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Native Speaker. Specialist Teacher. Language trainer. Conversational and technical Spanish. Training for exams

B.Ed in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. Five years of full-time specialized studies and teaching training. Several courses and workshops related to Spanish teaching, grammar and Linguistics. Methodology: Cognitive approach. Language coaching. Applied neurolinguistics. Focus on oral expression and reading. E-learning.

San Bernardino
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I have spoken Spanish my whole life; it is my native language. I have taken Spanish courses in college as well as AP Spanish in high school.

My teaching methodology is practice makes perfect! I will try to work in the areas that you most need improvement in or struggle with and we can go from there. I believe that the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in it fully.

Jose clemente
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My native language is Spanish. I love to teach and to pass on my knowledge to all ages in Athens, GA.

Students are the center of the learning process. So, always, I have to take into consideration that I have to be a guide and promote the student’s knowledge growth. Also, that the learning/assessment process has to be continuous and balanced. For me, my style has to be adapted to the students group, their ages, knowledge, background and capacities, to achieve high performance.

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Spanish tutoring by a native speaker in Chandler AZ who is a UCLA graduate

I use every day examples in my instruction. My classes are interactive allowing the student to ask questions and using those questions as part of my lessons. In a group class, I assign group work where students are made to interact among eachother in the language being taught.

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Learn Spanish from a Language Instructor who Spent 20 Years Living and Working in Mexico

I create courses that focus on my students' specific interests and needs. Through conversation and materials related to your interests, studies, or profession, I am able to determine the specific structures, vocabulary and pronunciation you need to learn. In this way, my classes tend to be much more dynamic and useful than commercial programs that only “follow a book.

(13 reviews)
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College professor of Spanish offers 1 to 1 tutoring. Get trained with an authentic and accredited professional of the language!

I use audio and visual technology to make the learning process authentic and updated. I founded Language Master Group so that students could learn language, be exposed to culture and benefit from the combination of knowledge and expertise that I have developed over many years. Learning Spanish does not have to be a struggle, that is why I make it practical and fun.

(4 reviews)
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Learn Spanish with experienced native Speaker, Certified teacher fun at any age.

I am originally from Uruguay and have been at US for many years. I retired form Columbia Public Schools in 2007. I came to this country with a scholarship from United Nations to finish a Master in Science. My degree is in Veterinary Medicine.

East Windsor
(18 reviews)
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Native Spanish Speaker with Linguistics Degree gives high-quality Spanish lessons online and in-person

To get my students on the right track to becoming fluent, I prioritize the learning of the 1,000 most common words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns) in the target language. Regardless of the activities that the student prefers or needs, focusing on this specific set of vocab words will expedite the process of learning. I use a frequency dictionary of Spanish for this task.

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Passionate linguist specializing in teaching in Spanish to all ages, in Raleigh, NC

Everyone is different specially when it comes to learning. I will take the student needs and abilities into consideration when designing the structure of the classes. We will follow a lesson plan that will cover everything from basic knowledge to grammar of the language. However, it will be modified and adapted depending on the student's goals.

Covington Township
(3 reviews)
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Spanish professor offering comprehensive lessons in Pennsylvania with over 10 years experience

I primarily teach elementary Spanish, but I have taught intermediate Spanish privately. I have also taught elementary age children as well. I believe in an equal balance between oral & written proficiency. In my classes, we do oral exercises every day, as well as traditional writing exercises. I always ask my students questions to be certain that they understand the material.

Maria del carmen
(9 reviews)
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Bilingual native spanish 15 years experience teacher gives spanish lessons in Plymouth, Mn

My teaching method is thinking base learning in which we focus on contextualize, analyze, relate and argue; I approach each topic giving examples and reference models and images having continuous communication and feedback specifying the topics to learn by objectives so the student has a clear daily goal.

Fountain Valley
(2 reviews)
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College graduate with business major offering Spanish lessons in southern Orange County to students of all ages

My teaching methodology for the study of the Spanish language is repetition, repetition, and repetition.

(2 reviews)
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Colombian with 4 years Bachelor Degree, residing in Blackfoot, Idaho, teaches proper Spanish online via video chat

I love personalized teaching, one on one. That helps the teacher to identify needs, strengths, a better understanding of the student and his/her circumstances, goals and so forth. Based on that I choose a technic to approach themes while we are learning the use of correct grammar, orthography, comprehension and structures of Spanish.

(5 reviews)
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Educational pyschologist teaches Spanish at any level and age online or in person ( Jacksonville, NC).

I am from Peru. English is my second language. I have lived in the United States for 2 years. My first job was Spanish teacher at Sweetwater Montessori School in New Bern, NC. Then, I worked in a Childcare as Spanish teacher too. I am working with kids in a Childcare as a Program Assistant. I love my job. I have a bachelor degree in psychology.

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Spanish Teacher offering private tutoring in Atlanta with more than 5 years experience

My teaching method is with a lot of flash cards and repetition and conversation. I make the class very fun and very easy to follow with the help of my flash cards.

(2 reviews)
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Lover of teaching and literary critic of Hispanic Literature of the Golden Age

Personalized teaching for each type of student. The theory of multiple intelligences is true and everyone learns differently. No matter the level is always a pleasant experience my teaching method, which goes beyond the simple information and seeks the training of the student.

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Former Englsih/Spanish Middle School teacher has taught over 11 years in 2 districts.

I have taught various classes where I would have to create lesson plans as a whole class, in groups, or individually. I have had some health issues but am feeling better. I miss working and teaching students. I use teaching methods like TPR, students repeating in chorale, have students work in pairs and create dialogues to present in front of class.

(2 reviews)
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Dynamic, energetic university educator with eight years Spanish instruction experience, Pooler, GA

Is learning Spanish frustrating/scary? I say- it's time to "DEJAR LOS EGOS AFUERA" or check your ego at the door. As your instructor or tutor, my focus is to identify your weaknesses in order to prepare and execute lessons or activities that will improve your abilities in a judgement-free learning environment.

Los Angeles
(2 reviews)
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Spanish teacher with PhD, 8 years classroom teaching experience in Los Angeles.

I believe that language learning is best when both practical and fun. Genuine, spontaneous communication in realistic scenarios is the key. Within the flexibility allowed by the curriculum, topics of discussion will be tailored to students' interests while also including cultural and historical information.

(3 reviews)
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Spanish student with 5 years of experience offering oral, listening and writing lessons to all ages and levels

I am a student learning and speaking Spanish. I teach Spanish from to all levels (beginning, intermediate, advanced, etc.). I teach writing reading and speaking using interactive techniques by teaching material then answering questions a student might have. This way, students are able to get answers and help on tehethings they need most.

(1 review)
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Experienced teacher: on how to dance Flamenco, make a Spanish Omelette... or, we can start with the language! ;)

I will make you work! But, we can have a little fun along the way as well - as you prefer. My classes are entirely tailored to your needs, interests, level, and learning style. My classes are structured and comprehensive: at different times we will focus on progressively strengthening grammar structures, building vocabulary, building fluency, comprehension, and more.

(1 review)
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Spanish tutor, online at 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Tutor experienced at Northampton Community College Bethlehem, PA

I like to listen to the perspective of the student first and then to apply strategies to work on. Clear communication and set goals together during our tutoring.

(4 reviews)
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Spanish Interpreter with 20 years Experience Giving Easy to Learn Lessons in Galion, Ohio Area

My teaching approach is based on student needs and objectives. I teach based on learning styles and comprehension rates, giving my students the proper, fun lesson plans they need to reach their individual goals. My students are from all walks of life and all have different objectives for learning Spanish. I do my best to reach my students' needs.

(1 review)
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Spanish Speaker: 2 years in Panama studying Spanish, 5 years total of fluency, and a Certificate's worth of Spanish classes from BYU

I have great communicative skills and love teaching others. My methodology is to have my students practice basic vocabulary and simple sentences at first to build a basis to work from.

Huntington Park
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Patient and practical Spanish tutor with more than ten years experience teaching online and in Los Angeles

I serve two primary populations in my teaching expertise: adult learners who are professionals in healthcare, social work, psychology or education; and high school students who need extra help in their classes, either generally or to prepare for an exam.

(1 review)
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I have a bachelors in Spanish with a K-12 teaching license. I have a passion for working within the community and for using my knowledge of Spanish to help others succeed. I have many years of working

I want to become a teacher because I know the impact it can make, I've had many teachers who changed my life. It is because of exceptional teachers that I have continued my education, they inspired me to become a teacher myself, I saw the impact and I wanted to imitate that passion.

Redondo Beach
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Native Spanish speaker with more than 25 years of experience in the field of teaching languages

I use what I consider a holistic approach.For that reason, I take a little of every language teaching method to address the learners' personal learning styles and strategies. In additon, a lot of practice because it makes the difference. Most classes I try to use the natural approach which means following the same steps we use to learn our first languages.

(2 reviews)
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I’m a bilingual Senior from high school and I am about to start my career in the University. I have 3 years of experience being a private tutor of this beautiful language which is my native language S

My method of teaching in very effectively simple. First, I introduce the basics of grammar and how words sound in Spanish. Second, I speak and explain everything in Spanish and if the student does not understand I correct and little by little I help him to understand effectively.

East Providence
Carlos a.
1st lesson offered free !

Necesitas ayuda avísame y con guste te ayudare en lo que pueda

Tengo 21 años y me gusta ayudar a los demás en mis tiempos libre

1st lesson offered free !

Native Spanish speaker gives Spanish classes for most academic level students that need help on the subject.

My name is Alejandro, but you can call me Alex. I am a former student of Electrical Engineerings at UNAH-VS. I give lessons to any academic level person that has the need to improve Spanish to pass a class, or passionate learners that want to study the language. I will present you with weekly goals, making small accomplishments leading to bigger ones.

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Perfect! Nancy is excellent! I haven't spoken conversational Spanish in years and Nancy has been wonderful in helping me review the basics, practice speaking and become more confident. I appreciate the way she tailors the lessons to my interests and level,...

Catherine, student
2 weeks ago

Perfect! I highly recommend Monica! You will learn a lot as she customizes her classes to your level and learning abilities. She uses multiple resources that will help you to excel very quickly. She is very sweet and her classes are so much fun!!!

Kinia, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Loly has been a great teacher! We met in person for the first lesson, and now we are doing weekly video calls. We are working on conversational Spanish, and she is good at listening to what I say, then pointing out the specific things I've done...

Emma, student
3 months ago

Perfect! if you are looking for a perfect teacher monica is the one, great teacher with a very good program, always on time , very good follow up with homeworks ,could not have find any better for me, i am 47 french and she is taking the time needed to go...

Franck, student
4 months ago

Perfect! Guido is a great teacher, very easy to talk to and full of good ideas for teaching. He is well-versed in all the nuances of Spanish grammar, which I really appreciate him being able to explain the rules clearly, give relevant examples, and help with...

Emi, student
6 months ago

Perfect! Hi Patrick, my daughter missed having you as her teacher. Thanks for everything. I wish you could come back.

Judith, student
7 months ago

Be supported by the best tutors in your writing comprehension - spanish lessons