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Retired English Teacher, Administrator,Businessman Certified in ESL provides online instruction for Intermediate and Adult Learners. Also certified in Business English

I am a retired Teacher of English and a Retired High School Principal. I completed my ESL Certification in July of 2015 for the purpose of continuing my teaching career after retirement. My goal is to move to Costa Rica and continue with my online students once I have relocated there. While living in Costa Rica I also plan to study Spanish.

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English Language Specialist with over 30 years of experience available for online tutoring and consulting

As an English instructor with over 30 years of experience, I have learned that my greatest strength lies in making complicated ideas simple and easy to understand. I have an excellent knowledge of grammar, which I am able to share with students in ways they can understand easily. I believe in having high standards for students, but also in having fun while learning.

Rocky River
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Be your best you!! Discover a new world and have fun! Challenge yourself.

I believe each student experience is unique based on the needs and skills of the student.

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TEFL-certified ESL/English teacher with 14 years of experience (exams, interviews, travel, career, life!)

I adapt my classes to each student's level and objectives. There is always an emphasis on speaking, but we work in all areas: listening, writing, grammar and reading.

Oxon Hill
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"Seeking student's who are english oriented readers and speakers, preferrably light began"

My education began in elementary until present. Graduated from high school where I have obtained my high school diplome in 1983. Continued my edcuational goals while working with the Federal Government as a GS-4 Clerk Typist. While beginning my continuing studies at Prince George's Community College in 1983. My major became several such as my interest which was: 1. Registered Nursing, 3.

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I am a Trinity qualified teacher with more than 3 years cumulative teaching and coaching experience. I have taught English and effective writing skills to adults whose first language is English as wel

My approach to lesson planning is practicality. I choose topics that I believe will be interesting, engaging, and relevant to students. When students enjoy the lesson, they learn more, and it's more fun for me! My practical editorial and business communications experience makes me a stickler for correct syntax and grammar, but I'm especially skilled at hearing and correcting mispronunciation.

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ESL/ TESOL Certified Teacher with experience teaching in China for 2.5 years

I like for my classes to be fun and interesting. I use many different resources to engage my students such as powerpoint presentations, videos, music, stories, pictures, and games. I like to teach phonics when teaching vocabulary since I believe phonics is a critical building block of speaking, reading, and writing the English language.

New York
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Highly experienced and qualified ESL Exam Preparation Specialist in New York City

In addition to my qualifications, I have over 10 years experience teaching ESL in a variety of environments and across various backgrounds. My lessons are meticulously planned and I use carefully selected materials tailored to the students' needs.

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BA holder and classroom teacher with 3 years experience in public and private.

I like to have a very personal touch and am sure to speak directly to you. If you need someone who will talk to you and look you in the eyes and listen to what you are saying I am always trying to make sure that conversation is one of the most important parts of the lesson. You can always ask for a more mechanical and technical lesson.

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I spent 30 years living in Italy teaching English to Italian students of all levels. Now I'm in Miami...

For my elementary school students I utilized games, story telling and other activities to help them better understand the language, usually starting with a theme and carrying it through for the school year. For middle school and high school students, I followed the academic program of the head teacher.

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Study English and prepare for International English exams in an Innovative way with ''Experienced Cambridge and TEFL/TESOL Certified English Tutor'' and Business Coach.

• A brief description of yourself and the kind of students your lessons are geared towards : Experienced Cambridge Certified English tutor who lives in the United Kingdom. I am a highly motivated teacher,mentor and educator. I am goal oriented and highly motivated to achieve set goals. I strive for excellence and I continue to evolve my skills and methods to meet the needs of my students.

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Learn English from CELTA certified trainer with over 20 years teaching experience

I use the communicative learning method for my classes. I focus on the semantics and pragmatics of the English Language to teach. My approach also likes to use the existing prior knowledge and cultural experiences of my students into account.

La Canyada
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Improve your English skills (conversation, grammar, vocabulary)! Classes for A1-C1 levels in Valencia. You will get all the guidance to prepare for an exam and will have fun since we will always work

I adapt the methodology to the needs and level of the student. In order to ensure that classes were an enjoyable experience I always tend to work with topics connected with the interests of the student and address the most intriguing current public debates (e.g. for reading I use recent articles from English newspapers, for listening BBC material, etc.).

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Improve your written expression! Your assignments corrected and commented via email plus explanations in class

Need to improve your writing skills for your EOI, Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL exams? Send me your essays; I'll return them corrected and commented. Contact me for a trial correction. The price includes a 60-minute Skype or telephone session where we'll further discuss and drill any organisation, grammar and lexis issues that you need to improve on.

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English Primary, ESO, Bachelor, Selectivity, Business English, State exams. Spanish for non native speakers, DELE. Keep in touch, so you can discover my practical and current methodology, my facilitie

Enthusiast of my work, convinced that another way of teaching is possible, current methodology. Conscious and committed to the importance of language learning from an early age, as learning, or better said, the acquisition of linguistic competence is done with less effort. Demonstrable experience in teaching English to adults.

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Graduated in English Studies, with you in Madrid for learning, reinforcement, official preparation ...

I teach personalized sessions according to the needs of the student, adapting and selecting the suitable material. I actively work the four skills of the English language: speaking, comprehension, listening, output. With the help of own and official materials. Because the detail, makes the difference.

(11 reviews)

Improve your English with a native speaker conversations in and around Antony / Seals

I am from Southern California, living and teaching in France for 10 years. I have Worked with all age levels from age 5 to adult. I highly personalized my lessons selon the level of my students and Their individual needs. I have Taught grammar, vocabulary, reading, and conversation. I have aussi Worked with students in preparation for the BAC, TOEFL, school and job interviews, etc.

(3 reviews)
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Cambridge CELTA certified English teacher teaches personalized lessons online: school, work, leisure.

I'm a 360 degree teacher and I teach my language in a very practical, effective and fun way. Professionals: I know English through practical experience as well academically. What about he next phone call from a native speaker (or a foreigner who speaks English!)? You will answer the phone with increased confidence and you will be able to reply to English emails with new awareness.

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An English teacher with more than 7 years of experience of teaching children, teenagers and adults, offers private lessons in Milan (city centre, close to citta' studi and lambrate zone or any place a

The lessons will be specifically planned according to the needs, level and age of the student. During the lessons only English is spoken and it is avoided to translate the words into Italian. For children the method is based on repetition. For adults, it always depends on the needs; For example, those who want to get ready for an exam (IELTS, TOEFL, KET, PET, etc.

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Bilingual teacher specialized in levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and preparation for official exams

I am a bilingual English teacher with a great capacity for communication. I am really passionate about teaching languages. In my classes I create stimulating and inspiring learning atmospheres for improving practical skills or increasing your chance of passing an official exam. I am specialized in adults and teenage students.

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I am graduated in English and Arabic languages, I offer English, Arabic and Italian classes at any level or for the preparation of English examinations

I have a degree in English and Arabic and I lived many years in the United States. My classes take place differently depending on the level and the needs of each student. For kid/teenager tutoring I initially refer to their school textbooks so I can find the students' weak points, then I help them with new materials.

(18 reviews)

Teacher of English language, with aptitude to a dynamic teaching according to the Trinity methodology, gives private lessons, or groups, through Skype. Advantageous prices.

My teaching method is based on that of the Trinity Examination Board and, therefore, based on a real English; consisting of all the skills, preferring however the speaking (spoken) and listening (listening).

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Bilingual Spanish teacher for all levels and ages. Spanish can be made easy and fun!

I adapt my classes to my students interests to keep them highly focused. I am used to teach both adults and Kids. I am very patient and believe I can help you learn Spanish in an easy and relaxed way. I prefer the "Sueña" books (Anaya) for A1 and A2 levels. Anaya and McGraw Hill books are used for B1 all the way up to C1 together with other printed and online resources.

(3 reviews)

English Tutor from London with a strong academic and business background, offers lessons tailored to your exact requirements. Call David today.

I base my teaching methods on the 4 main principles of learning a language, reading writing listening and speaking. I am patient and firm and determined to help achieve success for my students. I have a good sense of humour and a wide range of local English expressions.

(4 reviews)
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Very highly qualified (MA Linguistics/CELTA/Dip TEFL/Cert BE), fun and friendly tutor with 30 years' experience offering English lessons in the Ascot/Camberley area.

As an avid language-learner myself, I can fully identify with the difficulties students face but my many years of experience (as a learner as well as a teacher) have taught me how best to deal with them.

(59 reviews)

Lecturer with many years of experience in English teaching to all levels & support for thesis preparation

Qualifications: LT Consult - Secretary of Foreign languages, Foreign languages Certificate (verified) Other services: -Translations -Support in drafting the thesis My teaching method varies according to the ability to learn, to the age and to the goals to achieve. I follow the student carefully throughout the learning process until the goal is reached.

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English Philology student in Madrid gives private English classes at all levels of primary, secondary and high school

Depending on the student's objectives, we will apply one or another methodology. However, I try to make the classes dynamic and oriented so that students can be able to express themselves in English in practical situations.

Abano Terme
(9 reviews)
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LEARN FROM YOUR ERRORS - Pay-per-lesson English! My expertise is your success!

There is no perfect method: we all have our own method. We need to find it! I can help you out. Just, trust me! Generally, I explain grammar (otherwise, without it, you would talk like Tarzan!), I use music and try to stimulate both the conversation and your written production because, by making mistakes (it is inevitable, even in your mother tongue), You learn.

(5 reviews)
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English classes for students and adults (speaking english, vocabulary, conversational practice, business english) and preparation for exams KET, PET, FCE.

Preparation for the KET, PET, FCE exams. I use a unique communicative methodology to learn and start speaking English very fast. Help with homework for students from 10 years. My way of giving lessons is to identify, first of all, the level of the student, the goals he or she wants to achieve. From there, I develop a personalized work plan.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified, Experienced, and Native English Teacher, (EFL/ESL). Will give lessons online.

I am a qualified, experienced and native English teacher. I can help you build confidence and ability in communicating in English. All lessons will be designed to suit your exact needs, wants, and interests. I can support you with: - IELTs - General English - Conversational Skills - English for travel - FCE / CAE - .......

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