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Penetrate into the Magic World of English together with ESL teacher Natalie

Individual approach, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, exercises, tests, adapted literature, essays, exam preparation, presentations, games, self esteem up, motivation, professionalism .

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English Instructor and Social Psychologist who helps the student to learn and pass his/her fears at the same time

• Managed students by providing guidance and feedback to help them strengthen their skills and knowledge base • Actively lead class discussions and encouraging debate, using the student-centered methods of teaching • Provided mentoring, advice and support to students on a personal level • Taught students how to read, write, and speak English in a large and successful comprehensive scale

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SOFTEN YOUR ACCENT will make you more understandable in the AMERICAN market place

I have been teaching the POWER OF SPEECH for over 40 years in California and Nevada. I live in San Diego, California. I have a BS in Speech Pathology, a Masters in Human Services / Psychology, and my International ESL TESOL.

Lake Worth
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English tutor who has taught accent reduction, reading, and pronunciation to students all over the world.

I concentrate on reading, pronunciation, accent reduction, and conversation while having a good time! Each class is individually tailored to you. The class will be half structured/half conversational. After each class you’ll receive an overview of that day’s class and feedback on your progress. I’ll be giving you homework and videos to watch (if that suits you) along with reading material.

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Be Confident with Your English! Engaging Boston-based ESL Instructor. Lessons Online or In Person.

Tell me your goals for ESL and I will get you there! In addition to my TEFL certificate, I'm also a BA in English Literature and a writer. Plus, I teach business courses to international students.

Los Angeles
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Professional writer with 10 years experience teaches writing, reading comprehension in Los Angeles

My teaching methods are determined by the students, in that I find younger students or those with weaker skills require a more structured classroom. Those students that are are college-aged, recent grads or early professionals tend to receive a more curated approach, one that seeks to administer to their experience, goals and weak points.

West Palm Beach
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Tutor people as a career, start to teach since one year and im great a teaching languages

i approach each topic ways that the students can understand and ways of the students can understand their own way of understanding. I give the basic ways , methods of how to quickly start speaking the language someone is learning.

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I will help you create, write & edit compelling,English-language documents on virtually any topic.

I am the author/producer of 30+ non-fiction books and and also am a retired professor of International Management for the University of Texas at Dallas. I will help you improve your proficiency in written English using learning methods & tools that are directly relevant to your business and professional objectives.

The Dalles
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Experienced ESL tutor offering engaging, individualized lessons. Received educational awards and honors. Working towards a teaching degree.

I am committed to delivering high-quality, individualized instruction. I assess students and then create informed lessons to best help them improve their skills. For writing and reading lessons, I include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary for students that need structured, systematic lessons.

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Young, patient, English teacher with 4 years experience. Willing to change lessons to best help individuals achieve their English goals

During lessons I like to help students in areas that I have noticed they stuggle with individually. I most often teach conversational English. I am willing to change my lessons to whatever the student finds most helpful for their individual goals.

(6 reviews)
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Online English teacher with 40 years of experience overseas and in the US.

I constantly focus on the student's needs and desires. Ongoing diagnosis and personalized prescription for the student provides for highly individualized and rapid progress. I allow each student to focus on his areas of concern, I then coach him.

New York
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Ivy League [Columbia] Student in New York City Wants To Help in English, Math, Science, etc!

Particularly with English, I hope to give my students a space to talk freely so that they can become comfortable with conversing with English natives. Of course, working on grammar and reviewing texts/writing is important but I try to emphasize speaking fluency. How I approach other subjects is really up to the student.

San Diego
(4 reviews)
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Energetic and experienced ENGLISH AND SPANISH TEACHER/TUTOR will improve your communication skills and confidence. GUARANTEED SUCCESS !!

A passionate experienced all level, English - Spanish teacher/tutor, who loves to contribute to my student's success and achievements. Goal oriented and with very high quality standards, I personally get involved in every student's needs by printing confidence in their communication skills.

(5 reviews)
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ESL Teacher With 8 Years Experience, NYC area, Here to Help You with Conversation, TOEFL, Business English

I am a kind, patient fairly easy going teacher. I can help beginner to advanced students. I will have students talk to get an idea of their level, then use worksheets, reading passages, topics to help them learn the language.

(6 reviews)
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Want to learn better English ? Online or at home. Contact me.

My teaching method is very simple. I start inspiring children to murmur a sentence of their native language and then teach them to translate it in English. After that I teach them the corresponding tense to make gramatically correct sentence.

(6 reviews)
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Teaching ESL in Cambridge, ON Taught Japanese Students as a Teacher's Assisstant! Tutored many International students around the world!

Mainly 1-2 hour lessons Objectives: Review vocabulary: parts of body, where to go to find something (type of store, where in store) Review grammar: command forms of verbs (“Take two aspirin every morning”) New vocabulary: ways to describe illness and methods of remedying it New grammar: giving advice “I would recommend” + [verb+ing] Activities: Introduction: quick review of parts

(4 reviews)
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University student in Santa Clarita looking to tutor in science and/or correct any English writing assignments.

I am currently a biology pre-med student at a university and I understand the focus and hard work it takes to understand subjects.

(2 reviews)
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Online English Teacher/Tutor/Educator I reside in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa

This would be extremely interactive and engaging. At the students pace however, still challenging the student to raise their level and abilities based on my analysis during each lesson.

Miami Lakes
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Native English charismatic teacher, Irish, with 20 years experience teaching English to ages 12 to 50 offers unique classes online or in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Minimum 2 hours per week.

My teaching method is based on communicative competence and on integrated learning and teaching. I believe in integrating vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing into my lessons, in relevant settings or units for my students. I am a communicator and have the ability to make sure my students understand and learn using only English and sometimes using role play, visual and audio props.

(2 reviews)
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Doctoral student with 9 years of experience as a writing tutor gives writing instruction and proofreading serivces

I have a strong background working with students in a variety of subjects and from a variety of backgrounds to improve their writing and compositions skills on every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming, to first drafts, to final revisions. I approach each lesson on an individual basis, tailoring it to the needs of each student and assignment.

Parma Heights
(2 reviews)
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I am an Online Certified TESOL English Tutor with K - 12 students Experience

Teaching is a passion. Out of passion flows ideas and creativity. Out of passion flows the desire to impact and influence the lives of the students that we encounter and students who come across our paths. Out of passion flows the deep interest to dig out the skills and talents that lie beneath the core of the students.

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Experienced, patient, professional teacher who works challenges and works well with his students.

My teaching method is the Present, Practice and Performance Method. (PPP) I use this method interchangeably so students practice learning English in these three ways. The Presentation, is of course, what they will learn; the Practice is practicing what we learned, and Performance is showing and understanding what we learn in each lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Professor with 12 years teaching experience in the NYC area offering academic tutoring and test prep to all ages!

My teaching method is all about active learning-- I make sure my students create knowledge by using the information and tools I give them to construct deeper meaning that is contextualized and meaningful for them, and that they can easily remember!

(2 reviews)
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College student pursuing Library of Science degree. I am a native Spanish speaker eager to teach you how to speak, read, and write in Spanish!

I base all my lessons on what the student wants to focus on and where the student is at. I teach with passion and patience for every student. I don't have a defined structure for my teaching approach because I find it varies for every person. Lessons will be extremely personalized.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English teacher in Baltimore looking to support your language learning goals.

I am a higher education professional and former high school French teacher with 5 years of classroom experiences. I am native English speaker. I have been giving private lessons in French, English, and other subjects since 2006. I have B.A. in French and a M.Ed. in Secondary Education. I have experience studying in both France and Senegal.

1st lesson offered free !

Former teacher taught English, Reading, Spanish,Cultural Exploration, and ESL for 11 years.

My teaching methods include chorale responses when learning new words. I use pictures, words, and a lot of repetition. I taught middle school age students English, Spanish, and ESL for most of my teaching career. I worked one year at a high school where I designed a class for students "At Risk of failing".

(1 review)
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English and writer for over 3 years, offering skills and needed basics.

I base my classes on repetition and following the rubric. First by outlining, organizing, and following the prompt if needed. Everyone can write, however, getting what's on your mind across to others is no easy task. I can help.

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Learn English from a native speaker in the United States with a passion for students!

I base my classes on learner-based outcomes, which means I pay attention to the unique aspects of each class that I teach. I encourage discussion and peer-to-peer interaction and practice. That is the best way to understand and learn any language--practicing with those who understand what you are going through. I encourage students to not be afraid to make a mistake.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Speech-language pathologist offering receptive and expressive language lessons in Manhattan to all ages

I am a speech-language pathologist who has been practicing for a year. I have extensive practicum experiences with students with language-based learning disabilities, as well as other diagnoses that impede their learning such as ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia and pragmatic challenges. I can provide lessons to students of all ages with any sort of learning or language difficulties.

1st lesson offered free !

Writing tutor and coach in Charlotte with 8 years of helping students and professionals communicate their ideas and beliefs clearly and effectively

My teaching methodology is inquiry based. As an educator I understand that the very root of the word education is 'educare' which means to bring up. So as an educator my approach is to provide instruction by asking questions that trigger curiousity and thinking about their own ideas, writing, and language acquisition.

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Perfect! Jordana truly cares about her students by trying to get to know the student through notetaking. She is fun to learn from and she has her own strategy to coach the pronunciation. She is very familiar with and knows how to correct the common...

Zoe, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Jordana is a special tutor who cares about her students and has a real passion for her career! What I like the most is she is very patient and creative in her teaching methods. She works towards creating a lesson plan to maximize my learning.

Frederic, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Jordana helped me reduce my accent and correctly pronounce sounds and words I've had trouble with for years.

Vlad, student
9 months ago

Perfect! Victoria is a very good teacher, intelligent and very patient. She has a good methodology and high flexibility. The lessons with her were effective and opened the door and Victoria helped me to walk through. See you again in November

Bernd, student
10 months ago

Perfect! Hayley is the most thoughtful and caring teacher I could ask for. I feel like I have learned so much with just a few classes already. It does require dedication and practice, but she is giving me all the resources and motivation I need. Worth every...

Igor, student
1 year ago

Perfect! Bill is both a nice person and effective teacher. He is easy to talk with and focuses on forming a good relationship with the student. Based on students' needs, he creates new customized teaching methods on the fly and ensures the specific...

Xin, student
2 years ago

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