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Spanish Translation student offering Spanish/English lessons or homework help online; Student at the University of Central Florida

I always aim to help my students by finding out how they learn best, and then catering to that. I think the easiest way to learn is through trial and error, so I like to explain a topic, give the student practice questions, and then teach as we go, and therefore I can teach to accomodate their learning speed.

Parma Heights
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Ingeniero y Dinamico Conferencista ofrece clases en su idioma natal, el español

My teaching method is based on Intentional practice, depending on your level we start from the basics and then we go from there to your specific needs as a traveling, business, job related topics. We start every lesson with a new topic, new vocabulary and their application.

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Fun and Supportive Spanish Tutor in Birmingham, AL BA in Spanish Language and Literature

I'm looking for students between 6 and 86 years old. I identify how you learn best and adapt to your learning style. Whether you are a visual, aural, or hands-on learner, I have ways of helping you excel at Spanish.

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A Spanish/Portuguese tutor with 10 years experience tutoring and teaching foreign languages at any level!

I am a very flexible teacher when it comes to individual student needs, and I completed my thesis on task based language instruction. My lessons will be based upon the current class subjects and will begin with examples of the topic, leading into a student led activity that will be followed up with conversational practice and writing practice.

North Andover
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Well-known author and professor helps Spanish learners to get their language goals

I don't believe in the an education designed under the industrial revolution (see Ken Robinson's conferences for more reference). My methodology is to HAVE FUN during the learning process using all the advances and knowledges in neuroscience: lessons in real contexts, games, music, movies, interactions, creative activities and challenges.

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I well teach you Spanish for the special someone you trying to empress or for the job you trying to get .

Well I learn English with baby steps ready kids book and and sign out side and buy the abc kids toy so my main goal is for you to learn by baby steps just like I did and only took me a year I’m not the best but I understand everything .

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An imaginary travel through the land of Cervantes and the Inca's Empire.

I follow the natural process of learning a language. First we understand, then we start to speak, then we write and at the end we try to understand grammar. Depending on the level I am teaching , I try to follow this guide. Students have to be familiar with the pronunciation of the word. For this, listening to music in Spanish for example is very useful.

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Retired Spaniard Medical Dr. offering Spanish classes in Garland to students of all ages.

My teaching techniques are the use of the 4 key language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. This will help students learn formal and correct grammar through usage rather than memorization. I encourage the students to participate in the class, not to be shy, ask questions - there is never a silly question - and I enjoy the class as much as the students.

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I'm a Computer Science student in the US. I'm from Venezuela and my native language is Spanish. If you need help with the language I'm the right person.

I can help you with almost all Spanish levels but I have more experience with basic and intermediate. One of my teaching methods is to give examples of everyday life to my students. I think that's a good way to learn efficiently.

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I'm a college student in translation and I give English and Spanish lessons to primary and high school students

Hi, I'm from Argentina and a college student in translation studies. I can translate from English into Spanish and vice-versa. I can also teach you English phonetics and since Spanish is my mother tongue, I can provide you with lots of vocabulary to help you improve your language skills.

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Feel free to learn a new language with me... Spanish For all ages

Ive known Spanish since the first day i was born, i even took extra Spanish classes. During HS i took extra classes on my own on the side of me already knowing this language to get extra information about every spanish word.

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The Quixote said that nothing is impossible, learning to speak Spanish is easy.

I obtained my bachelor's and master's degree at BYU as a Spanish teacher and Spanish literature. I have worked as a teacher teaching Spanish at BYU, High School and Intermedia school in the state of Utah. I like to teach using a lot of technology, individual techniques, Kagan techniques, and Dual Immersion. I like the teaching of grammar using different aspects, even using music.

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High School Spanish teacher gives Spanish lessons to all ages in Durant

I teach Spanish I and Spanish II at the High School level. I always give an objective to focus on for each lesson, whether it be that we are learning about new vocabulary words over food or a new grammar rule on the present tense of verbs. As a teacher/tutor, I require that my students be diligent and attentive.

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Learn Espanol - Native Fully Bilingual Speaker at your service! Let me help you learn today!

I have a BA in Political Science and International Business from Sam Houston State University.

Newport News
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Children Are Like Sponges, so Let Them Soak Up A New Language

My method for teaching is very relaxed so that the student is not overwhelmed by stress or the problems in which they are having trouble with. I am a very loving and caring person so I will always put your state of mind first so you are successful. My main goal is to make sure the student is learning the Spanish vocabulary in the best way without causing confusion.

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College professor with 30 years of teaching experience gives Spanish and history lessons to grades 3-12 online.

I completed Bachelor Degrees in Spanish and Secondary Education, a Masters Degree in Gifted/Talented Education and a Doctorate in Adult Learning and Creativity. I believe learning is fun and enjoy facilitating and encouraging my students in their personal explorations of the subject matter.

Las Vegas
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The ABSOLUTELY Best Spanish Teacher You Will Ever Have AWESOME AND FUN!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish from Brigham Young University, but let's be honest, having a degree doesn't guarantee that someone will be a good teacher. How many times have you had a class from someone with a zillion different degrees and not only did you not learn anything, but they BORED YOU TO DEATH along the way? It's about knowing how to teach and knowing how to learn.

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Im a Highschool Student giving spanish classes, with this being my second language!

Hello. My name is Stephanie Gasca, and i currently graduated from Highschool with a diploma.

Rocky Mount
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Making Spanish Fun, in-person or virtually, from a teacher with a Bachelor's in Spanish

I graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a Bachelor's in Spanish. For instruction, I use a variety of different techniques and methods. I like to incorporate technology and use games to increase learning and make learning more fun. I am energetic and love to help students to have the same enthusiasm for Spanish that I have.

Royal Oak
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Enthusiastic Mexican girl with a bachelor in International Marketing giving Spanish class to all levels, in a fun and entertainment way to learn. Royal Oak, Birmingham, Troy and cities close by.

I am a enthusiastic and energetic 31 years old girl who loves to teach Spanish to all levels either in conversation mode or grammatic.

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Certified teacher gives Spanish, Science and Math lessons to elemental school, middle school levels in Tucson AZ

I am Jackeline Pomales. I am from Puerto Rico. I have a Bachelor degree in General Sciences and a Master degree in teaching of Science also a minor in Math and I have a AZ teacher certification as Spanish teacher as well. I love to work with Elementary and Middle School students. Besides I have experience working with Special Needs Students.

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Fun and creative NDSU college student tutoring up to intermediate Spanish in Fargo

I am a junior at NDSU going for Spanish and Emergency Management degrees. I like to teach Spanish in a fun and exciting way. I have flexible schedule to work with your needs. I am friendly and always ready to help.

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College Grad gives Spanish and Math tutoring Online, degree in Spanish and global studies, minor in math

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Missouri State University in 2015. Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Missouri State University in 2015. Mathematics minor from Missouri State University in 2015.

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Business woman from Venezuela with experience in International Commerce living in Salt Lake City

Studied in Spanish school in Caracas I have a University Degree in Modern Languages focused in Business I am very methodic and patient I am very good with internet tools I used to work for an Embassy in Venezuela I organized PR events and meetings. I am studying culinary arts.

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SC Spanish Interpreter offers tutoring and lessons to all levels and ages.

I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish from USC-Columbia. I also spent some time abroad in the Dominican Republic after I finished my degree to get a hands on learning experience and was able to become fully bilingual. I have also completed certification training to be a Medical Interpreter and have experience as a contract Interpreter for Social Services.

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College student graduating with a bachelors degree in Spanish gives students in the Rhode Island area help reading, writing and speaking the language.

I am a college student currently about to graduate with a bachelors degree in Spanish. I have experience in teaching primary, and secondary grade levels. My lesson structure is based on the needs of the student and my goal is to making the learning interesting and engaging.

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Recent Spanish Grad Teaching Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels for Writing, Reading and Speaking

2017 graduate from South Dakota State University with Bachelor's in Spanish and Global Studies. Spanish studies included linguistics, medical, and literature and culture studies, both Hispanic and Iberian, but more focus on Iberian. Highly skilled in written expression and reading comprehension, developed through paper writing.

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Spanish tutor in Jackson, MS looking to helping those in need of learning Spanish and English

I went to Hinds Community College with an emphasis on Foreign language, Spanish. There I graduated with my associates degree. I also graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. My major was Spanish with a minor in Business Administration. I graduated with my bachelors of art.

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I offer personalized Spanish tutoring or lessons based on your individual needs.

I am a former public school Spanish teacher. I taught Spanish, mostly at the high school level, for 24 years. During my undergraduate study, I studied in Spain during a semester and lived with a Spanish family. I also have ten credits at the Master's Degree level.

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International Business student at Boston College gives Spanish lessons to all levels. Part time and available on weekends!

My name is Maria Sol Calvete. I am senior at Boston College studying International Studies with a concentration in Global Business studies. I have always been interested in teaching and education. I am originally from Argentina and I moved to Boston 4 years ago. I teach elementary, intermediate and advanced Spanish.

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Perfect! I highly recommend Monica! You will learn a lot as she customizes her classes to your level and learning abilities. She uses multiple resources that will help you to excel very quickly. She is very sweet and her classes are so much fun!!!

Kinia, student
2 months ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Loly has been a great teacher! We met in person for the first lesson, and now we are doing weekly video calls. We are working on conversational Spanish, and she is good at listening to what I say, then pointing out the specific things I've done...

Emma, student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! if you are looking for a perfect teacher monica is the one, great teacher with a very good program, always on time , very good follow up with homeworks ,could not have find any better for me, i am 47 french and she is taking the time needed to go...

Franck, student
3 months ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Guido is a great teacher, very easy to talk to and full of good ideas for teaching. He is well-versed in all the nuances of Spanish grammar, which I really appreciate him being able to explain the rules clearly, give relevant examples, and help with...

Emi, student
5 months ago
(85 reviews)

Perfect! Hi Patrick, my daughter missed having you as her teacher. Thanks for everything. I wish you could come back.

Judith, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I meet with Rodrigo for Spanish lessons once a week. From the beginning, he worked with me to make sure that our lessons were tailored to best help me with my conversational Spanish. We do both grammar practice and conversation in each lesson. He's...

Caitlin, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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