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Personal Trainer - Offering Online Diet / Exercise Plans and one to one Coaching

My Teaching method is easily approachable and unique to each individual, Diet and exercise plans can be created after our initial discussion and will be made to your specifications, whether you prefer meal by meal laid out, or a more basic by-weekly plan. Exercise plans will be customised to help you reach your goals in the optimal time.

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Semi Professional Rugby Player looking to teach Sports and Exercise. 9 years experience

Very hands on coaching using my experience and science to help improve clients with long and short term goals.

Kirk Ella
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Level 2 qualified fitness instructor offering personal diet and training tips and plans

I can create plans for both dieting and training to suit everybody's goals and preferences. I simply take a few pieces of info from my client and create a 100% one of kind plan for you to achieve your best body and mind.

Greater London
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You want to lose weight, gain muscle or fitness. call me

Hi am mevin from mauritius personal trainer and bodybuilder.. i was training mr.mauritius and i have my own gym in mauritius and nutritionist..


Coaching outdoor sports men and women all ages, self defense, relaxation and fitness

The Self Defence. It is a distillation of many techniques that will enable you to acquire a good foundation to defend you but also to practice a complete sport for a good physical condition. Simple and effective techniques, use of everyday objects (keys newspapers, magazines, handbag, scarf, scarf ..) physical and psychological techniques of self defense.

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Coach personnal / Coach Fitness speaks Spanish-French and English. My philosophy of life: Healthy mind in healthy body.

I adapt to the needs of my students.Let's meet up, we talk about what you want to do (lose weight, stay in form, gain muscle mass), and then we do a program. Normally I prefer to do it in a park or by the river but we can also do something else. I also work with a method called Tabata which is with the weight of the body, so in this way there is no risk of hurting or injuring your back.

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A Freelance fitness trainer with hands on experience in muscle building and recovery also and active football player

i do prefer visiting a students place. if he or she have an equipment. Home based fitness is more people prefer these days because not everyone can afford to join the gym. So home based workouts is what i teach and prefer the most for today's hectic schedule of people.

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A fitness addict. Have lost 54 kgs in 2 years and have done State level bodybuilding competitions, without steriods and supplements. Expert in nutrition science. Workout videos, diet plans and other i

Every body is unique and needs special crafting and attention for best results. I will spend my entire time, in coaching you the best way possible with customised diet plans and workout regimes along with proper lifestyle techniques to maintain your physique.

Jhan carlos
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English teacher looking for foreigners iaround Medellin city to do trekking + Spanish lessons

In this course I use trekking as a teaching method, walking + learning is a technique through which interaction student teacher environment can increase your language skills in both Spanish and English depending on the student needs.

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Body Sculpt - Aerobics - Fitness - Gentle - We're having fun

Everyone is different according to their metabolism and their rhythm of life. So each training is modulated according to the individual, his desires and his abilities. Technique based on breathing, good positioning. You learn your own limits without being overwhelmed. Having fun is the most important thing for quick and efficient results.

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personal trainer : classes and following for physical preparation, reeducation, personal training program for people who wants lose weight, get healthy or just do a performance

My classes are for all type of people and every age. In first, the goal is to work on basis and then we can fix a goal together. For exemple, objectif to do a marathon, lose 2kg, being more agile..) I am here to help you to discover your physical abilities.

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YM coach & fit: to achieve your goals and exceed them. Graduate BPJEPS AGFF with 10 years of experience in the field. I accompany you with motivation and good humor in your coaching sessions

Sports coach for 4 years. I studied at the Creps de Boulouris and at the training center of APPASCAM in Cagnes sur Mer where I validated my diplomas of the BPJEPS AGFF. I use different methods of work adapted to the level of each practitioner whether you are beginner or confirmed.

Alcalá de Henares

Personal Trainer and instructor of Martial Arts and Fitness in the community of Madrid

Improve your physical condition in a fast and simple way. Training methods tested and developed nationally and internationally. Monitoring of all sessions and constant evaluations to check the degree of improvement. The philosophy is only one, to train hard but having fun.

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Fitness instructor who has over five years experience in the fitness industry.

My lesson structure includes a warm up, then a focus on exercise (this is personalised to what you want or if you’d like to work a certain area) and a cool down with stretches.

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B. Tech from NIT, provide home tution in any subject up to HIGHSCHOOL.

I teach on the basis of student's grabbing ability. I maintain the pace according to student. I provide real life example and let student under the topic in lucid manner.

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New concept: Coaching & Fitness at lower price

Sports coach and personal trainer graduate status, I offer sessions at home or gym in Villeneuve d'Ascq. Affiliate Myfitcoach, a new concept of Coaching & Fitness in lower price, browse sessions and prices to suit your budget! Coaching is suitable for all age groups: individual, business, adult and teens. My areas: - Advice form, fitness, weight loss, fitness, self-defense ...

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Certified personal trainer offers individual and small group lessons outdoors / at home

I only use body weight and the environment around combined with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and a minimum of additional equipment if any at all to execute effective workouts. All exercises are modifiable, so there is always an appropriate challenge available for all fitness levels, and progress can continue for life.


Oualid BELAOURA coach professional boxer, boxing, development of physical qualities in the island of France.

My pedagogy and based on: the different techniques on: 1-displacements. 2-the defensive means. 3-the attacks. The ability to give by using the impact of body weight, punch combinations with efficiency, speed and accuracy. this practice provides a well being for the body but especially for the head.

Ciudad de México
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Coach International Certification Functional training Mexico City, any age and activity. Funcional Sports Training

Trainer Functional scientific methodology prevention of injuries and rehabilitation, any sport any activity, achievement of objectives following your goals. Fitness all levels, Functional Training, HIIT, EVO, TAPAOUT, CROSSTRAINING, PILATES, STRETCHING, MEDITATION, RELAXATION, NUTRITION, EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING, MOTIVATION, RESULTS, ALL AGES.

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Try your WebCam Personal Training from your house and change your lifestyle with a Graduated in Sport Sciences. You can also try to workout with friends (even if they live far away from you!)

Personal Training from your house with differents objetives: Improving Physical condition, Losing weight, increasing muscle mass, enhance flexibility, Chilhood obesity, preventing effects of sedentarism (hypertension, hypercholesterol, diabetes type II, anxiety or depression...

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Psychologist and personal trainer happy to teach online or face to face.

Mixed learning methods and both face to face and online. Can do Skype or over coffee. You can also email me.

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Do you want to get fit and look good? Receive personalized classes of functional exercises at home. Stop envying the body of others and start working for yours. Bogotá and around

"Repetition is the mother of all abilities." It is the method that we are going to use during our learning process. With periodized training plans, with exercises of progressive difficulty. An improvement is sought in different physical valences, both in strength, endurance, cardiovascular condition, flexibility, among others.

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Hey Everyone I am Vaibhav Singh , lives in Kharar, Chandigarh. Having 6 year of experience in Gym trainer and 7 years of experience in Playing Badminton Professionally .

My teaching method are very simple and flexible as per the client demand Generally I will share my knowledge and experience with following mediums 1. Videos (as per your Demand) 2. Video or Phone calls . 3. Personal Meeting . 4 .

Glen Eden
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Uni Student give math, reading and English lessons to year 7 and under in the Gladstone area

I am here to help your child wether that is with homework or helping them grasp other concepts like reading,writing, learning the alphabet and counting. I will set out a plan with you regarding what you are after for your child.

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Personal trainer, state graduate, I coach at home and outdoors. 1 to 8 people.

My training method is based on dynamic, intense and endurance efforts. What should interest people who need to lose weight, get in shape, talk, improve their fitness, ... For this I use movements to body weight or with small equipment such as: elastic band, rhythm scale, suspension strap, kettlebell, ...

Tanda Mehmood
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Physical education teacher needs to share my knowledge to the students for better training.

My deaching method is to explain the various skills nd demostrate to the students Visual coaching so students can learn better

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My name is Abhishek Mishra. I am an International Hockey Player. I have great skills in developing an individual into a Professional Player.

My Teaching Methods are Basics in Advanced and Unique form as per today’s requirements and Surroundings/Facilities we receive in.

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Level 3 Qualified Personal Training offered one to one private sessions for all ages

I base my classes on what the individual is looking to achieve. I can design a programme based around your specific goals and help and encourage you to work towards that. I am also currently completing a nutrition course so I can assist you in that area too.

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Certified personal trainer gives fitness classes for new trainers & continuing education in Calgary

I believe in a "tell, show, do" method of teaching to appeal to all types of learning; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. These classes are ideal for a wide range of people. If you are becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach or would like to learn more for your own health, these classes are for you.

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Learning how to coach is extremely important for those who have a passion for a particular sport and want to share their passion with others. Someone doesn't have to be great at the sport to be a great coach. In fact, many of the best coaches are not necessarily all that great at playing the sport themselves. They just understand how to communicate with their players and indicate to those under them how to properly partake in the game. For someone who wants to eventually becoming a coach, they need to look out for sports coach lessons from coaching teachers. These sports teachers can help potential coaches learn how to best interact with athletes and how to share their knowledge with others. For those who are looking to learn specific sports, there are other more specific coaches out there. This includes a boxing instructor and ballet teacher. Soccer lessons are available from top soccer players, and even fans of music can take on rock 'n' roll teachers for assistance in this.