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All-State athlete in three sports ready to teach everything I know to help your child

My teaching method is to break actions up into small steps. We will work on each step and then put it all together so your child not only knows the fundamentals, but also understands the importance of fundamental skills. Once they understand the fundamentals, we can really get into the game.

Oklahoma City
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Collegiate volleyball player offering lessons in Oklahoma City with 6-7 years experience

My teaching method is to break down what it is that we are focusing on and taking it step by step and gradually getting them comfortable with that certain skill before we speed it up and move on to anything else.

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Active volleyball player who has played for nearly 6 years and is open to teaching about the basics/fundamentals of volleyball!

Lessons are based on an individuals knowledge and skills of the game. Each lesson is progressive and incorporates not only hands-on work but also information on the inner mechanisms of the game- from highschool to college level play. Students will learn how to play at all levels and achieve the right mentality to be a better player.

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Experienced Volleyball Player with over ten years of experience playing on competitive teams.

I believe that working and perfecting the fundamentals will lead the athlete to success and he/she progresses. After working on fundamentals I work on more game like situations and practice with the student after this unless she/he is only interested in having someone practice with him/her.

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22 years of Football Experience that allows you to learn in a safe and positive environment

16 years as a Physical Education Teacher working with General and Special Needs Students 22 years as a High School Football Coach 13 years as a Head High School Football Coach California Coaching Certification Up to date on all new Strength, Conditioning, Speed, and Flexibility Training I am able to adjust my lessons and my drills at that moment to best benefit the student I am patient,...

El Paso
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Previously a varsity girls soccer coach and currently a jv volleyball coach, wishing to help athletes increase their skills

My coaching method is big on the basics. I focus most of my time on making sure my athletes have the very fundamental skills down. With soccer that is passing, dribbling, trapping the ball, and field vision. For volleyball the basics are serving, bumping (hands and platform), setting, and hitting. I focus a lot on passing since with out a pass, we cant score.

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Former multi-sport athlete with 14 or more years of experience in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Also a 4th grade volleyball coach for a local elementary school.

My teaching method is always keep the kids moving and learning. Ask them questions so you know that they understand what is needed of them, and let them be open with their questions. You have to keep the games fun, because no matter how much they are learning if they aren't having fun or being encouraged, they will not want to come back and they will be discouraged.

Federal Way
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WEBCAM ONLY! Able to try and give some tips for new players that are struggling in the sport

trying to find new ways to help out a player succeed in their play time. I truly believe there is no "Right way" in coaching a certain position/ move.

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I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you its going to be worth it .

Hi I am Pearl ! The sooner kids start playing, the more skilled they will become. The key to working with kids is to keep it fun and give lots of encouragement. With the right level of focus and discipline that anything can be accomplished. In the past, I have worked with all ages when it comes to volleyball.

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A Volleyball Player, Coach , and Official offering Volleyball practice at your place in Glendale.

I have a bachelor degree in psychology. I teach Volleyball in group or individually for age group of 12-15 girls and boys at the Gym of their choice in Glendale. I am professional and take my practices and job very serious.

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Ex-Collegiate Volleyball Player with 11 years of playing experience and 5 years of coaching experience

I approach each player differently, knowing that each player responds to challenge, change and competitiveness differently. I like to get to know my players personalities and infividual goals to approach coaching them in a way that will benefit them.

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Over 15 years experience played even in college, loves to make practice fun!

i like to start with a light run to keep you in shape then stretching and then go into different drills that help you!

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Former collegiate athlete with 12 years experience giving volleyball lessons to all levels in Indianapolis

I typically give one-on-one lessons to children 12-18 to learn fundamental volleyball skills. I am very enthusiastic and encouraging, and love seeing kids learn the techniques. I played college volleyball for 4 years and love to coach. I have worked with children professionally (at preschools and at a mental health facility) so I am comfortable with all ages and personalities.

Miami Shores
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Volleyball player with 10 years of experience with college experience in Miami

My teaching method is based on a step by step approach teaching all the fundamentals parts of the game with the right technique

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Soon to be D1 Collegiate Volleyball Player with a full scholarship with 10 years of Volleyball experience in intense Club Volleyball and intensive workouts multiple times per week.

I base my practices on passion, fun, and durable mastering and developing of volleyball skill while learning correct movements to prevent injury.

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Volleyball player with 4 years of experience. Played in middle school and highschool.

I would approach my teaching lessons with fun activity’s but also would make sure they learned and practiced well and a lot.

South Jordan
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I played volleyball till I was out of high school started playing at age 10. I want to help kids understand the game and teach them good techniques

I’m not really sure, I would have to see how the kids are and how well they do together and how their skills are to get a game plan

Oakland Park
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Silver medalist volleyball player, 3 years experience, tutor from home in Fl

I am a young teacher, first I teach the basics and proceed from there, I expect energy and optimism from all of my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Valuing students growth is what is important to big goal of learning

I approach it topic by taking in consideration the needs of the student or athlete.

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EX Volleyball player looking for individuals or groups to teach the sport to

I take what I know about the different positions on the volleyball court and use that to help others succeed in the sport

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College Student who gives lessons to middle school or high school volleyball and basketball players

I am a College Volleyball player at Seminole State College who will also be playing basketball in the fall of 2017. I teach the basics of both sports but I also teach at the advanced level.

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Tutoring in Reading, Health, P.E., K-12, DeLand, Florida, M.S. ED. Readiing, Literacy

M.S. Ed. with a Specialization in Reading and Literacy, Capella University, 2010; Currently an Education doctoral candidate Specializing in the 1:1 Environment, Capella, University, K-12.

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Fitness with volleybal and functional gym classes mixed with creativity and fun lessons!

University of Fortaleza September 2015 Medicine Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine - Orlando, FL May 2014 Institute Fitness Brazil - Salvador, BA October 2012 Master in Education and Sports Management Sek of Chile and American University of Paraguay 2007 to 2009 Postgraduate in Athletic Training University Veiga de Almeida of Rio de Janeiro 2001 to...

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Volleyball defensive specialist with 7 years of experience able to hold lessons at the Vanderbilt University Recreation Center

My teaching method involves various exercises and centers around practicing technique until it is all that you know how to do. We will go through light conditioning activities in addition to court awareness and focusing on movement while in a lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

I have been playing volleyball and basketball for eight years. Coached both for six years, and still continue to coach to this day. I want to help you succeed.

Every athlete starts as a student athlete. being a well rounded kid with a great worth ethic is the biggest key to success. Having discipline, and holding yourself as the athlete accountable is the first lesson I will teach. From there, all skill based training, and understanding the game. The point of competing isn't just to win, but to keep getting better.

1st lesson offered free !

Former Division I Volleyball Player offering private and group lessons in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

I am an optimist! I very much believe with the right level of focus and discipline that anything can be accomplished. In the past, I have worked with all ages when it comes to volleyball. Setting can be taught to a 2 year old with a balloon as easily as all-out defense can be mastered by a 65 year old.

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Certified Health & Physical Education Teacher, 11 Years Athletic Coaching Experience

Peter O'Brien; 1. Arizona State University Graduate, MA - Education, BS - Physical Education, BA - History 2. Certified School Teacher, # 1128996, Health, Physical Education, History, ESL 3.11 Years Teaching Experience, Health & Physical Education, (Fountain Hills Unified School District) 4.

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College Assistant for Volleyball Program Offering Lessons or Tips for Aspiring Players of All Ages in Troy Area

Played high school and club volleyball for 5 years Played one year of collegiate volleyball Student Assistant coach for collegiate program for one year Will me hired a paid Assistant coach in upcoming season Competed two years of undergraduate work and will be entering pharmacy school in the fall

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College volleyball player with 10 years of playing experience, providing coaching online from home in Northern California!

I take a heavy focus on the fundamental skills of volleyball, really making sure solid ball control is obtained. I also like to enlighten on certain strategies to improve volleyball IQ on the court. To me, fundamentals, ball control, and IQ are the essential foundation of becoming a good volleyball player.

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Lover of exercise and feel good activities. Got and ready to share some fun.

I took multiple classes in high school for Physical Education. I am currently taking a few college courses on health and fitness. I am well aware of the simple rules in most popular sports and I have also played most all popular sports.

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Whether looking to play beach or indoor volleyball, taking on the advice of an instructor is very important. With the help of volleyball teachers, a student is able to learn everything there is to know about the sport. It doesn't matter how long someone has been playing volleyball or what their current skill set is, with the help of the individualized volleyball lessons, anyone is able to learn this athletic sport that helps build muscle, burn calories and the player to have a great time as well. Now, volleyball is not going to be for everyone. That is why there are other classes and teachers available for these instructions. Some of these classes include scuba diving lessons for those who love swimming and want to take their lover underwater. Swimming teachers are available for those who are just getting into swimming and want to learn these basics first. A squash teacher can teach the sport while a running instructor can help improve running form, cut down on injuries and help anyone enjoy themselves that much more while running.