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Professional Native Chinese speakers' tutoring for American Middle School Students interested in

I am a native Chinese speakers that finished my bachelor degree in the US. I am currently on my summer holidays. Since I am both proficient in Mandarin and English, I am going to provide the lessons of basic oral expression of Mandarin.

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Experienced Patient Mandarin Chinese Teacher for All Level and All Age Students

I’m a native born Chinese and have resided in the U.S. for more than 20 years. I am an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching Mandarin to English speakers for ten plus years. I can base the material off of your interests and level of proficiency. You will learn not only Chinese phonological system, vocabulary, grammar and conversational topics, but also Chinese cultures.

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Experiencing interesting Mandarin Chinese, delicious food, great history, traditional arts, and mystery Culture in Saginaw

I, Debbie Chen, graduated from education master degree of Saginaw Valley State University on May, 2017. I, a native speaker, teach Mandarin Chinese for any ages.

North Palm Beach
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ACTFL Chinese certified teacher with 15 years of experiences between California and Florida. I can teach Cantonese dialect too.

● I am a native Chinese from Taiwan. ● I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese dialects. ● I can teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese in all levels, including HSK test preparation, AP and SAT Chinese. ● My students are required to show and tell, create projects based on themes and task.

Port Deposit
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Native Mandarin speaker immersion class for everybody that they are interest Chinese culture and Mandarin

I'm Yurong, from China. I have diploma to teach foreign people Mandarin. My lesson is immersion style. I will say little English and more Mandarin. I will set up Mandarin environment for my students. I'm serious teacher during the class time, but I will be more fun after class. Sometimes my students will become to my friend.

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I am a born Chinese and was grown in Chinese Speaking Area.

My class based on pronunciation at first, and then vocabs and also Grammar and Oral and Listening.

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I was the head of the Chinese Language Dept. at a powerful prep school for 27 years

B.A. UMass-Amherst in Chinese, M.A. UMass-Boston in Bilingual Ed. After undergrad, I spent a couple of years in China, solidifying my Mandarin. When I came home, I began teaching. I was the head of the Chinese Language Dept. at a powerful prep school for 27 years. Can teach any level of college or high school Chinese, my spoken Mandarin level is also equal with English.

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Mandarin Chinese Tutor with 2 decades of experience living and working in China

My teaching methods vary from using the Yale and/or Oxford oral and written practice textbooks on Mandarin Chinese. I am also well-versed with the Taiwan-produced publications. However given my years of practical experience living and working and speaking in China, I try to emphasize the conversational and common situational language in the context of conversations.

Kings County
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Advanced Chinese by AP class to middle school and high school levels in Brooklyn

My name is Amber Lin. Born in China Currently, study at Brooklyn College I majored in Accounting because my strength is math and I like to use numbers. I have passed AP test in high school which includes reading, writing and listening. It is important to learn an international language. It is my pressure to teach you.

Chapel Hill
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Dynamite bilingual in North Carolina passionate about mandarin teaching and new friends

Hi! This is Xinyu and welcome to my page! I'm a first generation immigrant from Beijing, China( which means no dialect accent). I had lived in China last 16 years and Mandarin is my native language. I went to Foreign Language schools for elementary, middle school and high school. I speak listen and write both English and Chinese as my native tongues.

Charter Township of Clinton
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Certified Mandarin Teacher with Master's Degree in Teaching and 3 years experiences in Michigan

Dedicated Chinese language teacher with nearly 3 years’ experience developing creative lesson plans and implementing instructional best practices. Full-time teaching in elementary school (K-1) and middle school (grade 6,7 and 8).

Glen Burnie
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Maryland based tutor for Chinese language. Available to help with vocabulary, oral, and written Chinese.

I am a graduate of Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, and Anqing Normal University in Anqing, Anhui, China. I provide tutoring in Mandarin Chinese for vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading and writing Chinese characters. In the study of the Chinese language I concentrate on memorization of characters and words, as well as practice in conversation.

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Encourage your little ones to learn Chinese as their second language (from home!)

Maybe you're interested in picking up the language for the first time, or perhaps you would like to sharpen your skills in order to binge-watch your favorite Chinese TV dramas WITHOUT the subtitles. If this sounds like you, contact me! Mandarin is something I'm passionate about. As a musician, one reason I picked up the language so quickly is that it reminds me of music.

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Experienced Mandarin teacher/tutor and Native speaker, teaches all ages from Weston Florida

For child learners: - Incorporate learning from fun interactive games, songs, and crafts - Field trips to local Chinese markets and restaurants - Practice conversation with native speakers - Travel to your location For adult learners: - We will use books, music, movies - Quizzes will be used to reinforce memory - Practice conversation with native speakers - Travel to your location

Commerce City
Hongxia (diana)
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Chinese teacher gives Chinese and math lessons to who lives in CommerceCity

I was a middle school chemistry teacher in China before I moved to the U.S. in 2012. I am a Chinese teacher in Denver Language School. I would like give lessons to anyone who like to learn Chinese in any level, also I am good at math, would like to tutor anyone before under college level.

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Bilingual (Chinese, Eng) Translator teach Language,culture & conducting business and managing relations in our current global society.

Born and bred in a bilingual country - Singapore, where education system teaches us both verbal and written Chinese & Englisg since pre- k all the way till college. In college, I took up 5 years of Japanese and practice the language and culture for 10 years.

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Expereinced Mandarin Chinese teacher for all levels and any age group. Patient, fluent, professional and FUN!

College Diploma in English-Chinese Secretarial Skills, Xi’an Foreign Language University, Shaanxi Province, China, Further Study in English Department, Xi’an Foreign Language University, China, MBA (no diploma), Qing Hua University (Distance Study),China, Got further training to be a good trainer when worked as a HR manager

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Want to learn Chinese/English with a accent-free teacher? Need tutoring for pronunciation? Chinese/English Tutor in Lubbock, TX

I am American Born Chinese. I speak both Chinese and English fluently. I passed the Chinese AP Language and Culture Exam. College Chinese Minor. I cater to the specific needs of the student based on their level and their need. I also teach small children. I have a love for a Chinese Language and Culture.

Glen Carbon
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College Student from China, can tutor Mandarin to any level students near Glen carbon

My name is Alice, I come from China. I speak English well. I'm teaching Mandarin Chinese. I usually discuss with my student about what they wish to learn, and I'll be well prepared before the lesson starts. I also would like to build a good relationship with my student, and share my learning experience with them.

San Diego
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Yoshi's Joy Chinese Class--Please Come and Try!! You can Chinese From Now

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Kings County
Min xiu
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons in all levels during the summer in NYC. Can teach online or at home.

I was born in China and I am currently a student study in Skidmore College. I have many years of experiences in Chinese and I have learned Chinese since I was in kindergarten. I often speak Chinese with my friends and my family members.

San Francisco
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Premium Chinese Lessons with Sinologist in Training San Francisco, AP, SAT, HSK

Approaching the Chinese language can be daunting and I usually take it upon myself to make the language as accessible as possible. The structure of tutoring sessions makes it possible for me to hone in and tailor my session to meet my student's needs.

Rancho Cordova
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Want to learn Chinese super efficiently? Experienced Chinese teacher is here offering lessons in Rancho Cordova.

I encourage students to talk and intentionally make them use patterns they have just learned. I also let them read articles that contain characters or patterns they know. Fun tests are given in each class. Song teaching is applied where it is appropriate.

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Trilingual speaker helps you improve your Chinese proficiency, fluent in English, Chinese and Malay.

I adopt a teaching style that is framed specifically for the student. Every student is unique, hence I would conduct an evaluation or design a syllabus according to the student's needs and desired outcome. Also, I do not just teach the language but introduces the deep breadth culture at the same time.

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Mandarin Chinese Teacher with 7+ Years Teaching Experience Offering Lessons in Maryland

My lessons will be vary based on the student's prior knowledge of the language. The first session will be a general evaluation of their abilities as well as their individual needs/interests in learning Mandarin. Following this, I will structure lessons to gradually build understanding of the language's tones, grammar, and vocabulary custom for each student.

Ke er
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College student with a trilingual background (English, Mandarin, Cantonese) and tutoring volunteer experience in Boston, MA

During lessons, I would teach the content and have students review them on their own after class. Previous content will definitely be incorporated into future lessons, so students will retain the knowledge more easily. I teach lessons that are more practical for use in daily life and encourage students to learn smart by focusing on what will be useful for them first.

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Native Chinese tutor with over 3 years of experience in Houston TX

My goal is to keep you satisfied. You tell me what you like to learn, I provide you what i can offer. Besides formal teaching of language, I provide some entertaining materials like songs, movies to keep you amused while learning the language.

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Native Chinese tutor with over 8 years experience offering online and in-home lessons

I tailor my lessons to the student's needs. Depending on the individual's learning style, I may or may not apply the immersion technique in which I speak only in the target language. When appropriate, I would use some English to help explain more difficult topics. In order for the tutoring lessons to be effective, it's a teamwork between the student, his/her parent(s), and the tutor (me).

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PhD student studying language acquisition & native Chinese speaker with 1 year of teaching experience

Generally speaking, I prefer to use an interactive approach and a task-based approach; However, I also believe there's no one approach that is better and more suitable for everybody, as our brains are all different from each other. Therefore, the tutoring approaches I selected for each student are also based on each individual's age, personality, preference, and learning goals, etc.

Temple City
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Chinese student from UCLA gives Mandarin lessons to beginners in Los Angeles

I'm a Chinese student from UCLA looking for a private mandarin tutor job. I can give lessons to Chinese beginners, especially kids. I have the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language Certificate. I'm very patient and outgoing. Additionally, I grown up in Chinese and came to America in 2012, as a native speaker, I can provide the most accurate pronunciation.

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Perfect! Very professional and patient and passionate about teaching Chinese

Kris, student
1 year ago

Perfect! We still did not do the class. I am with a very tight schedule right now. But I will contact him back. Thanks. Ainda não tivemos nossa aula. Estou com o horário apertado neste momento. Mas retornarei a contatá-lo quando houver tempo. Obrigada.

Liz, student
2 years ago

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