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Currently certified Illinois Teacher K to 9, endorsed in classroom teaching, special education K to 9 (LBS-1), language arts, social studies and computer science.

My lesson plans are specific to the topic and the individual students' abilities, talents and interests. I have favorite materials and methods from my 7 years teaching. I devote hours of preparation for my lessons, particularly on research, also reviewing my resources from my teacher membership in educational websites.

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Certified teacher with more than 13 years of experience, who enables personalized learning in Nashville Tennessee and surrounding areas.

I as an educator know that student engagement is the key to learning retention and having a great overall classroom experience. With changing times, education requires adaptation and evolution. Students are not as easily captivated as before by simple colorful animations in textbooks and monotonous songs to correlate with learned concepts.

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Scientist who Researched the Neurobiology of Autism providing Lessons for Unique Learners

I received both my BA in Natural Sciences and my PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK. For every student I tutor I devise an individualized learning program which is designed to meet the student's specific needs and learning style. I am a full-time tutor and I devote a lot of energy into ensuring every student I teach reaches their full potential.

Daytona Beach
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Read With Me! Learn How To Read Faster And Retain More Information!

Dr. Melissa Williamson Educational Background • Des Moines University, B.S. in Medical Science Born in Orlando, Florida, Melissa grew up on the Space Coast, enjoying the beach and Space Shuttle launches from NASA. Driven, Melissa graduated from medical school in 1996 and practiced as a podiatric surgeon in Illinois.

Salt Lake City
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Tutor Experienced in Helping Kids With ADHD and Autism Online or Locally

I shape my teaching methods to each child, since every child is unique! I tutor elementary to middle school students, specializing in teaching ADHD and Autistic kids. I use techniques such as engaging in the child's interests and highlighting their strengths in order to improve the areas they need help in.

Saint Paul
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Mercy me education help academy of Saint Paul / little Canada tutoring help

I am a college student who is a special educations Para professional ,and I am trained in helping students of all kinds . I'm working on becoming a special education teacher I am also working in becoming a ESLand ABE .

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Licensed Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University with 5+ years of experience

I begin by getting to know the students that I'm working with and how they learn best. I utilize their learning styles to craft lessons that will meet their needs. When introducing a new topic or skill, I usually start with a hands-on activity as a hook to excite students about their new learning.

Diana karina
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I am a Educational Specialist. I have worked in many areas of Education and directly with students with Asperger and ADD. My background experience and academic studies will help you understand more ab

We will work together as a team, learning more every day. Interaction and participation is a must. This theme or topic is one of my favorites in the Education Area, this means that we can have very interesting lessons through research, discussion, etc.

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BA in Elementary Education K-6 M.Ed in Special Education K-12 Licensed by the state of North Carolina to teach: Elementary Education K-6, Cross Categorical Special Education K-12, and Severe and Profo

I teach each class with a multi-disciplinary and a multi-sensory approach to ensure all learners and learning types receive an appropriate lesson for maximum understanding. I have a structured approach in my lessons while maintaining the flexibility to capture unplanned teaching moments.

Olive Branch
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Certified Exceptional Education teacher with over ten years of teaching experience. Love making learning fun!

My teaching style demonstrates dedication to fostering a positive learning environment and maximizing individual student performance. I teach according to the learning style of the student, and I will incorporate other teaching styles to expand on the style of learning.

Los Angeles
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Ms. Kovach - Special Education Approach to Learning Through Goal and Objective Based Approach

My teaching methodology focuses on collaboration, strategic planning and intentional goal setting. Parents and students are my greatest partners in an academic relationship. When reviewing IEPs, school agendas and family goals, I want to ensure buy in from all stakeholders and develop tutoring strategies that promote life-long learning and skill replication for the student within the classroom.

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Duke Undergraduate with experience teaching kids with special needs in Wake Forest NC

My teaching method is highly adaptable, because no two kids learn the same way. This is especially true of kids with disabilities. I like to take time to get to know kids and figure out what helps them to best comprehend material, and then I adapt my style to best help them.

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Former elementary teacher with master's degree offers one-on-one tutoring in home in Germantown, WI

I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and master's degree in Educational Leadership. I am certified to teach students from birth to age 11, but have tutored high school students in the past. I believe that developing a strong rapport and relationship is essential to student success. Students are more willing to try difficult things if they feel comfortable.

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Previous substitute teacher with 13 years experience helping children discover their potential in reading in Lancaster, CA

My teaching method is based on each individual student and their needs. Everything is approached with calm and patience, along with happy enthusiasm to engage the child and shine a positive light on learning. I like to learn a bit about the student and I share appropriately about myself in order to establish a trusting and comfortable relationship.

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Special Education teacher specializing in autism spectrum disorder and behavior management for over 10 years.

My teaching methodology is a collection of technology and hands-on activities. The core component depends on assessing where the student is and where he/she needs to grow and delivering the material in various methods that are engaging, age-appropriate, and challenging to be sure student growth and retention is achieved.

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Special Education Teacher with 5 years of experience offering tutoring to all

My teaching method is based on the Universal Design for Learning and that no one individual learns the same way. I try and help students discovers their strengths and help them work to their full potential.

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Exceptional Children's Teacher with 17 years experience- ADHD, AU, Hearing Impaired, LD, EBD, you name it I have taught it!

The chances are your child is struggling not because they can't learn but because they are struggling to learn in a traditional learning environment. I try something a little out of the box, unconventional and get great results. I force your child to use their learning by questioning what they do know and fill in the gaps along the way.

Vernon Township
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Special Education Teacher with 9+ years experience with students in elementary and middle school. Located in Sussex County, NJ

My teaching method depends on my students. I always make sure to teach to the way they learn. Some students prefer to hear a lesson, others need to see it. I go above and beyond to make sure my students "get it" and encourage all questions and comments.

Locust Grove
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Reading teacher in Locust Grove with 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education.

My teaching method is to building relationships with students. When you build relationships then everything else fall in place. I will use the first meeting to get to know the student and see where I can meet them on their level.

Muscle Shoals
Cheryl a
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Special Education Teacher who is experience and has 13 years of teaching

My teaching methodology is finding a strategy that works for the student and then teach that individual that strategy so that they can grasp the lesson that they need to learn. My lesson structure is based on the ability of the student and what he/she can learn based on a lesson plan that will be prepared for them.

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Special education teacher with 14 years experience working with students with special needs in Mississippi.

I really like to get to know my students and find out what they like. I try to present lessons through things that interest them, if at all possible. Examples are music, movement, and art. I feel that the more a student is interested, the better they learn.

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College student studying elementary education at Appalachian State, experience at a school.

I am an experienced tutor, and I love to help the kids as much as I can, but I also encourage them to think and solve the problems on their own. This is how they gain confidence in themselves. I help them to read a passage, but then give them a chance to read on their own.

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Academic tutor for elementary age children. Pupils with special needs are welcome.

My teaching method is to make the lessons fun and to break things down as far as the student needs me to. I use an array of colors. If I can make a song to liven things up, I can and will.

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Fun, Creative, Certified Elementary Ed, Literacy and Special Education Teacher in Connecticut

With my background in special education I base all my instruction on providing my students with exactly what they need to be successful. No two students are exactly alike or will learn exactly the same. I make sure that as a teacher and a tutor I mold my lessons to match the learning style and interests of my students so that they will be engaged and attend to my lessons.

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Special education teacher with over 40 years of experience with special needs students.

All strategies will accommodate the whole student and not just the labeled special needs. Lessons will be tailored to each individual students depending on the needs. The first lesson will establish levels of where the student is and what modalities are best suited for students.

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Certified Special Education Teacher and English teacher with 25 years experience who love teaching.

My teaching method is differential to specific needs of the child while challenging with moving a step up within each content area. Based on the on the needs of the children and input I get from parents I can make a lesson plan and provide essential materials to meet their needs. I provide a positive and nurturing environment with parent participation.

Mary ann
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Teacher with 5 years experience tutoring in reading comprehension and elementary math. Reading is my specialty.

My name is Mary Ann and I am a teacher for elementary school students. I help with reading, reading comprehension, and elementary math. I teach with patience, respect, firmness, and always offer praise and encouragement. My students usually like me and respect me and the feeling is mutual.

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Guidance for Reading Skills Improvement Given by Patient Para Professional for Young Children

I have been a Paraprofessional for 4 years. I work with children in grades K-5 helping them in small groups or one-to-one with reading skill building and comprehension. I use word games, reading apps, round robin reading in small groups as well as reading in unison.

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Certified Exceptional Children's Teacher, 22 years experience pre-k to 12 English/Math cross-curriculum multi settings

I am a high school inclusion teacher. I execute my lessons by working at the students pace using modeling, guided practice, and independent practice. I teach using visuals, hands on activities, if possible, real life situations, I teach and answer questions; however, I do not lecture. I enjoy engaging lessons which are student focused and rigorous.

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