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Physics PhD,Postdoc/Math BS: An experienced tutor in math and physics online tutoring.

Learning technical subjects requires problem solving. Concepts are be explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject. Teaching strategy in test taking is beneficial to many students. I want to help students learn problematic material. Beating fear of success is possible through sustained small successes.

New brunswick
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Math and Statistics Tutor with 6 years of experience in NJ for all ages

I understand that every person is different so I don't have one specific way of going about things. I will make sure that I work under your needs and circumstances to make sure that you get the best experience possible and learn in a way that's best for you.

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Credentialed Teacher with 2+ years of in-class teaching experience offering math lessons in algebra, precalculus, statistics and more

I believe in personalized educational support tailored to a student's particular needs. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to meet their goals--taking advantage of their academic strengths and improving their areas of growth. My classroom teaching experience allows me to use proven teaching techniques beyond typical tutoring.

Incline Village
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Organic Chemistry - Incline Village / B.S. in Biology and Biochemistry, Minor in MMI

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Biochemistry and a minor in Molecular Biology and immunology from University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to my scientific background I have certifications in Oracle SQL, MySQL, Google Suites, and Microsoft Suites. All of which, I possess exceptional proficiency in.

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Recent graduate offering math lessons to all ages in the Chicago area!

My teaching method is based on an "I do, We do, You do", starting with a learning goal and objective that has a check for understanding. Then moving to the "I do" which typically involves a visual review and reminder to students that models and explains what we are working on. Then the "we do" moves into an engaging activity that involves the topic that we just went over.

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Dedicated Raleigh Algebra Tutor With a Smile! :) Eager to expand student's skills

I am a firm believer that teaching requires patience. My worst fear is someone feeling too uncomfortable to ask me a question they have. I make it a priority to make students feel safe and comfortable during our sessions, and treat them like a best friend versus just a student.

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Recent Brown University economics graduate looking to teach math & more in Boston

My teaching methodology is dependent on how the student learns. If they learn visually, then I tailor my methods to be visually heavy. If they learn logically, then I present logic-based rational explanations. If they learn through examples, then I present real-life application and examples.

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A Double Major in Biology and Chemistry That Will Help YOU SUCCEED

I approach each teaching opportunity in a different way. I try to gear what is most appropriate in every situation. I tend to lean towards a communicative and illustrative approach. I believe that every student is different and deserves the attention they need. Some are visual learners, while others are more auditory or verbal learners.

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Early Grades preparation and special education graduate student offering tutoring services in math

I am a graduate of Penn State Brandywine with a Major in Letters, Arts and Science with a minor in International Studies. I am a graduate student at West Chester University and majoring in Certification in Early Grades Preparation/Special Education. I will be a certified teacher at the end of 2018.

(4 reviews)
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Full-time secondary Math teacher, well equipped to address any and all students!

I approach each topic by examining how a student best engages with the subject. Some students are more likely to push themselves in an application-based curriculum (working with scenarios, complex word problems) while others will find themselves mastering material with more repetition-based tasks. More than anything though, I want my pupils to not dread the experience.

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Math Ph.D and Engineer offers fun lessons on all College Physics, all Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Electromagnetism

I always listen to my students and try to connect their previous knowledge with the current lesson.

New York
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Data analytics consultant, test-taking pro offering math and coding lessons in New York

First, I like to identify a goal. Understanding often comes in chunks; grasping one piece can enable students to understand subsequent ideas easily. I like to model my instruction off that of the best teacher I've ever had, my high school AP Calculus teacher. He mixed many mediums in his lessons.

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PhD student with 3 years of experience offering tutoring in Raleigh in several topics to a variety of ages

I am willing to teach any level, but I would probably be best suited for high school and older since I have never tutored younger ages. Since every student learns differently, my techniques for teaching differs with the student.

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Pasadena tutor here to make math easy so you don't have to stress as much.

I'm a businessman and a college professor who has been tutoring peers since he was 8 years old. I have tutored all age levels from primary school all the way to undergraduate and graduate levels. I'm more of a hands on tutor. I prefer to have you tell me what you don't understand and we try to work through it together. I'm very patient and just want to see you succeed.

(4 reviews)
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Math professor with 10+ years of combined teaching and tutoring experience from Pre-algebra to Calculus.

I am dedicated to student’s success by requiring them to think critically through creating a positive classroom environment that encourages discussion and participation. My teaching style is student centered and requires students to use problem solving skills that will help them be successful in their careers. I assess the math levels of my students and then teach accordingly.

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College student majoring in psychology gives math lessons to middle school and high school students in Decatur, Atlanta..

I teach by providing a general example and working it out with my students. I believe rehearsal helps a lot in learning and retrieving information as well. I enjoy going over materials as many times needed. I understand that everyone has a unique time that takes them for to learn something and I respect that.

El Sobrante
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Engineeering graduate with 20 years teaching experience offers MATH and EXCEL lessons. I help my students become self sufficient.

I teach the basic background and give examples. Then I help the student with the homework assignments, by giving hints on how to do them and then if necessary guiding the student to complete each assignment. I try to relate each assignment to past assignments already completed by the student.

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Math and SAT/ACT tutoring in Boston, MA. 5 years experience with 100+ SAT increases and multiple letter grades higher in classes

My teaching method is all about you. After initial assessments and discussions, I let the student weaknesses, strengths, and progress drive the path of the sessions. In each session, I guide students through example and practice problems to prepare them to achieve above the minimum and truly understand the course material.

New Orleans
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Analyst with 10+ years experience as a math/statistics tutor and using tutoring to mentor at-risk youth.

I tutor by attempting to work myself out of a job. I know that people learn by connecting new novel information to information that they already understand. I teach through finding what it is that someone knows and trying to figure out the disconnect between what they know and what they don't. I focus on helping them understand the disconnect as a means of learning how to learn.

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Engineering graduate student offering maths and physics lessons with over seven years experience.

I am a graduate engineering student. I can teach mathematics students in high school and first two years in the university. I can also teach physics in high school. My methodology involves knowing the student initial knowledge about the topic, introducing the topic, discussing and explaining the topic giving out of exercise and solving of problems together.

Kings County
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Chemical Engineer and financial services professional - now seeking to pass on knowledge

My teaching method is starting of with problems first and then working backwards towards using subject matter to solve problem. The more subject matter learned. the more difficult the problems become. Have taught undergrads a Berkeley College using this method and think it works for all age groups.

Pompano Beach
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Math Tutor for Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics Coral Springs Area, Masters Degree

I have taught Math to students in grades 6 to college level for the past 20 years with a high success rate. This past year, 100% of my Algebra 1 students passed their EOC exam and received high school credit. I enjoy giving tips and tricks to help you remember the difficult formulas and steps to solve the problems. I like to involve you in the learning process as well.

(3 reviews)
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Twin Falls
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Got a Master degree in Aerospace Engineering and would like to tutor mathematics.

I am a graduate Aerospace Engineer that is working do web devolving. I tutor people who are in need of help in math whether doing homework or they have difficulty to understand. I like to do one one lesson which I believe people learn better.

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UCSD Engineer graduate that can make MATH easy and fun for YOU

My teaching method is tailored specifically for your needs. Every learner requires focus on different areas, and I match those needs with my overall mathematics curriculum. I prefer to focus on students in grades 7-12 because this is where the core understanding on math fundamentals happens.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced statistics professor in Charlotte enjoys making "aha" moments of new understanding.

I offer examples to help pinpoint where a student is stuck or having difficulty. I help them overcome their fear due to their age or lack of confidence. Repetition and recognition of key ideas and working examples together builds clarity. Tutoring is less lecturing and more listening, finding understandings and building on them in the right order and at the right pace.

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Accounting as a major with a great experience in teaching maths for high school students and currently a master's International Business School student in Boston, Massachusetts.

I teach in an engaging manner and make sure my students contribute actively. I come to my class with an Ipad or my iPhone, were my lecture notes are stored. I also talk about social activities outside the class to know about the students.

Bryn Mawr
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Mathematician with 15 years in math tutoring experience teaches in Bryn Mawr, PA

I work with anyone who wants to learn. I taught a student in his early 50's with dyslexia, college students, high school students, and middle school students. An integral part of my methodology is making the material memorable for my students. I do that by incorporating my students' interests along with humor.

(2 reviews)
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Online STEM Tutoring Assistant- From Middle schoolers up to University (USA or Abroad)

I earned a BS and an MS in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics, an MS in engineering management, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. I also have real world experience and will be happy to assist. So, if you need to know more about me, please reach out.

(2 reviews)
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Calculus, Statistics, ACT Math/Science, Algebra tutoring - College Student at University of Michigan with tutoring experience

I like to lead my students to be able to answer the questions on their own. I always start by finding out how far they are in solving a problem and supplying them with little hints to allow them to continue solving the question till they have solved it. This way they know what to do at every step of the way.

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Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! It's pleasure working with Ben! Ben is a dedicated tutor with a great experience & knowledge of math. He makes the lessons (math) fun & interesting; my son enjoys his class. We are looking forward to having Ben as a long-term math tutor.

Huma, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your statistics lessons

Statistics rely heavily on an individual's understanding of mathematics. Math is one of those subjects a child often instantly grasps or struggles to on their own. Certain methods of teach are simply not going to put the student at their best advantage of learning the topic and subject matter. When this happens, a student is just going to fall further and further behind unit they simply are not able to provide the given tasks or assignments. Before this ever happens, it is necessary to seek out private teachers who are able to help with individual statistics private lessons and even other topics, including engineering private lessons. All of these independent, direct attention lessons are going to help a child who once struggled to learn the information and not only improve their grades, but possibly move past the other students as well. The private lessons produced by statistics private teachers are going to be tailored towards the student, depending on what they know and what they are struggling with. This way, a student is able to eventually grasp the information they have been struggling with. Teachers inside of the school system are not always able to provide the direct attention a student needs, which is where the mathematics private teachers come in.