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Santa Clara County
1st lesson offered free !

Engineering student offering maths and physics lessons in New York with 5 years experience Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano lessons at home in LA to all ages

Engineering student offering maths and physics lessons in New York with 5 years experience" "Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano lessons at home in LA to all agesEngineering student offering maths and physics lessons in New York with 5 years experience" "Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano lessons at home in LA to all ages

San Marcos
1st lesson offered free !

Local beach bum looking to teach others the life changing experience of riding waves!

Surfing takes a lot of time to master even the simplest of tasks. I'd start off by understanding how strong of a swimmer you are and how comfortable you would be in the ocean with various wave heights, followed by swimming in the ocean to understand how the ocean and the waves work.

Maui County
1st lesson offered free !

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and would love to guide you on your journey to wellness and happiness and have fun doing it!

Aloha, my name is Ryan Lapinski and I have studied for the past two years with The Institute of Integrated Nutrition to certify myself as a holistic health coach. I currently reside in Maui, Hawaii, and assist in teaching and coaching people to achieve their best most authentic selves.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Surfing So. Cal. since 1967, put my experience to your benefit soon!

I've always wanted to be a surfer, since before I began to learn. I don't know why, perhaps it's the relationship of surfer and ocean. It's a very special relationship that I feel privileged to have been a part of for 50 years. There have been many changes in surfing over those years, and I have experience with both long and shortboards. I've surfed every major break in So. Cal.

Pleasant Hill
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Skateboarder / Instructor with 10+years of experience with applicable boardsport-specific biomechanics knowledge

I am a lifelong boardsports enthusiast (skateboarder/ surfer/ snowboarder/ occasional wakeboarder) with a well developed analytical skill set aimed towards maximizing movement efficiency on the board.

1st lesson offered free !

Coaching for Skiing, Tennis, Surfing, Swimming and Soccer for 4 - 17

I am a certified ski instructor and spent 8 years teaching. I also spent 11 years coaching soccer. I have been a teacher and tutor as well and have studied the psychology of learning. I enjoy and motivate my students and make learning fun as well as challenging.

Atlantic Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Instructor, live and teach in Atlantic Beach, FL

I have been surfing for over 35 years and Stand Up Paddle Boarding for more than 10. I have a Level 1 certification in SUP with ACA, working on Level 2, and hoping to complete Level 3, (Surf & White Water Stand Up Paddle), early 2017. I currently work as a Surf and Paddle Board Instructor / Guide with Jax Surf and Paddle, Neptune Beach.FL I teach all ages, confidence, safety and how to have fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Action sport enthusiasts passionate about anything and everything that gives a adrenaline rush.

My teaching Meathod is based on pure enjoyment and progression. I make the learning curve into your dreams something you will enjoy without being overwhelmed. Classes can be fast paced and to the point or slowed down to a more approachable and begginer friendly course.

1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarder From Hong Kong (13 years skating + 3 years Teaching experience) Welcome all different ages.Skateboarding is FUN

I love to set my lesson to be fun and interactive, Aim of my class is let the participant feel fun and happy with skateboarding and building their self-confidence.

1st lesson offered free !

Instructor of Surf and Paddle Surf, offers private and group classes, initiation, improvement, training.

My teaching methodology is adapted according to the desire and profile of the athlete, focusing on the discipline you want to learn or develop, theoretical explanation, online teaching explaining step by step, explanatory videos, and how these sports are learned.

1st lesson offered free !

7 times Indian National Champion of Surfing. Qualified International Surfing Association Instructor. Based in Chennai. Happy to travel to teach.

Whether its an individual or group class my method will not differ. The initial standard of the client will not affect the result - you will be able to stand up on the surfboard during your first or fiftieth lesson. I have been trained by International Surfing Association to provide expert training and guidance on the beach beforehand and in the water.

1st lesson offered free !
Burleigh Heads
1st lesson offered free !

Stoked:Awesome:Cool:Epic:Gnarly:Rad:Shred Shred: if you shred, then you perform at a very high level - that guy is shredding that wave; Sick: a very surfy alternative to uber cool and insane wave or r

At the first meeting with the students I tell them: I'm not here to teach you surf. I'm here to show you various ways to understand surfing and you have to choose the best method for you to just flow. And if you do not know what to choose, I am here to help you to choose - motivational speech, I tell stories to illustrate different surfing concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional big wave surfer looking to share passion for the Ocean. Can teach surfing from elementary level to professional water safety and rescue support

I teach each learner based on their level of experience. There will be a sufficient assessment done to see on which elements they need to work on and then I base my lesson on what they wish to achieve. I always like to see a learner reach the full range of his or her comfort zone whilst always letting them know that they have control of the situation.

1st lesson offered free !

Female Surf Instructor for Beginners of All Ages. BYO Surfboard and gear.

I teach with patience, positive attitude, calm energy and adaptive techniques to suit the individual as everyone learns differently, especially in the ocean.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson offered free !

I used to be a sponsored amatuer skateboarder when i was young,, this just helps me educate and spread all the extra fun

my teaching methods are very simple but also one on one and group effiecient ..i have alot of patience and am a very forgiving person and always show a never give up attitude .

Bells Beach
1st lesson offered free !
Blaxlands Creek
1st lesson offered free !

Professional level1 coach and surfer for 50 years. Trained daghter to championship

I adapt my teaching to suit the audience. Children, adults, backpackers, groups, disadvantaged groups i have coached them all.

1st lesson offered free !

All your needed tips to improve your surfing skills from advanced surfer

Base my classes on personal experience with regards to years of competing and my unique analytical style and eye

1st lesson offered free !

Internship and surf lessons on Brest and its region, supervised by a professional, come experience the joys of surfing!

Grég Salaun for Ecole de Surf de Bretagne-Brest surf instructor, paddle and boogie boarding on Brest and its region but also the great West on request. Personalized program for all levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Surf lessons, having more than 20 years of experience in the sport, accumulating some titles, I work in the Baixada Santista.

Graduated in Biological Sciences, both baccalaureate and baccalaureate, surfer since very young, holding two titles Santistas in the category longboard, having experience in teaching surf in the project Total School and as Surf Coach, in Fahrenheit Beachsports, United Arab Emirates.

1st lesson offered free !

I’m an exceptional surfer who lives in Bali but comes to Darwin for work, I can send recent photos to prove this.

Get them into the ocean, feel the movement of the sea and feel comfortable on their surfboards.

1st lesson offered free !

Training, development and coaching surfing all year in Lacanau océan in france

Charly, your surf teacher, accompanies you on each session, you observe, film analysis. He corrects you, advise you, he brings expertise that fits your level and conditions. He viewed the footage with you at each session to evaluate continuously your progress.

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1st lesson offered free !

Confirmed surfer gives surf and SUP courses in the Basque country and Les Landes

The courses are for beginners and intermediates wishing to discover the Basque and Landes coast and to progress technically from the first session. I adapt to the needs and levels of each student. The courses consist of a theoretical part (15 min) and a practical part (45 min).

1st lesson offered free !

Want to shred at the skatepark but to scared to practice in busy places

With skateboarding there really is no structure when it come to teaching methodology, some people pick it up quick and other don't. Because of this my methodology with differ from student to student. but will ultimately start from the very begging, from skateboard terminology to simply standing on the board.

1st lesson offered free !

Aid, coaching tips for all levels, to help you improve faster. Video coaching possible depending on the level

ISA Level 1 Surf instructor, student in sports sciences, I have also competed in sevral events in Morocco and Europe. Depending on your level, the session will take place with me close to you for instant coaching, or from the beach with video support.

1st lesson offered free !

I like giving cricket leason , advice 9/10 i correct with skills and knowledge

i Like teaching to school Male or female anyone well to learn from me. Online of offline any form mumbai or near by are welcome to contact me. i Like teaching to school Male or female anyone well to learn from me.

1st lesson offered free !

Portuguese and Sports Teach (Surf, Futvolei, Skate, Slackline, Snorkeling, Gyn), Sydney, Hillsdale

We can do a specific plan for what skill do you want to improve. All the methods can be negotiable by the spefics needs and specifics skill do you are looking for.

Bondi Junction
1st lesson offered free !

Surf instructor since 2010. Working in different surf schools and surf camps around Europe. Go surfing!!!

Depend of your level of surfing I can stay inside or outside of the water with you. My objetive is that you have to be independent on the water.

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There is something about surfing that can really take hold of the surfer. Just being free out on the water and being able to catch a wave is especially invigorating. It is unlike any other sport or activity on earth, so for those who are looking to get onto the water and learn surfing, they need to sign up for surf lessons through the professional surf teachers. These teachers can instruct on everything from catching a wave to the proper footwork required to stay on a board. All of this is going to go a long way in enjoying surfing and also building the core body strength required to surf. For those who are looking for other classes beyond the surfing lessons, they can always take up the services provided by dance teachers or a regular sports coach who is skilled improving individual skillets in different sports. Qi Gong lessons are available as are rock'n'roll teacher lessons. After all, the next generation music stars need to start somewhere.