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Acting Coach With 23 Years of Experience Creates Individual Program to Suit You!

My teaching methodology is quite simple- it is directed toward the class or student I am teaching. I have practiced a great number of acting techniques and can fluidly move in and out of them to find what works best for that specific student or class.

Las Vegas
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Comedian/Princeton lecturer with 20+ years experience teaches comedy online/phone. Writing, performance and the business of comedy.

Stand-up comedy?! I got your stand-up comedy lessons right here! Really, I do. I've been performing and teaching comedy for over 20 years and I've developed lesson plans and a teaching style that will show you the secrets of writing comedy material and how to expertly deliver it on any stage.

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College Theater student in Magnolia, Ar with 2 years of experience in the industry

I believe that pertaining to acting, people learn by doing. The structure will be learning a monologue or performing a piece and offering feedback to help it become the best performance it can be. I am patient and methodical. We can also work on auditioning, such as clothing, style, and how to build confidence and many other things in the industry.

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Professional actor/director offering lessons in comedic, dramatic, and improvisational acting and theatre.

I use a multitude of pedagogical styles to address student concerns. We will dabble in both scripted and improvisational acting. I am looking for eager actors and theatre fans ONLY and am not interested in working with apathetic artists.

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Dare to Delve into Drama in Dynamic Dallas with Diverse, Dedicated Alexandra

National arts journalist and NEA Annenberg/O'Neill Institute Fellow Critic with a lifetime of experience in performance arts, creative writing and directing innovative educational camps and programs. Express your true self while learning effective drama skills in a safe, respectful environment.

Loch Lloyd
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I am a film, stage, and commercial actor with 8 years of experience in the field, pursuing a degree in theater.

I want to work with each student through a piece of either their choosing or my choosing. Because I have experience in the field, I will coach each student individually through methods that work best for them. If you have an audition coming up, I can coach you in the best way to ace that audition. If you're just getting your foot in the door, I can teach you the basics.

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I am super eager to teach acting. student at Oklahoma City Community College. taken multiple classes on acting. also will be playing in Rodgers and Hammersteins 'Cinderella' as the Prince

my teaching method is a more interactive approach. i will try to push you by setting up goals for you so that you have motivation. My lessons will be both fun but also helpful. Just from being around so many actors, a class gets boring if you aren't doing things and just sitting and listening.

Oklahoma City
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Stand Up Comedian for 3 years & funniest man at the University of Oklahoma

My teaching method consists of a full understanding of comedy and it's history. I also like to approach the impact comedy has on society and how to manipulate influence. Comedy is powerful, and welding its power is no easy feat. I like to show how to be a better comedian and writer by giving a full grasp of the comic world.

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Exp. Chicago actor gives acting/ improv/ musical theater/ audition lessons in Denver

Exp. Chicago actor providing beginner and intermediate coaching and training in acting, improv, musical theater, and audition preparation. High energy, active, and supportive instruction in developing and honing performance skills focusing on monologue preparation, stage presence, blocking, stage vocal techniques, and character development.

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Writer/Comedian/Actor with Over 12 Years of Experience - Coaching and Workshops in Chicago

My improv workshops are based on Truth in Comedy and Improvise. They also incorporate elements of Viola Spolin, Commedia dell'arte, movement techniques, meditation and awareness techniques, and traditional theatre training.

Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
(8 reviews)

ACTING 121 classes and 1 to 3 day courses. ClassesActing.com Coach with Acting Masters degree. 18 years teaching experience. All ages and levels. Also films / edits showreels

Acting classes and courses. 1) In person (London) 2) or online / video-call/ Skype All information and rates: www ClassesActing dot com ________________________________________________ Coaching all ages and levels. Individual 121 coaching Group classes possible if you have a group.

Davoud z. rastgou
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Protecting you from becoming a gold mine for ego-centrists, turned so-called coaches. Diversity-tailored guidance for ethnic actors.

Based on your prepared audition piece, we discuss your choice of career as an actor and what level you want to get involved with it...

(3 reviews)
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Professional Actor & Teacher here to help you on your dramatic journey

Hello and welcome to my tutor page. I am Dean a UK based actor who specializes in teaching and directing between scratching that acting itch. I am here to help you in any aspect of Acting and gaining that edge for that practicle exam or audition. Everyone I have helped have their own story and therefore lessons change and develop to suit the person in question.

The adc
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Experienced BBC Actor teaches Acting, Improv and script course in Kings Cross, London

If you're completely new to acting or you'd like a refresher - this course is for you! Students will work with the umbrella categories: Movement, Acting and Voice. The course will include: - Working in a safe and supportive atmosphere to develop your skills as a performer and communicator. - Animal Studies - creating characters from animals.

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Acting Coach in the Rugby area with over 20 years of stage and screen experience . A unique sense of humour included.

I have been a working actor on both stage and screen for the last 20+ years, with a degree in Film Studies.

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Actress, scriptwriter, director and writer. The theater was the root of my career, I dedicate myself to teaching and reinforcing the art of acting for theater, television and cinema through the dynami

My teaching method is quite dynamic. The theater must be a game of construction, imagination, challenges and interpretation. I try to generate an environment of trust and potentiality in each session. Normally I use my creative skills to create exercises that strengthen the improvisation and the ability to build characters, stories and environments.

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Professional actress Karin van der Laag is offering to teach you to act!

I use lessons from all the theatre practitioners including Stanislavsky and Boal

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Professional Actor and Stand up Comedian offering classes at fully equipped private studio, London.

I use a variety of practitioners in my work and tailor each session to the particular needs of the student. I teach from beginner to advanced level and can coach for auditions and confidence building. I teach students individually and also groups if students prefer to work with friends.

(2 reviews)
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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

Melton Mowbray
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Performing Arts and Drama Lecturer offering acting, improv, devising and much more!

My teaching method is very holistic as I cater for students as individuals. I also include elements of person centred counselling methodology along with helping and empowerment work within my practice. No two learners are experientially the same and the medium of tutoring is an ideal platform for tailored support.

Navi Mumbai
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Chintan's Acting, Grooming and personality session for over - all Grooming and Developement

Me and My team trains artist starting from the basics of Acting, Grooming and Personality management which is even helpful in our day to day life.

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An Acting Student Offering Theatre and Screen acting lessons in the Guildford.

Because I am at degree level I will happily give lessons to those studying at A-level and below. I'm open and like to discuss with my students on how to structure my lessons, as with acting its very specific to each persons needs/wants.

1st lesson offered free !

Aspiring Standup Comedian teaches the philosophy and fundimentals of writing and performing standup comedy

I teach by showing students how to throw themselves into the deep-end whilst still maintaining a safe and constructive environment for themselves in which to fail and learn. This teaches personal strength and the ability to learn independantly.

1st lesson offered free !

Musical theatre student offering guidance in Blackburn, Have certified achievements, beginners welcome

My teaching methods are simple, react the piece you are doing the way you want it to sound if it needs tweaking I will help, Musical Theatre can also be used as a confidence booster or if you simply just want to have a new experience with the musical arts

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Bachelor of Arts in Northern Amazonia, working for more than 5 years with children and the elderly

collaborative learning designed for all arts students of all ages who wish to experience gamification in the teaching and learning processes of the performing arts as an innovative method designed for all people who want to learn by playing.

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Professional Actor/Qualified Teacher teaches in a fun & relaxed style in Melbourne

As a teacher I like to ensure a relaxed environment where the student feels comfortable enough to have a laugh, but also to work hard where and when it's required. Lessons have a clear focus and outcomes so goals can be set and met. I believe in an open and honest environment where constructive learning can take place.

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I am A Drama Artist, passionate Actor, State award achiever! I am Going to Tech you all of my skills & experiences.

I have the quality of a good leader which can lead people in a correct manner, I am very punctual for my work, Hardworking, & I am also passionate about meeting people & understanding them, their culture. I have effective communication through which I can handle any type of people.

Ciudad de México
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ACTRIZ and IMPROVISADORA with studies abroad teaches long-form improvisation and theater classes

I like to teach theater from the game and improvisation, to invite the student to imagine and create different realities from the freedom of his personal instrument. During the workshop, different levels will be handled.

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Enthusiastic director and actor trainer with a decade of education and experience; teaching confidence and a variety of skills in actors of all ages with a keen interest in the craft.

I approach every lesson with individual students and their needs in mind. Actors come in all different levels of skill, experience, confidence and innate ability and I pride myself on being attentive to those levels and adapting to them.

Toluca de Lerdo
Andreiev edian
1st lesson offered free !

Student of Theater gives classes of Acting, improvisation, declamation, etc. Toluca and surroundings

I am an Actor in professional training. These classes are aimed at high school, high school and / or undergraduate students who are interested for the first time in the Theater, in the Performance and in the development in their daily life, as a professional. However, it is not only dedicated to students without previous knowledge, but also for those who have an interest in learning more.

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