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St. George
1st lesson offered free !

IT Professional wanting to share my skills and knowledge 15 yrs experience

Teaching method is simple. See it, hear it, do it. I believe that if you want to truly learn something you need to first be introduced to it. second hear (learn about it) and then practice it. For example: cat5e patch cable, ever wanted to make one? They are super simple with the right tools and someone showing you have to make it.

1st lesson offered free !

Network Engineer with 33 years of experience with 10 years of teaching experience in the classroom. Will teach on-site or online.

I base my classes on my personal experiences in the engineering industry. I bring the real world the the classroom. I like to believe that "Success is a Journey, not a Destination". I myself have been on a journey over the past 33 plus years. I like to consider myself as paying it forward to assist others in accomplishing their dreams.

1st lesson offered free !

Instructional Designer with over 20 years working with computers and students.

I like to teach out of the box so that students can see it from another point. I am very easy to get along with and try to have a understanding of your needs. Can teach at all levels if needed.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Geek willing to train others computer knowledge so world can have more computer geeks!

My teach method is simple (to me!) I will first assess what you know (or think you know) and then we will move forward from there. Now be prepared to go to library to get recommended book and read recommended chapters to do test. No worries test is not a bad word, its just a way for me to make sure you have a complete understand of materials covered.

Daytona Beach
1st lesson offered free !

I believe I would be a great candidate for the position. I have not only the technical experience to conduct hardware and software repairs, as well as both device and business support, but I put great

I am coming from managerial and senior technician positions in computer repair shops. I have been in the industry - consistently since 1993. I believe I would be a great candidate for the position. I have not only the technical experience to conduct hardware and software repairs, as well as both device and business support, but I put great emphasis on customer service.

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1st lesson offered free !

Business, management, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, leadership, production, technology, Information, Systems,

I have a doctorate in finance and a doctorate in information systems. A masters in Management Information Systems. 2005 Nova Southeastern University Davie, Florida Doctor of Business Administration - Finance 2000 Florida Institute of Technology Professional Master of Business Administration - Management Information Systems.

El Centro
1st lesson offered free !

Basics and Intermmediate level of Computer Science in El Centro to all ages

For first level: I teach basics, how to use a computer, understanding the computer hardware & software, how to use microsoft office suite (word, excel, powerpoint, publisher, etc), and other more. By the end of this level you will start to use your computer faster than before.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Education Director offering 20+ years of experience and knowledge for your needs.

I look to establish solid communication with each student first so that I can maximize their time and ability to grasp whatever concept I am teaching. I look to ensure understanding before ever moving forward so no one is left behind.

South Bend
1st lesson offered free !

Network Engineer with extensive experience in Enterprise, Cloud, and Data center networks

I allow those that I mentor to drive the conversation. The importance of this is that it allows me to understand their thought process around a particular topic and to address areas that may not be accurate or flawed. I bring in practical experiences and situations I have been in to reinforce the lessons.

Fort Meade
1st lesson offered free !

Seasoned Professor with over 30 years of education and experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Ph.D., MA, MS, MBA and Bachelor of Science Degree. Petroleum Internship with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and graduate of three Command and Staff Colleges. Lesson structure are collaborative and mentor you in the subjects. My characteristics as an instructor are highly responsive and effectively communicate with all stuents.

1st lesson offered free !

I have over 13 years of hands on experience in the computer networking field along with over 8 years experience in providing instruction in computer networking. From Cisco to Linux to Microsoft to Com

I teach from a coaching standpoint I will tutor you on passing the latest IT certification exams I have taken and passed all of the exams I am willing to tutor to including the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. I can tutor in person as well as remotely and give you all the necessary tools needed to pass the exam.

El Dorado Hills
1st lesson offered free !

Senior IT Engineer for Fortune 100 Company with 17 years teaching IT Courses. All ages are welcome

MBA/Tech Mngt--20 years as an IT professional for several Fortune 100 companies with experience in routers, switches, VoIP, wireless, forensics, firewalls, security. 17 years teaching IT courses part-time. I keep it simple, but very effective for learning. I like showing you exactly how to set things up and then have you do it for yourself.

1st lesson offered free !

Dedicated Computer technology teacher with more than 10 years of experience earned.

My teaching method includes investigative and discovery learning. Where learners are a part of their learning experiences. I believe every individual has different learning needs.

Las Vegas
1st lesson offered free !

Apple Certified Mobile Technician, Microsoft Certified Associate And A Music Veteran !

My Teaching Method Is Facilitator, I Encourage Individual Thought Supported By Research.

Saint Peters
1st lesson offered free !

Online tutor for students and professionals of computer science / engineering

I had done bachelor in computer science. I had done cisco, microsoft and redhat certifications. I had done MCSA Window server 2012, MCSE window server 2012, MCSE Microsoft exchange server 2013, window 7, TMG, MCSE configuring and administering SharePoint 2013, Linux system administration, CCNA routing and switching, CCNP route, CCNP switch certifications.

Camp Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Computer Technician. Can help with hardware, software, network, and peripherals. Just ask.

My approach is to customize the experience to indavidual learning styles. This means I can teach you in the way you learn best.

Broken Arrow
1st lesson offered free !

I own my own business in computer repair,website design, home theater install, and car audio Install. I have at least 12 years experience in all subjects mentioned.

My methods include individual attention, mainly hands on training, and I encourage critical thinking. I always welcome questions and explain very in depth solutions.

1st lesson offered free !

7 years of experience Software test engineer with application support & can teach all subjects in Computer applications

Can give presentation with live examples easy for begineers and experienced people

Daly City
1st lesson offered free !
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1st lesson offered free !

Computer Science doctorate offering communication and networking in Virginia with 8 years Experience

My teaching method is pretty much flexible based on the student's needs and I usually describe my lessons with simple real-time examples. My methodology is to use diagrams and to use fewer words.

1st lesson offered free !

I have master's degree ,like teaching

I have master degree,teach math,computer,Chinese

1st lesson offered free !

IT Professional with 6 years of infrastructure support offering computer help to all ages from Charlotte, NC area.

The world of IT can be very complex and as a teacher I like to remove the complexities to ensure complete absorption of the material. Therefore, I like to thoroughly explain the concepts if IT at a fundamental level, while providing real world examples, to ensure the concepts can be completely understand and seem practical.

1st lesson offered free !

From Argentina. I am Systems Engineer and I have posgraduate title: specialization in Technology Management with 10 years experience.

My teaching métod is base on communication, interact every day with students ir group. Show and learn. Answers questions and provide interesting material.

1st lesson offered free !

Am Masters in Electronics and communication with teaching experience registered for Ph.D

Classroom teaching with innovative teaching methodologies and handled practical lab sessions for engineering students in Bangalore India. Handled private tuitions for mathematics and science for school students. Patient teacher known for efficient delivery of the toughest concepts even.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer science student with 9 years of military contracting experience. I have 4 years of teaching experience to include computers and telecommunication. I want to see those that I teach bring the b

First, I want to know the individual students personality-type and their learning style. This will help me identify how I should teach the student because every student learns differently. For example, a visual-learn will need more hands on experience to retain the information.

Round Rock
1st lesson offered free !

High Tech Expert of 20 years willing to teach classes or individuals about Networks, Security or Computers

'Hands on' teaching with discussions, lecturing, structured curriculum, visual and direct practice. A typical class would incorporate a lecture on a subject with visual references, graphics, and whiteboard work, followed by individual questions and workshop type aids or direct practice, depending on the subject and availability of resources.

West Linn
1st lesson offered free !

Mature Professional with effective communication skills, both written and verbal; proven user of information systems and tools; Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,

My teaching methodology is based on years of classroom and professional hands-on experience. Excellent use of story-boarding and articulating the subject matter is a concise manner, where interactive dialogue is paramount. Completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and partial Masters Degree at MIT during tenure at AT&T Global Services.

1st lesson offered free !

Information Technology Professional, 10 years experience in IT support, system operation an management

My teaching method is based in video, slides and text. I use method based in certification professionals, type Microsoft, Comptia and Linux. Simulators with quiz, questions.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Director with 20 years of experience in Asheville, NC offering tutoring for a variety of subjects.

The IT field is not about memorizing facts and procedures, it is about learning how to problem solve and think on your feet. I focus on problem solving skills that will help in a real word environment. Asking questions is how you learn. I encourage my students to ask as many questions as they want.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Professional with 30 plus years experience will teach you about computers/networking

Been fixing computers for more then 30 years with a knack for troubleshooting. Studied telecommunication, have a MCSE(Microsoft certification) and network + certification. Consider myself a very patient teacher and can teach anyone with or without knowledge of computers.

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For some students, telecommunications is a nightmare industry that keeps them failing their courses while for others it’s just a walk in the park. Majority of the successful people in this industry did not begin as experts and only hard work prevailed their careers. For those who find telecommunications lessons a hard nut to crack, they should consider taking private telecommunication sessions from private telecommunications teachers available at the site. For a full learning experience, a student needs to get not only the technical lessons but other skills such as Spanish, football, sociology and ceramics among others. This enables them to develop all-round skills required in advancing their careers. In addition there is a team of dedicated professionals, amateurs and teachers who ensure students can catch up on their classwork in case of absenteeism which could occur in times of sickness. The school tutors may hasten to complete the syllabus within a specified time hence not fully cover all in web development, office automation and databases lessons. For a thorough understanding a student needs to find office automation tutor, web development teachers and computer-aided music teachers.