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Village of Pelham
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Encouraging, patient Spanish tutor/teacher with extensive experience and near-native fluency.

My approach is friendly, patient and encouraging. I first discuss the goals, interests and learning style of the student. Since language learning includes speaking, listening, reading and writing, I ask the student to rank these as strongest and needing the most improvement, and on which they want to focus and grow.

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Spanish tutor with 5 years of experience offering basic and intermediate lessons

I approach each topic by identifying specific goals the student should learn by the end of it. I help the student try to find multiple ways to understand the concept until we find the method that works best for them.

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Credentialed Spanish Native Professor from Spain with 20 years of experience teaching All levels including College and Online. Communicative and Immersion Lessons.

I am a Native Spanish Teacher from Spain with a very strong academic background in Spanish language and Culture combined with over twenty years of experience working in public and private institutions in California and Europe.

Des Moines
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Spanish interpreter/translator in Des Moines offering Spanish conversation lessons and tutoring with over 8 years of experience

I strive to always give my students many examples of the material being presented and emphasize understanding the grammatical concepts versus spending time on memorization of vocabulary during a tutoring session. I also like to include relevant examples that deal with the Latino culture when learning the Spanish culture as both of these concepts go hand in hand.

Niagara Falls
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Engaging Spanish and French tutor for all types of language learners.

I strive to individualize lessons according to the needs, goals and strengths of each student. I focus on making connections to the concepts and ideas that make sense to the learner.

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Graduate Student offering beginner to intermediate Spanish lessons in the greater Philadelphia area.

I base my classes on the student and what they want to gain from a tutoring session. The student is the most important aspect and they decide or rather guide the content and learning techniques that are used throughout the session. Feedback is always welcome and a relaxed environment is key to learning.

El Paso
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Native Speaker with over 30 years of experience speaking the Spanish language.

I can be very flexible with respect to the methodology I use with each different student according to his or her particular needs. We can try to focus on building vocabulary, oral expression, written expression, etcetera. I am especially skilled when it comes to translating something from English to Spanish, which will be most useful when you want to improve your vocabulary.

(3 reviews)
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Learn Spanish with experienced native Speaker, Certified teacher fun at any age.

I am originally from Uruguay and have been at US for many years. I retired form Columbia Public Schools in 2007. I came to this country with a scholarship from United Nations to finish a Master in Science. My degree is in Veterinary Medicine.

Rancho Cucamonga
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Bilingual Expert in Spanish/French offering home or office lessons in the Inland Empire

Doctorate in Education with an emphasis on Special Education and Psycholinguistics (Boston University, Boston, MA) Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Teaching Modern Languages (Tufts University, Medford, MA) Fluent in English, Spanish, French and English. I am flexible, patient, and try to understand my student's needs.

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Dedicated Spanish, ESL Teacher and French Tutor with 25 years of expertise. Experienced in both public and private teaching sectors, with a special focus on students' learning needs and effective less

I prepare language classes taking into account not only the reason why the student has decided to learn the language but also his/her learning style.

Evergreen Park
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Enthusiastic College student with several years of Spanish experience as well as connections to family members who speak and are Spanish instructors

My teaching method is to thoroughly explain topics with relevant connections and examples. Depending on the age group the lesson will be modified accordingly. There will be practice with questions from students as needed, and review of materials at the end of each lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Native from Spain with lots of experience will take your Spanish to another level

Every student is different, so I personalize the content depending on your needs and wants. I will focus on what you want to learn. Some of my students wanted to just sharpen their conversational abilities while others want to work on their grammar.

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Learn Spanish in a natural and funny way with a native Spanish Professional

My teaching methodology includes sensorial and emotional learning by experiential activities in real situations to set practices using NLP and cognitive resources

Rancho Palos Verdes
1st lesson offered free !

Marketing and communication student born in Mexico gives spanish lessons for the summer

i based my clases in the present day, in a way that the young people can be interest and learn much easy .integrating technology into the classroom is a great way to empower students to stay connected in this technological era. Technology-rich lessons have been found to keep students motivated and engaged longer.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish tutor in Colombus, Ohio. Major in Spanish with experience outside of the U.S.

I am a college student who has taken 12 years of Spanish classes, I am willing to work with anyone who shares the same passion as me with this beautiful language.

Southern Pines
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Online Spanish Teacher who shares world travel experiences to inspire student learning.

My teaching method is to connect the language and its culture to make learning a language more meaningful and relevant for students. I find my sharing my world traveling experiences helps students gain a deeper understanding of the language itself.

Independence charter Township
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced High School Spanish teacher looking to tutor students in Metro Detroit

I have taught students from the very beginning to more advanced students. I believe a lot of input and culture is integral to enjoying Spanish and subsequently learning it. Learning should be fun! Spanish is more than just a language - it is a culture.

1st lesson offered free !

High School Spanish Teacher available for editing and tutoring in Northville, MI and surrounding areas.

I am willing to customize my lessons to what you would like to learn. Whether you want to learn Spanish just for fun or you need help with the work from your Spanish class, I can help! I enjoy working with all ages.

1st lesson offered free !

Native spanish speaker located in the roots of Mexico with a little bit of Colorado in my system, let's practice your speaking skills.

My lessons will be based on your level of speaking spanish, and expressions you want to portray when you're traveling. I want your chatting skills to be perfected, and teach you easy ways to do so. I want you to walk around asking without hesitation.

1st lesson offered free !

Dutch-American tutor with expertise in foreign language and STEM-related subjects with 15 years experience

I use a learn by doing method and also called the teach back method. I'll go through the situation with the student several times and slowly have them "teach" me what we went over using a variety of examples and content. I also bring additional materials aside from what the student has for homework or coursework.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish teacher, world travelled, teaching from home in Columbus to empower learners.

My teaching method is personalized to the student, I start by analyzing where the student is at and then working forward at what Krashen has called a "Comprehensible Input." This means that, after we determine where the student is at and what goals they have, we build our curriculum for them. The stronger the student, the more likely I am to work within the target language.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish tutor with a Bachelors degree from Clemson working in Greenville SC

I like to be able to not only be able to teach but also be able to demonstrate the appropriateness of the lesson. Not only do i teach elementary and basic lessons but also show the ways that they can be applicable.

1st lesson offered free !

Logan, Native Spanish speaker, Spanish Teaching Emphasis Student and Spanish Amateur Writer.

My teaching method is to use the latest update of the Royal Spanish Academy to teach students different rules of Spanish grammar. I use different Latino cultures to help students have a neutral accent. You will not only learn Spanish, you will also learn about history.

Terre Haute
1st lesson offered free !

High School Spanish Teacher and world traveler who loves all things Spanish!

I love to teach each of the five components of foreign language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture. However, my largest expertise and focus is on speaking. I believe that if you can speak it (even a little bit) you could help someone or yourself in a time of need and that is one of the main goals.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

Spanish Native with BA - Level from beginner to Profesional. Improve your level.

My method will be based on my student's, experiences, travels, hobbies or current profession. The best topic will be the one that the student chooses to talk about because is the one that the student feels comfortable. Could be a good book, news, sports, music or business. Using internet tools like google hangouts or any others.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish major at the University of Memphis, studied in Spain, with 8 years of Spanish experience.

I teach by focusing on grammar and explaining the differences between English and Spanish. If you can understand the reason why something is the way it is, I feel that you can learn it more easily. I start with the basics, and work my way up from there, according to the student's needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Fully Bilingual: English/Spanish tutor. Have lived in various countries in Latin America. 2 Masters Degrees.

My teaching methodology is based on the Berlitz system, because I have taught with them for many years. I like to give my students live-practical examples and everything is done in either Spanish or English, depending on the language I am teaching.

Lake in the Hills
1st lesson offered free !

Native Spanish Teacher from Barcelona (Spain) with a Masters in Spanish as Foreign Language. Teaching in a Dual Language Jr. High School in Schaumburg

The methodology used with each students depends on their personal needs and personality. Every student will be evaluated during the first lesson and depending on the level and needs of each student, I will plan and adapt the following lessons.

Missouri City
1st lesson offered free !

Certified Spanish teacher available for tutoring in Southwest Houston and Fort Bend County.

I implement an eclectic approach that caters to the needs of the student. I incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities in my lesson plans. I want students to feel comfortable and to ask questions. I strive to provide an engaging environment.

Farr West
1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual fluent in both Spanish and English. Currently studying at Weber State.

The best way to learn a language is through immersion and practice. Learning a new language is not easy nor is there a short cut to doing so. I myself went from knowing Spanish to being considered by native speakers to speak the language fluently. I teach from my own experiences in dominating the language.

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Perfect! I highly recommend Monica! You will learn a lot as she customizes her classes to your level and learning abilities. She uses multiple resources that will help you to excel very quickly. She is very sweet and her classes are so much fun!!!

Kinia, student
2 months ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Loly has been a great teacher! We met in person for the first lesson, and now we are doing weekly video calls. We are working on conversational Spanish, and she is good at listening to what I say, then pointing out the specific things I've done...

Emma, student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! if you are looking for a perfect teacher monica is the one, great teacher with a very good program, always on time , very good follow up with homeworks ,could not have find any better for me, i am 47 french and she is taking the time needed to go...

Franck, student
3 months ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Guido is a great teacher, very easy to talk to and full of good ideas for teaching. He is well-versed in all the nuances of Spanish grammar, which I really appreciate him being able to explain the rules clearly, give relevant examples, and help with...

Emi, student
5 months ago
(85 reviews)

Perfect! Hi Patrick, my daughter missed having you as her teacher. Thanks for everything. I wish you could come back.

Judith, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I meet with Rodrigo for Spanish lessons once a week. From the beginning, he worked with me to make sure that our lessons were tailored to best help me with my conversational Spanish. We do both grammar practice and conversation in each lesson. He's...

Caitlin, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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