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Learn to play table tennis like a pro. I have been playing tennis and table tennis my entire life and play almost every day. I love the game and love teach people the art of this fast paced game that

I will teach you the fundamentals of the game including the correct foot work and body positioning. The correct form for a forehand and backhand including forehand loop, backhand loop, forehand block, backhand block. How to serve and the different types of serves. How to return different spins when they are hit to you and how to read them.

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Bio-mechanically sound, quick eye and explosive speed tennis in east nottingham pa

i love tennis and have over 25 years of experience in teaching, coaching, playing and learning the nuances of this sport. From nutrition to physical fitness to competition on the court, and including community tournaments, club instruction and college coaching i feel that tennis is still the sport of lifetime for children to adults.

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Table Tennis Womens Division Champion who can train future players in LA

I make sure to provide them lectures and information about the subject. Showing demonstration and giving instructions will also help them to learn complete movement. Letting them practice will help them improve their skills. Most importantly, help them understand the importance of sports.

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Play sports, soccer, basket ball, table tennis, Children games, teach computer technology

I am an MBA graduate. I have CA. teaching credentials to teach computer technology, business management and office occupation at community colleges in San Diego, CA. I have over ten years of one-on-one and classroom teaching career. I play and teach sports - Soccer, Basket ball, Table tennis and other children games. I am a season technology instructor and sport instructor.

San Leandro
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I'm a USPTA- certified professional tennis coach and a 5.5-6.0+ player : learn everything about tennis and fitness

I put so much emphasis on the technique in order to have a strong foundation needed to develop tennis skills and become an advanced player.

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Coaching for life aids children to be the best they can b

I am John Williams a life long resident of Florence, Al. I have 28 years of experience working with children and. teens in the field of prevention services. I was the Director of the Carver Homes Boys and Girls club/ teen center. I was site director at the YMCA of the shoals E.S.

San Diego
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Table Tennis player, teacher and coach with more than 10 years of experience

I can adapt my teaching method on your level and define together objectives. I never forgot the basics to make you improve. And at a certain level, I have always in mind that you have to improve technical, physical and psychological skills in order to win.

Huntington Beach
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Vietnamese sports coach in kid-activity, soccer, badminton, table-tennis and self-defense.

I am able to coach kid-activity, soccer, badminton, table-tennis and self-defense. In the past, I was a field commissioner for the Vietnamese Boyscouts. I also occasionally participated in these sports but not recently due to my working and going to school. I have no teaching certificate nor paid experience.

San Jose
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Professional back in Taiwan, 9 years of experience and won a lots of tournaments.

Base on different level of my student, I usually will warm up forehand and back hand, then I strengthen the mindset of my student, to let them know that in table tennis, you don't have to play extremely tried to win, you just have to play smart.

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Do you want to get to the next level? If so, I can help!

I am a college student attending Hofstra University. I put up listings for sports because I gained much experience in high school and can help anyone that is trying to get better. Also I graduated in the top 10% of my class and would be happy to help anyone with academics as well. The lessons are really up to you guys, tell me what you need and I will help you with it.

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Tennis player offering tennis lessons in Long Island with 5 years of experience

I give lessons to the kids all levels and all ages as well as adults. Lesson structure depends on the length of lesson.

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Table tennis course at home. Teaching adapted to all levels of play.

Ranked ranked tennis player. Teaching the game technique, the rules for all levels and all ages. I am listening to requests from my students and their goals to reach. My classes are adapted to the person and progress is quickly made.

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Do you want improve your Table Tennis? Professional spanish coach and player in London

Hello, my name is Alberto Garrido , and I am 22 years old. I am a proactive, friendly , and patient coach that understand the different stages and processes that allow my clients to completely fulfill their objectives. Besides, I am extremely passionate about what I am doing.

Paris 1er
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Player on the competition team at the Sorbonne gives table tennis courses for beginners

All sports classes start with a warm-up session. Then we start at the table with regular exercises. Then comes the work of the service and the game patterns. I pay particular attention to the search for the spin, a characteristic and fundamental aspect of table tennis.

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National award winning table tennis coach working with many top clubs, university, schools and private clients.

I will be helping you to build your fundamental skills to become a good table tennis player. No matter what level you play, I am confident to take your playing skills to the next level. I am a very creative and adaptive table tennis coach. I will select the best coaching method according to your individual needs. TRUST ME YOU WILL ENJOY EVERY SESSION & IMPROVE YOUR TT SKILLS LEVEL.

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Nutritionist and Personal Trainer provides help to achieve sporting and health dreams in and around Hamburg

To achieve workout goals I teach theoretical knowledge in ​​strength training, sports nutrition and bodybuilding. In addition, I offer individual training on the basis of the latest scientific state - even in YOUR gym. I am happy to also offer online coaching via webcam. As a former Bundesliga player I also offer training in table tennis to the league level.

Mira Bhayandar
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Table Tennis Coaching for various level. Physical fitness and Yoga training for various level.

75% emphasis on practical training and 25% on theoretical training. Fitness and Yoga training. Analysis of various Table Tennis tournament played at national and international level.

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A beautifully designed Table Tennis Coaching Session, (by former England Coach), tailor-made just for You at your convenience

A former Professional player and now a coach of 20 years, looking to share and give my knowledge and expertise. Table tennis is my passion and I love coaching players from beginner to international level. I was the head coach at Barnet Table Tennis Centre for 5 years. Then I was England youth coach for 2 years and that was followed up with a head coaching role at Harefield Academy.

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FP of Medium Degree of Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment

I always try to form a group from the beginning and that we get a good tune from the beginning. In sports is very important all these points, so that the activity is more dynamic and fun in all senses.

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Patient and experienced competitive University Table Tennis player giving lessons in Perth

I understand the difficulties and obstacles faced in picking up table tennis and eventually playing it, so I will be patient and do my best to spot errors and room for improvement.

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Student in engineering can teach table tennis to anyone like students, kids, etc. In pune

My teaching methods are very simple and easy to understand to anybody.

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Student of Engineering and national level table tennis player from Rajasthan,and state level badminton player

I get the students warmed up, the get them practice all the skills one by one and at the end finish the training with a match

Quynh anh
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Long-standing club and competition player with experience in the teaching of technique and tactics

As a spin-oriented offensive player I've mastered all stroke techniques. My focus is on serving and opening with topspins. But just as I can also convey aspects of allround and defensive styles of play. Another focus for me is on the mental aspects of table tennis. These are at least as important for success as athletic ones.

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Looking for students who really wants to learn and achieve in table tennis

I try to teach from basic and standard way of playing , standard way playing is time taking process to learn but it will be life long

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First year student of engineering gives tuition to everyone interested blah blah

I start with the basic methods then it depends on the student that how they give their performance in return

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Table tennis class from karimnagar daily perfect class from me thank you

My teaching meathode by talking and by making video of table tennis game i am sure i can teach you well

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Do you want improve your Table Tennis? Professional coach in London, offering the best table tennis lesson

Hello, my name is Saravanan(called as Sarav). I am a passionate, friendly and patient coach that understand the different stages and processes that allow my clients to completely fulfill their objectives. Whether you are looking to impress your friends by showing some skills after a long day in the office or play at a professional level, I am the right coach for you to hire.

New Delhi
(5 reviews)
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A former state level Table Tennis player now giving it back to the game. Coaching kids & adults from beginners to advanced, everyone can learn this beautiful game.

My modern style of coaching is ideal for beginners across all ages. My Dad is also a former state level coach having coached many national TT players.

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