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Attorney/CPA gives lessons in accounting and law in the Gainesville Florida area.

I started an income tax service while a junior undergraduate. It grew into a CPA firm while i was in Law school. I tutored the Florida Gator football team in accounting, taught accounting at Santa Fe Junior College and Florida International University. Partner in Miami Law firm for 16 years. I am available to tutor and teach any level of students who need my assistance.

Ladera Ranch
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Retired IRS executive with thirty six years experience in management accounting .

B.A. Education Northeastern Illinois M.S.A. Roosevelt University M.S.B. Johns Hopkins University Enrolled Agent (E.A.) Internal Revenue Service Guest speaker at Harvard Law School on Global Finance. I have also written training material in accounting, auditing and finance for various foreign countries.

Hilton Head Island
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Accounting, Finance, and Taxes in Hilton Head Island South Carolina Low Country

I am an CPA and an Adjunct Professor Accounting and Taxes. I like to teach the basics and then build from there to the more difficult concepts. I remind my students that accounting and especially taxation are not necessarily logical, it just is what it is.

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CPA with a Masters Degree in Accounting. Experienced in teaching accounting, taxation, auditing.

My teaching method is to start with a discussion of practical experience, then relate it to the subject I'm teaching. For example, if I'm teaching auditing, I will bring in the Enron fraud, or the World Com audit fraud.

Los Angeles
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Accountant & Tax Consultant with 25+ years experience offering Accounting &Tax tutoring in the Los Angeles, SFV, area.

I use a Hybrid, or blended style. I follow an integrated approach to teaching that blends the my personality and interests with my students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. This enables me to tailor my styles to my students' appropriate subject matter.

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Accounting, tax, and audit tutoring from a CPA w/a Masters in Accounting (MPA) and 3 years experience

I like to ask questions to lead you to the answer, without giving you the answer. I believe you learn best when you solve the problem on your own, given appropriate guidance.

San Diego
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Chartered Accontants, CPAs, MBAs offering Accounting, Financial Management, Audit, Taxation with work experience ranging 3- 15 years

Creating the value in the students and taking them to next level has been passion of the team and they enjoy working with the students and sharing their knowledge. The work experience of professionals are in range of 3-15 years in MNCs. All the professionals have been teaching for last 2-3 years and are expert in their domain.

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Accounting, Tax, Finance, & Economoics tutoring from an individual with BS in Accounting and MS in Taxation from the Unviversity ofTulsa

Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a Finance minor with advance economic courses as electives. and a Master's of Science in Taxation with Finance electives at University of Tulsa. Received full scholarship for my Master's program. Received graduate stipend for tutoring athletes and at risk students.

San Diego
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Bachelor in accounting; held an Acctg and bookkeeping agency for 25 years

My teaching methodology evolved in a research, report, and written dynamics. Therefore, I am able to evaluate the student’s understanding and approach to the subject matter. Students are usually calibrated accordinyto their perception, evaluation and application of all theories within the discipline.

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Business, Accounting, Economics Online: Master's degree in Education with 8 years experience!

I am a licensed teacher in all subjects covered within Business and Information Technology. I have 8 years of real-world experience in accounting, finance, business law, macro- and microeconomics. I hold my Master's degree in Education and Bachelor's in Finance and Economics. I have extensive experience teaching students of all levels and ages.

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28 year college professor with MBA for accounting, finance, math in Atlanta

28 year college professor with MBA and 15 years' of tutoring experience in Atlanta will explain topics in accounting, finance, statistics and math in clear language with examples. College professor at 7 colleges and universities since 1988 will clarify topics and boost your knowledge.

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UConn graduate offering tutoring in math, English, and economics at all levels. I'd love to help you reach your goals!

I graduated from the University of Connecticut-Storrs with a BA in Economics in 2011. I achieved a 3.81 within my major and love helping people enhance their understanding of economic concepts. I also extensively studied math and philosophy in college. I always served as an informal tutor to my friends and classmates to great effect. My approach is individualized.

Helen gigi
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Accounting/Business is easier than you think. Degreed teacher to help you succeed.

As a teacher with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Accounting, I will give lessons to help with the understanding of accounting or business. Patient and kind, I will help make it easier to understand the basic concepts of accounting.

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Seasoned finance/e-learning professional in Ridgefield,CT available to tutor tax prep, accounting, basic bookkeeping concepts

I hold an MBA in Finance/Taxation , manage a Corporate Tax function, operate a small business and teach a variety of Business subjects online. I've also been involved as a Subject Matter Expert in designing courses for online business programs.

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Consultant from Deloitte giving courses in accounting / taxation over Brussels and its surroundings

Hello, My name is Kevin, I'm 26 and I propose to give private lessons in accounting, taxation and also in English. I appeal to all levels from primary school to university. I am a patient and understanding, Morevoer I love to help others understand or improve in an area.

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A Accounting advice and materials from the most basic to the most complex, advice anywhere in the world

I offer my advice to accounting, taxation, in addition to math and everything related to numbers, by giving detailed examples and then apply it to the student. Through texts students can understand more clearly what we want to learn and also what the student wants to improve and classes would nights via skype or at home with an extra fee for the transfer.

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I tutor in mathematics and accounting and I give and domiciled individual courses

I am still a student and I give private lessons to students in high school, college, senior etc. I have the ease of understanding the tricks in the financial well being to explain in detail the incomprehensible exercises. In my experience I am professional and consistent.

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Ex-Kaplan marker tutoring all ICAEW modules (Certificate Level, Professional Stage and Advanced Stage). Particular knowledge of Accounting, FAR and SBM.

The lesson revolves around student needs: • Exam preparation – we focus on understanding the content, then selected seminar topics and finally exam past papers. • Selected topic work – firm focus on one topic includes highlighting the essential workings and the applications of the course. • Project support – often students don’t know where to start.

Doncaster East
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Offering lessons to high-school and university students who have keen interest in Accounting and Finance

From small accounting practice to public listed companies. Although, I have not formally taught in accounting or finance subjects but I have mentored university interns, students, high school students to primary students. My teaching methodology is helping students to understand the concepts. Once understood, I would provide guidance to do assignments and exams.

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Corporate and Trademark Lawyer gives classes on Tax, Finance and Commerce from High School to Graduation.

The teaching method is simple yet practical. I base my teachings more on real life examples and methodology and less on theory. Tax and allied laws are my expertise. My teachings would be for students right from High School to graduation.

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A Chartered Accountant with 7.5 years of experience in a Corp company at Hyderabad, willing to share knowledge and practical exposure

I'm a chartered accountant with an experience of 7.5 years into accounting and finance, would like to teach all the students upto the level of Bachelors. -My class structure would basically involve conceptual learning and practical exposure. -Easy methodology by linking the concepts to the practical situations in a corporate world and our day to day life.

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I am accountant with graduate and MBA in Finance and Controlling. I offer private lessons for higher education in accounting disciplines, adm. financial, controlling, project analysis, financial and e

Classes are developed in a dynamic way in order to identify and resolve the difficulties of the student, always in line with the profile of each in relation to the rhythm of school, amount and form of content display, available for conducting exercises and other characteristics .

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Learn Accounting, Finance and Tax Concepts flexible from Home through online or Face to Face

I am flexible when it comes to teaching and can adopt to the best style preferred by the candidate Face to Face Skype, Hangout, Facetime Support through emails. I can teach for clearing concepts, preparing for an academic or professional exam or preparing for a business interview.

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A Professional working in Finance Area - and a good Teacher and Counsellar !

Methodology is based on the need and psychology of the Students.. focus would more on improving the areas where the student actually lacks. Materials on ppt, docs, would be provided. Further, discussions and teachings through web links, through onenote, web sessions, etc. would be held.

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Accounting & commerce sub.lessons from high school to college in kolkata, dum dum

My approach is based on defining,analyzing, and going in details of the subject mattes.I prefer the logic to take and follow the weekly test basing on the topics covered in a week. Apart from text the students should concentrate also to some other reference books and problems collected from different problem books.

New Delhi
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I am CA Finalist, i have Realistic and Practical knowledge of Account, Accounting Software, Income Tax Treatment, GST Treatment, Audit of organisations.

My teaching method is totally practical and realistic, My teaching method is based on simple method. Theory can be explained in simple way as you doesn't want to by heart the whole concept instead I'll make to understand the concept in the most simplest way.Problems will be taken by me with good practise. As you do more problems you will be more confident in doing problems.

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Certified Accountant and Consultant in a Big Four gives accounting, taxation / DCG - DSCG / DEC

Senior Consultant in a Big Four, I offer courses of accounting and taxation addressed to students (from the first to DSCG / CCA / business schools) as well as active adults. I also give courses to business creators in the fields of accounting, tax, administrative and management.

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Rufus - Maidenhead - Accounting AAT level 2, 3, 4 online / face-face specialist

Qualified teacher in England and currently teaching AAT in AAT accredited colleges. Offers private teaching in spare time. Experienced in teaching AQ2013 and AQ2016.

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Chartered accountant conducting online accounting classes in vadodara. if needed can also be reached out personally


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Home / Group students - tution for CA / CWA Students - Nellore - Experienced in subjects with good academic skills

Will explain students with theoretical and practical approach and with good academic skills and work experience.

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We all have to pay tax at some point in our lives. Even so, it is a topic that is not understood by many due to its complexity. Moreover, each country has its own tax system, and this can also add to this confusion. Nonetheless, you do not have to be confused; at SuperPROF you can learn tax system. Professional tax system teachers teach our tax system lessons. The teachers can tutor anyone who is keen on learning the tax system of their country, tax return preparation, and history of taxation as well as the economics of taxes. Even so, people who want to get jobs relating to tax systems can also benefit from these lessons.There are different topics that are related to the tax system and tax system experiences. They include admission test prep for business school lessons and economics. Moreover, you can find management teachers or a finance tutor on our website, SuperPROF.