience, as well as academia in general.

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Psychology grad with 4 years of experience offering psych help to students

I have primarily taught middle school and high school students, but have taught some undergraduate students. I prefer a one on one learning environment so that students feel they are in a comfortable environment.

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Denver Masters Degree Therapist educated in Psychology, Research, Mathematics, Counseling, and Sociology!

I believe that the best way to learn is to be open to new ideas and to challenging one’s own preconceived thoughts and beliefs. I feel it is important to foster a safe space which is open to a diverse group with a variety of backgrounds and belief systems so as to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the world.

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