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Recent college grad with B.S. in Physics offering superb physics lessons in Kalamazoo.

Depending on the student's goals, I approach each topic as it comes, and work through several examples with the student until they can work on their own, or I create a structured lesson plan with predetermined sub-goals for each session and work toward achieving a certain level of mastery within the student's subject.

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Young Mechanical Engineer with 6 years experience in tutoring math, physics, and sciences.

My teaching methodology is using a customized approach based on my students' skills and abilities. The techniques I use are tailored to the needs of the students and their academic goals. Each session will be customized based on the level of students.

San Antonio
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College Math/Physics Student @Austin,TX offering lessons in all Math and Physics/Chem categories

I want each and every student to understand the subject and what it entails, not just how to do a specific problems. I attempt to create an understanding in the student that takes them much further than my tutoring sessions. I will first identify your deficiencies in the given subject, and then fix those problems along with proving a solid foundation to the subject.

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Experienced Chemistry Teacher in Philly offering chemistry and algebra tutoring online and in person.

I like to approach tutoring sessions by knowing not only what the topics are but also with what specifically the student is struggling. Each student is different with different needs and I like to tailor my approach to meet those needs. I also regularly ask students for feedback on how I can better help them reach their goals.

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Theoretical Physics Ph.D teaching K-12 Algebra to Undergrad Engineering Physics and Math

First off, *I understand the struggle of learning these notoriously difficult subjects.* My goal is to help you build the quantitative skills and conceptual understanding to gain the confidence to complete your homework, while leaving you with a more complete understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Lawrence Township
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Chemistry tutor with 11 years experience, teaching in the Trenton Princeton area, all levels of chemistry

I have been a General Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher since Autumn of 2007. I enjoy teaching and have made it a point to know and understand my students, and in doing so, I have helped connect Chemistry to their own lives.

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Graduate chemistry student with 6 years of research experience as well as excellent math knowledge

I am quite passionate and enthusiastic about chemistry and love to see younger students find interest in the field. I have always enjoyed helping others learn and being able to share my knowledge about the subject.

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Senior year engineering physics major passionate about teaching fundamental physics and mathematics to students in Seattle and Tacoma

My teaching methodology is to start with a technique or equation, discuss it, practice it using example problems, and then talk through how we derived the solution. Problem-solving is about thinking through the situation and identifying what is unique about it. Then we can solve a wider variety of problems.

Lake Elsinore
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Chemistry Degree Graduate offering science lessons with 3 years tutoring experience in Lake Elsinore

I am inquisitive and perceptive in order to understand my student's learning style, whether they have a kinesthetic, auditory or visual learning modality, and adapt my teaching methods to their benefit. My tutees excelled in their classes because in addition to excellent academic tutoring, I tutor classwork success and test-taking methods to maximize understanding and score of the course.

Clifton Park
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Senior BS Biochemistry student offering help with the subjects mathematics and chemistry

Typically for the SAT math section; I would first have the student read through the section, attempt the questions, and go over any concerns they had. However with other more difficult subject levels like calculus concurrent instruction is sometimes required.

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Chemical engineering graduate from UCLA with strong mastery of both chemical and mathematical principles.

I encourage my students to make full use of my extensive body of chemistry knowledge by asking me plenty of questions. The smoothness of our sessions relies in part on the inquisitiveness of my students. I make lots of connections to real-life applications and have an aptitude for explaining difficult concepts using descriptive, intuitive analogies.

San Antonio
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A Physics Tutor with a Ph.D. and experience with students in College and High School

I am an experienced tutor who has taught students in High School and College level courses. The students who I see are usually having a difficult time applying the lessons they learned in class to their assignments, so we will typically review similar problems, breaking them down into simple parts that are much easier to understand.

Fall River
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University Lecturer with many years of experience in the field of Mathematics, Physics...

My teaching methods includes, theoretical and practical lessons with real life scenarios and extreme research on each topics for better understanding. I also give assignment and feedback on each respective assignments given. For group teachings, i encourage collaboration among students.

Palm Springs
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Organic Chemistry Researcher offering chemistry tutoring in Palm Springs with 5 years of experience

I have found that the best way to learn organic chemistry is through pattern recognition. I have been successful with tutoring organic chemistry through showing and explaining the trends that we see within reactions.

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College Senior from Boston MA with extensive Chemistry class and lab experience

I approach each topic by tailoring it in a way that applies to each individual student.

San Antonio
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Will show simple tricks and tips to master General and Organic Chemistry!

I have primary tutored at college level, but more than capable of tutoring at the high school level. My tutoring sessions have the reoccurring theme of introduction, specific problems of students, overview of topic, sample problem broken into a mechanism, and finally practice.

West Palm Beach
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B.S. Chem Engineer gives tutoring in all HS math & sciences (6 yr exp)

My method is "practice, practice, practice!" After the concert is taught properly, practical experience brings proficiency. The lessons need to be structured to read, listen and ask questions, presentation of the subject (misconceptions gone), and practice solving problems. Then, we practice test on higher order thinking test questions that EOC, ACT/SAT, AP/IB tests require.

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Philosopher and theoretical physicist and writer teaches planetary development, gravity, thermodynamics and astrophysics in Merced, Ca.

Hi, I'm a highschool graduate who is self educated in philosophy and physics. I developed a theory on gravity from studying planetary development. I extend such knowledge into astrophysics and thermodynamics. My method of teaching is utilizing textbook information to teach physics by designing a planet. Drawings, email, Internet, and textbooks will be used as ways to teach.

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College graduate in both Chemistry and Philosophy giving lessons in any associated topics in the Bothell area

Graduated at the top of my major in two degrees and always looked for teachable moments I want to help you learn not just pass the class The best way we learn is from our mistakes so I encourage them! I will help you break down where you went wrong.

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Physics student with 3 years of one-on-one and class tutoring experience for math and physics!

My approach is based on understanding the concepts first (qualitatively), then working example problems to gain experience with the material. My belief is that good practice makes perfect, so we work problems and use problem solving skills to overcome difficulties.

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Honors Chemistry Teacher and ACT/SAT/AP Test Prep Tutor helping students around the Tampa area succeed in math and science.

My teaching method varies from student to student depending on what they need. I have developed tools and materials that approach each topic from several perspectives, each best suited for a different learning style. I incorporate many of these strategies while teaching so every students' needs are addressed. While tutoring, I work with the student to create a program that works best for them.

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Tutor is like guide who will shine a light in darkness to show you correct way.

I'm Engineering Student. I love to teach as part-time job. Physics is my favourite subject and I see my self as theoretical physicist in future. During my session,I give a brief theoretical knowledge of subject before digging into problem solving.

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Ogden-based Published Chemistry College Senior Here To Tutor; I might not be able to make it fun, but I can make chemistry easy for you!

I have completed all of the required chemistry courses for a B.S. in chemistry. Furthermore, I am published three times. I believe knowing a subject thoroughly is the key to being able to teach effectively. Also, identifying what means the student learns best with, whether visual, auditory, etc.

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Biochemistry Ph.D student with four years experience teaching chemistry, laboratory skills, physics, and mathematics

I adjust my teaching method based on the audience, but I generally approach each topic with a few questions: What do we know? What are we trying to solve? Is there an equation to use? Does the answer make sense? If a student isn't understanding how I approach a problem, then I will change my approach to better suit their needs.

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Mathematics tutor with MIT credentials will explore one-on-one or small class offerings.

Employment of vanguard texts, a high volume of problems and homework. Tests as needed. I emphasize practical applications of math and problem approaches used at MIT. Student must be motivated , intelligent and have a grasp of the environment in which higher mathematics resides.

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Engineering graduate offering math and physics lessons in the Mentor, Ohio area.

I believe in individualized training methods because I am aware that different students learn differently. Lessons will contain many problems that students will work on because I believe the most effective way to learn is to put the pencil to the paper and give it their best effort.

Round Rock
Dip n
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Physics professional (with a PhD in physics and 14 years of teaching experience) offering maths and physics lessons in greater Austin

Based on my experience as a teacher/professor, researcher and process technology development engineer, I have had a feeling that students studying physics must be inspired to have curiosity and excitement to develop and understand the physical concepts of natural phenomena.

Notre Dame
Sai shradha reddy
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Chemistry PhD student at University of Notre Dame giving online Chemistry and Science lessons at any level

I follow a specific mantra for studying as well as if I am explaining something to somebody. I make sure the student knows the basics of a topic before going to higher levels or applications involving that topic. I try to explain things by asking questions, such that the students reach to the answers by themselves.

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Research Scientist offering math and science lessons with over 15 years of academic experience

I believe that teaching is a two-way process where the teacher learns from the student as much as the student does from the teacher. My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that if the concepts are presented clearly and interactively, it can kindle the interest of the students, encourage individual exploration and strengthen intuitive reasoning skills.

San Francisco
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Yale grad, pre-medical school, and biomed researcher in San Fran offering HS/undergrad level bio/chem/physics!

My teaching style is to first help students find what method and structure of studying helps them learn the best and build a regiment around their own learning style. Then, I help to show students place subject material in the context of relevant applications, to show why coursework can help them.

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Perfect! The lesson I took with Hamid is one of the best lessons. His way of teaching make the subject staright froward. Flexible , alwyas willing to help studnet. If you want the solution, he is the best here.

Maissa, student
5 months ago
(5 reviews)

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