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Trauma/Surgical ICU RN/BSN, Masters in Forensic Anthropology, Undergrad in Criminology/Microbiology! Destin, FL

First, I address what parts a student understands. Then, we delve into the the problem area(s). For some, it can be as simple as explaining a concept in a different way, such as drawing, discussing or having the student "teach" me. Other times, it is best to start at the beginning and move forward at a pace the student is comfortable with.

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Medical student at Baylor College of Medicine teaching biology and MCAT prep.

I can give lessons to college and high school students. I am a very visual person and will use diagrams. I also love coming up with mnemonics to help students remember things. I love using practice problems because practice makes perfect.

Grand Junction
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Biologist with a specialty in aquatics offering lessons in the Grand Junction, CO area

My teaching methods are based on the individual to maximize learning potential. Students will learn and master the necessary skills for all science based classes. All students that are searching for a better understanding in biology can rely on me for guidance for; learning concepts, excel, word, power point, and other skills necessary to the degree.

Lake Stevens
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I am a student offering lessons in biology, animal sciences, world history, English, French, and visual art/music up through highschool/college level! :) I am an enthusiastic young adult very excited

I try to approach teaching in a fun, inventive way, and always adapt my teaching methods to accommodate each individual's learning style.

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Tutoring: investment of knowledge for future by an experienced UK trained PhD Professor

I am working as Assistant Professor in the Agriculture University. I have done PhD in Veterinary Pharmacology from London,United Kingdom. Lesson structure: background of the topic, topic detail with aims and objectives, conclusions and summary/take home message.

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Clases particulares de Biología para escolares y preparación de PSU. Aprende de una manera fácil y entretenida

La manera más fácil de que un niño aprenda es dándole los conocimientos de una manera entretenida, mediante juegos y de manera interactiva. Con tareas de bajo nivel de dificultad y manteniendo al estudiante concentrado e interesado en las nuevas cosas que ira aprendiendo.

Castle Rock
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Recent UCDenver BA Science Degree Graduate in Castle Rock available for Tutoring

BA in Geography with a minor in Biology, Geology and Education. I have studied physics and chemistry. I can help you understand your homework and what your teacher is covering in class in a non rushed manner. I can help you learn better study habits and get better grades. I also had a second BA in Secondary Science Teacher.

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I have had no teaching experience. I have completed some college.

I am not currently giving lessons to any students. My characteristics is always showing my pleasure while tutoring while always smiling. I am always kind to most people. If I get angry, I will never bring at any of my students.

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Retired veterinarian loves to teach biology related subjects online from Chester, SC

I have a BS in Microbiology, a MAg in Horticulture and a DVM (veterinarian) so I have a broad knowledge about biological sciences. I have taught biology labs at the undergraduate level. How and what I teach depends on the needs of my students. I can help prepare students for academic tests or just learn how one's body works to impart knowledge about remaining healthy.

Colorado Springs
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College graduate in Biology gives chemistry (general and organic), all areas of biology, mathematics, and physics lessons in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Webcam also available for students outside of

I have a degree in biology with a minors in chemistry and honors. I try to keep all of my lessons easy to understand by utilizing various organizing techniques that have proved very beneficial throughout my own education. These include specific structuring and plans of subject areas that tailor to each chapter and section.

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College student gives biology and science lessons to middle and high school students in Gainesville

Hello! My name is Isabel and I'm here to help middle and high school students understand the material they need to know in order to graduate. I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and found my passion in science and biology. I now currently live in Gainesville where I am pursuing my associates degree in biology.

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General and Systemic Histology of Human Being and Veterinary and General and special veterinary Anatony

My name is Muna AlHumaire, I have master degree in Anatomy which include the micro anatomy (Histology) and embryology and Bachelor In Veterinary Medicine. I gave classes to Veterinary, Dental, and Medical students. I used to discus the classes indifferent ways using real samples, Gypsum models, microscopes, Projectors,and Photos.

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Biology Tutoring In Utah or SLC County, Associates in Biology, Thank you!

I will receive my Associates in Biology in the Fall of 2017.

Ste. Genevieve
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High school science teacher with expertise in biology, anatomy and animal sciences

I studied at the University of Missouri. I teach high school biology. I love doing fun activities that help relate the material to students' interests. I have worked in a small school with experience of one on one lessons.

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Adjunct Professor with MS Toxicology and BS in Biology offering lessons in DC or will travel to you

My teaching method varies depending on the learning style and class size of the students. I prefer to tutor one on one but can work with groups of student also if need be.

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Ph.D graduate in Microbiology gives biology, molecular biology and microbiology to all levels in Milwaukee

I have my Ph. D and Masters in Microbiology and my Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine. My objective as a teacher will be to create interest in the subject among students, help those struggling students in their academics and also to guide them in choosing right career paths.

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Former Veterinary Student with Biology Degree offering tutoring in Science Related Subjects in the Rogers area.

I prefer to get an understanding of where my students are before constructing a lesson plan. I like to focus on areas that my students are weaker in, so that a strong foundation can be built. I can teach all levels of students, from grade school to college level.

Dripping Springs
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PhD, Animal Science. Biology, biotechnology, animal science, chemistry, biology, anatomy, and physiology. Dripping Springs, TX

B.S. Animal Science- Texas Tech University Minor- Chemistry Equine Science Certificate PhD- Animal Science, Reproductive Physiology, Texas Tech University I teach any age interested in learning more about science! I have many teaching styles I can apply to different students to make learning effective.

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Veterinary professional who loves teaching basic biology, genetics, cellular biology, and anatomy online to students of all ages

My teaching method involves targeting the individual’s needs and personal style of learning in order to help them best understand the material. I like to use a combination of visual tools, interactive activities, and verbal explanations, but can tailor the lesson to fit the student.

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Veterinarian offering college and grad school level tutoring in biology and veterinary sciences.

Individualized approach based on needs of the individual and specific course work. Aims include helping problem solving skills, test taking and firm understanding of subject material.

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Veterinary student offering Biology, Anatomy & Zoology lessons in Iowa with 3 years experience.

My teaching method is rather informal, as I feel that minimizes undue stress to student. I try to make my tutoring lessons as fun and informative as possible. I cater to middle school and high school students who have an interest in science and a future in the biology-medical fields. However, I am comfortable and available to work with all ages.

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Veterinarian available to teach in Reno/Sparks Nevada biology, veterinary anatomy and all aspects of veterinary medicaine

I have a bachelor's from Texas A&M University and my doctorate of veterinary medicine from Ohio State University. I did my internship at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus Ohio and have studied histology, pathology, reproductive medicine in 10 different species, orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. I have extensive knowledge in radiology and ultrasonography.

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Science is easy and fun! I have a Bachelors degree in Biology Health Sceince with a minor in chemistry. Subjects of interest are biology, anatomoy, zoology, and veterinary. I was a vet tech for 12

I have a bachelors degree in biology health science and a minor in chemistry. I am currently in a master’s program for Infectious Disease. I like to use videos and break down each thing I am learning/teaching. Creating lists and steps along the way with flow charts are good study methods. Simple terms and relations are helpful in studying. I will try to make it as fun and the least painful.

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Pre-Vet student at Virginia Tech offering math and science help in Blacksburg

I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech, studying animal science (pre-vet). I am offering tutoring lessons to any grade level in areas of math or science. I will help go over homework, sample problems, or provide small lessons on these subjects again. I am very flexible and change my teaching technique based on each student and what they need help with.

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HighSchool graduate. All honor sciences and an A.S Veterinary Technician.

Each person and class is different and has different needs. I prefer a more interactive class but I put the needs of the class and individual first.

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Free to wonder, ponder, observe, and fun! Let get to discovering!

Currently finishing up last 2 semesters of undergraduate studies in Houston and continuing research at the university in Downtown.

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Biologist currently doing Master's in Marine Biology at JCU gives Biology lessons for all levels (private or groups)

My teaching method is adaptive to my students' learning abilities! I tend to establish a trustworthy environment where the most effective learning tools for each individual student are explored and applied. I approach topics according to students' goals and priorities.

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I teach biology lessons through innovative teaching approaches that include all modern learning techniques.

I use all modern learning approaches including presentation, online guides, blackboard learning, one to one problem solving skills and assignments help.

Muhammad noman
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Willing to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biochemistry, Physiology, Parasitology, and Pathology lessons. Moreover, postgradua

I gathered information from multiple resources, arrange from basic towards advance level. Present to the students in such a way that it can be easily memorable. I also involve the student in the class to keep them attentive towards lessons.

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No-nonsense Online GCSE and A-Level Biology Tutoring by a Student of Veterinary Medicine

I'm a Second-Year Vet student at the University of Surrey. The level of biology I'm learning at the moment means that I'm more than equipped to help GCSE and A-level students pass their exams. Having done my GCSEs and A-levels, I feel like I am able to provide a students perspective to the curriculum in order to help current students understand tricky concepts.

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Perfect! Daphne, was an excellent tutor . Every lesson was well put together. I learned a lot from her and I would absolutely use her again .I highly recommend her.

Brittney , student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you Tara. She is more encouraged since spending time with you.

Deborah, student
1 year ago
(2 reviews)

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