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Professional dancer and Spanish teacher offering classes to take you to the next level!

My teaching method is based on very practical lessons for Spanish giving you the chance to not jus only learn grammar but know the common expression which will make you be fluent when you travel to a Spanish country! With dance, my classes are based on movement in the body and mind making you connect with yourself in another way.

Los Angeles
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Christian Celebrity Los Angeles choreographer and experienced teacher of over 15 years

My teaching method includes goals, lesson planning, structure and positive reinforcement, dance etiquette, and a focus on the particular dance discipline being taught. I teach and choreograph in the areas of jazz, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, African, ballet.

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Dancer trained in Breaking, Hiphop, House, and Popping, with over 15 years of experience in San Francisco, Chicago, and now NYC

My teaching method is based on gaining a strong foundation first. Fundamentals are critical in order to build scaffolding in these freestyle modalities. I want my students to be able to develop their own style within the blueprints of each.

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A friendly college graduate with 8 years experience on teaching street dance.

I am graduating in May 2017 from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington. I have been dancing for 8 years. During this period, I have taught many people how to dance and make them be really interested in dance. I am really patient and willing to explain more about what I am teaching. So, many people would like to learn how to dance with me.

Paris 11e
(17 reviews)

Dance classes at home, EVJF, opening of ball, private lessons and birthday

I am David Issaly, I come to offer you my services as a professional dancer, I currently give 30 lessons per week in all Ile de France, I teach hip-hop, break dance, salsa, street jazz, modern Jazz.

(10 reviews)
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Dancer / Choreographer pro gives classes in Paris and urban dance suburbs (break dance / house dance / popping / locking / Hip-hop my style)

Hello everyone, my name is Florent I am a professional dancer of urban dance for more than 10 years. Autodidact since my youngest age, this allowed me to have very solid bases by soliciting particularly the sensations for a very fast and profound result. I do a professional training at the Just Standing School.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(17 reviews)
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Individual dance lessons or in small groups modern Jazz, Bachata, African dance, Burlesque Girly or any level and any age

Dancing lessons are all levels and all ages. Ideal for an initiation, playful fitness, preparing a big event or just for the fun of learning to dance like your favorite stars. The duration is usually 1:30 starting with a warm-up, then learning the basic steps and choreography. The burlesque classes are perfect to learn how to seduce for women of all ages.

(12 reviews)
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Learn to Dance in any occasion (initiation to dance, parties, weddings ...) Cascais and Lisbon

Who is dancing is happier! I use a very creative methodology, using the imagination of my students, allowing, in addition to technique, to learn to dance by themselves. I love teaching and I pretend the classes to be always dynamic and fun, respecting students based on the philosophy of body and movement.

Paris 16e
(15 reviews)

Dance Lessons: (Hip Hop, House, Contemporary Dance), Workout , Training Class

I am a dancer and teacher. I started at a young age to study different styles. Ballet - Jazz - Oriental Dance. And later, I discover Breakdance, Popping, Hip Hop, Dancehall, House Dance, Waacking and contemporary dance. My training started in a dance school and I then traveled in search of knowledge. I attended dance events, workshops and competitions in different countries.

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Qualified street dance teacher offering private and group lessons to all abilities!

I am an authentic street dance teacher who can teach a range of dance styles with foundational and historical knowledge of the style, I can teach any age from 5-90yrs old and beginner to advanced level. My lessons are generally broken down into four categories: 1. Warm-up 2. Technique 3. Choreography 4.

(2 reviews)
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Professional dance teacher teaches hiphop dance / streetdance, work with artists and advertising agencies. Currently living in Arnhem

A typical lesson with me starts with a good conversation after that we start with warming up and stretching. I will teach you the steps with music and will guide you coach u till you get to make your own moves.

(7 reviews)

Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

(1 review)
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Classes Dance Modern Twerking Dancehall Afro Elasticity Tenerife South Private and Collective

Private and group classes From the age of 8 Modern Dance Twerking Hip Hop Afrobeats New style Dancehall Elasticity Resistance Acrobatics Motivation and safety gained through dance classes. Increased self-esteem and Ease of learning after the first month. I'm in South Tenerife.

New Delhi
(1 review)
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Senior executive member of Dance society give dance classes (Bollywood, Punjabi & western)

My teaching method is I live by a rule its "Every student is different and has different requirements" I focus on every student according to the need of the particular student. I also believe in discussing any problems with the student one on one i.e directly.

(1 review)
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Transit Dance student who loves dance teaching and choreography who has been teaching for 5 years

I believe that everyone learns differently therefore I try to use many methods in my teaching. My teaching style is explaining, then demonstrating followed by describing with illustration. I can teach from toddlers through to adults.

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Contemporary dancer trained in Cunningham, Release, Floor work & Flying low in London

Contemporary This class is designed for students who wish to develop their skills in contemporary dance. The class is a rigorous mix of contemporary styles focusing on achieving both powerful and fluid movements, developing core strength through dynamic exercises and phrases.

Chiclana de la Frontera
Profesores de kizomba
(11 reviews)
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Dance teacher, Kizomba, Semba, Urbankizz, learn and have fun at the same time.

Our methodology is based on our years of experience and received training. Our work is focused on establishing a solid base on which students can develop their own movements, encouraging their creativity and freedom when it comes to dancing. We do not teach sequences.

Dulwich Hill
1st lesson offered free !

Dance students who want to be knowledgeable in the area of Afro-beats in Sydney.

I describe myself as person who is passionate in sharing my knowledge of Afro-beats throughout the continent of Africa. My lessons are geared to students who want to experience dance and culture that they are not usually exposed to.

North Plympton
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Flinders University master's student gives Dance tips and advice to anybody who is interested.

I base my classes on originality. I just direct you, give you tips and then you develop your own style. I can also help you choreograph for an occasion. In a typical session, I am gonna give you tips and maybe choreograph a small set for you for you to practice later. You choose the songs, the style and the vision.

1st lesson offered free !

If you are interested in learning BREAKING I’ll give some lessons to learn and improve your powermoves, tricks and also your style (Top Rock & Footwork)

My teaching method is basically I teach the step or the movement and then I make sure that everyone get that doing a lot of repetition. I have another teaching method, which is choreography. This method I teach step by step of the whole choreography.

Paris 11e
(6 reviews)

Dance classes at home, EVJF, opening of ball, private lessons and birthdays

_ First of all, I can create tailor-made choreographies for your ball openings, at home or in a dance hall, I accompany you to create a choreography that will amaze all your guests.

Quinta do Conde
Maria inês
1st lesson offered free !

Science student, I give dance initiation classes and Mathematics until 11th grade

I try to give my classes openly to suggestions and in a clear way that everyone realizes, I am currently in the 11th year and I intend to continue on the path of science. I try to find the best ways to realize what I explain in the best possible way. I am available for all subjects up to the 9th grade.

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Conversation classes in English and I teach yoga / dance hip-hop / stretching in Ronda

The first method I use is Psychological which is a logical order as an order closer to the interests, needs and experiences of the learner. First I prepare myself with the oral conversation, then I see what levels I can prepare using games, books and strategies work. For dance and yoga everything is verbal and physical.

1st lesson offered free !

Arica catches up with salsa and Afro-Cuban folklore, casino and rumba so you can learn fast

My classes are quite basic and flexible so that all kinds of people can understand them and carry out all the movements that they teach, the most important thing is the desire to want to learn and to follow with the time and dedication everything arrives.

1st lesson offered free !

COURSE SUITABLE FOR YOU! 2 dance teachers (Hiphop, House, contemporary) & DJ

We focus on improvisation, musicality and respect of body and mind. Because we are all different, we will adapt ourselves to your needs. Depending on your abilities and your desires, our goal is that you can have fun and progress.

Campbell River
1st lesson offered free !

Young award winning dancer with a decades worth of experience teaches beginners and intermediates the ways of popping and animation along with some old school and new school hip hop out of Campbell Ri

My classes are always focused on and based around fun, because if you aren't having fun you aren't dancing. A lot of skill in dancing comes from the knowledge you learn and not actually your physical moves, I always make sure to leave my students with physical and mental knowledge after every class.

1st lesson offered free !

Latin Dance lessons! Get free, enjoy and move your skeleton!! ;) Colombian, nice and rhythmic.

Step by step, and through the demonstration, starting with the basic steps and rhythms, and advancing in difficulty, great influence especially of salsa and Caribbean music, but also of modern music such as reggaeton and hip hop Dynamic, professional, Resourceful, creative, great experience in the tourism sector working as a scuba diving instructor, waiter, bartender and dj.

1st lesson offered free !

Performing arts student offering lessons in contemporary and many other dances Wigan area

I just look at whats right for the people im teaching everyone learns in very unique ways and so you have to find the perfect was for that individual and then they will thrive.

Paris 13e
(42 reviews)

Graduate from "Juste Debout School", I give Hip Hop, House dance, Charleston and Tap dance private classes

Do you want to try to dance? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a group choreography (weddings, birthday parties, flashmobs, ...)? My teaching method is very simple. The class starts with a warm up of all parts of the body, then I show the student the basic steps while remaining connected with the music.

1st lesson offered free !

Freestyle and choreographic dancer (Courses, Battles, Shows,) I give Hip Hop classes at home and in a group in Besançon. Do not hesitate to call on me to develop technically

I base my courses on the fact that "the experiment is not transmitted", thus, it is by putting oneself in different situations (themes, instructions) that one can progress by oneself but it is not for as much as the background work is to be discarded (repetitions, exercises).

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