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Pole Dancer with 5 years experience gives pole dance, lap dance, and burlesque dance lessons at home or online near Racine, WI

My name is Allison, I have 5 years experience of taking pole dancing classes at Miss Pole through Pole 4 (aerial pole). I can teach you everything from the basics or pole dancing through intermediate level aerial trick and inverting (going upside down), so exciting. I also teach lap dancing and burlesque dancing beginner though intermediate levels.

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Professional dance teacher teaches hiphop dance / streetdance, work with artists and advertising agencies. Currently living in Arnhem

A typical lesson with me starts with a good conversation after that we start with warming up and stretching. I will teach you the steps with music and will guide you coach u till you get to make your own moves.

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Classes Dance Modern Twerking Dancehall Afro Elasticity Tenerife South Private and Collective

Private and group classes From the age of 8 Modern Dance Twerking Hip Hop Afrobeats New style Dancehall Elasticity Resistance Acrobatics Motivation and safety gained through dance classes. Increased self-esteem and Ease of learning after the first month. I'm in South Tenerife.

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Learn to dance Afro! Private face-to-face or online classes of Afrodance in Málaga

I have a lot of empathy so the private classes are totally adapted for you. I prepare my classes with a boss, but I adapt in terms of methodology since each person learns differently.

Saint Agnes
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Pole Dance instructor in Adelaide, Australia teaching tricks, choreography, flexibility, and conditioning

My teaching methodology revolves around improving the quality of life. This is done through muscular strengthening, building cardiovascular endurance, improving flexibility and range of motion all in a low impact environment. What I love the most about pole is not knowing that you're building muscle, because pole not only builds your body but your confidence and your character.

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You want to learn how to wine your waist then you have come to the right place

I will definitely show you the basics and let you try it and then i will keep on repeating this process until you can finally perform this

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Global development and dance and movement studies student and up and coming spoken word artist ready to share what I have learnt and currently learning.

my teaching method is based a lot around self and bringing out the best version of yourself whilst embracing and accepting who you naturally are. I incorporate a balance of good discipline and enjoyment to the class. I also incorporate different styles that I have learnt such as dancehall, afrobeats, contemporary, hip hop, experimental, krump.

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Dance, laugh and stay fit. Twerk will give you the joy of living and confidence in your body. Put your complex behind you and come have fun.

My method? I concentrate on fun because when we have fun we learn faster. I also bet on the dissociation of the different parts of the body which will give you confidence and rounder butt muscles. Phrases such as "I am not not enough, skinny not big enough" do not hold because in twerking, the goal is to do with what you have .

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Private Twerk Classes : Roma / Webcam Skype! Also for Groups and Parties ( Birthday , Bachelorette Party) . Twerk Tecniques , Twerk on Heels , Choreographic Twerk and much more !

The teaching of the lessons will be agreed according to the client's starting level (if he has some kind of dance background or not, if he is constantly training ..) and consists of warm up, explanation and practice of the main twerk, starting from those base then go on the advanced ones, and the construction of a small choreographic routine.

Jaider andrés
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Personalized and group classes with the best energy, to learn to dance and have fun.

1. Prepare in advance the dance routine to be performed. 2. I adapt my knowledge in dance to the request of the rhythm that you want to learn. 3. I request approval of the rhythms, songs and music to be used for the session. 4. Personalize the class in order to have a high and profitable learning.

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Professional dancer, instructor of zumba, classes of lounge and individuals, modern rhythm salsa, bachata, twerking

Professional dancer, 24 years 12 years of classical dance (ballet), Zumba instructor, intermediate classes adapting to the needs rhythm, elasticity and musical sense of each person, as these vary according to the modality and style in which they want to tilt , as a dancer my technique is based on the feel, the sound of the music, likewise the rhythm and body style, in turn this will depend on the...

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Experienced dancer with 14 years of experience and diverse national dance championships she teaches hip hip, twerking, dancehall, jazz, contemporary, sexy style, ballet.

I'm Alba, a dancer and an actress, I've been in the world of dance for more than 14 years, and I've participated in national and international competitions. My classes are aimed at all levels, as long as it concerns the disciplines mentioned above. I have great availability to give them. My only goal is to see you improve day by day, so I have special patience.

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Turkish delight experienced trainer offering belly dance lessons, the dance of the femminity, confidence in London

My teaching method is unique and student centered. It is tailor made design for every each person. • Because each person has different needs and expectations, I design and offer personalized services and trainings.


Spanish offers classes in Flamenco and Sevillanas as well as Twerking in Toulouse

My teaching method is practical. I base my course on what the student wants or seeks, if the student had no idea I can propose an idea and we can work on it. We will work with choreography and stretching before and after class. I approach the subject in a free but structured way, reaching goals.

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Dance student offering help with dance come and ask me anything! Ella x

My teaching method is very relaxed not much homework given. Look for the best in people. Try your hardest and I will be impressed. Failure is only the next step.

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