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Video Game coder with 2 years of experience in Unity/C# and a year of Visual Basic in Kennewick WA area

I am willing to give lessons to any and all, glad to help as much as I can. I believe the best way to teach is for more flexible lessons, able to change based on the student needs. At the beginning, we will go over basic skills, teaching you how to work your way around Unity before eventually, I will assign you a project.

1st lesson offered free !

Need Help in Basic Programming or Algebra Contact Me and i will Help

I Hold Three AAS Degrees. One In Computer Programming and Systems Design, Another in Business Administration And Information Technology, and another One in Individual Studies, I am Currently Pursuing my BAS in Computer Programming .

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Certified C++ Programmer with 3 years of experience, able to teach anywhere in/around Hayward

It is my belief that education should be both stimulating and entertaining. In this way, students are better able to retain additional knowledge, and think of creative problem solving skills when dealing with difficult programs. An example of this, is teaching a student how to create a small version of their favorite games, like Pokémon.

1st lesson offered free !

Java Programmer can unwrap the secret of IT for your understanding and usage.

I approach each topic with very good understanding of a practical end-result in my student's mind while introducing them to the topic from fundamentals all the way up. I relate abstract sections with practical real-world examples around us for understanding.

Grand Junction
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Ready to learn about computers, MS Office, programming languages like C, JS, VB and more? I have a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering and have taught students at many levels including college

Everyone has a different way of learning. That's why the traditional classroom is ineffective for many students. I take the time to discover how you learn and customize the course material to best suit your learning style. Do you look forward to assignments in class? If you don't, then something is wrong.

1st lesson offered free !

.NET Developer and former High School and College Teacher, offering professional training and instruction.

I have spent my career in IT in the Lead position on projects, and offer instruction from the very basic to the highly complex issues, dependent upon the needs and understanding of the person being instructed, including elderly end users.

Shelby charter Township
1st lesson offered free !

Master's Degreed computer professional with 30+ years experience offering down-to-earth tutoring to all ages

I tailor all of my teaching to the individual needs of the audience. I can teach from the top down in a lecture format, or listen to your needs and provide ad-hoc lessons.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Google Scholarship recipient offering computer science tutoring in the Los Angeles area.

I am looking to help everyone that needs it. Computer science is my area of focus but I can also help with math. If you need help increasing your WPM to land that job then Im your guy. Thank you.

1st lesson offered free !

Retired EE with lifetime teaching credential for community colleges in Boise, ID with experience in teaching Physics, Math, Electronics, Programming, Engineering, Statistics

My teaching style is patient and using varied approaches. If you don't understand a concept I will present it in different ways until you understand it. Your comfortable understanding and "getting it" is the ultimate goal. Sensitive to different learning styles.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Expert will travel to you. Delaware Valley. I believe every student can be successful.

I teach high school and college students. I use course book materials. And also on-line web sites. I will also provide the best learning content depending on the language to be learned. My goal is for students to discover the joy of learning new and useful things. I am convinced that every student can be successful.

Newport Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Computer Programming Wizard 35+ Yrs experience - VB SQL Access WordPress ; am an active blogger

I approach each topic by first evaluating the student's current understanding of the subject and proceed to build on that baseline knowledge by building a real world application that can be deployed on the internet, or local platforms. Grades are given but the proof of learning is determined by whether or not the deployed project works.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to code on your own time! Courses in Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

I teach in a very fluid and customizable style. My goal is to make sure that you understand what's being taught and get the most out of this experience. I'll make sure to check your understanding and go at a pace that's comfortable for you.

1st lesson offered free !

I am passionate in teaching and keeping up to date with the latest technologies coming in the teaching industry and dedicated to working in the teaching industry.My careful preparation of lessons allo

My teaching method is simplify problems into small chunks and solve it step by step. Write algorithm to each small chunk and start programming it.

Las Vegas
1st lesson offered free !

Microsoft Certified Trainer offering software / coding classes online , virtual and in person.

I offer classes at all levels : -Basic to Advanced -Group or Individual -Corporate or Private -Virtual or Classroom Features : -Flexible Schedule -Cost effective Training -Personalized Training Plan

1st lesson offered free !

I am able to instruct you on the basics of C#, and Java. This will include Procedural and Object-Oriented programming

I am willing to meet you at your place or conduct a skype phone call in order to give you lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Oracle SQL and other languages for computer programming

I'm a software developer. I know several languages, as well as Java, COBOL, VBA/Basic, RPGII, Delphi, C, Python, Oracle SQL ... I worked in several companies as software developer and analyst in Unix, DOS, and Windows OS. I designed, developed, and supported business software applications. Java is probably the most important software language now.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a long in the tooth programmer and author. I will teach you deep understanding and how to break a problem into simpler steps. This is the key to programming. I program in a large variety of langu

I have a BBA in statistics I have worked a programmer and technical architect for over 40 years I have published a book about programming with databases - Visual Basic Oracle 8 Programmers Guide - ISBN (concealed information)

1st lesson offered free !

Computer programmer, HTML, Java, Visual Studio, Freelancer, Computer Technician, Testing Engineer. !

I am a certified Java programmer through Kirkwood Community College. Obtaining my BS in computer science through University of Iowa. I am a team player who's not afraid to ask questions. I always look forward to work in a team environment and share my opinions if they might present improvements to our work process.

1st lesson offered free !

4.0 GPA IT Student looking to tutor individuals in Python,Java or C#. Course will cover the following IDE'S: Basic Math: Variables For/While Looping Classes & Inheritance File I/O Abstract Classes OOP

Topics are approached in learning the concepts and the functionality of each concept. This is followed by the demonstration of code and discussion to make sure the ideas are understood on a fundamental level. I teach functional, organized and optimized code that can be reused for any purpose.

Clifton Park
1st lesson offered free !

IT professional offering help with Excel, Oracle SQL, programming languages, basic computer sciences

Teaching by providing real life examples and use cases from the industry. Use of different tools and and teaching methodologies to help individuals have a firm grasp of materials. Provide guidance , mentor, reference current tools and open-source resources available and use efficiently.

Carson City
1st lesson offered free !

Total nerd loves to talk tech! 19+ years experience. Apple, Dell and Android certified!

Patience is the number one goal in teaching and I have plenty of it. The most ignorant question is the one not asked, so make sure you have plenty of them! I teach based on what branch of technology you are looking to extend.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Web Developer will help you code in VB.net, Python, Javascript, and also launch your project online!

Computer programming and web development can be very frustrating. My methodology focuses on helping you resolve your frustrations and to instill best practices while doing so. I will get you to think about all the possible ways that your program can be used and abused.

1st lesson offered free !

Information Technology student offering programming and various other IT lessons online via webcam.

I teach Information Technology and computer programming courses for all ages, with an emphasis on college/university level students. Programming courses include, but are not limited to: Visual Basic.NET development, Beginner-level C++ or Java Development, Scripting with Python, Powershell, or Bash, website development with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

(6 reviews)

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that great unknown that can save our lives ...

Professor of VBA for more than 5 years, I GUARANTEE learning with my courses of various levels. From level 0, in which we will learn to record a macro, going through loops, conditional and arriving at the Forms / UserForms, with which we can "mount" our programs on an Excel sheet.

1st lesson offered free !

Like to teach programming languages like C,C++, Java, VB and ICT of IGCSE level as well as engineering students

My teaching techniques which can be easily explained to the students. I change my methodology according to the students requirements. My main purpose is at the end of the class, the student must understand the concept. I am conducting class in a group or one to one basis.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional software developer mentors and teaches programming and debugging to bright students

I believe in teaching how to think rather than what to think. I start with the very basics for beginners, that way they are able to relate to what is being taught, and then a step at a time we delve into deeper concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Real life Software developer with 15+ yrs exp. working large scale MNC Project

I get in touch with my all student personally. I under stand my student positive & negative points, and under stand the goal of my student, I try my self to remove negative points from him to achieve his goal.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Engineer & Programmer works ICT Sector here in Somalia for the last Two years

The methodology i use when i teaching students is bring and take some real examples that students understand easily with out further and annoying explanation and making students try similar what i show them in the example to ensure that they understand well.

1st lesson offered free !

MCA graduated student wants to share my knowledge to other students specially in computer programming.

My teaching method is firstly I will try understood the student interest and knowledge then I will move to take class I will teach every concept clearly from basically. i can teach from primary to degree level students. I am interested to spend time with students because one other jobs satisfies as much teaching and sharing our knowledge to others...

1st lesson offered free !

B.Sc. CS Gold Medalist student gives tuition in programming languages including mentoring academic and professional projects

My teaching methods are very practical. I believe in practical knowledge with strong understanding in fundamentals. A person needs a computer, some stationary to note down things that's all. My classes can aid higher secondary students, undergraduates and diploma student or some technology enthusiastic who wants to learn the computer programming.

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