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Bowling coach offering lessons in Norman,OK and surrounding areas. Bowling has been my sport since I was old enough to hold a bowling ball.

My teaching method is hands on, we will meet at the bowling alley, bowl, study, and perfect the skills needed to be an amazing and consistent bowler. Because I have been bowling since high school, and teaching others who I bowl with including friends and family I am very confident in my teaching abilities in this sport and cannot wait to see your accomplishments.

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Sports Coach: I specialize in Baseball and Football and have experience in several other sports.

Hey my name is Justin. I've been around sports all my life. I first realized my passion for coaching when I would work with my younger cousins growing up helping them to improve their skills in baseball and football. I love teaching and coaching all ages and helping people improve their abilities. I use both simple and dynamic coaching styles to tailor to each individual.

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Passionate Coach with 5 years of teaching youth development basketball. I'm located in Indianapolis and am willing to accommodate places in the city limits and surrounding areas. I have a B.S. in Tele

Ball State University (Muncie, IN), Bachelor of Science (B.S.) (1999) Field Of Telecommunication with an emphasis in Computer Systems, Networking, and Telecommunications while minoring in Sports Management. > Sports Management Curriculum comprised of team sports collaboration, Sports Marketing, Branding, and more.

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Health and physical educator looking to enhance the body and mind of children for better overall health and wellness in everyday life and toward their futures.

Health and physical educator with a master's in sport management looking aide children with their endeavors in athletics, overall fitness, and well-being. I have the ability to teach children from grades K though 12 and use hands on activity to help them gain the knowledge they need to better their body and mind.

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Basketball is fun and Art is Fun for young kids to learn.

My is Christopher and I am 22 years old. I played basketball in Middle School an High school. Im a Art major going to wake tech community college in Raleigh . I have two jobs in Raleigh Nc working with kids. I would like to help those who want help with basketball or art.

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Great Teacher for Beginners and Intermediate Players; Specialize in The Short Game

I start with the short game and develop full swing with approach shots, long irons, then drivers and fairway woods. This has produced the greatest success. Players build their swings before worrying about distant. Learn control. Distance comes from good technique and confidence.

Cedar Park
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Professional & personable firearms instructor holding individual or group classes for Texas Carry Permit and other related subject matter.

Teaching firearms classes is very different from teaching math or music because there is no fear in making a mistake doing geometry that could potentially injure someone. That's why I spend a lot of time in the classroom setting with no real guns or live ammunition.

Costa Mesa
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simple rules and techniques of playing football and safty of the game

I played football all my life in high school i made first team all state mval team i got player of the week for my position which was defensive end i had 18 sacks broke the record for my county and i did it all at 155 you can be as big as you want to be if you dont have fundamental aspic of the game you are hurting your team more then helping

Maui County
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I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and would love to guide you on your journey to wellness and happiness and have fun doing it!

Aloha, my name is Ryan Lapinski and I have studied for the past two years with The Institute of Integrated Nutrition to certify myself as a holistic health coach. I currently reside in Maui, Hawaii, and assist in teaching and coaching people to achieve their best most authentic selves.

San Diego
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College student personal trainer writes customized workout plans specific to your fitness goals(NASM CPT, PES)

I am currently enrolled in a local college, and am working on obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Finance. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, and I have taken courses through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and received my Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) certifications.

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I specialize in the growth of Kids learning the basics of certain sports i myself have over 10 years experience of being involved in multiple sports and several years in tapping into muscle memory to

Hello my name is Julian i am 31 years old and i enjoy working with kids in specific sports they may want to pursue to help them gain the basic skills in as. To gain the confidence to build relationship skills socially.

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Transformational Yoga Teacher/Certified Children's Yoga Teacher have experience Teaching children yoga a and those with Traumatic Brain injury

I Graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology. I tutored people College age in Developmental Psycholgy. I also played soccer and life guarded. I am about to get my certification in Substance Abuse counseling from Quincy College. I have both my Transformational Yoga Teacher as well as my Children's Yoga Teachers certificate ages 3-11.

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Retired college and hs basketball coach, specializing in teaching fundamental technique of ball handling, shooting, rebounding, boxing out and passing.

Masters degree in secondary education . I will take you from whatever level you are. I believe in realistic expectations. I believe that whatever you practice you will become good at, and that repetition is the mother of learning. All that's left is self decipline and the right mental attitude.

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Support Children's Physical Fitness while also improving their brain development and support leaning of crucial skills

I will create curriculum and lesson plans that are easy to follow and implement. I reference current research in my curriculum. I model my practice after the constructivist approach to learning. I am a very patient, flexible and passionate teacher. I love teaching children and support those that are teaching children as well.

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I'm a Sports and Fitness Instructor to kids in Asheville, NC! I have my bachelor in Health and Wellness and I'm a certified personal trainer!

I am Emily Iiames and I am a certified personal trainer and tennis coach. I received a full athletic scholarship to play tennis at Division I school UNC-Asheville. My background is tennis, however I played all sports growing up and have a passion for movement and health! It's important to me to figure out what niche each child fits into so that they may enjoy exercise long term.

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Youth Enthusiast experienced in teaching sports & fitness in Philadelphia Region for past 20 years

I coach youth sports for children ages 6-12 in areas of basketball, soccer & softball. I devote my time with pre-game drills, in-game strategies & assessment of each child's athletic abilities. I teach & coach with passion and make it fun & knowledgeable for both parents & kids.

Mount Vernon
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Basketball Coach and Tutor for Elementary School to High School Student Athletes. Guidance counselor for College sports recruitment

My name is coach V. I am a free lance personal trainer primarily in the sport of Basketball. I specialize in ball handling skills but I teach all facets of the game. I also guide students on what they need to do to guarantee that they receive a sports scholarship to a private school academy or college.

(1 review)
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Tutoring in Reading, Health, P.E., K-12, DeLand, Florida, M.S. ED. Readiing, Literacy

M.S. Ed. with a Specialization in Reading and Literacy, Capella University, 2010; Currently an Education doctoral candidate Specializing in the 1:1 Environment, Capella, University, K-12.

Cutler Bay
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College student who has played sports and dealt with wellness and fitness my whole life, i also coach youth baseball, if you want your kid in shape, im the guy! Located in Miami, Florida.

Highs school graduate with some college experience. would have went pro to the MLB if it weren't fr my injuries. I played competitive sports my whole life and I also coach a youth baseball team and coached for Miami south ridge high school. I'm very well rounded and easy to get along with. kids relate to me because I am still young.

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I am a Special education teacher in milford MA. Making math and reading fun!

I am a special education teacher for elementary aged students. I teach reading, writing and math. Games are key to make learning fun and being able to retain skills to be successful in school! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Play sports, soccer, basket ball, table tennis, Children games, teach computer technology

I am an MBA graduate. I have CA. teaching credentials to teach computer technology, business management and office occupation at community colleges in San Diego, CA. I have over ten years of one-on-one and classroom teaching career. I play and teach sports - Soccer, Basket ball, Table tennis and other children games. I am a season technology instructor and sport instructor.

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Fitness, Health, and Wellness Coach wants to make living healthy and fun for everyone in the Cincinnati area.

I use both my degrees in Psychology and Health Promotion and Education to work with clients to make sure I meet their needs and they have fun while improving skills and their health. I am seeking a job that will allow me to educate and empower others.

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NW Houston American Football Offensive and Defensive Lineman development, training, and mentoring

I am a 3 time SWAC champion offensive lineman at HBCU Southern University A&M Baton Rouge, LA. I can provide hands on training for anyone wishing to become a better offensive or defensive lineman at the high school or college level.

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Fitness with volleybal and functional gym classes mixed with creativity and fun lessons!

University of Fortaleza September 2015 Medicine Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine - Orlando, FL May 2014 Institute Fitness Brazil - Salvador, BA October 2012 Master in Education and Sports Management Sek of Chile and American University of Paraguay 2007 to 2009 Postgraduate in Athletic Training University Veiga de Almeida of Rio de Janeiro 2001 to...

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Archetype Fitness Model helps ALL those who wish to better themselves by motivating and helping them reach their fitness goals, while providing them with information on supplimenmt products that may p

My name is Chris Rivera from Alice, Tx. I am a product promoter/ product model for a Sport Supplement company called ArchetypeStrong, LLC. I train individuals on my own time. My area of expertise is Cardio and weight training. I know how to get certain individuals to reach their overall fitness goals by working on specific muscle groups to reshape their bodies.

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Fundamentals Of Basketball, Elizabeth, New Jersey 2) Augusta , Georgia, Degree MA

Currently, I'm a Teacher in the Richmond County School System. I have a BA, MA. My theme is Motivation, Determination,equal Graduation all children can learn if given the opportunity. I've been in public education for over 28 years, I'm currently a Special Education teacher, working with students that are classified and have a learning disability.

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Get tips and assistance with swimming for different levels via online or in person

Have been competing with swimming since I was 6 years old. Swam Division I and have been coaching since I was a teenager. Currently coach on a club swim team. I have worked with all ages from infants to adults, from learning to swim to preparing for races. See resume for more information.

New York
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Holistic Sports and Fitness Training for All Ages

I'm Malik Harper and I give lessons to participants of all ages and levels. I want to help you improve on whatever area needs improvement. I will encourage you all the way to the results and help build confidence.

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Kids Fitness Trainer, Basketball Instructor & Trainer, and Personal Trainer ----- become more athletic and fit.---

Kids Fitness Trainer, Basketball Instructor & Trainer, and Personal Trainer private, semi-private, and small group training Training for those who want to: 1) become more athletic and fit. 2) get back to being the athlete they used to be and as fit as used to be.

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Youth Sports Coach

Peter O'Brien; 1. Arizona State University Graduate, 1991, 1989, MA - Education, BS - Physical Education 2. Triathlete, Marathoner, Health, Fitness, Physical Education, 3. Certified School Teacher, # 1128996 (Arizona Department Of Education) 4. Level 1 IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card, IVP0151183, (03/19/2016 - 03/19/2022) Arizona Department Of Public Safety 5.

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Children learn a lot through play. They learn what rules are, that they are supposed to play by the rules and they learn to work with others as part of a team in order to achieve a common goal. If they win, they learn how good it feels to put in effort and achieve what you they wanted. If they lose, kids learn to accept defeat, to let go and aim to do better next time. Working with others in sport early-learning activities boosts a child's self esteem which helps them grow into a confident, independent person. You might see the benefits clearly but perhaps not where you can get someone to guide you in regards to sport early-learning activities. SuperPROF will not only guide you but will do you one better and lead you to a sport early-learning activities instructor. SuperPROF is a US-based website that links students to 100,000 qualified teachers located all over the US who are offering private lessons. You can also use the website to find private tutors offering yoga lessons, boxing teachers, basketball instructors and even a salsa tutor. Get onto SuperPROF and get your child started on sport early-learning activities.