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Professional Music Teacher Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Owns Tilghman's Academy of Music

My method is to study each student's learning strengths and weaknesses. There is not one method that works for every person. I adjust the method to match the student. I have written music books and workbooks for teaching different methods and seen much success over the years across the United States and in some other countries as well.

New York
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Professional saxophonist ( Jazz BFA ) teaching beginner and intermediate students NYC area

I am a professional saxophonist and jazz musician in the NYC area. I graduated from the City College of New York with a BFA in Jazz Performance. My professional life involves performing my own original music, performing the music of my peers, performing for events such as weddings and corporate gatherings, arranging music for others and teaching private lessons.

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Flute lessons in Boston MA from graduate student with 5+ years experience

Baylor University (Waco, TX) - Bachelor of Music Education, flute emphasis - study with Francesca Arnone - piano secondary - summa cum laude - performed with the Waco Symphony Orchestra Currently pursuing Master of Music in flute performance at Boston University - study with Linda Toote

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Trombonist offering music lessons across many Wind Instruments, specializing in Brass, online or at your location near Rossville, GA

I start out seeing where you are at with your chosen skill and let you show me what you can already do, and then from there I provide suggestions on how to improve what you are already doing right, and how to let go of habits and methods of playing that are getting in your way, and then from there I create lesson plans tailored to your situation, your strengths and weaknesses, and am always...

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Professional Trumpet and Brass Performer and Instructor located at Tilghman's Academy of Music

I believe music should be fun and educational. I joke around to keep the mood light when the music gets difficult. Music is my passion and I enjoy having the privilege to share my years of knowledge in theory and performance with others.

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Trombonists - Boston area - all styles - all levels - electronic music - classical and Jazz degree

MUSIC EXPERIENCE JamSpot - Trombone and electric bass 2010 - 2011 New England Band Productions 2010 - Present Boston Windjammers Worcester Brass Band Dixieland Hobos Firehouse Dixie Blues Brothers Next Generation 2010 - Present Musical Director, Performer and Promoter Mill City Revival - Dance band performer 2011 - Present Stereo Kings - Rock band performer 2012 - 2013 Spotlight...

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Award winning jazz trumpeter and composer offers lessons in NYC (20 yrs. exp.)

After working as a public after-school teacher, as well as in the field of child-care and mentorship since 2004, through my experience, I have found that serving as a role model has become an incredibly effective teaching method.

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Thorough and engaging private music instruction! I teach wind instruments from basic to advanced levels with a specialty in low brass.

I am an MSU College of Music graduate with a specialty in low brass instruments who teaches beginning and intermediate wind instrumentalists. I've taught myself some basic proficiency on the ukulele which I also feel qualified to instruct. Furthermore, I have a strong concept of music theory and can teach that as well.

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"Jazz Saxophone Instructor offering lessons in Ann Arbor, Brighton and Flint areas with 20 years experience" "Jazz Saxophone Instructor and Recording Artist offering improvisation lessons to all ages

- I am a regional and national Saxophone performer and recording artist - My jazz and world groups have performed in major Detroit Venues and Concerts - I teach based on traditional approach using improvisational techniques and scales - I work actively with the student to insure they learn to read and improvise effectively

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Take flute lessons and music theory with the flutist with over 10 years of experience

Hina Le graduated from the BM degree in the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen - Denmark and later earned the MM degree in Flute Performance in the Vietnam National Academy of Music. I participated in the world famous Sir William Bennett’s masterclass in London several times and in an advance chamber music course with the Fantasia Wind Quintet in the Malmo Music Academy in Sweden.

Cleveland Heights
Mary kay
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Professional Flutist with 20 years orchestral and chamber experience. Piccolo , Alto Flute, recorder and penny whistle.

I teach flute, piccolo, alto flute, and ethnic flutes (recorder, penny whistle, etc.) and most importantly MUSIC! Learning skills on your instrument is crucial for success making the music of your choice. Once you have proficiency on the instrument, then we study the music and the elements that make it complete, ie. harmony, rhythmic complexities.

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Conservatory performance Clarinet Student giving clarinet lessons from beginners to advance students

I based my classes on individual needs. For beginners I start with the fundamentals of music theory (how to read music, scales, learning the concepts of playing) and then work on the basics of clarinet playing. For more advanced students, I allow them to work on pieces and help them improve on them and give them exercises and advice on how they can improve their playing.

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School and Self-Taught Musician in Woodwind Instruments for over 25 plus years

My teaching method is to give a test to find out level of knowledge, teach the basics first, unless already known to person. Teach on the instrument that the child/person is willing to learn and also teach a second instrument when possible.

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A Tuba player with 12 years of experience in Instruments and Music.

My teaching methods are hands-on approach with visual and audio supplements. I can give lessons to people who range from beginners to advanced. I can teach anyone who is willing to learn. I will work with the student to find what is best for them.

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Current student with a specialty in French Horn and Trumpet, and experience with Clarinet and other winds. Fan of dynamics and phrasing.

We’ll learn techniques on how to approach the music so that you can learn in your own time, and we can come together to build upon that music so you can be even better. We’ll also run range and endurance drills because those are important to work on regularly.

New York
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New York based freelance flutist with 10 years of experience gives lessons at home or online.

I’m a flutist in the New York area who performs regularly with the contemporary ensemble, ENSEMBLE MISE-EN. I love teaching and have students ranging in age from 7 to 75. I welcome all ages and skill levels. My lessons are unique per student depending on skill level and musical interest. I myself have a Masters and Bachelor Degree in Music and contemporary performance.

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College student with 10 years of experience teaching high school and middle school flute and alto saxophone

I am a college student enrolled in music with a 3.5 GPA and have given lessons in person for over three years. As a teacher, I try to relate my lessons to whatever the student finds interesting and engaging, while still progessing, rather than a rigid, unmoving structure.

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Music Educator with over 25 years of teaching and giving private lessons out of my home.

I teach everyone in a way to improve themselves. I do not stick to one method, in fact I use different methods, styles of music, and I develop my plans for each individual. I want to have progress made.

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Woodwind specialist - Flute, clarinet, and saxophone lessons for beginners of all ages!

My teaching methodology is that all students can succeed - maybe not at the same pace or in the same way, but through hard work and determination they can do anything!

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Woodwind Instructor from Dallas that Plays Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute that teaches how to play instruments to the highest levels and how to take care of their instruments via regular maintenance as

I am a Woodwind Specialist who teaches Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon. I can also teach vocal lessons and percussion and piano. I teach from my home studio or Webcam via Skype.

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I teach flute, clarinet, and saxophone and all woodwind instruments! Lets make Music!!!!

: Delaware State University 2014-2015 • Honors Day Performance: April 16, 2015 • Senior Recital Performance: April 26, 2015 • Graduation: December 20, 2015 • Jobs For Life Graduate May 11, 2017 • Degree: Bachelor of Art in Music Performance Bands: Marching band, concert band, woodwind quintet, and jazz ensemble Previous Institution: The University of Maryland Eastern Shore

North Plainfield
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I am a New Jersey based recording artist who offers private lessons on clarinet, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, flute and trumpet.

I offer quality instruction on clarinet, saxophone, flute and trumpet. I am a results driven instructor who takes great pleasure in seeing his students progress. I perform frequently and I encourage my students to perform as much as possible. I record frequently and have several recordings on Utube. I have a background in classical music and I love to teach jazz and blues as well.

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Musical instructor for wind players, with a focus on saxophone and clarinet

Overall, I love making music and I love teaching it even more. When instructing someone musically, I make sure to focus on every aspect of music, not just playing the notes and rhythms correctly. I also make it a goal that the students I teach will learn to enjoy playing music even more through fun yet productive lessons.

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Saxophone Teacher who's played for 13 years teaching in the Memphis Area.

I've been teaching woodwinds at band camps for about 5 years. Depending on the level of the student, I can teach beginners to read music, play selections from band as well as have lessons and technique books for the student to use.

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Alto Saxophone lessons sheet music provided 8+ years experience bring your own instrument

I began playing the Alto saxophone in the 5th grade I am now 20 years old so I have many years of experience playing the instrument and reading sheet music. During lessons i will teach you to better understand the setup and structure of sheet music if necessary and help you to greatly improve your playing ability.

Franklin Township
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12+ years experience playing, giving beginner to intermediate lessons for all ages

Started playing in 2003. Took classes into my second year in college. I have training in all styles of music: jazz, classical, blues, marching band etc. Have training in music theory and composition, willing to teach in these areas as well. Strong belief that tone is the most important thing a saxophonist can work on.

San Diego
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San Diego-based professional musician with 15 years of teaching experience available for saxophone, flute, clarinet, and guitar lessons.

For all beginners, I start off with basics. I like to use the Rubank Beginner (or intermediate) book along with weekly scales. A well rounded musical foundation is vitally important, so I make sure to balance classical training with ear training assignments that get the student to listen critically to music they're passionate about.

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Music Education Student with 11 years of experience giving Clarinet Lessons in NY.

I teach according to each students needs. I don't use just one methodology I like to incorporate many like Dalcroze, Piaget, and Orff. I give lessons to all ages of all levels. I want to make sure each student grows to their full potential and grows to love music.

(1 review)
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Instrumental Music Lessons-all levels given at my home; 25 years experience;reasonable rates

BA Music Education , Summa Cum Laude; teach Elementary-Middle-High School-adult students at all levels; present/review basic elements of music language; apply to learning the instrument; assist student in formulating good routine practice techniques that reinforce current learned concepts.

Las Vegas
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Experienced music educator lives in Las Vegas Nevada specializing in improvisational technique

I have my Ph.D. in music: Instrumental/ vocal/ Keyboards. I use the Bimkubwa Method which focuses on techniques of improvising music on the instrument of your choice. This successful Method is available on microfilm in libraries throughout the US.

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There are many different wind instruments out there, so there is likely a perfect wind instrument for everyone. It all just comes down to finding the right one. Of course, those who know how to play one wind instrument have the ability to easily move to another wind instrument, as many are especially similar to one another. In order to improve in playing these sorts of instruments, an individual needs to find the best wind instruments teachers. The specialized wind instruments lessons can help these students learn not only how to play the instrument and proper holding of the instrument, but also how to read sheet music and play by ear, both skills are essential in playing the instruments. Beyond just wind instruments, there are different kind of music theory teachers. This includes a bass guitar tutor, choral singing lessons for individuals who want to use their own, personal instrument to the greatest of its ability. Even Djing instructors are available for teaching the art of playing the African drum.