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Phi Theta Kappa College student with 3.9 GPA offering tutorials for students in tax preparation classes! History with H&R Block!

My teaching methods include lecturing, using examples to help the students understand, approaching problems through various methods, etc. I also prefer to use various activities to get students involved in the learning, such as games, especially Kahoot, asking the student to solve a different version of a problem, etc.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Corporate lawyer with 9 years of experience and tutoring college and school students for the past four years

My teaching method comprises the principles and methods used to enhance student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner. My teaching method is more interactive and related to real world experiences.

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CPA/Attorney tax specialist, for 20 years, teaches taxes in Florida to accountants

I utilize lectures, sample problems with a critique of student solutions, assigned tax research projects, review of research results and tax plans generated by trainees. I teach techniques that have proven successful in my practice. My experience has taught me the areas that students need to learn.

Bel Air
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Licensed practicing attorney educating those who want to learn the law

Licensed MD attorney willing to teach law students or anyone about the law. I have done trial concerning civil, family law and criminal. Experienced attorney willing to share knowledge.

Overland Park
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Experienced lawyer with a very successful law school career and an LSAT in the 99%.

I was an adult learner when I studied for and aced the LSAT; I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship which covered my entire law school education because of my steady work to do well on the LSAT. Likewise, I studied about the Socratic method in order to do well in law school, and I developed my own method to do well on the bar since I could in no way afford courses like BarBri.

Paris 5e
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Student jurist (Master 2 Tax Law Paris V) offers tutoring right or letters, bachelor or master

Hi, I graduated with a master 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University and a master 2 at the University Paris Descartes, specializing in tax law, I offer tutoring in all legal matters, the bachelor or master . I can also give courses in philosophy, French or in a foreign language (English, Spanish).

New Delhi
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Teaching with industrial exposure enhance the student memory to learn the concept clearly.

I give the basic idea and background of the topic first,explain the whole chapter with book and more focus on maximum revison of the same topic.

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Preparation for Tax Agent / BAS Agent Exams conducted by the Tax Institute

I am flexible with my teaching methodology. Face to Face or via internet or just providing step by step solutions via email are some of the ways I connect with students. I tailor my coaching specific to the individual so I dont provide any pre-set notes or instructions for any exams or course.

Paris 4e
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Student Lawyer / Lecturer - gives law class (all levels: High School / License / Master / Pre-CAPA)

First of all, it's a question of allowing the student to find the working methodology that corresponds to her/him. Based on this observation, it's a question of giving the great mechanisms of reflection in the legal sciences. Finally, it is a question of explaining, deepening and applying the rules of law which can sometimes seem extremely abstract.

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Students who need tution in accounting and taxation will give at home or online

basically my teaching pattern is i will provide classes for short period . i will provide classes through online and at home. making students perfect in accounting and taxation is my objective by providing classes. it will take only maximum 15 days.

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Former Assistant Professor in Law, Lucknow, B.A. LLB. (Hons) (NLU), LLM(London) and M.Phil (JNU)

As someone who thrives on creation and construction of knowledge, I believe that everyone should have equity in terms of opportunity, access and resources so that they can realise their fullest potential, achieving highest grades. My aim is conceptual clarity and its application in the real life world. For me, education is much more than getting grades.

Autadwadi Handewadi
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I am a CA IPCC student who is doing CA and B.Com side by side.

My way of teaching is simple, conceptual, effective and can apply it in practical life and to be honest I am myself a student who just taught the bunch of friends about tax and I don't have much of experience in it this is my first here and the subject tax and to learn about these provisions and all this is helpful for B.

Mira Bhayandar
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Why spend your time in theory when you can learn from charts..?

For Accounts at IGSC and CA-CPT level, I try to strengthen their basics by making them understand the concept and For Taxations at Degree and CA Inter Level, I try to convert maximum portion of theory into charts for their last day revision.

(4 reviews)
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Do your tax on your tips,just by some simple tips & tricks.

My teacher method is very simple.Every topic is covered thoroughly with each concept clarity. Special emphasis on concept clearing and memorising every concept with daily problem solving & also special sessions for doubt if needed. Dedicated to my profession to the fullest & to my students.

New Delhi
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I am CA Finalist - Any one wants to learn GST and Direct tax law in detail.

Chartwise learning which is very easy to understand and grab. 100 Tax law Notes ( Direct tax and Indirect tax ) in Chart form. Minimum 80 percent marks assurance otherwise fees will be refunded subject to some conditions.

Ca thasleem
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I am a Chartered accountant giving classes for GST indirect taxation in Bangalore

I teach students with practical examples and make them understand the concept at the end of the day my students should be able to solve any problem based on the concept

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Want an deep and practical knowledge about business law, labour law and taxation law? Then join me. Say No to boring classes. Get explained everything like film story

I hate boring explanations. I will teach more in practical way like by giving example stories , real life stories or film stories. Creating interest on subject by showing real side of it. I am a story teller also. So you can expect unlimited stories relating to your subject which gains you knowledge.

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Lawyer specializing in Compliance, Tax Law, Criminal and Criminal Procedure and Criminal Sciences.

I prefer a method based on the dialectic, where the material is taught in a dialogical and reflexive way, so that, in addition to the learning of the discipline, it is possible to seek to observe it critically. For that, I like to advance previous knowledge to reach specific knowledge, understanding the context of the emergence of what is taught and its need / utility.

Ramesh babu
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An expert with 30 years experience on Taxation law gives classes on Indian Tax Laws and Tax Calculations

I can give training on Transfer pricing and international taxation , taxation on salaried class , business taxation, trusts , capital gains, firms, AOPs /BOIs , and other tax laws. The method is through online chatting , emails , sending material and video lessons , and through what' s app video calls.

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Law Masters student offering lessons up to and including undergraduate level (Cumbria)

My teaching method includes using real world examples to give the best understanding to students. I also uses various memory techniques to improve use of case citations in exam scenarios. My belief is that law does not have to be confusing and overwhelming topic it is often seen as.

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Law graduate, currently practicing as a Junior Advocate in the High Court at Calcutta. Can give lessons on Criminal law, Civil law, Torts, and Commercial law.

My teaching method is based on a practical approach, I believe, the easiest way to learn the law is imagining the situation and what the situation and logic demands. Also, I have always admired literature and that played a key role, ensuing me to pursue law, therefore, I believe in providing lucid notes, that helps one understand the subject and generates the interest of students.

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CA Student giving tutions for Taxation Laws and Practices both Direct and Indirect Taxes (GST).

Clearing the Basic Concepts in Taxation providing practical examples. I believe in hardwork plus smartwork I teach in Cumulative manne with Revision and paper solving.

1st lesson offered free !

Master tax n accounts from a chartered accountant herself and gain full marks

I start teaching from the scratch including all basics assuming the student doesn't know anything n go according to the pace and grasping power of each student.

New Delhi
Ca priyanka
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Tax or Audit Classes by a Chartered Accountant in Delhi for CA or B.Com students

My way of teaching is based on my practical experiences along with guiding students about real life practical scenario. I keep focus on conceptual clarity while continuing to be exam oriented. I will also provide summary notes which are need of the hour for students of Chartered Accountancy keeping in view the huge length of syllabus.

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A Chartered Accountant by profession, working in one of the Big 4 consulting firm in Taxation profile,an avid reader,a positive thinker,gives Taxation classes.

I make my class interesting by giving practical aspect of the subjects instead of focusing only on the theory aspects of the subject.I try to help students to develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization.I make my classroom communicative.

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Learn Goods and Services Tax (GST) from the scratch and become an expert in GST advisory and compliances

We would be adopting a Bare Act based approach from where you can learn how to analyse and interpret various legal provisions. We would then also see the latest notification, amendments, case laws and and solve related case studies so that you can get a hands on experience on how GST works. We can also learn how to prepare and file GST returns.

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I teach business law in london and birmingham, i have a diploma in law and currently finshing my BSc

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A Young Chartered Accountant making Income Tax subject Simple, Easy and Interesting.

My teaching style is very reason oriented, i try to connect every concept with the reason or logic of its existence, so that it doesn't become boring or baseless. Practical examples and placing the concepts in mind through story is my USP.

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Law graduate (Hons) from Calcutta University gives tuition to law students in Kolkata.

I give classes specifically on law subjects that are there in the syllabus of law universities (Calcutta University more specifically). I give explanations thoroughly with the help of Bare Acts and related text books,and discuss relevant judgments and the latest changes in laws.

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Law is one of the most challenging study courses. Law is very precise and a student has to know what the different laws stipulate and learn how to interprate and apply different laws as they will do when they start practicing. A student has to understand every aspect of the areas of law like tax, business and civil law to mention just a few. Keeping up with the different subjects can be a challenge and falling back would mean having to take exams and possibly classes again. Private lessons offer an ideal solution. A private tutor will give lessons and pay one-on-one attention in the areas that a student is struggling with. The hurdle might be in locating teachers offering private lessons in various law subjects. SuperPROF comes to the rescue with a listing of 100,000 teachers in every part of the US offering private lessons. You can find tax law teachers, public law teachers and business law tutors. You can also find private tutors offering civil law lessons, tax law lessons and you can find a labor law tutor. Wherever you are in the US, get onto SuperPROF, find a private tutor and get on track to acing your law course.