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If you want to have the Best Japanese Teacher, this is Akemi

My teaching method incorporates both discussion and demonstration methods that enable the student learning process. I prepare the subject matter according to each student and their capabilities assessing their level of skill throughout. I like to initiate the conversation and why it must be this way in order to allow the person learning to comprehend the meaning of the translation.

San Mateo
1st lesson offered free !

Grad Student in San Mateo offering lessons in Japanese w/ 10+ years of skill!

I approach students as a friend first and foremost. I want them to feel comfortable around me so I can lead them out of their comfort zones and think out of the box. I guide students with intriguing questions that would lead them to thinking about the answer correctly.

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Japanese Language and Culture enthusiast, who wants to impart their knowledge to others.

My teaching methodology changes according to the person I am working with. I am a firm believer that not everyone learns the same way and that it is a teachers job to modify their teaching methods to best fit with the students their are teaching.

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Engineering student at Oregon State University, offering lessons in math, science, and Japanese

I have a college level understanding of the material I want to teach, and can apply it to whatever level my student is at. I like to follow a textbook or anything that will guide the direction of the material to be learned, but will also include things that come to my mind as we go. I am very patient with my students, as it takes a lot of time for anyone to understand new concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese Language Tutor with College Experience Offering Lessons for Students All Ages

As I focus on a problem area, I explain the lesson contents to the best of my ability. From there, I give example sentences in English and translate them to Japanese for the student. Once they understand my example, I have them create a few before going back to the question itself.

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I have spoken and have listened to Japanese language for 25 years

Japanese is a very rich language with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Japanese elemental school teachers teach students how to sing beautiful Japanese children's songs which are made of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. After teaching basic alphabet of Hiragana, Katakana and few symple Kanjies I will start teaching Japanese children's songs to students.

Hazel Park
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese tutor to help you learn this complicated language in the Detroit area with 4 years of study

I can give lessons to those just entering the Japanese language world, and those that also want a larger sense of the Japanese writing system. Those in a beginner or entry level intermediate class would be best. I prefer giving lessons based on starter level first, then slowly becoming more complicated and extensive as more lessons go on.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm a native Japanese speaker so if you need any help, I can help you

I've lived in Japan for nineteen years and I was born in Japan. Now, I go to university in NY. I'm very outgoing and active.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese mom gives Japanese language lessons from kids to Japanese beginner for college students and adults

Bachelor of Art in Social Psychology in Japan A.AS in Computer information Science in San Francisco. Nail School in 2013-14 in Japan. Jel nail and manicure basic certificate holder. Taking correspondence course in progress for second Degree. Plan M.S still.

1st lesson offered free !

Let's share a fun time and exchange English and Japanese with me!

I'm Japanese and I came to Los Angeles to study English. I want to speak English more and make loco friends. So I want to exchange our language English and Japanese with you. I can teach you all about Japan and basic Japanese language.

Saint Marys
1st lesson offered free !

Harvard Student gives Japanese lessons in Saint Marys Ohio to replace dayjob

I currently attend Harvard Extension School. I am hoping to graduate with a BA in Economics in 2020. I am fluent in Japanese with 1 year experience in translating in the automotive industry. As for lesson structure, I will begin with writing (hiragana, katakana, kanji) and teach vocabulary as we go along. Then I will proceed to teach sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

If you want to speak Japanese, I can be your conversation partner via Skype :)

while we are having conversation, I will speak mostly Japanese, but I can also speak English if you need. I will use both two languages based on your level.

Coral Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese, English, Spanish, Tutor with years of experience across the world.

I possess a degree in International Relations and Spanish and another in Law. My first degree comprised of French, Politics, Negotiation, Portuguese and Spanish Literature courses. My law degree covered many areas of law including, Tort. Criminal, Contacts among others.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese lessons with two teachers (American and Japanese couple) in theClarksville area!

I lived in Japan for 5 years and attended language school a well as 1 year of college. I also worked several at jobs in Japan as well. I speak Japanese 90% of the time at home with my husband. I am looking for students excited about learning Japanese, and I am willing to help in any and every way that I possibly can.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese- calias vermont- one semester of japanese language, writing, reading, speaking, and

I am a 50 year old clean cut male with a lot of time on his hands. I will pretty much give lessons in any subject you desire. My techniques and methods are completely unorthodox, and you may learn a lesson or two that you you would have preferred not to.

1st lesson offered free !

Half Japanese, Japanese raised tutor willing to tutor those learning or willing to learn Japanese

I teach by book, and through cultural immersion. Learning not just through the textbooks/workbooks is not enough; I would encourage learning through watching shows, reading the news, listening to Japanese music. I would also encourage learning Japanese history.

Ewa Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Former Community College Japanese Instructor gives Japanese lessons at Ewa Beach area

I am a native Japanese and teach Japanese language to all age people in Ewa Beach area. I taught Beginning Japanese at Green River Community College and Highline Community College for 5 years. I had a home classroom in Washington and taught Japanese to all age people over 10 years. I will help you to succeed in your Japanese class or for your business.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Born and raised in Japan. Love to tailor my lessons for every single students from toddler to adults!!

I love to tailor my lessons for every single students. My teaching method is not having specific one. On the first free lesson, I would love to discuss what you are looking for and where you are right now. Then I will suggest what I can offer. Learning second laungage is stressful and frustrating so I make sure I find a way before I start leading you towards your goal.

1st lesson offered free !

Are you looking for a Japanese Tutor/Translator/Interpreter? I'm here to help your need. I have 18 years experience.

I'm originally from Tokyo, Japan and I was a dentist for 10 years before I moved to the US. I graduated from Tokyo Dental College with DDS degree. I have taken post graduate courses at UCLA and USC in Los Angeles, CA.

Baldwin Park
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese graduate student offering Japanese lessons in Paris (speaking, writing and reading)

I am a graduate student living in Paris. I have a few teaching experience but I can help you study Japanese. (conversation, pronunciation, writing, etc.) I speak Japanese (native), English and a little French.

Morongo Valley
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Was a private business owner while living and teaching in Japan. I Can speak Japanese at an advanced level and have the necessary skills to educate and condition learners for real use.

Bachelors in English Literature, 8 plus years in education. Owner and established an English teaching company in Japan as a private business owner. Passed the Nihongo Kentei Go kyu 5 first year living in Japan. Have a passion for learning and questioning the things that i see around me.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Practice basic Japanese skills (conversational, writing and reading hiragana and katakana) with a 24 year Japanese high school teacher. Seattle

Willing to give lessons via Skype to individuals of small groups. Teaching methods is focused on students actively using the language during each session. Students should be able to immediately use what they've learned after each session. Built in reviews and pacing of new content is decided upon by the students. All lessons come with plenty of visuals.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and passionate tutor that caters to each student's individual learning abilities

My teaching method is dependent on my students. I teach in a certain style depending on the learning style of my student in order to present information in the most clear, simple, and understandable way. I am passionate, patient, determined, and flexible as a teacher.

Flower Mound
1st lesson offered free !

Fun and Effective Japanese lessons in North TX or Online with me

I can improve your speaking, writing, reading and listening level for JLPT, Business, Travel, as a subject or any other purpose. After I ask you about your goal, I will create specific lessons for you. We can share my unique study materials for the lessons and you can review them any time you want even after the lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate Japanese Teacher in Orlando area, with 9 years of Japanese study/1 year of teaching experience/B.A. in Japanese Language and Culture

I am a passionate, caring person who has always loved helping and working with people, especially students! Being a recent college graduate myself, I can understand the kind of stress and negative feelings school can create for students.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Japanese speaker practices and helps learning Japanese to any students up to college level in Minnesota

I'm a student in Minnesota who came from Japan. I graduated from primary, middle and high school in Japan. Since I lived there for most of my life, I can help students practicing communication in Japanese in a real life situation. If students have their text books from a school, I can help them by going through those books together.

1st lesson offered free !

Fluent Japanese speaker from Phoenix who worked 13 years in Japan speaking and writing Japanese everyday

I would like to help you get through any specific Japanese language problems you may have. I would like to talk to you and understand where you need help. Once we have that figured out we can go down the path of improving your Japanese together.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Japanese in Augusta Georgia from someone immersed in the culture today.

Hello, to anyone reading this and is interested in learning the Japanese language, or just need help improving I'm here to help. If you have some knowledge of the Japanese language already, I first like to gauge your abilities on where we can start and how I can help you improve in anyway.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior at RISD offering Japanese language tutoring and portfolio development in Providence, RI

Hi, I am Alice and currently a Senior in Textiles Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. I was raised both in Tokyo and Connecticut in a bilingual household that speaks both English and Japanese. I believe that language development, particularly for children, is most effective through visual learning and interaction such as through games, music, and problem solving.

1st lesson offered free !

American instructor with over 5 years of experience gives Japanese lessons online

My teaching method relies upon a well-balanced amalgamation of traditional and immersion-based approaches. Each lesson consists of conversational practise, special in-class assignments, and time-tested textbook usage. Online collaborative software and listening comprehension practise, as well as writing system introductions, are also handy.

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Perfect! Akemi is a great teacher! She provides the perfect material to teach you what you need to know while having fun doing it! I needed to learn business Japanese and Akemi's way of teaching made it so much easier to learn. She has a great response rate...

Aixa, student
4 months ago

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