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Professional of 20+ years of Digital Marketing and Web Design offering lessons from Elkhart, IN

My primary method of teaching is by doing. The hands-on approach will allow you to retain what you learn and to recall that knowledge more efficiently. I believe by focusing on what's important initially will translate into better use of your skills and implementing them in the long run. But first, you have to get a good grasp of the fundamentals by learning how to learn.

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Computer builder, User, teacher & fixer with 40 years experience, website developer, Professional Control Systems Engineer & instructor

I am a Registered Professional Control Systems Engineer. Classes are for engineers and meet the NCBELS.ORG requirements and computer classes meet clients objectives. Engineering classes are done with Power Point Presentations on in my home theater for 1 to 8 students.

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Information Technology MBA in MIS tutor in Albuquerque, web programming and SQL databases

I hold an MBA in Management Information Systems and have over seventeen years experience in software engineering, both stand alone systems and web based client server systems. I like to make learning fun and interesting and customized to the interests of the student.

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Computer Science Graduate with up to 14 Years of Hands-On Experience in Miami , Florida

I am quite the experienced person when it comes to technology and I'm eager to teach people who are just starting or want someone to spark their interest. These classes are for someone with a high school degree and beginner's level. I would love to teach in a simple and down to earth manner.

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Wordpress 101 - learn wordpress, build your own website, and deploy it!

My teaching method varies based on the needs of the student and the material. For many of the computer classes you will have access to a web based server to apply the material you have learned. The labs are designed to reinforce the material.

San Angelo
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Concentrate on MS applications and basic language technology for over 15 years.

My technique involves preparing the student for certification exams, material and job skills, to motivate them to succeed in the technological areas they wish to pursue.

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Serial Entrepreneur with Startups and e-commerce using Wordpress, successfully built many companies using my web skills.

I approach my lessons with a free-thinking method, whereby I make sure that your mind is blown at the end of the lesson, with quirky references of my experiences in Africa. I make sure that you are fully immersed in the subject and can relate to it as I see it from my eyes.

Santa Fe
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Computer Programmer with 7+ years experience gives lessons beginner to advanced. I can also tutor basic computer and MS Office

If you're like me, you struggle with learning just by reading from a book. Although books are good, I believe that a more hands on approach is necessary to help students to fully understand not only the concepts/theories but how to apply them. I start off with what you know and expand on that.

Citrus Heights
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Learn computing technology from basic to advanced level at your home on your own pace and improve your skills.

My teaching style is much based on practical real world small and medium projects where anyone can learn as much as live performer.

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PhD in Physics, Mathematics, 20 years in Programming and Development very High Level

With this letter and attached resume, I would like to offer myself for a position in the fields of Quality Assurance, Test, and Validation that would utilize my professional skills and personal abilities. I prefer an opportunity offering growth and advancement based on individual merit and capability.

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Computer Information Technology MS_Access, MS_Office MS_PowerPoint, WordPress, HTML, Computer_security, Linux, Windows 10

I am a Cyber Security professional. I hold a MS in Cyber Security Technology. I work as a Professor of Computer Information technology at my local community collage. I use Labs and live video conference to provide a hands on learning environment.

Daly City
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1st lesson offered free !

Complete computer turtorials, everything from website design and administration to learning the basics.

Computer Science Major. Over 10 years developing and design. Over 20 years in computer hardware and software. Code, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, server administration, domain names, graphic design, php, html, css, cms, ftp, hardware parts and pieces, email, video, sales, and discounts.

New Orleans
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Software Engineer with 4 years of experience offering lessons in Computer Science and Programming

My policy is to teach anyone who wants to learn. Whether you're a complete beginner or someone looking to expand their skillset for their CV, I can help steer you in the correct direction.

Bruce alan
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Academic tutoring & Test Prep: Programming, website development, and computer tutoring

Education Polytechnic University · (postgraduate studies) · Computer Science · 1986 to 1994 State University of NY at Stony Brook · (postgraduate studies) · Computer Science · 1974 to 1978 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn · Candidacy for PhD · Physics X-Ray Diffraction & Crystallography · 1964 to 1970 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn · B.S.

West Chester
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Computer Science professor and public school teacher building our understanding of programming one line at a time.

My lessons are focused upon the core foundations of computer science from the novice student to the graduate student. I am fluent in more than 20 programming languages including JAVA, Python, PHP, C/C++, LISP, ML, APL, and Prolog just to name a few.

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Interactive web designer with 5 years experience tutoring give private lessons at reasonable rate!

My teaching method is to make sure the students understand the subject well. I explain everything in details and answer all of the questions the students may have. I always try to make fun to help the students do not feel bored.

Des Moines
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Topper in Computer basics and Maths with double Masters Degree,West Des moines

Master in computer science MS in Computer professional. I did my bachelor also in CSE. At school and university level ,I scored A+ grade in MATHS i love to teach maths and computer. The steps to teach are below 1.basics with small example.Then test whether student got it 2.

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IT and Web Developer professional with over 20years experience, here to help you

I approach each topic by giving first trying to understand the level of knowledge of my students and then custom tailoring my material accordingly. I use a blend of theory, real case scenarios and hands on projects in order to reinforce each topic.

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Competent Certified Computer Trainer Willing To Teach Basic And Advanced Computer Skills

I'm a certified computer engineer with over 10 years of experience working as a support technician and computer engineer. I enjoy teaching both adults and children how to use computers as part of everyday life, and how to make devices do what you want them to do.

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NW Houston Technology Prof for College Students and Professionals available when you are ready

I give lessons to college students, professionals, and adults seeking further knowledge in any area of technology. I teach people to fish instead of giving them fish. I am a professor X of sorts helping others unlock their full potential. I will be open to your questions and will not waste your time.

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Do you need help with Graphic Design software, Web Development, Html or CSS?

Are you struggling with a Graphic Design concept, software, or are having a hard time making a website design work? Let me help you unlock your creative potential. I have a Masters in Interdisciplinary Art form Columbia College of Chicago, A Bachelor degree in Graphic Design form Columbia College of Chicago, and served 8 years as a senior teaching fellow at Robert Morris University.

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High school programmer teaching basic to moderate computer programming concepts and languages

I love learning, and sharing what I learn. I teach with a "at your own pace" attitude which helps retain knowledge and enjoy it more.

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I am a long in the tooth programmer and author. I will teach you deep understanding and how to break a problem into simpler steps. This is the key to programming. I program in a large variety of langu

I have a BBA in statistics I have worked a programmer and technical architect for over 40 years I have published a book about programming with databases - Visual Basic Oracle 8 Programmers Guide - ISBN (concealed information)

Kings County
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Software developer teaching coding to children and adults in NYC area and remotely

Teaching all levels of coding and computer science. Beginners are welcome! Children ages 5 and up College undergraduate Graduate Coding boot camps New jobs Updating your skills Having started programming while attending Stuyvesant High School in New York City, I went on to earn a computer science degree from Columbia University.

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Java & SQL tutor, an experienced Professional having Master's in Computer Science degree.

A passionate Java professional having Master's degree in Computer Science. I love teaching and try to relates real world objects which helps students understand and memorize the basics. My students are pursuing Master's / Bachelor's degree in different cities in the US. My motive is to make basics strong and enable the student to code. :) Happy Learning.

New York
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Experienced tutor for teaching of 6 years who can teach well and accurate

The Authority, or lecture style The authority model is teacher-centered and frequently entails lengthy lecture sessions or one-way presentations. Students are expected to take notes or absorb information. Pros: This style is acceptable for certain higher-education disciplines and auditorium settings with large groups of students.

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Arkansas based Computer Science/Mathematics Tutor with 4 years experience (Programming, Robotics, Mathematics) - Kindergarten to College

I typically teach introductory programming and robotics. I have worked with multiple students with disabilities. Students guide their own learning, meaning that they start with the simplest information and based off of the student's interests I can begin to teach what they want to learn at a pace that works for them.

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An Enthusiatic Education Specialist in Educational Technology, Competency-Based Instructor, Philadelphia, pa

I am a competency-based educator with 20+years of experience in teaching adult education. As a lifelong educator, I am looking to teach students who need my expertise to improve their technology academic skills. I am an advocate for utilizing technology to improve the learning process for all students.

Valley Stream
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I am a Professional Software Developer and former College Professor having taught college level courses in Computer Programming and Microsoft Office. I have taught students at all levels including students pursuing degrees. I can prepare custom lessons specifically for the needs of the student.

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Web development lessons will teach students the core web development concepts that include browser and internet compatibility, database, form validations, multiple websites integration, computer networking, internet marketing, and more. It also discusses the non-design aspect of creating websites, coding and writing markup. Build a web application of your own - students can learn through telecommunication teachers and online tutorials. It can help students who are taking any computer and information technology courses. Through the Web development lessons given by Web development teachers, students can learn all the lessons related to effective web development. These private teachers are best sources for knowledge about electronics, computer-aided music lessons and also they can serve as a databases tutor. Web development teacher can also help teachers in school who are teaching programming lessons. The related topics include Web design, Web content development, network security configuration, Database technology, Application development cycle, Internet, Intranet, and Scripting Language.