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1st lesson offered free !

Swimming is my hobby nd i like swimming lets start can u ??

My teaching method is gud i based the class on practical i approach the topic by showing example by me

1st lesson offered free !

National Medalist in Swimming!!! Come Learn Swimming with me and relinquish the same!!!

I'm a state gold medalist, south-zone and National medalist. I've been into swimming for more than a decade. I will teach for beginners, inter and advanced students. Kindly contact me for a demo class. I charge Rs 1500 per session. Each session varies between 60- 90 minutes.

1st lesson offered free !

Here to develop unique techniques of swimming in students to help them become lifelong swimmers

I design my method of teaching based on age, size of group and purpose of learning. I have total twenty nine years of experience as swimmer and my techniques are useful for beginners as well as experienced sports persons. During first few sessions, I focus more on making students comfortable and help them accept swimming as essential sport.

1st lesson offered free !

I have good training experience in the field of swimming training. I'm national medalist swimmer & triathlete. Here for offering personal swimming training to individual or a group.

Swimming is basically learnt by decreasing resistant & increasing proportion, so my approach for learning is based on this principal. I develop interest for the beginners and take out their fear from water by doing some water activities & games, i believe swimming is an art and needs dedication to learn it.

1st lesson offered free !

Sport exercise and physical activity student offering help with any thing that involve sport

My teaching method is that Ill explain and demonstrate it with examples when required. There will be group discussions, brainstorming and practical examples.

1st lesson offered free !

Swimming classes in easy way you will enjoy the training for sure

I will teach you in a very easy way to get swim day by day and you should try once

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Health is wealth swasth sharir me swasth man niwas krta hai isliye swimming aur Yoga kre

My teaching mathod is very easy and students teaches them easily Mai bahut hi interesting tarike se students tk apni bat convey krti hu

1st lesson offered free !

Training swimming freestyle butterfly backstroke underwater breath techniques part time in brampton gta

I am Raju a new immigrant to Canada. I have been worked as a software developer with different levels for prominent organizations like Oracle and GE Digital. I would be privileged to get an offer and contribute to the role to the best of my technical ability with continuous learning to promote innovations.

1st lesson offered free !
Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

1:1 Private swimming lessons for adults and kids, based in London from zone 1-3.

I can help achieve your goals and to feel comfortable in the water. Im very proactive and always keen to learn something new from salsa to snowboarding and therefore understanding the learning curve and input needed when learning new skills. "Swimming is not just about learning technique, it's about building a relationship with the water".

1st lesson offered free !

SWIMMING LESSONS for children, adults and aquaphobes AQUATROPIC NIMES (From Learning to development)

The swimming lessons are given to one or maximum two people for session. This small number allows me to do custom work of high quality. The session lasts 30 minutes for the swimmer can keep 100% concentration without losing the connection. I fixed schedules slots depending on your availability. Do not exceed 6 months after the first session, allowing the swimmer continued progress.

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1st lesson offered free !

Swimming tutor for new learner and children's with flexible timings as required

I start with begginer level and regularly provide tips for fast learning.

St Albans
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and knowledgable ASA level 2 swimming teacher with NPLQ and DBS offering both 1-2-1 lessons or group swimming lessons in your own pool. Based in St Albans, Harpenden, London and surroundin

I strive to make each and every lesson personal, ensuring that no two lessons are the same and that progression both physically and mentally is continually taking place.

1st lesson offered free !

Private swimming lessons in Valencia for all levels (adults, children and babies). Extensive experience and excellent results.

My knowledge of swimming is advanced due to my years training for competitive swimming. My classes are structured with initial warm-up, technique exercises and relaxation or games to finish. I like to include different materials and games in all my classes focusing on safety and fun in the water.

1st lesson offered free !

You need to esacpe stress of kindergarten for that do swimming swimming

Basically I'm work how to enhance stamina first after we work on steps I believe in quality notin quantity

1st lesson offered free !

Very experienced swimming teacher (different populations of swimmers) offering tutoring service to swimming teachers and those thinking of a swimming teaching career

I am a very experienced Swimming Teacher and Coach as outlined by my CV and am very familiar with working on a 1:1 and 1:2 basis with pupils and fully endorse the benefits to the student (s) of working in this way; i.e. students learn at a faster rate and in a more personable way.

1st lesson offered free !

Alexander Technique teacher specialising in helping aquaphobics and nervous swimmers, through one-to-one swimming lessons in a quiet private pool near Norwich

Using my hands to guide you in the pool, I will help you to learn to do less, to let go and enjoy the support of water instead of struggling against it. I am a very patient teacher. For me the most important thing is that you feel comfortable just being in the water and breathing freely. There is no hurry to learn strokes.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in physical education gives tution classes of swimming. I m swimmier since age 10

My teaching method is clear the concept. I have a many students in classes .

1st lesson offered free !

Freshly graduated in physical education available to all sports fitness and specific training. You practice a sport, you'd be together for a sporting outlet,

I graduated in Physical Education and Sports. Versatile and open to any sport at any level! My methodology is learning performance and pleasure.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Swim advice for pool, open water and triathlon. Improve your technique!

I'm obsessed with Front Crawl technique and found commonalities among the top swimmers. I'm intrigued by the comparison of the commonalities of most master's swimmers, and find that there is a correlation between some fundamental things top swimmers do that increase their speed and efficiency. My aim is to impart these characteristics to all swimmers.

1st lesson offered free !

I graduated in EF and if you want'll help you improve your fitness and find great. If you have small children, we can do so much swimming as base EF.

Hi. I'm Nuria, with the degree of Bachelor of EF I have devoted a lifetime to what I like, the moving body and its intricacies. I speak both adults and adults looking not so much learning in smaller as the long-term welfare of those who have more physical load. My teaching is based on healing the musculoskeletal system through movement and stretching.

1st lesson offered free !

Geraldton WA, private swimming lessons to greater success in the Aquatic industry

My teaching method is to assess where each student is at, from there write out a plan that will suit them and cover everything they need to learn, from correct strokes and technique and water safety in and around all bodies of water.

1st lesson offered free !

I am expert in swimming I can give coach very easily and effective

My teaching is starting from basic to hover I can teach bad students is easily teach them And very fast and furious

1st lesson offered free !

Swimming key to life from drowning as well as essential element for fitness.

It's as simple as you can make it. Depends on your will to learn. None can reach you nothing but force but can make you perfect by your will.

1st lesson offered free !

Swimming teacher and trainer gives lessons at all levels in London. Children and adults experience

I worked in Italy, Rome, in different sport centres and on private yachts. Teaching: I trained children, young people and adults. Also I had classes of babies (0-2 years old) in order to make them familiarize with water from the real beginning of their life. This makes them perfectly comfortable to start, later in the years, the swimming lessons without fear and with strong breathing capacities.

1st lesson offered free !

Swimming lessons with Simon lifeguard lifeguard swimming / development / technical / aqua gym / aqua relax

My method is based on the analysis of your swimming and the taking into account of your objectives, One of the primordial rules as a coach is to detect well the defects of each one and to be able to propose the tools necessary to the proprioceptive and cognitive transformation of each. We are not the transformers, only the people who find the right words to restore confidence and envy.

1st lesson offered free !

* Primary, Highschool, University * many subjects * Price negotiable* Curtin University Student who can teach progressive, productive, creative, engaging lessons across a range of subjects and learnin

I like taking an approach that is specific and dependant on each child meaning some lessons may be structured to the parents/guardians' judgement/desire, the child's immediate interest and my best judgement.

1st lesson offered free !

Have taught swimming for over thirty years, can teach all levels. Happy to teach groups as well as sinlges. Have also taught autistic kids.

Water confidence is a must to start with, so we would start with water confidence. then move on to basic breathing skills and stroke work. At all times working at your pace. I am easy going and patient, so happiness is also a key to helping you learn to swim. Then depending on your skill levels, would depend on what we would do next.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Engineering lessons in london I have been teaching computer lessons for 7 years.

My teaching method is based on both theoretical practical approaches (1/3 theoretical and 2/3 practical). I bring some of useful related clips for student and after that students can apply the trained method on the applicable program and also can change it to other program and use their talent in order to give better results.

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Swimming is an important life skill everyone needs to know how to do. It is not just a means for having fun at the pool or out in a body of water but it can save someone's life if they end up overboard from a boat or dragged down in an ocean current. Without this kind of ability, individuals may face all sorts of dangerous situations, not to mention they are going to miss out on many of the great joys of life. With the help of swimming teachers, students can learn different strokes, how to properly swim in water and how to do it while expelling the smallest amount of energy possible. For someone who is looking for a sports coach, they can find different teachers on top of their swimming instructors. This includes a sport early-learning activities teacher, self defense teachers and running instructor, for improving form and cutting down on possible injuries while jogging. All of this should help overall performance levels of the sport.