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English and History teacher with 10+ years experience in VA here to help!

I have a master's degree in teaching. My lessons have warm-up questions, direct instruction, student practice time, and wrap-up questions. I enjoy working individually with students because it gives me an opportunity to create tailor-made lessons that meet the student's individual learning goals.

(2 reviews)
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College graduate who gives creative writing and speech tutoring to all ages

I base my class on topics. For my speech class each class will be based on a relatable topic such as childhood, or family stories, etc. The class will incorporate creative writing by creating their own short speech (paragraph long) and then sharing that either with me or with the class.

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Experienced English teacher from top high school gives lessons in essay writing

I received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Dallas in 2005. I quickly entered the world of education and became a teacher after completing a teacher certification program in Irving, Texas. While teaching, I received ongoing training in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program.

Buena Park
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Book Writing and Creativity Coach with 6 years of experience providing online writing support.

My teaching method helps writers to focus, create an action plan, and follow through on their plans with grace and ease. My credentials include a Master’s Degree in Teaching & Learning: Special Education, a Graduate Certificate in e-learning Technology and Design: Instructional Design, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Round Rock
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Any type of reading/ELA/AP test prep I can help. Literacy/Lit analysis/ Rhetoric

I have taught every ELA secondary class, from English I to AP Literature. My strengths are literary/rhetorical analysis - close reading. I can help with standardized tests on any level. I can also help with reading/comprehension.

Dr. w.
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Creative/non-fiction and science/patent writer loves to teach English writing in Chicago, IL.

My teaching method is based on encouragement, accuracy, and deadline punctuality. It often helps to return to a difficult subject and repeat exercises in the area of that difficulty. It is important for questions from student(s) to make sure that each assignment begins and continues with clarity.

Castle Rock
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Classics and literature graduate offering reading, writing, and critical thinking skill development

My teaching method is based on the individual's most critical needs. For example, if I recognize that they are struggling with sentence structure I would format our lesson with activities and exercises to address the root of the issue. I believe in a comfortable and equal learning environment facilitated through discussion and practice.

Queens county
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Current university student offering English literature and essay lessons in New York with 3 years of academic tutoring experience.

I am a university student with years of experience as an academic tutor for students from elementary to high school levels. As a tutor who will gladly read over and critique students' essays, my main approach to teaching is using real-world examples that the student can relate to in order to help them better understand important concepts in writing.

Fort Worth
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MBA Student with proofreading and knowledge of APA formatting gives online help

I am an MBA student in Texas. I have a bachelors degree in communication studies from a private university also in Texas. I plan to obtain my Ph.D. and be a professor one day. In helping you with your papers, I plan to show you common mistakes and give you basic proofreading to boost your grade the few points you may be looking for.

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Engineering major who is a well-rounded student and willing to help with anything!

I approach each topic from the beginning and try to my best to explain things in a way that you can understand. I am a sophomore engineering student. I have experienced horrible teachers and awesome teachers. When I teach, I try to craft my teaching so that the student can benefit from what I teach.

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Certified English teacher with a passion for literature and helping people achieve their goals

My teaching method is to meet each student where they are on an individual basis. I like to lead lessons through inquiry-based learning. I encourage my students to think deeply about a subject and translate that into their writing. I can help students learn to read, write, and think more effectively.

Las Vegas
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College-University Creative Writing & English Composition Instructor-Mentor, Author in Las Vegas, NV

My goals and methods promote advanced thinking, and historical perspective on social values, ethics, and cause-and-effect (especially through literature examples) that correlated with current-time life challenges and opportunities.

San Diego
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Published author, experienced editor, ghostwriter, and creative writing "whisperer" lives in San Diego.

I have been a publisher, editor, published author, and classroom instructor. My approach to tutoring/teaching creative writing is: individualized to the needs of the client, their skills level, their goals and objectives, their personalized time constraints, but always flavored with reasonably high, yet nurturing expectations.

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Retired teacher/tutor offering online tutoring to individuals and small groups in Academic English.

I prefer to work with my students very closely using the tools of assessment, commentary, followed by a second assessment. There's no pressure in this. It's just to make sure the students are all on the same page and absorbing the material.

New York
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Award-winning, college-educated creative writer offering private and group writing tutoring in NYC

My approach to teaching writing is 1) making it as collaborative as possible and 2) making it just as exciting. There is no "right" way to write, and I want to empower young writers to explore and strengthen their voices. There is of course structural discipline, especially in academic writing, that I enjoy teaching.

Newport Beach
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Part time English Tutor with an associates and bachelors degree in English

I specialize in English and all the sub categories that follow. (ex: writing, reading and comprehension, vocabulary etc. I am a student myself, so I understand everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. I am dedicated to making sure a student is comfortable and confident in their learning skills.

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Retired Lawyer with 40 years of business experience and academic professorship credentials

My teaching methodology is to be inter-active. I do not lecture, I teach by engaging my students and make them a part of the experience. I keep tutoring personal and flexible. No two students are alike in personality or learning skills. No one style fits all. I teach to the student not have the student, not force the student adapt to my style.

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Academic and English Literature tutor help with Essay organization, paragraphs, Thesis, Grammar

My teaching method is constantly asking students question's so they can exercise their own creativity into their own work. I like to encourage my students to research and contemplate before they start writing, so they can have confidence in their own ideas and writing. And then before we venture into the paragraphs, we start working on the thesis, the main claim or idea of the essay.

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Veteran English teacher with 28 years of experience gives meaningful lessons in all aspects of English.

My philosophy to teaching is, "EVERY student can learn." I read ALL literature and ALL poetry with my students, enabling them to hear and understand the meaning more clearly. I actually sit with my students structuring how to write their essays.

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Poet and history buff with 11 years experience teaching English, Language Arts and Reading.

My teaching methods are based on building relationships with my students and making connections between the real world and subjects taught in school. My lesson structure is simple: thought provoking intro, I demonstrate the skill/concept I want the students to learn and then I will assist them in mastery.

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Help with writing (editing, proofreading, organizing) - Master's degree expert with experience

EDUCATION The University of Sheffield, UK March 2013- May 2017 PhD/MPhil research studies in Hispanic Studies (Latin American Studies) The research degree explored through mainly qualitative research methods the Mexican war on drug trafficking through three case studies of northern Mexican border states: Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Chihuahua.

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English teacher with 15 years of experience provides tutoring for all levels of reading and writing.

My teaching method is to help students read complex material and give them tools for doing so, like focusing on close readings of certain passages. Writing about written material becomes much easier once students have mastered the art of close reading as well as other tools that I provide.

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English Student/Creative Writer in Honolulu with over 2.5 years of tutoring experience in writing.

I strive to help students improve their writing without changing their voice. I help students find which tactics work best for them so they can use them in the future. I often use reader-based feedback, which involves telling the writer what you see, how it affected you, what you wanted more of, what you were confused about, etc.

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Fantastic English Language Arts teacher offering tutoring in literature -experience 22 years

My teaching experience has afforded me the opportunity to teach students who learn in all kinds of ways such classifications are auditory , visual , tactile , and kinesthetic learners.

San Leandro
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Gifted and twice-exceptional teacher of English, Spanish, Philosophy/Theology, Social Studies, Cultural Geography and Humanities

My teaching method is very focused on the student as the individual, with the understanding that the intellect is only one part of a greater whole of human experience and knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

English Friend with 4.0 English GPA (18 credit hrs) and a minor in Classical Lit

I am a rising senior at Mississippi College and I serve most of my classmates as a tutor. My techniques are mostly based on helping students understand the material so they can employ the techniques at a later date. I also usually employ a tiered payment schedule that does not break the bank in the first few appointments.

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Experienced English Languag Arts teacher with exceptional outcomes for students. Grades 6-12, or adults.

I use multiple modes of instruction, along with engaging and creative lessons. I make complex topics easy to understand. I can help improve your informative and argument essay writing and your analysis of text. I can work with you online to improve your essays.

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University student with high test scores providing English and related topics tutoring in Tuscaloosa.

I like to get a sense for the topics and skills that a student does well in, and then adjust the focus of my instruction based on their weaker points. I believe that building a student's confidence in the areas in which they excel is important, and together with the student identify and work on areas needing improvement.

New Orleans
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High school student in English Honors helps with writing interesting and compelling essays in the New Orleans area

I am currently studying at The International High School of New Orleans and am hoping to practice medicine in Britain. I am currently a high school sophomore taking honorary junior classes. I have gotten perfect scores for my detailed and thoughtful essays whether it be persuasive or a literary analysis piece.

Toms River
(1 review)
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Recent, successful college graduate student with a degree in Communications gives English lessons to primary and junior/ middle school levels at home

Hello everyone! I am a recent college graduate student who studied Communications with a minor in Public Relation and Journalism at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Before I went to Monmouth University, I received my Associates at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey with a degree in English.

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