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Penetrate into the Magic World of English together with ESL teacher Natalie

Individual approach, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, exercises, tests, adapted literature, essays, exam preparation, presentations, games, self esteem up, motivation, professionalism .

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English and Russian, conversation-based classes and professional training for language certificate exams

I use most efficient teaching techniques and build my language pedagogy on the most recent research data on the mechanisms of language acquisition. Most of my classes have a form of a conversation, where instruction comes softly and addresses the specific needs of a student.

West Palm Beach
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Tutor people as a career, start to teach since one year and im great a teaching languages

i approach each topic ways that the students can understand and ways of the students can understand their own way of understanding. I give the basic ways , methods of how to quickly start speaking the language someone is learning.

East Troy
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English as a Second Language - TEFL Certified Teacher with 4 years of experience - great with adults

I am an ESL teacher by night and a university student by day. My lessons are interactive and focused on the specific needs of the students as well as important grammar and vocabulary. Conversation is a very important skill, so I like to work in a discussion topic in every lesson.

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I will help you create, write & edit compelling,English-language documents on virtually any topic.

I am the author/producer of 30+ non-fiction books and and also am a retired professor of International Management for the University of Texas at Dallas. I will help you improve your proficiency in written English using learning methods & tools that are directly relevant to your business and professional objectives.

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Let's talk! Enjoyable lessons, excellent results. Call me. Let's begin planning your lessons.

I have been teaching in colleges, language centers and online since 2005. I design interesting, effective lessons for my students. We have fun learning. We can specialize in: - Listening (stories, news, job interviews, etc.) - Speaking (phones, small talk, business English, etc.) - Reading (news stories, job advertisements, etc.) - Writing (e-mail, job applications, Facebook, etc.

Shelter Island
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Hi, my name is Vicky I am a native English teacher from the South West of England. I love teaching English, and I will happily help you improve your General English, Business English, Speaking Ability

* The Direct Method In this method the teaching is done entirely in the target language. The learner is not allowed to use his or her mother tongue. * Task Based Learning The focus of this method is on the completion of a task which in itself is interesting to the learners. Learners use the language they already have to complete the task and there is some correction of errors.

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Teaching ESL in Cambridge, ON Taught Japanese Students as a Teacher's Assisstant! Tutored many International students around the world!

Mainly 1-2 hour lessons Objectives: Review vocabulary: parts of body, where to go to find something (type of store, where in store) Review grammar: command forms of verbs (“Take two aspirin every morning”) New vocabulary: ways to describe illness and methods of remedying it New grammar: giving advice “I would recommend” + [verb+ing] Activities: Introduction: quick review of...

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English as a Second Language Middle School / High School Teacher and Tutor

An educator who is inspired by her students to design multicultural curriculum, encourage critical thinking and create a positive classroom community. A compassionate individual who believes in the essential purpose of education and has the heart to teach.

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Experienced Writing/Speaking Tutor wants to help you! 15 years experience. Message me.

I have a M.A. of Liberal Arts and graduate hours in History and Humanities, but I'm a Jill of all trades! I have degrees in Criminal Justice and have a passion for public speaking, theater and musical performance. I have thousands of hours in stage performance as well as public speaking. My style of teaching is flexible to what you need.

South Miami
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Professional Adult Trainer with over 15 years of experience. Lessons in Social or Business English. Flexible schedule. Serious and passionate about your English needs!

My lessons are guaranteed to build your confidence and get you ahead. The content and style is adapted to best suite your needs and your level. Lessons are relevant and interesting.

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Twenty years of professional tutoring experience. Elementary through advanced ESL. Multiple subjects in grades 1-12.

I modify the pace and content of my tutoring to fit the distinct personality and learning style of each student. My primary goal is the quality of my tutoring, not the quantity of subjects covered. I simplify my lessons to ease the learning process for my students.

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K-9 School teacher with an English degree and Master's degree in education

When approaching lesson plans, I first get to know my students' learning styles, then adapt my lessons to their needs. Every student learns differently, and so as a tutor I think it is important to cater to those differences.

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Learn English from a native speaker in the United States with a passion for students!

I base my classes on learner-based outcomes, which means I pay attention to the unique aspects of each class that I teach. I encourage discussion and peer-to-peer interaction and practice. That is the best way to understand and learn any language--practicing with those who understand what you are going through. I encourage students to not be afraid to make a mistake.

New York
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Speech-language pathologist offering receptive and expressive language lessons in Manhattan to all ages

I am a speech-language pathologist who has been practicing for a year. I have extensive practicum experiences with students with language-based learning disabilities, as well as other diagnoses that impede their learning such as ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia and pragmatic challenges. I can provide lessons to students of all ages with any sort of learning or language difficulties.

Des Plaines
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A college student studying Associates in arts and is willing to teach english and math to primary, middle and high school levels in Des Plaines, Illinois

My teaching method depends on a student. I would figure out a way that is more easy for them to learn and understand and I can teach students over web cams, face to face, or if they can come to my house.

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Writing tutor and coach in Charlotte with 8 years of helping students and professionals communicate their ideas and beliefs clearly and effectively

My teaching methodology is inquiry based. As an educator I understand that the very root of the word education is 'educare' which means to bring up. So as an educator my approach is to provide instruction by asking questions that trigger curiousity and thinking about their own ideas, writing, and language acquisition.

Saint Petersburg
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UF Graduate offering English, reading comprehension and essay writing assistance in Tampa, FL

My teaching methodology is based on thorough explanations of topics by myself and devotion of time to practice by the student. For example, I may prepare worksheets for a session. Some to be completed together at the session, accompanied by explanations, and some to take home and complete later independently.

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If writing is your Vision, then Write your way into Writing today

My Teaching method is simple, first I listen to the need of my student of course. Then after assessing the information, I probe to find out what needs to be accomplished, then I take the lead in offering direction in our Quest.

Long Beach
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Writing Tutor for All Ages in Long Beach Area with Over Ten Years' Experience

I love to engage my students in the joy of writing by finding out what interests them, what some of there concerns are, and to start from there in expanding their writing skills. I believe that everyone can write, and write well. They just need a little encouragement and coaching.

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Canadian teacher and lawyer living in Phoenix offering English, ESL and French lessons.

My preferred teaching methodology is a theme based student-centered approach that builds on prior knowledge and skills. I adapt my approach based on the needs of the learner and have successfully taught elementary students through project based learning and themes of interest and practical use for adult students.

Sara rina
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Are you looking for help to improve your English? Join me to write better, read better and speak better English!

I am Sara Rina Eskenazi, a tutor/teacher of English for over thirty years. I have a BA in Business Administration and Teacher of English. My lessons are interactive, enjoyable and fun. Depending on your level of English, your lessons will be custom-prepared. You will be required to take an assessment test so that I can determine your level of English.

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English teacher with 15 years experience. I hold a California teaching license and possess an MA in English education. I have taught children in the classroom an both kids and adults online. I have cr

No one student is like the other. I have basic curriculum that I have developed for each type of English lesson I teach (conversation, business English, test prep). But, I have left room to fit my curriculum to each individual student.

New York
Mary angel
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Experienced ESL instructor to Asian students for 5 years living in New York City.

Hello, dear learner! I can be your English tutor if you are a middle school or university student, an employee who wishes for advancement; a professional who aims to perfect his communication skills. Depending on the level of my students, I am not their teacher alone but a friend and sibling to them as well.

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Energy Trader with a degree in Modern Languages. I am a native English speaker from London currently living in Mexico City with experience teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I am an energetic and fun teacher with experience teaching kids up to adults in the UK and Spain. My style is engaging and focuses on making students learn whilst having fun. Depending on the level of the student, I can cater more interactive or more learning- based exercises through a variety of methodologies including music and poetry.

Fort Worth
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Retired ESL teacher who has also taught college level. Experience with ESL and gifted grades 9-12 and freshmen English

My name is Audrey Lane and I am a retired teacher looking for a part time teacher position. I am more of a facilitator that guides students through finding solutions to their lessons. I use a flexible lesson structure which includes a brief introduction, examples of what is needed to successfully complete the lesson or guided practice, independent practice and assessment at the end.

Mission Viejo
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Hi! I'm a native English speaking and writing UCSD student with experience!

My teaching method is to build confidence in the student by drawing the correct answers out of them and to encourage asking questions. At the same time I have with how to take notes better, how to study better, and also how build strong study habits.

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English Language Teacher in Ventura with Lots of Knowledge, Patience, and Energy

I am student-centered. My goal is for the student to have fun and be confident. I use books, games, and technology. I try to have different activities so students stay interested and practice language in many different ways. I track improvement and am very encouraging.

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I am a Trinity qualified teacher with more than 3 years cumulative teaching and coaching experience. I have taught English and effective writing skills to adults whose first language is English as wel

My approach to lesson planning is practicality. I choose topics that I believe will be interesting, engaging, and relevant to students. When students enjoy the lesson, they learn more, and it's more fun for me! My practical editorial and business communications experience makes me a stickler for correct syntax and grammar, but I'm especially skilled at hearing and correcting mispronunciation.

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A Linguist and a professional teacher with ten years of experience in English Language offering English classes.

My preferred techniques for teaching are the discussion approach and brainstorming. I like to start a class with a precise lecture followed by a small discussion with the students. I like students to be active participants in the whole teaching-learning process through fun and interactive activities. I customize my lesson plans according to the need of the student.

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Perfect! Hayley is the most thoughtful and caring teacher I could ask for. I feel like I have learned so much with just a few classes already. It does require dedication and practice, but she is giving me all the resources and motivation I need. Worth every...

Igor, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Bill is both a nice person and effective teacher. He is easy to talk with and focuses on forming a good relationship with the student. Based on students' needs, he creates new customized teaching methods on the fly and ensures the specific...

Xin, student
1 year ago

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