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Germanic and Scandinavian Languages, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Ny Norsk, Old Norse, Faroese,

Resident for more than 30 years in Germany and Sweden. Studied at the University of Heidelberg and Darmstadt Technische Hochschule, Volkshochschule Heidelberg, and Hermods (Sweden). Professional translator of scientific and engineering projects at the Nordic Translation Service and other professional translation agencies.

Portland, Maine
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A Man of His Words - (Spanish, Swedish, Song lyrics, Singing onstage)

BA Bowdoin College (Economics and Music) MBA Johnson School of Business and Public Administration (Marketing) - Cornell University Spanish language fluency - Stanford University Swedish language fluency, University of Stockholm, Sweden Musical performance, arranging, recording: Studio Blue, Stockholm Website production: (concealed information)

Bergisch Gladbach
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SWEDISH to get to know from the practicing traveler with fun and needs oriented

I am fascinated by languages, because for me it is not only a gateway to other people, cultures and the connection between us humans, but because it is itself part of the culture and thus offers insight into completely new worlds. I would like to fascinate you for this insight and offer you new ways of communicating in other cultures.

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Native Swedish speaker with a creative background offering Swedish lessons in London

I always try to make my lessons fun and enjoyable. I like to have open communication with my student to make sure that they are learning in the best and most effective way possible as not everyone learns in the same way.

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Psychology student with tutoring experience offering help with languages among other things in London

The methods I use to teach each subject depends on the age of the person and the subject itself, but the most important part of teaching is inspiration. I inspire my students, I motivate them. I connect myself to them and make them feel joy from learning. This is what I felt I lacked in school and what many lack nowadays.

San Vicente del Raspeig
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English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish skype classes with a teacher with lots of experience. Free trial class

Why learn languages ​​with me? - I hold a university degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics - I have been teaching languages ​​to students of various nationalities and levels, in Europe, the United States and Russia for over seven years - I have lived and worked in the countries whose languages ​​I teach - With every student I use a unique approach that provides the best

Jennie maria
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Native Swedish speaker with experience of teaching offers Swedish lessons wherever you are

I want you to you to have fun while you are learning. We play with words, we translate lyrics, we learn basic and useful phrases and we read children's books. All this combined with a bit of learning about the country's culture, food, people and history.

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Do you want to learn Swedish language? I can teach you online!

I am a Swedish woman and I live in Glasgow. If you are interested in learning another language I can teach you Swedish online. I start with easy words and phrases and in no time you will be able to talk my language. The course starts with simple words and there will always be a goal to reach in the end of every lesson.

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Student in Teaching Education Programme gives courses in Swedish and English during the summer. See ya!

My teaching is based on theories from my education as well as my past experiences. Therefore, my teaching emphasizes variation in teaching, working with texts and the circular model, adapting the teaching according to the student's conditions and needs, as well as secure assessment and clear feedback.

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Student from Sweden offers swedish lessons in Falkirk, everything you need to know!

I am from Sweden and been living there all my life. I just recently moved to the UK and what better job than a tutoring job? Considering I have the experience and the skills. I have never tutored anyone yet but I know that you would be very pleased and happy if I got the opportunity to tutor and teach Swedish.

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A native Swede living in East Belfast giving Swedish lessons in all of Belfast

I would love to teach my language to anyone who wants to learn it! My approach to teaching it to someone would be to start off with everyday phrases that people actually use in real life. I myself have studied languages in the past and find it to be confusing when first learning individual words instead of phrases.

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Swedish Language for New learners who wants to learn the basics and learn to speak the language fluently

I am patient , Tolerant , understand , Open minded , friendly but also strict when needed and aim to always do better

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I'm from Sweden and I lived 15 year in sweden. I can communicate Swedish like my own language.

I have worked as a teacher assistance with different student. Primery school, high school.. And I references from company in Sweden.

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Native Swedish teacher is teaching linguistics and language classes for groups and individuals.

My teaching methods are reading and writing, I encourage students to watch films and listen to music from Sweden if possible take a trip or stay during the course time

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Graduated with honors in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature gives Swedish language lessons in Rome at level A1-A2

I graduated with honors in English and Swedish Language and Literature and I give English (any level) and Swedish language lessons at A1 and A2 levels. Depending on the student, different learning methods will be used in order to involve the student with material of his interest.

Mount Pleasant
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Fluent Swedish speaker with a passion for the language available to tutor Swedish in WOLLONGONG, NSW

My teaching methodology is based around what I call 'Deliberate Conversation'. This means having a conversation just like you would with anyone else, but when we come across words that are new, or constructions and idioms that you could use to make your Swedish sound better, we will write them down and practise them, and keep practising them in further lessons.

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SWEDISH for adult learners and groups of friends who want to do something new and fun together

Swedish is a fantastic language. Sweden's culture has much to offer, the country if beautiful and the its traditions almost a bit exotic. I am especially keen on conveying its literature and the magic of the many places you could visit.

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Swedish classes. From A1 to C2. Dynamic and interactive. Online or in person.

I teach graduate and I teach Swedish both children and adults. I online classes or attendance. Adapt my approach and my material needs and ways of learning of each student. I always try to offer interactive and dynamic classes. I can also give specific Swedish classes, for example Swedish medical technician or, for students who need Swedish in their professional life.

Freiburg im Breisgau
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Native Swedish speaker and linguist offers tuition in Swedish, for different levels

My teaching is aimed primarily at university students. I can help you with things like exam preparation, pronunciation exercises, homework and essays. How we structure the lesson depends on how far you have come, what you need help with, and so on.

São Paulo
Professora renatta
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Swedish for expats, 9 years of experience as a teacher in Stockholm!

My methodology is based on my student's needs. If your intention is to do an exchange or work in Sweden, I use the material aimed for that, moreover, the material is based on the Swedish core curriculum. Which means that you will develop a very similar test in Sweden or will use the same terminology in your work environment.

North Parramatta
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Exellent Swedish and History teacher gives lessons to Middle and Hight schools students in Sydney

I adjust my teaching methodology to various needs of my students. I appy both summative and formative assessments' methods. I encourage students to find a way for solving problems and using their creative ability to come up with new ideas and outcomes.

The Junction
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Swedish international exchange student who teaches Swedish to all ages in the are of Newcastle.

My teaching methodology is to individualise the lesson after the student. I have previously been a tutor in Math, English and Science and know from experience that everyone has a different approach to learning.

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Swedish children's book author offering 1-1 or group Swedish sessions in Leicester

My teaching methods are mainly focusing on providing conversational knowledge, to gain a confidence using the language, and later dealing with the detailed grammar. I rely on my students will to learn and provide them with plenty of appropriate material to study on their own time, guaranteeing a clear development between each session.

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Native Swede offering lessons in Swedish - beginner to advanced levels can help offer education English to Swedish or full Swedish lessons.

My lessons will be based on real life scenario, learning words and expressions useful in real life. Alot of talking and listening exercises as well as some grammar and written work.

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Gives Swedish courses; Spanish and English for all. Learning a language while staying at home,

Oral courses. The course is for beginners but also for experienced students who want to learn how to talk more than write in English, for personal or/and professional projects. It is perfect for you who will go on vacations motivs. I am Cuban and English is my second language and I speak Spanish and Swedish if that can help you. See you soon.

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Scandinavian and Linguistics student looking to share my interest in these subjects via webcam

I understand people learn in different ways, so will accommodate my lessons to a process best for you. I will make lessons fun and interesting - this is helped by passion for the subject areas.

West Midlands
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Pharmacy student offering Swedish and Biology up to GCSE and A level

My teaching methods varies from one student to another, since not everyone studies the same. I like visualize when I teach someone.

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An english teacher with 3 years of experience and a CAE certificate

Bilingual teacher offers English classes from scratch at the intermediate level for children and adults. Individual or in group. Games, conversation, trinity, cambridge, etc. for children. Dynamic and fun activities. Preparation for official exams, translations of CV, cover letters, documents for adults. Help with preparing for interviews.

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24 hours to become bilingual thanks to a professional coaching by a polyglot

(automatic translation) Do you want to learn a language to speak it or to have classes your whole life? In 7 years, I learned eight languages. Today, being now 30 years old, I speak a dozen. After a career in IT, for a around 2 years, I made my passion for languages my new job. With my partner, also a polyglot, we founded our school: Toulingua.

Lyon 9e
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Swedes living in Lyon gives Swedish course at home in week

Swedish courses from beginner to advanced. The courses focus on oral Swedish and write, according to the expectations of the student. Educational program to be agreed with the student Rapid progress guaranteed Ideal for language students or wishing to study or live in Sweden.

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Sweden is home to innovations that became world-wide sensations like Ikea flat pack furniture, music stars, ABBA, meat balls and car with headlights that won't turn off. Swedish, the country's national language, is just as interesting. It is a North Germanic language that is spoken by about 9 million people mostly in Sweden and Finland and others in Norway, Estonia and further away in US and Canada. Swedish has close ties with Danish and Norwegian and the three are intelligible especially in writing. Perhaps a move to Sweden is imminent and you need to learn the language or you are studying the language for academic credits or out of interest or a planed trip to Sweden. Learn Swedish with a private tutor who will go at your pace and give you lessons at times that are convenient for you. SuperPROF takes the work out of searching for one in US so you can get down to the work of learning the language. SuperPROF has listings of 100,000 qualified teachers offering 250 subjects including Swedish teachers offering private Swedish lessons. You can also find Ukrainian and Danish teachers, a Serbo-Croatian tutor and those offering Swahili lessons. Get on SuperPROF, find a tutor and you'll soon be speaking and writing Swedish like a viking.