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vocabulary - french lessons at home for ilr level 2 levels

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Native speaker with Experience offering Interactive French Lessons in the Boston Area

My teaching method is based on interaction because I believe the fastest way to learn a new language is by keeping yourself in the language's environment. The base of my teaching approach is identifying my students' difficulties as early as possible in order to better manage them.

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PhD/M.Ed. offering French and Latin Lessons with a tailored, individual approach in Portland, Oregon

I have been teaching at the university and high school level for more than a decade and I have both a Ph.D. in English and a Master's of Education with an active teaching license. My teaching method is one-on-one and tailored to the unique needs of my students. We will start off with a free consultation of 20-30 minutes where we meet one another and discuss your goals and subject needs.

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Friendly French Tutor, native speaker, 10+ year experience offering in person or on line classes, Boston Metro West area.

I am a native speaker and have been tutoring all levels and age groups for more than ten years. I always customize my classes and combine listening, speaking, reading and writing skills according to the students' goals and abilities. I have a relaxed teaching style and focus on helping learners build confidence and improve their communication.

Santa Monica
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A real way to learn quickly French with a native French teacher

My teaching methodology is really interactive. We only speak French during the lessons. You do not necessary have homework, I adapte my methodology according to your available time. Talking is the best way to learn quickly. We can have the lessons in a classroom, outside, at home...... i think it is good to change the work environnement sometimes.

New Haven
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C'est un grand plaisir si je pourrez aider les enfants et les adultes qui veulent améliorer ou apprendre le francais comme une 2 eme langue.

I am a woman who studied languages (French and English) in primary middle and high schools till university and I would like to help those specially beginners if they wish. If we want to learn a language we have to know the grammer with sme good vocabulary. Avoir la base est important pour apprendre une langue.

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Aprende inglés hablando inglés, con mi metodo de alta experiencia en aprendizaje.

Trabajo con jóvenes y adultos. Me especializo en la conversación. Hace algunos años creé una metodología para darle clases a personas de habla hispana. Soy una persona muy jovial, muy afable y me gusta que mis alumnos aprendan. La docencia es mi pasión.

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Supply Chain Management student offering French and Math tutoring sessions in Lakewood Washington.

I'm a math tutor pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management after earning an Associates degree in Business Administration. I tutor math in college for over a year now and my french skill comes from my background. I'm at least bilingual and French is my primary language. I believe that everyone is gifted and my tutoring style focuses on helping people to discover their potentiality.

Round Rock
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Native "Français" speaker offering a french lessons to Adults in Austin, TX

I graduated from University Paris Sorbonne, with and MBA in Marketing and Distribution Management. I like the reverse method in teaching French. It's called "Immersion Totale" I like to help my students by giving them the necessary tools on how to speak French for different purposes.

Santa Clarita
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With me, you will be fluent in French in due time. "Avec la patience et un peu d'effort tout est possible!!

I will explain the assignment/home work and will assist you. My goal is for you to understand, speak French and guide you to not be fluent but to read and write. Depending on your level, you will excel. You will learn.

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Tutor with B. A. available to teach French via Skype or Zoom

My teaching method is very logical. I go at the student's own pace. In other words, I don't give them too much that he/she can't handle. I teach grammar, sentence structure, verbs, conjugating verbs and word pronunciation. I also teach the student to think in French which gives them a strong understanding and perspective of the language.

Boca Raton
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A passionate French Teacher with 5 years of experience in private lessons at home or online.

My goal is provided in French different tool to love this language. I use art, manual activities and games to love and practice this language with pleasure. My method is based on written and oral language. With my experience, I have seen a faster assimilation of the language through games or activities.

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Lear French in Saint Simons / Glynn County With Experienced Native French Tutor

As a tutor and teacher, my primary focus is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. I’m deeply convinced that all students have the fundamental right to have access to a successful and fulfilling education in order to be productive and become valuable members of society.

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Language-learner and traveler offers French tutoring online for beginner and intermediate learners

While every student is unique, I like to approach teaching French through specific topics that are relevant to daily life, adding a grammatical concept and then practicing expressing thoughts and ideas to secure what we've learned in their memory. To make the concepts more of a reflex than something the students need to work through.

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Native French teaches French language, grammar, accent, expression, comprehension, general culture, news,

My teaching method is based and helping students to develop critical thinking skill and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. I am creating discussions and activities based on subjects of interest. The idea is to create an exchange where the student feels comfortable and happy to learn.

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Native French speaker with 30 years experience offering French tutoring to all ages

I am a native French speaker offering fun and exciting French tutoring for all ages. I specialize in teaching beginning French in a way that is engaging and fun, and that supports you to really learn how to speak the language and understand it from the ground up.

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Native French speaking HR Specialist & MBA student offering French lessons in Dallas, TX

Native French speaking recently moved to the US and excited about sharing her French knowledges. Offer supports for practising French, reviewing homework and reports and discuss any needed subject. This is for people who already have a certain level of French and that would like to improve their level.

(1 review)
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French speaker Tutor in Cincinnati. Fluent in both spoken and written French.

I graduated from a French university. French has been my primary language since kindergarten and all of my undergrad and postgrad have been in French.I can help students across all levels with their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.

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Fun and Experienced French Tutor Available for All Levels, On y va!

I am a recent graduate from the University of Texas, Austin. I not only studied abroad in France, but I worked for the Mayor of Paris as a translator, speech writer, and intern of her delegation of international relations. I am an extremely personable tutor who believes in mastering the language through befriending my clients for comfort and trust.

Fort Wayne
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French culture enthusiast with degree in French gives language lessons at home

I have a Bachelor's degree in French language and culture, and I give lessons to those who are just beginning to learn the language. I can come to your home or you can come to mine, or we can even go somewhere more neutral; whichever works best for you and your learning style. I am very flexible with my methods of instruction.

League City
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Want to learn french ? I'm a native speaker from Paris, France.

You need to learn french? Since I know the difficulties to learn a new languages I will help you by using daily activities to improve your french. You don't know french, that's OK everyone start as a beginner, with games and adding vocabulary I help you to start conversation with native people. I also help you not only the new words but how french think and you will be able to fit in the culture.

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French lessons with native speaker passionate about foreign languages in Pasadena area

Do you want to learn “la langue de Molière” because you wish to travel in a French-speaking country? Or is it rather for professional purposes? Whatever the reason, I will offer you classes tailored to your needs and interests, from beginner to advanced levels.

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French Tutor in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Currently working towards my BA in French and Francophone studies.

My approach is to cater to the needs of each individual student. Only the student knows what specific skills need practice (oral, written, spelling, grammar, etc.) and as a fellow student I understand the need to spend time on what needs the most individualized work. I will be willing to offer my help in whatever way possible to each student.

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A college student from the Ivory Coast is offering French tutoring in Waxahachie Texas 18 years of experience because it is my native language.

My method d of teaching is breaking down the lesson into small parts to keep it simple. I use actions and relatable situations to make sounds and pronunciation comprehensive. My point is not only to teach the lesson but make it applicable or at least toleratable.

Forest Grove
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French Major offering lessons in oral and written French in Forest Grove

My teaching method is a hybrid of demonstrating and facilitating, where learners are given a model and then challenged to try and apply it. I tend to structure classes around a specific subject or idea, ranging from a set of vocab to different verb tenses.

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Experience French teacher in the Denver Metro Area looking to share the beauty of la langue française

Each student receives individualized instruction based on their personal goals for learning the language. Overall, I emphasize practical communication skills and tips to communicate the most authentically with the language. Use of authentic language materials is essential for students to understand how the language is used in Francophone countries.

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Native French speaker offers French and ESL/ESOL lessons to all ages in Chattanooga

I approach each topic from the student's perspective and strive to employ teaching techniques that complement individual learning styles. Comfortable teaching individuals as well as groups, I use verbal, written, visual, and hands-on learning techniques.

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French Studies graduate offering French tutoring in Des Moines metro area, IA

My teaching method depends on the students I am working with. If a slower pace is required, then I have no issue. With that being said, I am capable of working with my rigor. I have taken courses while studying abroad in France and I have taken courses outside of vocabulary and grammar here in the United States. I can help with writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills.

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French government employee with 4 years' tutoring experience offering French lessons in Chicago

I tailor my lessons to my students' needs, but always emphasize learning the culture as well as the structure of the language. During lessons, I use grammar manuals to generate activities that fit the student's level along with videos to practice listening comprehension.

Oxon Hill
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Teacher/tutor with a degree in French and extensive experience living and working in France and Morocco

I typically give lessons to high school students, college students, and adults looking to learn and improve their French. I typically structure my lessons around functional proficiency, meaning I emphasize being able to speak the language quickly and confidently over understanding every minute grammatical detail before learning how to communicate.

Coconut Creek
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French woman teaching french lessons for beginners or not in Coconnut Creek !

All will depend of the age of the learner and the difficulties he or she will have either at school or just to have a conversation or to better know the french culture . I will adapt my methodology to each one, school, business, work, tell me what you need, I can also give French cuisine lessons.

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Perfect! She helped me with my homework and I did pass all of them. She was very kind, lovely and understanding. That attitude made everything easy for me.

Grace, student
7 months ago

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