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University music graduate with 14 years of experience offering music theory lessons in Atlanta

I am a music graduate with a diploma in interdisciplinary studies, and I teach at all levels of music theory, from beginner to advanced. My teaching method is simple; I approach each topic at its most basic level. In that way, it will be much easier for the student to grasp each and every topic.

Los Angeles
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International touring artist offers music theory, guitar, piano lessons in Los Angeles

I'm an adaptive teacher, whatever level my student's knowledge is in the given field, together we assess goals and tangible milestones and I put together a game plan specific to us. Each student is different, so that's how we approach every class.

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Singer, pianist, and composer with Master's degree offering music lessons in Massachusetts to all ages

I give music lessons to students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability. Whether you have never sung before or are preparing for a professional singing career, I have the knowledge and teaching experience necessary to shape your lessons to fit your own personal needs and goals.

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Songwriting and Education graduate from Berklee College Of Music teaches contemporary music

I am a professional studio and touring musician, songwriter, and educator originally from Los Angeles but now living in Boston (for the time being).

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I have 2 years of jazz studies at UNLV for guitar and jazz composition. I am also able to teach recording skills, basic guitar, basic bass guitar, theory, & keyboards.

Depending on the student skill level, I base lesson plans of what they are studying, practicing basic fundamentals, and adding classic and standard songs to their repertoire. I am not an advanced teacher, so I make sure that the focus is on developing the student's comfort level while playing and drilling those basic scales, modes, and changes to help them improve their playing.

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SAE Student offering Songwriting, Mix/Mastering skills and Music Consultations, with 3 years of experience.

As a grammy nominated songwriter, my teaching method is getting to know my clients personally. We will start by talking about the importance of bringing real emotions to connect with their song. We will discuss the topic of the song and connect it to their reality.

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Professional Musician, Specializing in Jazz Music as well as Western Classical Music

My teaching methodology is based on the individual. I believe any student can accomplish anything with a disciplined mind set. With such a mind set, we can functionally share and communicate ideas open to learning.

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25 years teaching, performing, composing music in Fairfield and NewHaven Counties.

I believe each student is on his or her own musical journey, whether they want to become professionals and make a living at it or just want music to enrich their life. As a music educator, I bring a strong and refined ability to connect with students, inspire them, hone their specific needs and goals and work with them to expand their knowledge, polish their technique and progress as musicians.

Idaho Falls
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Singer/Songwriter with 8 years of experience offering songwriting courses to help you make the perfect song lyrics.

My teaching method is to break down the art of songwriting to my students and show them that songwriting doesn't have to be this daunting, and difficult thing. If you take it step by step and really express what you want an audience to feel from your song, I guarantee your viewers and listeners will come back wanting more.

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Private Music Instructor offers music tutoring both individually and in group settings.

I base each of my lessons on the individual student. While I do plan for each lesson, not every one goes to plan! My joy of teaching is seeing the light bulb moments when my students finally understand a concept, whether it takes a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. I do not and never will teach to a book.

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Learn from a singer/songwriter with 30 years of experience writing and performing live!

A brief assesment of the student will determine their natural ability, prior knowledge, and level of commitment. Once completed, a unique personal lesson path, which uses their stronger abilities to fortify their weaker abilities, will be created for each individual student.

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Orchestral composer with 18 years of experience is giving private lessons in Buffalo, NY

I give lessons to anyone with a basic grasp of music, generally middle school age and up. If you've never encountered or been interested in music beyond casual listening, this may not be for you just yet! We do cover basic theory but only as needed to tackle deeper topics related to composition. Regardless of music experience of the student, I tend to steer clear of overly technical explanations.

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Professionally trained musician offering skills in theory and composition with 8 years of experience.

Music as a subject is very active. Whatever the specific topic it is important to learn each music concept in terms of visual and audible representation. Being able to connect the body's involvement, to an instrument , to the corresponding notation is very important and achievable through practice and one on one instruction.

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I am a chorally trained soprano with years of singing, songwriting, and performing experience. I will teach you well!

I base my classes upon growth and personal expression. My main goal is to help people create music that they are proud of and that people can connect with.

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Saxophone tune up, how to play scales, and so much more. Online.

Online, Skype or FaceTime, but I’ll answer every question the pupil needs answered and if needed play the part they need help with so they know how it sounds.

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Professional music theory expert (PhD) at an unbeatable price, for all ages

I am an experienced teacher with a flexible style that adapts lessons to YOUR needs, YOUR music, YOUR goals. Previous formal music training NOT required. Any age is welcome. Anyone from a hip hop producer looking to inject melody into your beats, to a classical conservatory student taking advanced music theory classes, I can help you.

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Orlando based music teacher offering lessons in music theory and ear training

I break things down for my students in a manner that isn't overwhelming, but also challenges them. I like to utilize sight singing and ear training, as well as musical analysis of songs. Often times I like to apply what I teach students into something that want to learn. Have song stuck in your head and don't know why you like it? I'll break it down for you and explain all of the moving components.

South Kingstown
Grant maloy
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1st lesson offered free !

Billboard top 10 artist and accomplished BMI songwriter will teach you the fundamentals of good songwriting.

First we analyze the songs that the student has already written. This is important input for ME so that I know where they are coming from. Then we analyze great songs, and the student's favorites from other writers, and make a plan for how to get them from where they ARE to where they WANT TO BE.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Berklee music production student offering music theory and writing lessons in Louisville, KY

I believe music is a completely individual experience for everyone. Therefore I approach every student differently depending on his/her own experience and desires.

Fair Lawn
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Professional song writer and arranger with 5 years experience offering private music theory and composition lessons to students of all ages near Fair Lawn, NJ.

The first lesson will be used to find what material will work best to teach you in the fastest and best way possible and assess current knowledge. Anywhere from beginner techniques to advanced practices. Most lessons will be focused on refining a certain skill or idea with a high level of detail and technical knowledge, like harmonic progression and voice leading.

Los Angeles
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20+ yrs in composing music, Master degree from USC in Music Composition, Experienced music theory teacher,

Students are unique individuals with different experience, different passions, different personalities. I believe teachers should embrace their difference and bring out the bests from each of them. Teaching is fun, and I want my students to be interested in what we learn.

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Currently producing and writing music for small projects. Have 7 years of music experience and able to help anyone and everyone get to their musical goal!

I begin with the fundamentals of music theory. Once the student understands the basic concepts, I create a curriculum designed by their own reasons and desires for learning how to create music.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced pianist (>40yrs) and composer offers private lessons on songwriting techniques and strategies.

My teaching style is that of a coach: I won’t show you how to do something. I’ll help you figure out what works for you.

Los Angeles
(7 reviews)
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Composer with 17 years of experiencie and 15 years of conservatoire. Music theory & Songwriting

I am a music composer specialicez in several styles such as classic, prog-rock- ambient, ...

(9 reviews)
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Tracey - Congleton - Songwriting

Hi! I'm Tracey Taylor, an industry-standard qualified vocal coach in contemporary singing. Whatever your aspirations, hopes or dreams, I am a coach who walks alongside you in your journey, to encourage you inside -and outside- of our time together. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach contemporary singing. I can also coach guitar playing singers and teach guitar on request.

Muswell Hill
(8 reviews)

Josh - Muswell Hill - Songwriting

Inspiring bespoke guitar lessons for all ages from expert tutor with over 10 years experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach all styles and genres of guitar, with a specialism in acoustic folk fingerstyle. As well as guitar, I teach beginner level in mandolin, ukulele, and bass guitar. I also teach songwriting. - Tell me about your qualifications.

(5 reviews)

Emilia - Shoreditch - Songwriting

A touring and award winning artist (MOBO Award and winner of 'Vocalist of the year-2016' at The Parliamentary Jazz Awards). I have released 3 albums in my own name. Singing is and has always been my whole life.


Marco - Hitchin - Songwriting

I have been teaching piano (classical and jazz) to all ages for over 20 years and really enjoy watching my pupils making progress with their studies. Do you want to pick up where you left? ..all ages welcome..

East Finchley
(2 reviews)

Luiz - East Finchley - Songwriting

In my lessons you will understand how music translates emotions and ideas. Using the instrument or/and music production tools, we will be strongly focusing on the relationship between you, your instrument and the theory behind it.

1st lesson offered free !

My students have performed in major West End musicals and successfully auditioned for top ensembles. I have led musical workshops for the Royal Opera House

I have led musical workshops for the Royal Opera House, BBC SO Learning, Streetwise Opera, Future Opera and numerous schools and community music groups. Private tutoring has included students who have recently signed contracts starring in major West End musicals, and successfully auditioned for top choirs and ensembles.

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