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La Cañada Flintridge
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Los Angeles teacher of private and small group yoga and meditation to cultivate mindful and meaningful living through Alignment of body, mind and spirit.

I teach a number of modalities which are all yoga related in order to fit your alignment needs. There is no one practice that will balance every individual; everyone finds their own balance and alignment through perceiving where and who they are and cultivating complimentary strengths and skills. As a teacher I delight in helping people align themselves and feel better.

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Trilingual yoga teacher offering personalized lessons in Napa Valley to all ages

My classes are based on constant flow linked with breath, a nice playlist and most importantly, challenging each of my students to fully access their strength and joy! I can teach in English, French and Italian if needed. I strongly believe in the importance of pranayama - the art of breathing, as a way to guide the practice, in order to find inner well-being.

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International retreat Yoga and dance teacher providing lesson in NYC all ages

My teaching methods include: step by step, holistic and project based learning. I lay the basics of any subject or topic and then allow students to incorporate their personal touch. After they have mastered the basic skills and techniques .

Deerfield Beach
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7 years of experience, 600 hours certified instructor from south Florida USA

My aspiration is to transmit to people the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing Yoga. I will show how muscle strength and flexibility can be gained through different Yogic poses by engaging muscles that are not typically engaged doing other types of exercise. Also, I will guide you through and experience of expanded awareness while focusing on the breath and sensations in the body.

March Air Reserve Base
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Yoga with Minney Ji will change your mind and body. Learn Yoga in Santa Maria, Lompoc and on Vandenberg AFB

Yoga has a lot of benefits, and to get those benefits, we should do our yoga with correct alignment. Every single asana(posture) has purpose and it cannot be achieved if we don't do the asana correct. My students would experience all those benefits with my yoga classes.

1st lesson offered free !

Traditional Yoga and Meditation Trainer from India- a combination of body movement and breath

I usually begin with a mantra and blessing to the nature earth. I make changes in my method according to the students I have. Most of the students I receive have a different problem in their life which they want to eradicate. Basically, the traditional yoga and meditation practice help my students in their day to day life. Eventually, they become happier than before.

1st lesson offered free !

Marci winters yoga- austin- certified in meditation, chi quong- 20 years of experience, nurturing, supportive

I approach each individual according to his/her unique needs, including fitness level and overall health. I am extremely nurturing and supportive, also allowing for a healthy challenge. I use modalities that are appropriate for the beginner to advanced student.

West Hollywood
1st lesson offered free !

Strength, Length, Balance and Flexibility. Alignment focused yoga classes that build connections between mind, body and spirit.

I am focused on meeting my students needs. If fitness is an objective, we can focus on strength and movement. If relaxation is a goal, we can soften, stretch and find stillness. I am focused on empowering you.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Come learn and have Fun with Bhakti Yoga Instructor... influenced by Ashtanga, Basic Reiki, and Mindfulness , Kirtan (call and response Chanting) , Spiritual Music personal Development

Daily Practitioner. I usually participate in the class as well as offer adjustments to align postures and for destress, relaxation and healing. Often times I introduce various musical selections as well as incense and essential oils. I am also very flexible to accommodate to each student. Thank you for the consideration.

1st lesson offered free !

Private or Group Yoga Classes in Arizona from Beginner to Advanced Levels

Learn Yoga with a teacher that enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. I am energetic and able to inspire students to connect with their inner self to explore their potential and heal through the power of Yoga.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga instructor with 5+ years of experience offering private or group classes in your home.

I base my teaching in healthy sustainable movements that are tailored to each student's level of fitness and safe range of motion. I am a firm believer in practicing yoga safely and sustainably to avoid injury. My teaching is not only limited to the physical practice of asana, but also dives into the spiritual path of practicing yoga.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports Yoga coach in Massachusetts with experience teaching physical and emotional wellness.

My teaching method is to listen to what individuals need/desire first, then cater specifically. I am respectful, compassionate and enthusiastic. Teaching goal driven practice assisting others achieve realistically and efficiently. Passionate about individuality and body acceptance, reassuring personal, unique benefits.

1st lesson offered free !

Private Yoga, English, Math lessons, Piao Lessons, Prenatal Yoga, Hot Yoga, Learn Turkish language

I am a native of Turkey with a Master degree in Political Science, a mother of a 6 year old girl who goes to Oaks Elementary. I am a Certified Professional Coach helping single parents who are dealing with grief. I am a long-time yoga teacher as well where I teach at my in-home yoga studio in Collegeville, PA. I teach yoga to kids between the age of 6-14. I also teach Beginners Piano at my home.

(19 reviews)
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I offer Private and group yoga lessons, Pilates and Thai Massage Therapy

I am a Yoga instructor certified by the Yoga Alliance in India (200h RYT); Thai Massage therapist certified by the Thai Healing Alliance International in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Pilates teacher and certified by FEDA (Spanish Federation Directed and Fitness Activities). I offer classes at home, also group classes in Sala Polivalent D ARTS, located in 17 Monlau Sagrera street in Barcelona.

(9 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga classes at home, adult couples; children and the whole family. Thai Massage Therapy.

Yoga teacher; Thai Massage Therapist (300h RYT), USA; ballerina, child educator and sociocultural operator. It comes from a long work of research and interdisciplinary training body. Priscilla the last decade has been studying various disciplines of bodywork, in countries like India, United States, Spain and Venezuela.

Luca matteo
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Integral Yogarmony Base lessons with Pranayama home-based concepts for everybody !!

I want to make the Yoga practice discover in a very simple, harmonious and engaging way. My is an open integration system, which I have also collected from disciplines such as Dance Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi Martial Arts and Motorial Sciences, where biomechanical and kinetic aspects are being studied more and more closely. Together we will study them with practice.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Hatha Yoga teacher Lyon (relaxation) Vinyasa (dynamic), Yoga Therapy, for all levels

Graduated in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga (French Federation of Yoga), I am interested in Yoga Therapy, which I am currently training (Institute of Yoga Therapy). I appeal to everyone regardless of age or physical condition. I propose dynamic or relaxing courses, according to the expectations, and individual sessions of Yoga Therapy, for specific needs.

Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)
Ana beatriz
(6 reviews)

Private Lessons from Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (E-RYT 200) - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Professor of Vinyasa Flow, also formed in Integral Yoga by ANYI (National Association of Integral Yoga), and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. He made trips to study in India, the United States and Brazil. Believes in yoga as a way of working the body-mind and as a path to self-knowledge and spirituality.

(14 reviews)

Yoga and Pilates - Private or group lessons, Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal_susana.vie | High Performance Training

Personal Yoga Training. Get more schedule flexibility and privacy! It is the alternative for those who do not have the time or who want more privacy and specialized professional attention. It will be proposed some techniques that are better suited to the practitioner and their specific needs and quickly get the desired results. Working with all customer groups.

Lyon 7e
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Give Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga or children's classes for dynamic individual or group lessons.

I can give yoga classes in community (school, outdoor or in studio) but also private individual course (home). The progress in my students is pretty fast and if the course is individual, I am listening to the specific needs of each of them. Indeed, I find it very important to adapt to each person and to be able to fully follow the progress of people throughout the sessions.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Vinyasa - The art of living fully - Certified Yoga Alliance USA

I adapt my lessons to my students by keeping the key principles that are flows of postures performed with a proper breathing, alignment of the body and relaxation. I accompany my music and meditation classes. I adjust and guide you so that you can find your connection to each posture.

Le Vésinet
(9 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Private English Yoga Teacher For VIP Class - Le Vésinet / Le Pecq

I have been practicing Yoga for more than 5 years and have an international degree obtained in an American school. I wish to offer a Yoga that gives the smile, a Yoga that gives you benefits in your everyday life and that helps you to cope with the hassles of everyday life. I offer Yoga classes adapted to your anatomy, your level and your desires.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified yoga teacher in Vinyasa by Yoga Alliance, give courses of Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative Vinyasa and Ashtanga serie A, Toulouse (group or individual)!

Hello, I teach Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, et Restorative yoga, in the studio or at your home. All levels are accepted (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, Universal Yoga Center in India: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Yang, Restorative, Yoga interval.

In my approach, I like to establish a link with the person to whom I teach. Thus, it is important that we can, at the first meeting, discuss the expectations and needs of the person, so that I can frame my personal follow-up based on that. I like to start my lessons with a few minutes of anchoring. That is, take the time to sit in silence and focus on our breathing.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Home Yoga courses for Stress Management (soft yoga) and Toned Shape (dynamic yoga)

Practicing Yoga since 2009, I like to offer a Yoga that is both contemplative and physical, connecting breath, body and mental for 45min to 1 hour of practice in the confort of your home, alone or together with friends.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Classes of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa in Madrid in Spanish, Italian and English

My classes are for those who want to approach yoga or who already practice to help them change their lives as yoga has changed mine. Through a vigorous practice of asanas, pranayama breathing and meditation one can remove stress and get a thorough understanding of self. On the physical level you can achieve better fitness, flexibility and strength.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Stress management, physical relaxation and exploration, yoga deals with all of it!

In my yoga classes, I am attached to several points: - the respect of oneself and one's capacities of the moment, one's energy; - attention to breathing, awareness of movement; - the precision of the postures and sequences, the anatomy of the body is important and a good realization of the postures allows a deep work of stretching, musculation and relaxation.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

I offer the tools of yoga to students wishing to expand their physical, mental and spiritual understanding of themselves. Within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere :)

I offer private or group yoga lessons with a fun and relaxed vibe, primarily vinyasa and Ashtanga based flow classes, with meditation incorporated. Classes can be adjusted to suit the individual student, any levels of experience welcome. My teaching methods are based on honouring the process of the eight limbs of yoga, loving oneself and holding compassion for our bodies.

Paris 20e
(10 reviews)

Private and collective classes of Yoga / Flexibility / Stretching and contortion initiation in Paris

My keywords: gentleness, kindness, sharpness and respect for body and anatomy - because we are all different. We all have the opportunity to improve our flexibility, it's all about finding the right way to do it, and I'll be happy to help you finding it.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but about the shape of your life. Yoga is not realized, it is lived. Yoga does not care what you have been; he cares about the person you're becoming

Continue writing Hello .. :) I am Daniele, I am Italian, I am 32 years old and luckily I found yoga about ten years ago, and from there I have never stopped. I started practicing because my back and back hurt and after spending a lot of money on physio, massage, etc, I tried yoga and started to love this discipline.

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