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Passionate swim instructor and swim coach excited to share my love of swimming

Hello, my name is Cora and I like to start all my lessons by learning what each individual would like to get out of their time with me, what their goals are, and how I can help them succeed. I also like to start with a swim assessment so that I can see where we need to start and what is most important for us to focus on.

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Swim Coaching for the Champaign area - From basic lap swimming lessons to advanced competitive training.

Competitive swimmer for Mahomet-Seymour High School, YMCA Heat, and the Crystal Lake Nadiators. I am proficient in instructing all strokes and can help train, develop, and fine-tune swimming for competition or leisure. Each lesson will be individually designed with the specific swimmer in mind.

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Athletic coach licensed in many sports including in CPR and EAD 1

I am a high school athletic coach. I specialized in cross country, running, swimming and andurance sports. I have coached since 2012. I can write training programs but prefers weekly communications to make sure customers are performing well and seeing weekly results.

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National Level Swimmer Open to provide classes to any age who wanted to learn

My classes will bring positive energy to you. I want to make sure every student and person I work with is completely comfortable with what we are working on. So speak up if we need to change or alter something, I'm open to feedback! Each lesson plan I create will solely be constructed upon the individual, establishing specifically what skills you need to obtain or improve.

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Experienced swimming and diving coach for all levels from beginner to competitive.

My teaching methods are hands-on training. I get in the pool with my students. I also utilize the trampoline and audiovisual aids. For those that are beginners or who want to overcome their fear of the water, we start in simple steps until the student has built upon the success of the previous lessons.

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Qualified and experienced swimming instructor open to wholeheartedly teaching any age wanting to learn!!

I base my classes on warmth and positive energy. I want to make sure every student and person I work with is completely comfortable with what we are working on. So speak up if we need to change or alter something, I'm open to feedback! Each lesson plan I create will solely be constructed upon the individual, establishing specifically what skills you need to obtain or improve.

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Learn the basic technique for swimming (all ages) to preparing for competitive swimming!

Depending on the level of the swimmer, I start off with the basics and can prepare the swimmer for a competitive team if wanted. The lessons are approached slowly and are paced depending on the swimmer themselves and their skill with swimming itself.

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Swim teacher for all ages and levels, beginner to advanced, babies to adults- 7 years experience

I base all my lessons on the swimmers level and age. With beginners I would work on basic life-saving skills such as floating, kicking, basic freestyle, getting comfortable in the water, and breathing skills. For intermediate swimmers, I focus on getting comfortable with freestyle and backstroke, as well as basic safety skills.

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College student with 6 years swimming experience in Thomasville/Greensboro area gives swimming lessons for kids!

I base my classes on patience and kindness, because the water is no place for a child to be stressed out or upset. The more comfortable they are, the more they will learn! I love children, and I love establishing relationships built on trust. I like to make my lessons fun.

West Covina
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A former collegiate swimmer with 2.5 years of swim instruction experience offering swimming lessons for ages 3 to adults

As a swim instructor, honesty, discipline, creativity, and empathy play a significant role in my methodology. The ability to be adaptable, yet patient and persistent are also pertinent character traits in my approach. My development of lesson plans are tailored to progress different types of individuals according to their skill set.

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USA Swimming Coach with 10 Years Swimming Experience Offering Private Lessons in Solano County/Bay Area

I try to establish strong relations with the swimmer, in addition to a sense of respect in order to create an environment of trust and recreation. I always ensure that the swimmer is learning at a pace that is reasonable and appropriate for them.

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Prior varsity Water Polo captain with 4 years of varsity level swim experience located in Irvine, CA

Hello! My name is Alexis Sakhel and I am a Cal Poly Pomona Alumni. I earned my degree in General Biology, B.S. I have played varsity water polo and swim throughout high school and recreationally throughout college. For 1:1 lessons, comfortability is the most important aspect.

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Competitive swimmer for 20+ years, former college athlete, offering all levels swimming lessons

Teaching method is all dependent on the student/swimmer. It is all based on what level they are at, whether it be the very being stages of learning to float or down to the detailed competitive stroke skills. It all is based on the level they are at and what they are comfortable with in the water.

New Brunswick
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Do you want to learn how to swim in the comfort of your own pool?

I would base my classes off of the level of your child. Depending on the strength of the swimmer and how comfortable or scared of the water they are, what I teach them will vary. I will be able to teach kids from ages 4 up.

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Atlanta based Swim Instructor. 13+ years teaching experience, ages 0 - adult.

Swimming should be fun! My goal is to make learning to swim, or improving your technique a positive experience for you or your child.

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Highly experienced aquatic coach - Stroke technique, work out and seasonal planning

I am a Southern California native, where water and aqatis sports are a integral part of the lifestyle. I began competing in Swimming and Water Polo at the age of 13. I look for and focus on a swimmer's strengths and tailor my coaching to the individual.

Los Angeles
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4 years + swim instructing experience and lifeguard. Join me for Private swim lessons now

Teaching methodology is critical because one way does not suit everybody that is my I base my teachings uniquely to the individual that wants to learn or perfect their swimming. I want to give the tools so that you can be a great swimmer, however I must find the right tool in the tool box that suits you and your learning style.

Maui County
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I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and would love to guide you on your journey to wellness and happiness and have fun doing it!

Aloha, my name is Ryan Lapinski and I have studied for the past two years with The Institute of Integrated Nutrition to certify myself as a holistic health coach. I currently reside in Maui, Hawaii, and assist in teaching and coaching people to achieve their best most authentic selves.

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I have been a swimmer since I was 6 months and have taught/coached swimming for 7 years!

My teaching method is based on how comfortable the client is and how skilled the patient is that’s where we will begin. I won’t have clients work on activities in the pool that won’t help them progress.

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Turning kids into fish in the water for more than 10 years!

I approach each student as uniquely as possible while using toys and games to keep the kids focused, and work on swimming techniques to improve for the adults.

Jacksonville Beach
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Sand Springs
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Professional swimmer that can help you improve or learn how to swim.

My purpose is to teach you how to be safe in the water. I teach swimming by playing games, and safety lessons.

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Swimming coach with 18 years of experience giving out lessons to FL all ages.

My teaching methodology is to inspire and teach young athletes to become champions through the sport of swimming. The techniques I use for teaching is that on specific days, we will focus on one thing the whole lesson until you have mastered it. Once that is mastered we will continue to work as a team to perfect that stroke.

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Experienced private swim coach/instructor offers remote technique coaching and custom workouts for athletes of all skill levels.

My teaching method varies from client to client, I am always receptive of feedback and will work with you to help you reach whatever goals you have set for yourself.

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Swim instructor with 3 years of teaching experience and 8 years of swimming experience, CPR/ First Aid certified

I believe in earning a students trust while learning their strengths and weaknesses. From there I design a lesson plan/ workout that will push the student to improve and grow their skills. I believe in pshing my students to be the best while still being fun and creating an enjoyable experience.

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Professor of Exercise Science and Sports Studies, and Fitness and Physical Education

Department of Physical Education, School of Education Teaching Assistant 2004 - Course: PE 066: Beginning Weight Training, PE 362: Fitness Testing Measurement & Prescription • Taught individual students using Blackboard Learning Platforms, small groups to write Individualized Educational Plans using screening instruments.

Half Moon Bay
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Swim teacher of all ages for the past year at Kings Swim Academy

I teach based off a curriculum depending on the age and skill of the student and willing to work with special needs students.

Horizon City
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Swim instructor for all ages who wish to learn how to swim!

My teaching methodology is really hands on and personal.

La Mirada
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Swim lessons instuctor all ages. Specifically skilled in distance freestyle and breaststroke.

I like using pictures and metaphors to illustrate concepts, but I also cater to each student’s learning style. I prefer focusing on one main concept each lesson.

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