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writing expression - arabic

New York
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Arabic is one of my favorite languages. It is rich and "exotic"

Each student is different. I prefer to listen to every learner to tailor my lessons based on his/her needs and goals.

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Experienced lecturer / tutor / teacher of Arabic & Hebrew & German and intercultural training & coaching Islamic & Arab World + translator & interpreter (Arabic & German) with MBA in International Man

Teaching Approach: I focus on communication and use authentic material (internet, tv like Aljazeera, newspaper Alarabi Aljadid, modern books, songs and kids stories) to help students not just learn how to write and read Arabic, but also to communicate with native Arabic speakers, in a natural practical context.

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Eng. Teaching Math, French, and Arabic my native language. I have TCF certificate

• Planned and taught class management for allocated students by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning. • Challenged students and ensured high levels of interest while setting appropriate and demanding expectations. • Provided clear structures for lessons and maintained pace, motivation and challenge.

Los Angeles
(2 reviews)
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Giving Arabic, French and Urdu/Hindi lessons at home in the valley area to all ages

I was born to two different parents. One speaks french and the other Arabic. My urdu/Hindi is pretty impressive, I’ve learned it myself. My methodology is self explanatory .

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Linguist, Writer, Translator, Interpreter, and a mentor of languages with a professional background in Arabic interpretation and English writing.

I am a Jordanian linguist with a passion for teaching and writing. I am able to relate to student from different part of the academic spectrum. I use Alkitaab textbook for a teaching protocol and provide supplements through reading relevant news articles and works of literature and reviewing songs. I appreciate a comfortable relationship with the pupil.

1st lesson offered free !

Yes i can help you . get back to me . start learning today.

i love to learn new languages i speak Arabic, English, French and Russian and that gives me a unique way of teaching you. get back to me. just join my group tutoring or if you choose one on one .

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A PhD student in Newark, Delaware who is Arabic Native is giving Arabic private tutoring for all levels. Reading, writing, and speaking the formal and spoken Arabic language.

I am a PhD student studying at the University of Delaware. I do both private and class tutoring. I am an efficient teacher in making my students get the best out of their session and reach the maximum skill within a planned period of time.

(1 review)
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With the Egyptian dialect, be the change you desire to see in the universe.

Computer Information Systems, Sales, and Marketing Studies Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO Business Administration and Hospitably Management Program Graduated: May 14th, 2011 Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI, USA Hospitality Program courses in Restaurant, Hotel Management Bachelors of Arts and Education Graduated: 2005 Al-Azhar University, ...

St. Louis
1st lesson offered free !

Arabic instructor located in St.Louis (Native Arabic speaker and fluent in English)

I have a bachelor degree in computer science from Garyounis University in Benghazi Libya, and I used to work as a computer programmer, I also have certifications from Oracle company as I attended pl/sql, dba , forms and a couple of other courses.

1st lesson offered free !

I can teach Arabic in any field needed in north and west bakersfield

This is the first time to me , I was graduated from Iraq , Baghdad. My degree is Applied Physics , I graduated from the University of technology in 1998, in Iraq . I fished the high school in Arabic.

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching Arabic and Egyptian Accent with international view, professional experience and business background

Master of Non-profit Administration (MNA) 2016 – 2018 Expected - University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business. - Current GPA: 3.7 - Credit Hours Completed: 15 out of 42 - Relevant Coursework: HR – Accounting – Marketing – Board Management – Crisis Management Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering 2004-2009 - Major: Architecture Engineering.

Bowling Green
1st lesson offered free !

Don't lose it, it happens only once! Arabic and Moroccan Darija teacher.

I believe in learning with fun! I use the communicative approach and project-based learning approach in teaching my students. My students are the center of the learning process. I don't use translation in conveying the meaning of words. I use variety of creative and engaging activities.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in Accounting &Arabic language. I speak Arabic for 22 years. I have s strong experience in teaching Arabic.

Hello, I am studying Accounting and Arabic interpreter. I give lessons to kids till middle school. My way in teaching depends on understanding the student and try to help him the way he feels better understanding. I am very friendly and patient in teaching. Helping students is something I enjoy personally.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Master the skill of Arabic Language and be fluent in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

I teach from the very basic so that the foundation of the language becomes strong. Once, the student is able to recognize the letters, words and sentences without any assistance of Latin or any other script, he/she doesn't need anymore a teacher, tutor to guide him/her. The more she/he reads and gets exposure to the language, the more fluent and confident she/he becomes.

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic Tutor/instructor with 4 years of experience at a Community College and a Master's degree in the Linguistics program

My teaching method is decided based on the age of the student. For kids, I try to make them be exposed to the language they want to learn as much as I can (listening and speaking), because their young age will help them acquire the language just my being exposed to it.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

San Diego County Arabic Tutor - Learn Arabic from a native speaker!

I am a 28 year old Jordanian who has spent her life until now in Saudi Arabia. I studied Architecture at Prince Sultan University and graduated in 2015.I am a native Arabic speaker and I am fluent in English. I have received my green card through marriage and immigrated to California.

Fort Collins
1st lesson offered free !

Arabic language tutor at home or via Skype for all level

I taught a different level of students from kindergarten to high school students. The techniques were different because was depended with the group of students I was working with. I used activity experience, songs, dance and group work that helped students with the class.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Jordanian Arabic Teacher, Levantine Informal Arabic Introductory and Conversational, located online and in RDU Area.

Structure and lesson materials depend on the learners' interests, needs and level. The topics and materials are up to the student. If someone is looking for basic, introductory Arabic, we can start with pre-existing materials. Normally, we start with the alphabet, basic words and phrases and real-life practical conversations.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn how to speak Arabic the proper way not the fast way

Depends on the topics for each lesson, the methodology can be different. Some of the greatest ideas that I use are quizzes as well as multiple choice answers to help steer students in the right direction to finding the correct answer for each question.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Arabic! Native Arabic speaker, speaks 3 other languages. Young, university student with four years of language tutoring experience. Good with adults and kids.

My teaching method is based on pictures, and also go to places where they gonna practice what they learn that if I meet the student on person if not I make sure my students to go to those places and then tell me about their experience.

1st lesson offered free !

I have a bachelors degree in Arabic language with experience of 4 years

I'm an Arabic teacher who teaches middle school and high school students. My methods of teaching is class participation, demonstration, recitation and memorization and combination of these. I have a passion for teaching, love for kids and a work ethic that doesn't quit.

Fort Lauderdale
1st lesson offered free !

Arabic/English translation and vocabulary Any other help from fort lauderdale. Associate degree

I have an English degree from my country , and I have an Associate degree from united state of medical billing and coding, treats student with caring and respect,my technique to implement for the visual learners for my group .

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic Tutor - Iraqi and other dialects in DMV area, on site and remotely

BA degree in (English/Arabic) translation from College of Arts. A postgraduate degree in (Political Science and International Relations) from the Foreign Service Institute. Had 3 diplomatic training courses in India (2000), Australia (2004) and Switzerland (2007). Tutored foreign students in Jordan (2007-2009).

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic is easy now dont be worry we can do it together

I can teach arabicflr all ages and from non knowing anything to advanced I can help with reading Writing Speaking Listening And more If you are interested please feel free to ask my help and i will help you sure

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic tutor/teacher with one year of experience gives Arabic lessons anywhere to all ages!

Arabic is my native language. I teach Arabic lessons, including vocabulary, right pronouncing, and both writing and oral skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Arabic speaker that can really help you speak or improve your Arabic

I am a native speaker of both English and Arabic. I spent many years traveling and I understand how difficult it is to master a language especially a language such as Arabic that has many accents and dialects luckily I master all of them.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievemen.

My teaching method is" Student-Centered Approach to Learning" where I coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, also i measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment.

1st lesson offered free !

Proficient native speaker mastering Arabic language and Arabic literature to full extent, Houston

Master degree and many studies in Arabic and Arabic literature especially classic Arabic structure and literature of pre Islamic and post Islamic era - Arabic grammar - Arabic composition - Arabic poetry ( history and structure) - Standard modern Arabic - Quran and quaranic Arabic

Seaside Heights
1st lesson offered free !

There is nothing Impossible , Everything needs to work for getting it , Believe in yourself , You can do it

My teaching method is making everything easy and clear , I believe in everyone want to learn , just love it and we will be together to reach to the End , Make it fun and easy , You can do it

1st lesson offered free !

Great Arabic Tutoring For All Levels and help with Rootbased Dictionary

I am qualified in Arabic Studies with BA Degree.

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