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Huntington Beach
(4 reviews)
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Certified Life Coach offering reduced lessons for a limited time in Orange County!

As a life coach I am not here to tell you what to do or how to do it. Life coaching is about helping you to solve your own problems in a healthy way. I am here to offer you my guidance, support, and accountability.

1st lesson offered free !

College Senior, Book Author, and Personal Trainer Offering You Support in Life Coaching, Health & Wellness, and Creative Endeavors

My teaching method is relationship-based. Since this is life-coaching, we will have opening sessions to figure out what your goals are and where you would like to be in any given time-frame. If you do not have any specific vision or goals, that will also be a main focus so that we can get you engaged and excited about your life.

Coral Springs
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

PhD. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Mediation Tutor, Peace Studies, Conflict Management studies, Academic and Life Coach. Personal empowerment professional in the USA

I have presented lessons to students ranging from High School to Graduate School. I utilize different instructional styles customized to the type of student that I am teaching. My technique is dialogue oriented, this incorporates questioning and discussion where information is exchanged in response to a question that leads to an exchange of opinions and perspectives.

1st lesson offered free !

Social Interpreter offering custom personal coaching in Oakland and the Bay Area

My teaching method is based on Design Thinking. A list of desired topics based on student's needs drives the course material. My students range from children to adults who feel disconnected for their expression voice, emotional management, and social interactions.

1st lesson offered free !

When are you planning on becoming the person you were born to be? Experienced Psychologist here to help you manage your chaotic life, work, and relationships

I work with individuals and meet them "where they are." There is no experience or preparation needed on your part. I will work with your issue and how it is affecting your life NOW. Together we will identify and remove obstacles that are standing in your way of becoming the best version of your "self" you can be.

Daytona Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Expert Life/Career Coach and Personal Trainer Certified In Stress Management. Change Your Life With Me!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

1st lesson offered free !

A Certified Life Coach Who Helps Clients Re-empower Themselves and Feel Fulfilled

My approach with each student is a very individualized one. While I coach using the same key and proven concepts and frameworks, I have a multitude of strategies and exercises to pull form based off of the client's personality, needs, strengths, and objectives.

1st lesson offered free !

Special Education Teacher, using Behavioral Techniques to improve children and adults lifestyles.

My teaching method focuses on the Individual. I believe, that just as any 2 people are different, the way each person learns is also unique. During my time as an educator I spent most of my career working with individuals diagnosed with Autism.

1st lesson offered free !

Can't afford to sit in a room and let a shrink listen to your problems? No problem, I'm a business graduate with a little psychology experience willing to listen to your problems and give you the unp

I recently graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Business administration and is currently in the process of getting a Masters in Psychology. I understand how to handle different people in different situations to create the most sufficient outcomes.

1st lesson offered free !

Live the life you were born to live. Connect with the real you. Intuitive life coach/Reiki practitioner ready at your service.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates Hi! Thank you for clicking on me! No matter who you are, you deserve to live a life of fulfillment, to live the vision you have for yourself. I want to help you be the best you, to live your true self, to be who you were meant to be.

Liberty Township
1st lesson offered free !

Life and Leadership Coaching to Become the Highest Version of Your Self

My name is Dr. Chris Marshall and I have 25 years of experience in leading and coaching others to locate their passions in life and upgrade to become the highest version of themselves to attain the top of their craft.

1st lesson offered free !

Start living your best life! I can help you. I provide life coaching through a mindful practice that focuses on all areas of your life to create the best version of yourself.

I approach each student uniquely. I base my teaching on the style of helping my students recognize behaviors and patterns that hold them back, and provide realistic small steps to making impactful changes. I am a kind and patient listener, and a strong motivator. I work in areas of stress management, relationship coaching, life coaching etc.

1st lesson offered free !

UCSB student who wants to teach others how to learn from my mistakes and their own

I approach issues by understanding my emotional responses first. Then I work towards the rational resolutions by breaking down issues into smaller pieces in order to solve them. Through trial and error and patience, I have noticed patterns and resolutions within my life and external relationship circles.

1st lesson offered free !

Doctor writer for all kids, mentor, and someone to help You get them!

My Teaching method is to get to the student as fast as possible, with kindness, and respect.

1st lesson offered free !

Strengths based life coach with 15 years experience helping people achieve their goals

I have earned two graduate degrees (Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work). We will work together to set your goals. I listen deeply and will draw on your strengths. I will motivate, encourage and challenge you to discover who you authentically are and want to be.

1st lesson offered free !

Working Professional who overcame the fear of public speaking, wanting to help others do the same

My teaching method is very rigorous and strict but very effective. I start by asking questions to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. I, then, construct a viable solution to that problem. Having a viable solution, I sit with the people and help implement those solutions. If the solutions are effective then I continue to fine tune that solution.

Boca Raton
1st lesson offered free !

Ph.D. & Certified Professional Life Coach with 10 years of experience gives stress management sessions over the phone, or facetime in FL. to all ages.

I have a Ph.D. In Holistic Health, I have 13 certifications and degrees in total. I love to learn. The technique I use is with breath and light tapping on accupressure points. I come from an open heart with intentions to heal and give love. I see what amazing things my education has given me and desire to share with all who also desire to heal themselves and become more successful in life.

1st lesson offered free !

Story County Iowa: Personal Life Assistance in a variety of ways to help you!

I like to think that each person needs to be taught in a different way. A person needs analyzed to see how they work best. Some need pushed into things, some need to be offered rewards, and some just need someone to get started with them.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a Philosophy Engineer: Person who designs, builds tools using philosophy

I have a masters degree in physics with a paper published about laser beam shaping. I am a pure positivist who found some space for existentialism and far east philosophy. I believe subjectivity and objectivity must be mixed together for the efficient existence. I think I have a great formula to mix them. I teach how to do your personal mix.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

RN Psychologist, Owego, New York, RN BSN MSCED, teacher, counselor, coach, consultant

As a Nurse Psychologist for the last 34 years and Medical professional for over 40 years, I offer years of seasoned experience in healthcare and academia, along with degrees in AAS, BSN, MSCEd. Willing to teach and coach and consult.

1st lesson offered free !

Happy healthy mind body and soul. Relieve your stress and feel a difference today

My name is chantelle I have been a counselor I say my whole life by just loving to talk and listen to others and what they are feeling or what they have to say. I have been actually teaching about life for a year now and do not discriminate in age gender beliefs or anything in that matter.

College Station
1st lesson offered free !

Life Coach "Motivational Enhancement" Make Successful Changes In Your Life For The Better

Anthony became a graduate from Bradley University, in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Communications.

 Excelling academically with a 3.00 GPA while playing basketball year round. Anthony always had a desire for business and communications. He spent one year at Wake Forest University, making academic history, as they are one of the top academic institutions in America.

1st lesson offered free !

Motivating Health, Wellness, personal training, and life coach based in Kailua, Hawaii

My teaching methods are non-traditional, and we practice in areas such as health factors and resiliency factors, person-centered planning process, stress and relaxation response, stress management, healthy eating, physical activity, restful sleep and its importance, the power of human connections, cognitive skills, connecting with more than self, health risks, screenings, and shared- decision...

1st lesson offered free !

Mental health coach in Ventura, CA offering tutoring on dealing with life's challenges

I base my classes on working with individuals or families who are struggling to get back to a healthy lifestyle of living by teaching conflict-resolution skills, stress management, and positive coping skills in a productive manner. I tailor each of my instructions to the individual or family situation as they are all unique in their own rights.

1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual Spanish professor Orlando based with Masters degree that is passionate about 5 Love Languages

The Demonstrator and coach style that retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

A well seasoned professional with extensive knowledge and background in personal development, and professional development. I have 2 masters degrees both earned in recent years and glad to share my ex

My teaching method is mainly through summarized screen presentations and interactive learning to reinforce understanding of topics learned. I also share related youtube videos that present similar approaches to my teaching as I find this to be very effective for visual learners.

1st lesson offered free !

The plus sign always means more: Positive psychology with your road map

Sharing positive psychology requires rebounding, resilience, resources, positive self-regard, and tenacity, all of which are inside you. My task is to help you find them.

1st lesson offered free !

Your Personal Life Coach. Free Yourself, Be happy and Enjoy Life Every Single Day.

My teaching method is not very hard. You can just tell me all your burdens and talked about with it, and at the end of the day, I will assure you that you will find the answer to your question and see things in your life very differently and positively.

1st lesson offered free !

Everyone could use a help with different real life situations, here to console and work together for a solution.

My teaching method is to use my own knowledge and clinical thinking in order to assist others find peace within themselves and the environment they are struggling with. Always keep in mind two minds are better than one. You are not alone.

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