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If you are looking for serious commitment this place is for you

In my class i dont want any quitters i like sacrifice and hard work.

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Student in School of Sports gives sports lessons in the Val d'Oise

Hello, I am a student in L2 at ILEPS, I am a program to bring me to the teaching of EPS. My classes are aimed at all types of public, both high school wanting to improve for the EPS test of the tray or anyone wishing to get back to the sport.

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Working professional for enthusiasm of business development and Entrepreneurship for building future.

My teaching method belongs to direct teaching with understanding of the process accordingly the matter of subject with respect to basic laws.

Chak That
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I am man who teaching help in sport Good sports teacher i want

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Hello I am Sumit.my current job St.xavirs High School my post sports teacher

My theory subject is physical education .now my count job St.xavirs high school sec 82.

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Just had finished my 12th and I am state level sports player ...I can handover class in hindi , english,and kannada

as am still a teenager hay I do mingel with Kidd's and also loving to teach them ...

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Something fit will makes you a something change in this special world.

I can't say myself hoe the method is going to be done or made , make sure that a first class can make you a better change after my result you can tell about my style and opinion in my study.

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Biological Sciences student, competitor in British National Powerlifting Leagues. Offering honest training and dietary advice/coaching.

My teaching method is simple, you tell me your current stats and goals, I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to reach them. I don't sugar coat advice. My training and dietary science is backed by my degree, but I will explain the concepts to you in a way that's relevant to your fitness goals.

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Here i woukd like to teach all 12 th and graduation batches....

my teaching classes on the basis of practicall method where students get easily in their mind ..

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Karate, dance,physical education with 16 years of experience , various awards from government

My teaching method is practically explain and then theories and giving standard notes to students and practice sheet of last year papers

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Ex powerlifter with a vast knowledge of the body and the exercises needed to grow your body to its full potential

I like to tell my clients what to do and mix and match my statergys around them

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An experienced, qualified and professional personal trainer who is keen to help you grow and achieve goals.

Lead by example, I believe that it is extremely important for the coach / trainer to make sure he or she is capable of demonstrating a fit lifestyle.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Students are in any school, I'll learn sports and yoga posatively.as per condition and procedures

My teaching methodology is sports oriented(field). and classroom teaching.

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I m a cricket i represented nationals team i can be your coach to guide you for sports i also represented my state in volleyball and football you can have a thorough knowledge from my side.

my teaching method is like being indulging on a particular activity for a long time to make it perfect. And it is the best strategy of all time.

Witham Saint Hughs
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Experience Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist offering services, contact me for more information.

I base my classes on an holistic approach to training helping those achieve excellent results to using differerent training methods

Pramod kumar
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"National athletics coach" & "Physical Education Teacher" for CBSE class XI XII

Theory & practical class, teaching and training on board, at the ground, with demonstration with use of equipments, board etc.

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Sports introduces you to yourself but you have to earn it with effort and hardwork.

My teaching methods are different it always start with basics because I believe that basic gives the accuracy to master techniques

1st lesson offered free !

Student come to school and tucation in sports .I will tucation perfect

Mere ko seles bhaut pasand hai sale ke leye many setting Job Left ke hai jis kaam ko karne me maja aye wo karna ch.

New Delhi
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Students of 10th and 11 12 13 14 and bcom students at pune can come to me for study

traching from text book teaching from school work guides from own from college work journal practicals experiments

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Ready to train the all age group for physical,muscle and dance trainee

my teaching method is unique,anybody can understand easily and very effective,mostly we are trying to conduct all the classes in morning time because its is good for health,mind,body our inner concise..if you want to learn anything in short days,then your own interest should be genuine..

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Graduating student offering GCSE to Degree level sporting knowledge across all areas

The teaching method is lecture based along with feedback from the students, to allow discussion within class amongst myself and other pupils

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If want to learn more about kabbdi meet us we give u all information

Simple and streat.. first clear all issue related to my job.

1st lesson offered free !

BTEC National Diploma in Sport Level 2 award in Community Sports Leadership Sports Leaders UK Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership Qualified Gym Instructor +7 Years of training experience 2

My teaching method is to always provide motivation, motivation is key. Explain how the goal is achievable, what its going to take to reach them. Very Approachable and easy to talk to, but hate excuses. Will base my programs around personal and work life.

1st lesson offered free !

Public and Uniformed Services student thats aspiring to become a Royal Marine Commando offering bodyweight sessions

I teach in a very personalised way and adhere to all of the students needs while also trying to push them

New Delhi
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Student excelling at sports ready to teach it all from high school to college.. passion is needed

My teaching method is pure and simple.. shear hardwork of mine as well as the students..

1st lesson offered free !

Students will enjoy games like basket ball and boxing and cricket s

My teaching is very cool i teach to children in their understanding way so that they can take game easy and win

1st lesson offered free !

I am state and national level volleyball player and sport is something which makes us happy motivated so i want to encourage games in the full busy life of studies

So in teaching sports there is no particular methodology playing sport nothing need method if u are intrested and willing to enjoy and play each method is nice

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Sports (tennis) professional with extensive more than 15 years of experience in coaching

Discipline is must with determination with full dedication as without it nothing is possible So we should give best to get best

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Learning how to coach is extremely important for those who have a passion for a particular sport and want to share their passion with others. Someone doesn't have to be great at the sport to be a great coach. In fact, many of the best coaches are not necessarily all that great at playing the sport themselves. They just understand how to communicate with their players and indicate to those under them how to properly partake in the game. For someone who wants to eventually becoming a coach, they need to look out for sports coach lessons from coaching teachers. These sports teachers can help potential coaches learn how to best interact with athletes and how to share their knowledge with others. For those who are looking to learn specific sports, there are other more specific coaches out there. This includes a boxing instructor and ballet teacher. Soccer lessons are available from top soccer players, and even fans of music can take on rock 'n' roll teachers for assistance in this.