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Graduate in Business Management Entrepreneur and Marketing, I am a tutor of the Tagalog language here in America.

Tagalog is my native tongue so I can teach all from toddlers to adults in this language. I learned Mandarin on my own so I am going to pass on my style, with study guide and put into practice what you learn. I am a very flexible teacher, I motivate my students that nothing is hard to learn if a person is determined.

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Tagalog/English teacher online Give me a try! I promise you will learn fast and have a blast! Thank you!

I try to know first the level of understanding of the student and i do my best to make the lesson very interesting so that student won't get bored and enjoy the class. I always see to it that I'm very approachable and build a good relationship with the student so they won't feel shy to ask any questions regarding about the lesson if they don't understand it or if the lesson is going to fast.

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A Filipino fluently speaking and writing on both Tagalog and English.

My teaching method is kinesthetic and I use songs as well as adjectives to fully inculcate and share information.

Palm Springs
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A born and raised native Filipina from the Philippines, but currently living in California.

I always start from the simplest way and the most basic words that I can teach to my students. I usually share my knowledge to other races who wanted to learn Tagalog and as well as to younger generations with a Filipino blood but born and raised here in the United States and are also willing to learn their native language. In this way, they can easily communicate to their Filipino peers.

Las Vegas
Ma. christina jane
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Hi, I am a Tagalog language Tutor. I am a Law student and used to live before in Las Vegas Nevada, now studying here in the Philippines :)

My teaching method is Communicative Teaching Method. I also use PPT's and materials to make the tutorial session more comprehensive and fun. I am a graduate of B.S Psychology and now taking the Juris Doctor studies to become a lawyer in the future. I enjoy teaching and it would be lovely to talk to you guys.

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Fun language tutor with experience since 1998 teaching at University of Arizona.

I teach class with the student in mind even though there's a syllabus or curriculum to follow. I make my classes fun to keep the students interested throughout the session.

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Retired highly qualified teacher with 25 years of teaching experience in elementary education.

My language goals for teaching Tagalog include listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills based on the student proficiency level. For listening, the student listens to pronunciation of some words and then repeat the words. For speaking, the student will practice answering the wh (who, what, where, why, when) questions. I will give prompts to help the student understand the questions.

Maria fenela
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Friendly Tutor who loves to teach Tagalog to people who want learn!

My teaching method is asking my fellow student the specific subject he or she has a difficulty with. I will look back at their notes and see where they had their difficulty understanding their subject then I will make similar questions that I will give to them to answer.

Regina anne
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Mabuhay! Native Tagalog speaker gives Tagalog lessons purely online for all ages (CURRENTLY FULLY BOOKED)

I have friends all over the world, and I already taught them how to speak my native language, now it is time for me to teach you! Learn how to converse easily like a true native! Use words you'll never seem to find in textbooks! Let's do it the Pinoy way! They will never know that you just learned them from me.

Fort Stewart
Leoniza jean
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Maria lureylou
1st lesson offered free !

Tagalog is easy to learn as long as your willing to learn

I’ll make learning more fun, interesting and as much as possible will make it easy for them to understand faster.

New York
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An tagalog teacher wants nd love to teach....i was do this work last 2yrs.

I teach to the kids with patients and be humble in all ways.i will prepare my visual aids.

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Learn Filipino Language-Tagalog—tutor has BA in Psychology, fluent in Tagalog and proficient in Japanese.

I am adaptable. We can focus on grammar, reading and writing. Or if you prefer, we can stress conversational Tagalog.

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Fluent in both English and Tagalog, willing to share knowledge to everyone who wants to learn.

Hello, I am Leonaniel but call me Nanz for your convenience as my name isn't that easy to pronounce. Lol. Anyways, I am fluent in both English and Tagalog and I could assure you that I can fulfill your expectations. I was an online English teacher for Chinese students and that could simply tell that I am passionate and very patient. I also make sure that you'll have a fun time while learning.

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Bilingual College Student Trying to Embrace the World of Language and Art

Certified Nursing Assistant, Undergraduate Student with 40+ credits at the moment; Traveler, Adventure enthusiast and language lover. I enjoy talking and meeting new people, conversations could last hours and stories shared are the best.

Wheat Ridge
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I have been in the academe for 6 years as a Hospitality Management Instructor, I believe teaching has always been my calling.

My teaching method is after the lecture is the application, student engagement is also important. Simplicity and easy to understand is key.

Collingwood Park
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Filipino nursing student in USQ Ipswich. Tell me the subject, tell me the lesson, let's learn and study together.

My teaching method for 1 on 1 are lectures and discussions with a twist of excitement and fun. I always ensure that my tutee understands everything that I teach and will be comfortable enough to ask me questions. For group discussions, I like my tutees brainstorming and participating during discussions.

Summer Hill
1st lesson offered free !

Filipino nurse teaches Tagalog in Sydney, NSW, Australia (based in Summer Hill)

I adopt a flexible, personalized teaching approach when I teach students. I ensure that sessions are engaging and interactive. I encourage my students to explore and figure out what makes them focused on learning. I nudge my students outside of their comfort zones and get them to push their boundaries.

Lorraine rae lyne
1st lesson offered free !

Education student gives Filipino/Tagalog classes for any age students in Calgary and surrounding places

Filipino/Tagalog is my native language. I can teach how the language is used academically and in everyday conversations. I take one student at a time. The classes I offer are meant for any ages wanting to learn how to read, speak and understand Tagalog.

1st lesson offered free !

Native speaker of Tagalog in Canberra can give lessons in Tagalog/Filipino online via Skype

I use both a structured and conversational approach in teaching. I believe that learning should be customised and tailor-fitted both to the competency of individual students and to their purpose of learning the language. I believe that learning should be approached as a two-way process as well, with teachers helping to bring out the student's utmost capability and potential.

1st lesson offered free !

I would be delighted if I can teach Tagalog language online to those who have the desire to learn the language.

My teaching style are all based on practical. I always implement the four skills whenever I teach ( speaking, reading, writing and listening). Any level of student is not a problem with me. I have the ability to handle any student.

1st lesson offered free !

Kamusta? ( how are you? ) Mum of three looking forward to teaching Tagalog to all of you beautiful people out there

My method of teaching was conversational. My students selected what topic they would like to talk about or discuss. These topics range from simple conversation starters to more in depth discussions of politics or social issues.

1st lesson offered free !

Filipino man doing Tagalog lessons in Darlington , United Kingdom , Email me If you want to learn Tagalog and Filipino culture. It's more fun in The Philippines afterall !

My teaching method deoends on my student or I will start off with basics on move on to the intermediate level after my student pass the Basic Tagalog Exam.

Mount Waddington B
Agnes jill
1st lesson offered free !

Want to visit Philippines and learn Tagalog language and kinaray.a dialect?What are you waiting for..count me in!!Im here to help you!!!

My teaching methods are more on lecture and discussion. The lecture consists more on communication and writing or composition of the language that will be taught.

1st lesson offered free !

A student who is going to fill your brain with information and happiness

My teachings is based on basic communication between people and ask them what they want to know and that’s how I teach

Vyvyan kaye
1st lesson offered free !

Biotechnology professional from London who’s expert in Tagalog, English language and Sciences

I approach teaching in a lecture type of a manner and being conversational for languages to help students remember it.

1st lesson offered free !

Lovely tagalog teaching for better knowledge and understanding of our country and culture

My teaching methods are making the students understand more about the words and knowing the subject by heart not by just memorizing itself

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Tagalog Native Speaker offering Tagalog Language Lesson for all ages . If you want to learn Tagalog ,please contact me.

Tagalog lesson for all ages A1-C2, Advanced Business Tagalog. This is online lesson. This lesson will guide you to reach your learning target. Please contact me if you want to learn Taglog online with me. I give a free trial lesson.

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Are you taking a vacation in the Philippines? So, learn Tagalog with me!

Mabuhay! (Hello!) * Tagalog and / or Bisaya personalized courses.

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Perfect! The first introduction was great, I immediately knew Ermalyn's teaching style would be most suitable for my learning. I am excited to begin lessons!

Patricia, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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