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My family is from Spain and as a child I learned Spanish first. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

I believe that anyone can learn Spanish with a safe background, where you are allowed to make mistakes and learn with confidence. You must have the confidence to speak, native speakers love when you try.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish teacher with over 12 years of experience will travel to your home in NH and north of Mass for your lesson. Native speaker.

I use a great variety of authentic materials to learn the target language. I give my students plenty opportunities to converse and practice the vocabulary as well. I will provide Plenty of activities & online sources to practice at home.

1st lesson offered free !

An ordinary Mexican- American lady that loves to teach Spanish qnd has experience.

My teaching method is having a planner, trying to take everything little at a time, setting a time frame for everything, and focus in the areas that are the students weakness.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish native speaker with Bachelor Degree in Education and 25 years of tea ching Elementary. Seeking a great adventure of private tutoring. Fun and engaging teaching lessons based on mini-projects t

Project based learning. It means that the student can learn not only the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) but learn about the Hispanic culture and other subject areas through Spanish.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish instructor with 25 years’ experience abroad and U.S. M.A. NYU

I always adapt each class to the specific needs of the student, using the most up-to-date teaching methods and materials

1st lesson offered free !

Caring, Dedicated and trustworthy Spanish Tutor. Bondadosa, Dedicada y Confiable Tutora de Español.

Academic vocabulary and language. Effective questioning. Repetition of words. Graphic organizers. Vocabulario academico y lenguaje. Preguntas efectivas. Repeticion de palabras. Organizacion grafica para entender visualmente nuevo material.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish fluent tutor from Puerto Rico, ready to share all my knowledge with others.

My methodology to teach Spanish go from the basic to the complex with short quizes that makes sure everyone is understanding and learning everything.

El Paso
1st lesson offered free !

Fluent Bilingual translater speaking both Spanish and English for every day life!

I base my classes on practice, hand on activities and having students listen or watch programs in order to retain the pronunciation of the Spanish language.

1st lesson offered free !

Ingeniero industrial. Industrial engineering. "El conocimiento existe solo cuando se transmite." "Knowledge exist to be imparted."

Mi estrategia es enfocarnos en lo interesante y atractivo de ciertos aspectos donde se puede producir conocimiento. Básicamente abrir el apetito de aprender.

Palm Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Abogada cubana con experiencia en educación y dominio completo del idioma español, lista para hacer su vida más fácil.

Aplico cada método según la edad y lo que necesita el alumno. Cada lección se basa en conocimiento previo del alumno.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish tutor with 10 years of academic experience ready to help you acquire your goals.

My teaching method is based on the constructive approch using online technologies. I base my classes on exercises tu help you practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish Teacher. Spanish is not a difficult language, I can help you.

Start with grammar, pronunciation and practice for you can understand when you listen in Spanish and answer, it is not difficult.

1st lesson offered free !

Future Spanish Teacher/Interpretor with Hispanic Roots willing to help anyone in need with learning Spanish! What better than to be learning from a person of mexican descent!

Let me know how you feel comfortable learning and I can definitely work that out! Notes,Lectures, Powerpoints etc. Not everyone has the same style of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish Instructor, lots of experience here and abroad comes right to you!

I tailor lessons to each student’s learning style and proficiency goals. We will go at your pace using materials best suited for your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish tutor offers his services. I am a native Spanish speaking man. Well educated in Spanish and English

My teaching method is based on grammar, writing and reading. Also about different Spanish customs. Also I follow the Real Academia de la Lengua Española (the Spanish Language Real Academy) rules. I use methodology easy and practical. Lessons based on normal things of this life. Easy to understand and to learn fast.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Spanish speaking teacher with a life time experience and flexible schedules

My teaching methodology relies on carefully selected study materials and a highly interactive and dynamic conversational approach, proven to be effective in the development your communication skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Come and discover your potentials to learn Spanish with a Cuban teacher!

My teaching method is Conversational Spanish, l base my classes on the most used phrases to express actions in all tenses and in the formal way.

Winter Park
1st lesson offered free !

"Spanish tutor from Orlando,FL offering on line lessons, speak,read and write"

My teaching methodology is to start for the kinder garden lesson to advance classes to any student no matter the age

Des Moines
1st lesson offered free !

Hola! I'm a spanish tutor with 8 years of speaking, writing, reading, and listening experience! Passed the AP Spanish language test with a 5. Have tutored many middle schoolers and high schoolers in t

My teaching methods involve immersing in language through popular Spanish songs, magazines, and movies! Not only learning the grammar and vocabulary but also the culture!

1st lesson offered free !

A Pennsylvania teacher licensed, with a doctoral degree in higher education. Native Spanish speaker with 4+ years experience in teaching undergraduate level.

My teacher methodology includes general semantics and neuroscience as a framework. The method is student-centered and employ non-linear pedagogy principles.

1st lesson offered free !

20 years old, bilingual in Spanish and English. Willing to help Spanish assignments!

My teaching method is based on visuals, repetition & pronounciation. I also like to practice having conversations to prepare for real life scenarios.

Boynton Beach
1st lesson offered free !

????‍????Es tiempo de hablar Español ????‍???? It's time to speak Spanish ???? students committed ????

I like to adapt to the way of learning of each student. I think we do not all learn in the same way.

1st lesson offered free !

Two years experience as Spanish Teacher. Grammar and conversation. Basic Spanish or advanced.

I use a book, that includes the basics to start learning Spanish with simple present sentence, using the grammar.

Little Rock
1st lesson offered free !

Just take your time, be at home and learn Spanish with me. I am here to help you.

My metod is defferent for different ages of students,I use special books, songs and videos for them, writing is very important to me too or different oficials letters.

1st lesson offered free !

Born and raised in Costa Rica! Looking to help people learn and grow, I'm extremely patient and motivated ;)

I like to be specific and use lots of examples. To me it's really important to make sure the student is feeling comfortable and understands the concepts.

Chula Vista
1st lesson offered free !

My name is Sophia Lopez I am 18 years old and bilingual in English and Spanish. Have been bilingual my whole life and would love to help you in any trouble you have in Spanish!

I have different methods and one of them is by teaching you letter by letter, part by part or going over it multiple times.

Prescott Valley
1st lesson offered free !

Bilangual teen who’s first language is Spanish and willing to give lessons anywhere.

My teaching method goes based off a specific topic. For example foods, I divide them in what types of foods; fruits , vegetables, meats, etc. Another example house items. It can be divided into kitchen items,living room items, bedroom and bathroom items. Also types of clothing.

1st lesson offered free !

I'll be teaching Spanish in Arizona with eight years of experience to help you on your needs

My teaching is simple I usually help high school students with short lessons in Scottsdale Library My lessons start with the basics of how to pronounce words to pass on to fully understand , then start with the structure of phrases and other but it all depends on your needs too

Rancho Santa Fe
1st lesson offered free !

Hola Amigos, if you want to learn or need help with Español I can help you.

My teaching method is to go section by section. I don’t like to overwhelmed or confused people. That’s why I like to focus on a certain subject at a time.

1st lesson offered free !

Im a patient and kind individual just trying to help people learn an important life skill.

My teaching methods work around who im teaching trying to figure out what works well with them and their memory to actually obtain the information im trying to explain to them.

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Perfect! Guido is a great teacher, very easy to talk to and full of good ideas for teaching. He is well-versed in all the nuances of Spanish grammar, which I really appreciate him being able to explain the rules clearly, give relevant examples, and help with...

Emi, student
1 month ago
(72 reviews)

Perfect! Hi Patrick, my daughter missed having you as her teacher. Thanks for everything. I wish you could come back.

Judith, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I meet with Rodrigo for Spanish lessons once a week. From the beginning, he worked with me to make sure that our lessons were tailored to best help me with my conversational Spanish. We do both grammar practice and conversation in each lesson. He's...

Caitlin, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Marina is a fantastic teacher - very prepared for the lessons and makes complex rules easy to understand. She is very flexible to her students' needs and very friendly!

Rach, student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I have loved working with Nancy. I haven't studied Spanish in ages, and she has helped me regain a lot of confidence and really improve my all aspects of my Spanish (speaking, grammar, comprehension, etc). She has tailored all of her lessons to my...

Julia, student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! David is an absolutely amazing Spanish teacher. I’ve never taken a formal Spanish class before and went in cold. From Day 1, David jumped right into conversation with me and made me think on my feet. From speaking with him in both Spanish and...

Ellen, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

7 872 great Spanish tutors to choose from!

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