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Currently certified Illinois Teacher K to 9, endorsed in classroom teaching, special education K to 9 (LBS-1), language arts, social studies and computer science.

My lesson plans are specific to the topic and the individual students' abilities, talents and interests. I have favorite materials and methods from my 7 years teaching. I devote hours of preparation for my lessons, particularly on research, also reviewing my resources from my teacher membership in educational websites.

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Retired teacher with 36 years of experience under my belt. I love working with children especially in the areas of reading and math.

I enjoy working with students in grades K-8. I believe that all students are entitled to learn. Each child is unique and is at a different reading level. There is much to learn in life. I look forward to meeting you.

Daytona Beach
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Read With Me! Learn How To Read Faster And Retain More Information!

Dr. Melissa Williamson Educational Background • Des Moines University, B.S. in Medical Science Born in Orlando, Florida, Melissa grew up on the Space Coast, enjoying the beach and Space Shuttle launches from NASA. Driven, Melissa graduated from medical school in 1996 and practiced as a podiatric surgeon in Illinois.

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K-6 Certified Tutor (Reading Endorsed!) Creative Lessons designed to fit your student!

My teaching method is very hands on. I start by taking an interest survey to see what my student is interested in and what they find easy/difficult about the subject(s) I will be teaching them. This allows me to do two things. One, see what my students enjoy and like to learn about. Two, it tells me what their confidence level in the subject at hand, and what they may need to work on.

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Teacher with 20+ yrs. experience. seeks reading students preschool-middle school age -after school - one-on-one help. Located in Ellsworth , WI USA. Bachelor of science degree from WSU River Falls

I am a retired teacher/case manager and a Grandma. My grandchildren are the light of my life and I have always loved working with children. I enjoy camping, traveling, movies, reading, cooking, baking and most of all, my family. I Graduated from WSU River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree (elementary ed. major and music minor).

Ladera Ranch
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Special education teacher with 30 years of experience teaching reading skills using multi-sensory interventions for students with special needs and students who struggle with conventional reading inst

I utilize a multi-sensory Orton- Gillingham systematic approach to my instruction and make the lessons fast paced, fun and rewarding. I believe in building a student's self confidence which makes them motivated to learn and become stronger more confident readers.

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I am a retired Social Worker and Therapist with a great deal of background in teaching special needs childen using creative ways to address learning deficts and using a variety of behavioral, CBT and

My teaching methods will be based in part on diagnosis, in part via assessement of how well children can learn, strong and weak areas, teaching study skills and building on current strengths. Teaching methods are based around a variety of modalities (including Kinesthetic) and are solultion focused and aimed on positive growth.

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Love working with students with exceptional needs (mostly SLD)! Over 20 years of experience waiting to learn from you! Washington, D.C.

I love working with students with exceptional needs, great interpersonal skills. love to integrate your interest into the learning experience. Teaching experience pre-K - 8th grade (classes will be for pre-K to 3rd grade).

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Licensed Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University with 5+ years of experience

I begin by getting to know the students that I'm working with and how they learn best. I utilize their learning styles to craft lessons that will meet their needs. When introducing a new topic or skill, I usually start with a hands-on activity as a hook to excite students about their new learning.

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Succeed! Certified, Highly Qualified, and Very Experienced Dyslexia Tutor in Austin, TX

As an educational psychologist, I use a variety of techniques and tailor programs to suit the student's needs, learning style, and level of proficiency. I have had great success teaching dyslexic students of all ages, and helping them prepare for standardized tests such as the STAAR and the SAT. I use the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Barton System for Spelling and Writing.

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Retired State of Florida certified teacher specializing in elementary reading and math skills

I base my teaching method on informal testing to determine skill level of my students. I also talk to parents to find out their goals for their children. I believe that learning can and should be fun, and I use a lot of teacher made manipulatives.

Los Angeles
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Ms. Kovach - Special Education Approach to Learning Through Goal and Objective Based Approach

My teaching methodology focuses on collaboration, strategic planning and intentional goal setting. Parents and students are my greatest partners in an academic relationship. When reviewing IEPs, school agendas and family goals, I want to ensure buy in from all stakeholders and develop tutoring strategies that promote life-long learning and skill replication for the student within the classroom.

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Creative Reading Instructor With Ten Years of Teaching Experience in Special Education

As a licensed and highly-qualified Exceptional Children’s teacher with ten years of teaching experience in the field of Special Education, I have a passion for creating and implementing intervention strategies for students with exceptional needs and diverse learning styles.

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Previous substitute teacher with 13 years experience helping children discover their potential in reading in Lancaster, CA

My teaching method is based on each individual student and their needs. Everything is approached with calm and patience, along with happy enthusiasm to engage the child and shine a positive light on learning. I like to learn a bit about the student and I share appropriately about myself in order to establish a trusting and comfortable relationship.

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Exceptional Children's Teacher with 17 years experience- ADHD, AU, Hearing Impaired, LD, EBD, you name it I have taught it!

The chances are your child is struggling not because they can't learn but because they are struggling to learn in a traditional learning environment. I try something a little out of the box, unconventional and get great results. I force your child to use their learning by questioning what they do know and fill in the gaps along the way.

Locust Grove
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Reading teacher in Locust Grove with 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education.

My teaching method is to building relationships with students. When you build relationships then everything else fall in place. I will use the first meeting to get to know the student and see where I can meet them on their level.

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College student studying elementary education at Appalachian State, experience at a school.

I am an experienced tutor, and I love to help the kids as much as I can, but I also encourage them to think and solve the problems on their own. This is how they gain confidence in themselves. I help them to read a passage, but then give them a chance to read on their own.

Lake Charles
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B.S. in Elementary Education Graduate gives reading and language lessons to young learners in Lake Charles, La.

My teaching methods are very hands-on and consist of lots of visual imagery and interactive learning techniques. I try to use a wide range of diverse teaching approaches. My primary consideration is based on the individual needs of each and every student. I find it highly important to integrate both teacher and student-lead practices into each lesson.

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Special education teacher with over 40 years of experience with special needs students.

All strategies will accommodate the whole student and not just the labeled special needs. Lessons will be tailored to each individual students depending on the needs. The first lesson will establish levels of where the student is and what modalities are best suited for students.

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Special Educator Student offering tutoring in New Hampshire with 3 years experince

My teaching meathodology is that the student comes first and I make sure it is in a fun way to learn .

Morton Grove
Mary anne
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Learning specialist in Chicago north suburbs offering creative and fun reading tutoring for grades K-5 and ELL.

I start all tutoring relationships by communicating my confidence in my students' ability to learn, explaining that we are going to work together to find the way he/she learns best. I incorporate the personal interests of my students into the lessons to make learning more engaging.

Kings Mountain
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Reading Specialist with 26 years of teaching experience looking for students to inspire

My classes are engaging, interactive, and fun! I use data to drive my instruction and differentiate instruction for each of my students. I carefully plan each lesson based on student needs and current educational standards.

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I am a Reading Therapist certified in S.E.E. (Sequential English Education), which is a program written for dyslexic students. I have a Masters of Arts in Education with 18 years of teaching experienc

The S.E.E. program is a multisensory comprehensive reading therapy that includes writing skills, spelling rules, reading comprehension, blends, beginning sounds, word families, phonics and whole language. The program teaches until mastery and was written by Dr. Joyce Pickering and Orton-Gillingham.

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Teacher with 25 plus years of teaching and tutoring offering academic tutoring to any age group!!

I start my first tutoring session by giving a learning survey to see what type of learner the student is. My lessons are a mix of games, instruction, written and oral work. I am patient and knowledgeable, but at the same time expect my students to be the best they can be.

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2+ years Experienced Teacher: Special Needs and Elementary Education ( K-6 )

I have 3 years of experience with Elementary and Special Needs children. I am very patient and enjoy helping my students excel. My students have fun while they study and are always proud of their progress. I try to encourage a genuine interest in any subject studied.

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I am a teacher of all students. I have taught Special Education, regular Education, and Intervention. My education includes Regular Education and Special Education, Mild to Moderate and Severe and Pro

My teaching method depends on the type of learner I am working with (kinesthetic, auditory, visual). After I have determined that, I use those specific methods to help the child. The content of my lessons also depends on the students likes and interests that are related to real world experiences.

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Elementary Teacher of 5 years. Looking to tutor students in reading or math.

When I first meet a student I give a few basic assessments to determine what letter sounds, vowel patterns, sight words, fluency, and comprehension the student already knows. Then I prepare 30 minutes-1 hour lessons based on the information I gained from the assessments. For example these lessons may include words sorts, games, or reading passages and answering questions.

Saint Charles
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Fun Special Education Teacher with 20 years experience offering tutoring in reading in the St. Charles County Area.

I have taught SPIRE Reading (Orton Gillingham method) for the last 10 plus years. This is a multi-sensory approach to help struggling readers learn how to read. This a proven research based reading program designed for students who have a learning disability in reading.

Las Vegas
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I am a 2nd grade teacher here in Las Vegas who majored in Communication Science Disorders and Speech Pathology.

I try to approach each student individually to meet specific learning needs. I believe every child learns in a different way. Not only is it important to have ample practice, showing multiple routes to learning like hands on, auditory, and visual is necessary for a child to succeed.

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Dyslexia Interventionist with five years of experience working in the Little Rock area

My teaching methodology is multi-sensory (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile), systematic and cumulative. I also use synthetic and analytic instruction while using diagnostic teaching. Finally, I use direct instruction: the inferential learning of any concept cannot be taken for granted.

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