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Freelance Dance Instructor Offering Privates in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Technique Advancement.

My teaching method incorporates a wide range of methods. In Jazz, I'm a bit of a purist and love to incorporate the stylings of Fosse and other greats into my own personal style. In Tap, I was raised on classical in that genre as well but as an adult have found so much appreciation and adoration for Rhythmic as well.

Lone Tree
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Dancer with 12 years of pre-professional experience beginner classes in both tap and ballet- Denver, CO

I have found that call and response, repetition, and constructive criticism are the main components used for learning in the world of dance. However, there is a point where repetition causes more harm than good. Most exercises work with multiple songs, which can help keep students from feeling "bored" and there are also multiple exercises to practice every step.

Lago Vista
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Dancer with over two decades of experience more than half a decade of instruction.

I teach ballet according to the Vaganova style; I instruct modern dance based off of Martha Graham’s beloved technique with some inclusion of the Beijing Modern Dance Academy’s style. My methodology is to teach dancers of all ages in an encouraging way while also being honest when providing constructive criticism.

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Trained dancer with 20 yrs experience gives lessons in LA and the Inland Empire

My teaching method is very hands on and visual. It's important for students to be physically corrected to improve their technique. It's also important for students to visually see the correct and wrong way of moving through the body. Lastly it's important for students to learn the correct vocabulary so that they can have an understanding that they can apply anywhere they decide to take class.

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Dancer/choreographer with 19 years of experience offering lessons (web/in person) in Michigan

My teaching method is fun but hardworking. Dance can have a bad reputation of the lowering self-esteem of students.

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Thirteen Years of Experience Performing in tap, ballet, and contemporary dance (two years teaching)

My teachings are based on your skill and ability. If I feel like you are holding yourself back I will push you to think better of your ability. Also if you are a beginner in dancing I will go at your pace. I am very patient and kind.

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Ballet, tap, jazz, choreography - All levels, Masters degree and Professional experience.

My name is Gil McNaughton, and I offer classes in tap, jazz, and ballet, as well as Dance History to students of all ages and levels. Teaching styles include: Ballet - classical, Jazz - modern/Broadway, Tap - classical tap from the 1930s -'70s (emphasizing the use of arms).

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Dance major from the UofA with 17 years of teaching experience gives dance lessons in Choreography, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, and Broadway.

I am a wife and mother of two teenagers who has had a passion for dance since the age of 3. I have a BA of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Arizona. I taught high school dance for 15 years and now teach adult dance classes as well as Cardio Barre. As a teacher, I am very patient, easy-going and motivating. I love sharing my passion with others and seeing their growth.

Plant City
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Dance teacher. Ballet, tap and jazz. From plant city Florida. Why not learn to dance? Music is everywhere. Have fun and learn to dance

RAD and ISTD ballet trained to advanced 1 ISTD advanced 1 in tap and modern. I Graduated from Preston dance college I also Graduated from London Theatre School. With a diploma in commercial dance. Trained in Aerial arts in Toronto, Kansas City and Tampa.

Paris 11e
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Birthday animation at the student's home, all styles, in Ile de France

You want an animation that makes your guests dance or your child's guests at a discounted price? I propose a flexibility throughout the Ile de France for a rate of 100 euros for less than 30 people and 150 euros for more than 30 people.

Paris 13e
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Dancer/Teacher 12 Years of Experience gives Jazz Roots, Charleston and Tap Dance private classes

Do you want to try to dance? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a group choreography (weddings, birthday parties, flashmobs, ...)? My teaching method is very simple. The class starts with a warm up of all parts of the body, then I show the student the basic steps while remaining connected with the music.

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Current industry professional offering private Tap dance lessons for beginner/ intermediate standard.

I base each class on the standard that my students are currently working at, even if they are completely new to Tap. I will push them to be the best they can be, but they will never feel out of their depths. Most importantly...

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Dance lessons from student with 14 years experience, in your home or over video chat

I am a 17 nearly 18 year old student who's been dancing since the age of 3, I am now applying to vocational training to further my experience. I have been trained in ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics and am now looking to train other people and would like to share my experiences and talents with other people.

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Dance Research Master offering creative and mindful dance classes across the South

As a Dance Teacher I create a mindful, engaging a creative learning environment. I am competent in my ability to devise and provide a range of classes appropriate for the particular class and level. Whether working with students long-term or providing a one-off workshop I am able to make them feel comfortable and build a good rapport.

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Professional dancer in Barcelona that teaches different styles and levels of dance

My teaching methodology is based on having a clear communication with my students; I always try to make classes with a "horizontal" relationship. They tend to be structured with a fairly rigid warm-up and stretch to put the person in shape and begin to condition the apprentice; taking into account your level and always adjusted to your needs.

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Teacher and professional dancer of Tapdance in Barcelona, ​​extensive experience with official degrees in dance and psychology, extensive experience in group and individual lessons to children a

Since the first class began to dance, from a heating basic steps to reach a choreography where we apply what they have learned in class. In a first class / test I ask no tap shoes. Teacher and professional dancer, courses and regular classes in tap dancing and timely specialized schools for children and adults of all levels workshops. With training and academic qualifications.

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Madhavi dasari
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We teach Bharatanatyam in Tanjavur Bani ( Tanjore Quatret), begins with Warm up & physical fitness activities, Continues with stretches & Bending. These will give more flexibility in dance which improves the beauty of Dance & dancer as well! Our Methodology is to aim our students physically fit & Feel mentally relaxed.

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Professional graduated degree student with plenty of pazzzaz!!! Come join me for plenty of fun.

I will encourage you throughout the workshop and use the teaching method of guided practice and positive feedback to ensure you shine like a star!

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Variety of genres of Dance based in Liverpool with at least 17 years experience with current degree in BA Hons Dance.

I start off with a warm up and then look at the skills already there and then move onto either improving the skills or introducing new ones each week. I am always bubbly and chatty, always willing to go over the steps/routine provided and make sure all is at the level that is appropriate.

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Biology student WITH ISTD DANCE TEACHING QUALIFICATION offering lessons in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, contemporary, commercial, lyrical, musical theatre, improvisation and choreography in Norwich

From my experience children learn best when lessons are fun and engaging. When teaching material I find using imagery helps children retain information by giving them something to relate to. I believe going through material in detail at child's own individual pace is especially important for children to achieve maximum learning.

Altona Meadows
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Certified, Multi-talented Dance and Acrobatics Teacher for all ages all over Melbourne!!

My teaching method is based around safety and strengthening as I get my students ready for performing and competing. My students are respectful and encouraging towards each other, I look forward to what my students bring to my classes every week.

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During Latin dances, batchata, merengue, kudoro, salsa and preparation of choreographies for events (

I propose courses of individual and group dances at home. I accompany you on Latin rhythms batchata, salsa, merengue and kudoro.Prèparation various choreographies for events. After a muscle toning session, work on the steps to control the chosen dance. the course ended relaxation.

Lloret de Mar
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.your .expresalo Rhythm tap dance .compártelo. .improvisaciones.te basis will create pure joy

Mp Karine took classes with Rafael Mendez. Luis Mendez. Tony looks. Mireia font.cursillo in London pineaplee scholl. Margaret Curset Morrinson (Escolá timbal) bcn.10 years dancing claque. Rhythms and steps bases. Improvisation. Choreography. A good basis for developing creativity. Search interno.vibrar.transmitir pace. Listen .memorizar .comprender.compartir.

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Leila Costa, Brasília DF.Profissional gypsy and oriental dance. He studied full degree in dance from the Federal University of Para. I teach belly dance, gypsy, african, modern ballet, Bollywood

Traditional Egyptian methodology also uses the techniques of Graham and Horton. In addition to the Vaganova and Soteropolitano. The classes are theoretical and practical, providing certificate, both for those who wish to professionalize, as for leisure. The classes are very educational and fun, always with attention and patience.

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Musical Theatre and Dance Graduate offering beginner or intermediate dance classes in Belfast

I base my classes off of what people want to learn and also level of dance of the people participating. If I were to teach a routine, I would break down the dance into sections and start building on from there.

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Dance GCSE student offering help and tuition on both choreography and theory of dance at a GCSE level

my teaching method is to be interactive with students and like to engage the students as i know most people have a short attention span. i know it is hard to memories key information and is hart to revise in general but i have created many techies that can help you retain information.

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Tutoring for tap dance: 20 years experience in a range of dance disciplines in Lanarkshire

With a warm up to get the muses moving to prevent strain and damage. If learned a dance I shall observe and correct any issues and give ideas to make the dance flow better. Or if learning a new dance, I shall listen to what ideas you have a base a dance in relation with your ideas. I will assess your level and also base your dance on this.

Upper Coomera
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Experienced Children/Adult Dance Teacher Gives Affordable Private Lessons at Your Own Home

The reason I love teaching is that I get to pass on not only my extensive knowledge but my passion for expression, creativity and fitness through movement. My classes build a strong technical foundation in order for you to excel in any genre, but in a way that doesn't take away from the joy and fun that dance should bring to your life.

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Tap dance is an dancing art form that has been around for over 100 years. It is truly unique from other kinds of dance as it is able to create music and rhythm without any other sort of music being played with it. For those who are interested in learning tap dance and how to maintain that rhythm, they are going to need the help of experienced tap dancing teachers. These tap dance teachers provide specific tap dance lessons for each student. As students do learn at different paces, there is not just a set lessons all students are going to learn from. Aside from tap dance lessons provided by a dance teacher, there are other exercise, sport and activity lessons available for interested students as well. These classes include volleyball lessons and lessons in self defense from martial arts teachers. Even Zumba instructors can help students learn better ways to stay in shape and to improve upon the way their body looks, all at their own pace.