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Hukam sharma
1st lesson offered free !

Sports coaching in Ghumarwin Bilaspur HP Students in my school we gave coaching of volleyball and cricket

My teaching methodology is to gave 100% my own and also theory part as well as practical knowledge in this field

1st lesson offered free !

A medical student who applies science to training to achieve the best results possible.

I will help not only teach you how to train succesfully but the science behind them. More importantly, I will teach you how to diet effectively as it is your diet which provides the building blocks for success! The only time you will find success before work is in the dictionary.

1st lesson offered free !

If you are looking for serious commitment this place is for you

In my class i dont want any quitters i like sacrifice and hard work.

Sanath kumar
1st lesson offered free !

Come! Learn Badminton techniques from scratch to a professional sportsman. Join me

My teaching method would be in such a way that the beginer will learn a lot and a moderately trained player will grab these techniques easily

1st lesson offered free !

Offering the basics for beginners who are just starting out and for intermediate people who want to get lean.

My methods vary depending on what the person would want, I generally stick to the weights in the gym, but cardiovascular training is another option. I also like to focus on the diet.

1st lesson offered free !

Architectural Technology Student offering knowledgeable advise and training in sporting activities in Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Conditioning, Aesthetics.

I have put my experience of three years in fitness industry in to practise myself. I trained almost to every single day and offer people my advise and my skills as I believe I am a thriving coach in the industry.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience offering help, working out of London, Oxford and Birmingham

Learning should be scientifically backed and practical but with a large emphasis on fun, I have taught to degree level.

1st lesson offered free !

Creating a coaching cycle schedule for all of you so support thanks.

I teach by student perfectly by step by step And make him to play high level games in his life.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Get help with getting big or ripped up I'll tutor anywhere in the world

I am a qualified personal trainer instructor and nutritionist I give lessons from kids to adults from beginner to intermediate if you want someone who is not going to lie or rip you off and make you do thinks just for the sake of it then I'm your guy.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering graduate teaching basketball for beginners and children at home place.

I'm Dinakar, graduated college student . I teach basketball for beginners and children's.

1st lesson offered free !

Working together we can improve your physical condition without leaving home !

Do you want to improve your physical condition? Gain strength and mobility? Feeling physically and mentally well? Find with me specialized attention, based on your daily activities, your goals and your lifestyle, I will put together a perfect training plan for you!

1st lesson offered free !

Pilates certified instructor for prestigious National School. Specializing in pregnant and TRX

Monitor experienced Pilates (floor and machines) in group and individual classes. Try Pilates student to take achieve both mental and physical relaxation. The classes are customized taking into account the conditions and limitations of the student. The Pilates technique is suitable for all kinds of people to be controlled and supervised exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

I can help u taking right decision and improve fitness. Thanks you

I will just guide u what to do and what not to and make u to take right decision

1st lesson offered free !

Time to take a giant leap to perform at an elite level.

I believe in focussing on the process rather than the outcome. Playing at higher level requires positive way of thinking.

1st lesson offered free !
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1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainers / Dietetics university education. (Group or individual) send a message

Hello to you all, First of all my name is Roman, I'm Professor of EPS and physical trainer for basketball players playing at national level. Former national basketball player, I knew learn to push myself and be a leader to my teammates. I come from a formation bac + 3 education and motor skills, I also have my degree of physical trainer.

Carabanchel (Madrid)
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1st lesson offered free !

Technician in physical and sports activities: Body Language, Fitness, Weight lifting, tennis and swimming

My name is Antonio, PE Teacher and Technical Medium & Superior in physical and sports activities with extensive experience in the sports world. As a tennis player and swimmer, I decided to dedicate myself to the teaching of these sports, so that further expands my abilities and skills in the world of physical activity. I am prepared, sociable and funny professional.

(3 reviews)

/ COACHING CLASSES through TENNIS / (Majadahonda) / Mental Attitude Oncourt Program

We can learn anything if we know how to do it and begin to see mistakes as learning opportunities and the difficulties and challenges. REAL CONFIDENCE comes the power to choose our decision making aligned with our values.

West End
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Rowing Coach with International Experience happy to offer coaching in person or through video analysis

I usually start by identifying key areas for improvement with my students. I then use a range of discussions & exercises to get the changes required in the boat. I think it is important for my students to understand why they need to make a change.

1st lesson offered free !

Cricket is a bast playing game in India. It make your body fitness.

My teaching methods is unique. And my mind. Hjgdfkligddaehuj. Hhfdjkfsgkgf. Gfgjkifegljg. Vdhlgfjkh. Gluon can,,,,. Jfdkkffh,,,,. Hggklouy, Vjodadlhc,. Gfgjkifegljg.......... Fnhzkkdslolplh.

1st lesson offered free !

Believe in yourself you may be the model role for others ok.

Teaching style should be friendly try to understan them whome you are teaching and be like a friend with your students ok

1st lesson offered free !

Personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience in different academies

Personalized training plan depending on your physical qualities, weight and goals.

1st lesson offered free !

SPORTS COACH - State graduate - Pilates Instructors ground school and machinery

Planning a corporal work program offering individual treatment. Deep Work and Global focuses primarily on building muscle on the rectification of your posture and breathing allowing you improve your energy. Job ensuring muscle tone, abdominal and keeps your physiological flexibility. The proposed program conducted at their own pace, in achieving its objectives.

Ciudad López Mateos
1st lesson offered free !

Personal trainer at home. Fitness workouts, weight loss, prenatal and postnatal gymnastics.

I am Personal Trainer and sports instructor. I am passionate about dance, fitness and good music. I have specialty training for pregnant and postpartum women, also diseases and injuries, patologies. Sport Nutrition and weight loss. Let me help you achieve your goals with great motivation and always sharing healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Lyon 2e
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Being a sports coach and professional dancer, I teach courses of rhythmic gymnastics and ballet to all who are interested. Taking people of all levels, I am particularly experienced in working with c

This course is designed for people who want to develop important skills such as balance, stretching capacity, gracefulness. It can be taught to people of all ages. I propose an individual approach based on the level of students' preparation. I try to combine the strict framework of the Russian school of rhythmic gymnastics and the European attitude to the health of gymnasts.

1st lesson offered free !

Certified Personal Trainer National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) in Barcelona, ​​bilingual Spanish / English

I work with different client profiles, from people seeking to improve their physical appearance, athletes aiming to improve their physical performance, and people around the ages of 35-55 with the need to re-orient their lifestyle for health reasons, with conditions such as hypertension, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), metabolic disorders, obesity and overweight.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal fitness trainer and diet coach from Hamburg with 11 years of experience in the fitness area and 6 years in martial arts offers individual care in the field of nutrition and training

My teaching is aimed at all people who have a goal and want to achieve it. For the last 17 years I've been practicing athletics, martial arts, calisthenics and weight training extensively. I am a patient and motivating coach with whom you can have a lot of fun.

1st lesson offered free !

I offer the lessons in Gmnastics as for small children, also for adults. I live in Krefeld and can also operate in Dusseldorf or Cologne. I was a Rhythmic gymnast for more than 10 years and have a mas

I have worked for 5 years with children. A lesson lasts at the beginning 1hour. We start with standing and sitting warming-up, then doing some jumps. There is a small game for children and then some stretching. At the end, there are some exercises for the abdominal muscles and etc.

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Learning how to coach is extremely important for those who have a passion for a particular sport and want to share their passion with others. Someone doesn't have to be great at the sport to be a great coach. In fact, many of the best coaches are not necessarily all that great at playing the sport themselves. They just understand how to communicate with their players and indicate to those under them how to properly partake in the game. For someone who wants to eventually becoming a coach, they need to look out for sports coach lessons from coaching teachers. These sports teachers can help potential coaches learn how to best interact with athletes and how to share their knowledge with others. For those who are looking to learn specific sports, there are other more specific coaches out there. This includes a boxing instructor and ballet teacher. Soccer lessons are available from top soccer players, and even fans of music can take on rock 'n' roll teachers for assistance in this.