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Pianist with 9 years of experience and plenty of free time. I also can teach percussion and music reading.

I will base my classes in what is most important for the student to be successful. Whatever they need to move along the most efficient. I will move at a pace that is good for them and their learning method.

Los Angeles
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Conservatory trained pianist with over 10 years of educational experience, will teach at your home.

I believe in a flexible manner of instruction responsive to age, personality, ability, and background of each individual. I have taught students with autistic and minor learning disabilities and have learned to be flexible in terms of methods and materials I use, as well as expectations and goals for each student.

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Published/licensed piano teacher in his mid 20s offering lessons to students of all ages

Graduated from Montclair State University. I studied piano privately for 14 years and have been playing for 20 years total. I studied classical and jazz with a world renowned pianist for many years but identify as a contemporary/fly finger player.

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Piano Lessons in NYC - Professional Jazz Pianist and Tutor with 10 years stage and teaching experience

Every student is very different and has individual strengths and needs. I believe a student needs strong guidance and clarity, but I like to include my student's taste into my the decision making process. Learning how to play piano is a lot of work. Ultimately, I like the learning process to be as rewarding as the results.

Coral Springs
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High school student with 12 years experience offering piano lessons to all ages

I approach each client with an openness to teach what it is they want. I know that learning any instrument requires thousands of hours of concentrated work and a ton of self-motivation and, in my experience, students that aren't interested in the music won't have that motivation.

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Professional pianist and music producer. 15 years teaching music in different areas.

My method is teaching in order to demonize a subject. From harmony to chain effects in a DAW. It's going to depend on what subject the student is into.

1st lesson offered free !

A Piano student for the past 10 years and am hoping to help others progress the right way.

I give lessons to all ages and I always seek to understand the method of instruction that works best depending on the student. Part of my work requires me to be a very good listener and to be patient with my students at all times.

Chula Vista
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Pianist and session musician with 18 years of experience gives piano lessons in San Diego.

Depends on the students and their proficiency level on the piano. I teach and cover theory, sight reading, technique, exercises, and how to approach each genre of music on the piano. I provide all the music materials (books, mp3's, and backing tracks).

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Concert pianist/piano teacher with 20 years of international experience.Teaching at home studio in Gilbert.

I teach beginners and advanced students of all ages,have experience teaching children with a special needs. My approach to teaching is fun and nurturing,making sure that students have a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of music,while encouraging their own creativity and aural skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Live pianist who received words of honor by the most keenly production squad! 15 years of experience with finger stroking of the keys of happiness.

My teaching method is by sound. So to keep people listening to the nostalgia of music not the earliest forms of it. Which is the best way of learning how to grasp the understanding on how the music should be played by progressions, riffs(hip hop, rock n roll, etc.), chords, and keys. The keys that should be played with the articles of life made verses, choruses of songs.

South Kingstown
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Guitarist, Keyboardist & Drummer with over 30 years of professional instruction will teach you how to become a better player or performer in the Wakefield, Westerly area.

I was instructed by 6 different teachers from 1973-1983. Starting in 1986 I have taught students ranging in age from 7 to 77 years. My methods are easy to follow including method books to songs that YOU want to learn. 1/2 hr to hour lessons given. Lessons are given at store location in Westerly or my home in South Kingstown.

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Professional Tutoring in Musical Composition, Sightsinging and Eartraining/Piano Instruction at Beginning and Intermediate Levels

Do you have a song inside your head that needs to be written down? Are you a composer that could use some guidance? Some non-judgmental mentoring of the music that means something to you? Have you always wished to play piano but ran away from it for the 100th time? Have you found your singing voice? Have you always wished that you could read music? I am happy to help you with any of the above.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Concert pianist with 9 years of experience gives piano lessons and music theory lessons.

Piano lessons provided for all levels, in classical genre. Russian piano method used, however I try to fit the method to the needs of the student. Can find a common language with anyone and make learning piano enjoyable.

1st lesson offered free !

Hip hop enthusiast, 10 years experience with piano, works with music publishing .

My teaching methods are simple; understand sound, feeling and rhythm. Learn the basics, take notes from the past and identify the defining influences accordingly, create a solid musically foundation, know your approach, understand and master technique, develop a unique style, create/express freely and with love.

Sun City
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Performance Level Piano and Voice Instructor With Songwriting Skills Available for Lessons

My approach is very personalized. I realize that every student has a different learning style and wants to accomplish different levels of skills. I can tailor lessons to suit your needs and skill levels whether it's to learn performance and songwriting skills, or to just be able to play for yourself.

San Francisco
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Piano composer with 16 years of experience, offering piano lessons in San Francisco Bay Area

I gauge what level the student is and see how he/she learns best. I then devise fun lessons for the students and ensure that the student learns the fundamentals, which I believe provide the foundation for playing any kind of music on the piano.

Virginia Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Piano and Music Teacher with over 10 years of experience in Virginia Beach.

My teaching methods are geared towards the student or group I am teaching, meaning that I will go the extra mile to make sure that you understand what the objective is. I have various methods that were thought to me upon earning my degree in music. My goal as a teacher is to make sure that the student is feeling like they are making progress no matter how small or how big the goal is set.

1st lesson offered free !

Jazz Pianist and former church organist moving to Memphis, TN, with two years of teaching experience.

My method is to assess, fill in gaps, and build on what they already know. I cater my teaching style to different learning styles, as not every child has the same sensibilities in music. I see what works for each kid, and alter it until it works.

1st lesson offered free !

Concert pianist with 10 years of teaching experience. Eastman and Northwestern graduate.

My teaching method is different for every student to cater to their special needs. I strongly believe in musicality and feeling the musical, and then technique is built based upon that.

Red Lion
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Classical Pianist with 15 years of experience gives lessons online and in studio.

I think music is well appreciated and well learned when it is taught with passion. I believe that a student needs to enjoy what they are learning, if they are to truly excel in that filed. As a result, I always strive to find areas of music that students and passionate about, and then pursue those ideas, rather than following one strict form of pedagogy.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

More than 15 years’ experience in teaching piano to different ages and skill level from beginner to advanced.

Developed and presented stimulating lesson plans that covers a wide range of topics and foster music appreciation. Instructed students in the technical aspects of music; conducted rehearsals; put on shows and play at assemblies. Evaluated students’ progress; offered one-on-one or after-school help to ensure each student is able to understand the materials and develop his/her skills.

Saint Petersburg
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19 years of playing piano, bachelor's degree in Music Education, individualized piano lessons

I myself have had four piano teachers over the course of my life and I have learned various teaching techniques from each of them. Overall, I have taken aspects from all of them to develop my own way of teaching. My teaching method is specialized and differentiated. Every student is different and requires different challenges, focuses, and teaching styles.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Concert pianist with 14 years of teaching experience gives lessons in San Francisco

My teaching method is focused in developing at the same time technical skills, sights reading, playing chamber music and doing theory exercises. I like to have a different teaching plan for each of my students. Usually after few lessons I can assess what my student needs and how to practice with them to make them a great musician.

Morris Plains
1st lesson offered free !

Church musician/Music Leader for large church in NYC with 10+ years of experience with playing in a band, singing, playing the piano, synthesizer, and organ

I base my lessons on the students skill level. I am self-taught so I understand the need to take things step-by-step until the student masters the topic at hand. I always understand the student's frustration when they don't get something at first because I was that student. However I believe anybody can become a proficient piano player as long as they put in the hard work.

1st lesson offered free !

Lehigh Valleys more versatile pianist and musician teaches piano and music theory.

Musicianship requires patients in order for proper development. No matter where you stand as a musician my pedagogue guarantees evolution. I not concerned with the musician you are today, but the musician you will become tomorrow.

1st lesson offered free !

Award winning pianist with 8 years experience teaching group and private lessons, broadway experience

I teach music theory, ear training, reading, and techniques. We start by learning scales, intervals, triads, 7th chords, and extensions. We also learn how to read music notation and sight singing. I always begin with the basics in order to build a strong technical foundation to build on.

1st lesson offered free !

Contemporary and classical musician offering piano lessons and music theory tutoring in Warrenton

I believe music should first be relevant and enjoyable. Music is a form of self expression, and although it teaches invaluable skills such as creativity and diligence, it should be first and foremost a form of art. I have taught beginners, advanced students, and many in between, and I love working with all ages.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly-motivated teacher with 13+years'experience gives synthesizer,vocal lessons at home in Sacramento to all ages.

My method is based on gaining a strong base of music theory. In the future, I pass on the initiative to my student. This also applies to the choice of repertoire and joint creative work. This approach gives good results.

1st lesson offered free !

Quickly Learn To Play Popular Songs You Love on the Piano !

I teach beginning and intermediate piano lessons enabling students to quickly play songs that they love - on the piano or keyboard synthesizer. Lessons given at my Hudson, New Hampshire Studio. One hour lessons covering theory, chording, rhythm, music reading and singing while playing.

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