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Wofford College student gives private or group lessons in lacrosse to beginners under age 14

I am a freshman at Wofford College planning on majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Philosophy. I played lacrosse in high school, and have an immense love for the game that I wish to pass on to others. I consider myself a leader and someone that people can look up to. I plan on sticking with lacrosse for as long as possible through coaching and playing.

1st lesson offered free !

Soccer Coach who is interested in making others better at the beautiful game

I am a soccer player and coach with professional as well as intercollegiate experience looking to give some of my knowledge to others. I plan on creating a healthy relationship with my client to enable them to grow however they want in the game.

Incline Village
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Certified Athletic Trainer providing Fitness classes in Lake Tahoe to all ages

I am 24 years old and have given lessons to young adults ranging from no fitness level to high fitness level. I promote an environment of motivation, fun, and hard work for all my clients. My goal is to inspire my clients as we work together to meet their goal, and to ultimately improve their quality of life through a healthy lifestyle.

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Vegetarian Fitness Coach with 10 plus years of health, nutrition and physical activities information, giving consulting strategies online.

I approach each person and fitness goal from a Holistic perspective. Mind, Body & Energy are the essence of life. Every little detail, even down to breathing can be improved to meet our individual goals. It is my belief that with a Plant Based diet, 80% of your fitness goals can be achieved. If you have to overcompensate int he gym, your working to hard.

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Professional bodybuilder with an Exercise Science degree, that manages a staff of 10, and loves helping people succeed!

Strength in science. Every subject that is taught properly, basis the information passed down on previous studies. The same goes with the human body, we are all just biology and chemistry. Therefore what I pass down is based off of actual studies that pertain to the subject matter.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I have been coaching high school distance runners in track and field and cross country for 4 years. I also unofficially coached for 3 years prior to that, also at the high school level.

I base my coaching on a mix of several successful coaching philosophies, but i primarily rely on Arthur Lydiard's mileage principals, and Jack Daniel's seasonal structure. With the several philosophies I create a structure for my athletes that is both individual and backed by successful principals.

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First lesson free , second lesson $5 off with referral. Located in Charlotte area but willlkng to travel fees associated with travel distance.

My teaching method are results come with time and I like to have fun and not put to much pressure on the athlete. My methods are to use constant repetition along with challenging and training the mind not to break underneath pressure.

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Adjunct Professor of Physical Education, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

American Council on Exercise, Georgia Perimeter College, Georgia State University, University of North Georgia Lesson structure: online, on ground, hybrid - group discussion - handouts - journals - subjective self-assessments - option text book use - physical improvement - skill assessments - aerobic conditioning - anaerobic conditioning - yoga and pilates

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Functional Fitness: For Humans, for the CNS, Improving Bio-mechanics and Behaviors, Eliminating Chronic Pain0

I have recently attended a thirty-two hour workshop giving me certification to teach about human biomechanics, fix posture, compression and malalignment, and improve the human gait cycle. These goals allow for "strength" and "flexibility" to become secondary as the exercises respect human-biomechanics; it makes people truly fit, eliminating the probability of injury and actually eliminating pain.

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Soccer training for kids of all ages!!! GUARANTEED FUN, LEARNING & IMPROVEMENT!!!

I play on a weekly basis and have all my life. Soccer is my passion and I love to teach kids and pass down my love for the sports! I am very patient and have a great understanding of how kids learn through fun. Soccer is my religion and there is only one way to spread a religion- through love.

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Your Favorite Fitness Strategist, coaching you to implement effective and efficient fitness strategies at home to lose weight, gain energy and feel great.

I am a Fitness Strategist who teaches students how to effectively implement a fitness program into their busy schedule without burnout and still having time to do the things they need to do from day to day. I coach how to shift your mindset from negative or confused to taking committed action on your goals. I use online modules to share my information that include downloadable PDFs and video.

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Up your game! Certified Trainer that can improve your game through balance, flexibility and stamina. Also have degree in history. Terrell Tx

Coach, certified Trainer by Cooper Institute, Ignite 360. Certified to coach and train for combines. Can also tutor for history. All levels of students. Winners hang with winners, learn from the best! Coached top athletes for all sports.

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Life-long athlete with specialization in football and baseball, 5+yrs coaching experience, collegiate level training

Willing to provide specific training when necessary, have hopes of providing opportunities and information to young athletes who may not have access otherwise, athletes serious about improving chances for college sports are preferred, injury prevention and college athletics navigation are extremely important to my process

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Sports coach and /or music instructor to help people succeed in life

high school diploma, Hudson's bay high school, class of 1977, graduated with honors with graduating class bachelors degree in music/ education, northwest Nazarene university, graduated 1982 accounting diploma, western business college, graduated 1991 looking to help people be all that they can be

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I am 5 years Certified Personal Trainer, online and 1 to 1 training. Houston

My teaching methodology, is helping you to find the best of your likes, applying the techniques, guiding you to exercise with joy and results.

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PE Degree from Cal Berkeley, Masters from University of Montana, Tutored Marty Morningweh in college while coaching defensive backs. Have coached HS Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyb

I believe in finding out the best way each student learns, and help them overcome any hurdles or barriers they have already or will encounter. Lecture, hands on, video on line, personal experience, and guided discussion are the methods I use.

West Palm Beach
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Exercise Science student offering math, reading, writing, tutoring and life motivation skills

My teaching methodology consists of a gradual step by step guideline, we look at the material and set out things we may not understand vs. things we already know and get a bases for where each student is. Once we've established a baseline where each student is in that particular subject, then we can begin to design a program and pace for the material.

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Fitness Instructor offering body toning excercises DC or will come to you

My teaching method is tailored to your toning goals. Whether you are trying to tone up, shed a few pounds or just be active on a flexible basis I've got you covered. I can travel to you or you can come to me.

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Health/ Fitness, Minneapolis Minnesota, Bachelors Degree in Public Health from the University of St. Thomas

My teaching method focuses on both verbal and visual materials. I make sure to understand what the student would like to learn that week and incorporate into my lessons. My goal is to provide reliable and helpful information to my clients.

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I am 22and a soon to be graduate of USI in Evansville where I will have a degree in Sports Management. I have experience in sports and have been playing since I was young including basketball, softbal

I played basketball from age 5 until freshman year of high school. I started golf when I was a freshman in high school and received a golf scholarship to my first college. And have played softball since I was 5 and all the way through high school.

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Master’s Degree Fitness & Sports Coach w/Professional & Collegiate Athletic Training Experience

-Indiana University Bachelor’s of Science -University of Texas Master’s of Science -ACE Certified Personal Trainer -CETI Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist -Titleist Certified Gold Fitness Professional -10 years experience Personal Training -5 years experience Strength & Speed Coaching -Basketball, Soccer, Football, T&F, Tennis, Golf, CC, etc.

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CrossFit coaching who is college student about to graduate with degree in Kinesiology and Health. Help with fitness plans and goals.

Graduating in Spring 2018 with Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. I have been through extensive courses involving methods of training and conditioning, moving functionally, and moving safely. I am timid at first, but as we work together more, I am very outgoing and fun.

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Being a Head Coach and Skills Trainer in Central Jersey allows me to be able to give out my knowledge of athletics, training and growth to others.

Provide theoretical and practical instruction in a specific sport Helping athletes to maintain their general health and fitness Supervise, ensure, expand, and evaluate individual and group progress and goals Help athletes develop new skills and prepare mentally for competitions Monitor and maintain the discipline and conduct of athletes to support the image and reputation of the program...

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Need Help in accomplishing your goals... I am your private tutor for FITNESS

I can help you reach your physical goals of weight loss/gain, strength or speed training. All it takes is a little focus, dedication, motivation, and consistency. Whatever you chose to do make health and wellness a lifelong part of your journey.

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Retired College Athlete with a passion and focus for increasing overall development

I base my philosiphies and teaching bases on innovation and connivence. We're almost in 2020, there are more conventional ways of learning and attaining crucial info throughout. I tend to have a more relaxed, yet resourceful type of approach.

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Exercise Science and Physical Education offering assistance in Fitness, located at Montclair State University.

All depending on what the client's interests are I pick and choose what type of activities will best fit for them. I focus on full body exercises using weights and machines to using your own body. I want to teach individuals the proper and safe techniques for fitness.

Riverside County
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Former College Track Runner/ Kinesiology Graduate Wanting to Help Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

My teaching methods is to encourage people to enjoy their work outs while they are putting in the work. Exercise is hard and it's difficult to get motivated sometimes, but I want my classes to feel more like a hobby where they see results.

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Two-Sport Collegiate Athlete ready to help change your life for the better!

My teaching method is based off of the client. A "one size fits all" teaching methodology is not beneficial. Sport, fitness, age, mentality and so many other factor into what type of teaching suits best. Being open-minded and patient are the most important things for the teacher.

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Exercise Extreme Over 15 Years of Experience. D1- College and Pro Basketball Experience. MMA AND Boxing experience.

My methodology when teaching is adaptability. One must adapt because all are not the same. One workout or exercise may not work on others. Also, I believe in activating the whole body when attacking the goal of the individual, not mine or the trainer's goals.

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Learning how to coach is extremely important for those who have a passion for a particular sport and want to share their passion with others. Someone doesn't have to be great at the sport to be a great coach. In fact, many of the best coaches are not necessarily all that great at playing the sport themselves. They just understand how to communicate with their players and indicate to those under them how to properly partake in the game. For someone who wants to eventually becoming a coach, they need to look out for sports coach lessons from coaching teachers. These sports teachers can help potential coaches learn how to best interact with athletes and how to share their knowledge with others. For those who are looking to learn specific sports, there are other more specific coaches out there. This includes a boxing instructor and ballet teacher. Soccer lessons are available from top soccer players, and even fans of music can take on rock 'n' roll teachers for assistance in this.