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Los Angeles
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Never is too late, learn VIOLIN! Beginners, Intermediates, Kids, Teens or adults!

I like to teach always thinking in my students and their needs. First I have to be sure that they have a solid musical foundation of and possess the knowledge needed to read notes or do other musical things. If that doesn't exist, then don't worry! Don't panic! I'll teach you! I'm not so structured and strict, because I think learning process into new things shouldn't be so frustrating.

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Violist with 7 years of experience gives strings (violin, viola, cello) lessons and music theory

Born and raised in South Korea, I began my musical education with violin at age five and then with viola at ten. I went to Yewon Arts Middle School and Seoul Arts High School with viola. I won the Music Journal Competition and held my winner recital in Seoul, South Korea at age sixteen.

Oro Valley
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Professional violinist with over 10 years of teaching experience in Tucson, AZ.

It all starts from fundamentals such as having good posture, listening to correct intonations, and learning bow technique. I believe the more students play scales and etudes such as Kayser, Wolfhart, Kreutzer,and Suzuki, the better they would become as a musicians in the future.

Miami beach
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Suzuki Certified Violin teacher of 3+ years offers violin lessons to all ages

I use the Suzuki Method as my main approach, although the approach is altered to meet every students individual needs. My goal is to be a part of my students journey to become happy well-rounded members of society. As a teacher I focus on fun, family involvement, and celebrating every accomplishment no matter how big or small.

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Emily gives solid instruction on violin and viola to students of all ages and ability levels!

Students enjoy their instrument the most when they are competent and confident in their abilities. I cater lessons towards each individual students needs while making sure that all students receive a solid foundation in music reading, technique and musicality.

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Professional violin/fiddle player with 25 years teaching experience is ready to teach you!

I teach lessons based on the needs and desires of my students. I help by inspiring with a positive, fun-loving approach. If my student wants to learn to read music, I use that approach or if they prefer learning by ear, we move in that direction.

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Concert violinist and violist offering private and group lessons to all ages

I focus a lot on technique and note reading. I am not a Suzuki certified teacher. I insist that all my students read music. My methodology is focused on positive learning and growth. I have a Master's degree in violin performance and regularly perform around the country giving master classes.

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A lifetime of violin experience and with a university degree, teaching from home in Sacramento.

My teaching methods always revolve around my students and their needs. Of course, I make sure that they have a solid musical foundation of first and posses the knowledge needed to read notes or do other things. After that is established I focus on the student's individual needs, whether it's a person's first time playing the violin or they are preparing for the ABRSM Royal test and the CM test.

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Violinist in the Troy area with over 11 years of experience playing

- I focus on fine tuning vital techniques to enhance the overall sound and performance - Practice and technique based etudes and exercises will be used to make quality sound second nature - I am always open to student feedback as I understand that some teaching methods may cause unnecessary anxieties

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Violinist, music student wanting to pass my love and knowledge of the violin on to young beginners!

I would love to teach beginning students. I find that repetition, as well as gaining confidence, is key when practicing things such as bowing and intonation. My belief is that every student learns differently and has different needs. That’s why I don't believe in a one size fits all teaching method.

South Jordan
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Symphony and Orchestra student offering lessons to anyone and everyone of all ages

I give lessons to anyone of any age. The levels I mostly teach are beginners to intermediate. I go with students at their own pace. I get to know the people I tutor and their goals. I teach students scales and exercises that help tone, quality, and intonation. I try not to do too much of the same thing repeatedly because I know how overwhelming that can be.

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Online Instructor with 7 years of experience offering online violin and viola lessons

I am a diligent and success-driven educator with 7 years of experience teaching music private lessons. I am currently available to accept new students for weekly online lessons. I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute online lessons. I have built a reputation of a compassionate, hardworking, and an excellent role model within an incredible short span of time.

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Violin lessons online with a professional violin teacher and orchestra concertmaster! I will help you to overcome difficulties playing violin by correcting your posture. I hold a MD in Music from CSU.

I teach violin to the students of ages 5 and older. I create a specialized method plan for each student to provide a personalized approach to learning. My main focus is on helping students to attain a great posture without having a tension in the body. Also, I help students to perform with more accurate pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and thoughtful musical phrasing.

Pleasant Grove
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Dedicated to Making Musicians. Music has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I created a musical tapestry which I desire to share with any individual who is eager to learn.

My teaching methodology follows the lines of allowing each individual learn at their own pace while allowing them to stretch a bit as I push them to new limits they might have never thought were possible. I start out teaching the fundamentals of music: the notes, the symbols, etc. and then slowly but surely progress onto technique and the mastery of the violin.

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Violinist; Graduate Assistant; Klinder String Quartet member; Ohio Valley Symphony; Huntington Symphony Orchestra

I usually like to make sure that each student have a solid foundation in basic music theory and ear training. I find that having a strong base in these topics can often help the student's learning to be more effective and successful. Once I find the student ready to move on, I will assign repertoire in addition to scales and etudes that are appropriate for the student's capabilities and needs.

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Concert violinist with 7 years of experience and taught violin lessons children and senior at home in South Korea

I am a concert violinist with 7 years of experience. I taught violin lessons children and senior at home in South Korea. Also, I taught violin Ensembles for the beginner. I graduated Arts High School in South Korea and now I'm in Music University student.

San Francisco
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Orchestral student offering violin, ukulele, music reading and musicianship lessons in San Francisco with 2 years of experience.

I am a high school student and I give lessons to many younger kids, often ranging from elementary to middle school students. As for structure, I start with the basics: how to hold the instrument, some basic rhythms and how to read the music. Then I move on and advance into simple songs that eventually lead to the more difficult repertoire.

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Violin Soloist with 14 years experience, lessons in Exeter to all ages

My goal as a teacher is to make sure that my students enjoy playing and improve their skills with a strong basic. I usually base my lessons on the Suzuki method, although I'm open to modifying it to better fit each student's needs.

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When learning an instrument, why limit yourself to one genre? At The Eclectic String Bean Studio you can learn a bit of everything or focus on a specific style while honing your technique and ear trai

With beginning students, I generally start with the Suzuki Method and Solos for Young Violinists. I like them to practice sight reading new pieces for me so we can spot-correct and then I have them listen to the piece on a CD throughout the week so they know how it should sound. With more advanced students we either work through a book or they bring me pieces they are interested in learning.

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Lifelong violinist wants to help you get started playing! Individual lessons via video for adults.

I customize my teaching to the individual, based on what you already know, what you want to learn, and your personal learning style. We can play only by ear, or using sheet music. If you don't know how to read music yet, I'll break it down for you so that it's easy to grasp. You can choose one type of music to learn, or several. We can use FaceTime or another video chat application.

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Experienced Violin, Fiddle & Hardingfele instructor, all ages and ability levels, global genres taught.

Since each student comes with their own unique experience, I have, over the years, been able to craft very individual learning plans to guarantee successful outcomes. I use a number of different approaches and successful methods, depending upon the needs and goals of each individual student.

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Music minor offering violin lessons at home in DMV area with 8 years playing experience.

The best way to learn the violin is through practice and didactic teaching. Music is a discipline, and thus students should expect scale repetitions, fingering drills, and all the uncomfortable work that goes into making the violin sound elegant and beautiful.

New York
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Classically trained violinist of 10 years who will travel to you to help you reach your full musical potential!

I have been described by my students as fun, energetic, helpful, and thorough.

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I have played the violin for 10 years, I also played for one year in college.

I actually haven’t taught a class but I do feel that each individual learns differently and at their own pace, so I would like to help students as much as I can to teach them in the ways that they feel they strive the best in.

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Proficient violinist with 12 years of teaching experience, lessons in Lansing (MI) area

I teach classic violin. While passing my knowledge to the students, i seek to make the learning process exciting, full of positive energy and support.

Fort Collins
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Concert Violinist and Fiddle, 8 years of experience, CSU student, available in the evening

I base my teaching off of the violinist's experience. My teaching is mostly based off of the Suzuki books which my students would need to buy for themselves.

Fair Lawn
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High School & College Music Educator, working & performing musician and orchestra conductor to teach Violin or Viola

I currently Teach three Orchestras at a High School in Bergen County and a Youth Orchestra. I also teach at an New Jersey State University and perform in the NJ and Greater NY area.

Toms River
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Composer/Singer Songwriter with Berklee Degree gives lessons on music theory, violin, guitar, and voice.

Hello! My name is Kaela and I graduated with a B.A. from Berklee College of Music. I am passionate about teaching children the importance of music, and would love to be an inspiration for them! I can teach beginner/intermediate violin, guitar, piano, bass, and vocals.

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Violin Lessons for all ages from preschoolers on up, in Bothell and Redmond Washington

I teach primarily using the Suzuki Method, as well as other materials to best work with the student at hand.

Ann Arbor
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Violin lessons from a USC Thornton School of Music graduate, Ann Arbor

My methodology for younger students includes fun games to get the students interested. I have a Suzuki background and emphasize listening to the music, but I recognize that a basic understanding of music theory and music reading is very helpful as well. I have taught students age 3-21, and adapted my methodology to each student as necessary.

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Perfect! Aurelien is an amazing teacher. To be honest i wasn’t sure if webcam lessons would work because the violin is a hard instrument to learn but he made it work way beyond my expectations! His lessons are fun and i feel i learned so much since the...

Liliana, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Tres satisfaits des cours et de la pedagogie. Jennifer est fiable, ponctuelle . Elle explique tres bien les point forts et les points faibles a son eleve et explique comment s'ameliorer.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

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