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writing expression - chinese lessons at home for ilr level 2 levels

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East Lansing
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Native speaker offering personalised Chinese/Mandarin lessons, student of all levels are welcomed.

Hi there! This is Jiawan, and I'm here to help you achieve your goal. A little about me. I was born and raised in Beijing, both my parents are professors. I went to Japan for high school, after that, England. I spent almost five years there, got my Bachelor's and Master's degree.

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Tutor instructor for Chinese and English (Daily Conversation, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening)

I plan to go over speaking, reading, writing, and listening. An assessment may be provided to see what level the student is at. From there, I would plan my lesson plan to suit the student's needs. In this way, this would help the student advance in their strengths, but also improve hugely on their weaknesses.

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Language isn't a subject but a lifestyle, think like a Chinese! Come to Chinese Tutor in NYC

Target clients: No age limits Lesson level: Beginner to Conversational level/Fluent. (simplified form, Mandarin) Teaching Method: - I must know your personal goals and worries before teaching (if any) - List of vocabularies will be provided (mostly relevant to the grammars) words exceeds the level of 6th grade will not be taught. - No homework will be given because I don't force people to learn.

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I am a Chinese language instructor, working at the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS), Ft. Bragg NC from 2009 to 2017.

My duties: Teach Chinese language and culture, assess and provide feedback to students in regards to their performance, and grade tests (written and oral), develop lesson plans, assign and check homework, etc. I also participated in many professional development activities.

San Francisco
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Native Chinese speaker gives Cantonese and Mandarin lessons to all levels of Chinese learners

Hey there, are you still worried about learning Chinese? Are you scared about those four tones in Mandarin and six tones in Cantonese so that you don't even want to learn? As a Chinese native speaker, I definitely tell you a secret -- Combining history and literature, you must realize that learning Chinese is super fun!

San Ramon
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A Native Chinese Speaker will be your friend and help you improve your spoken Mandarin

My method of teaching is to have fun and make the experience realistic to the learner's life. Once I have a good understanding of the person profile, then I design personalize course materials to help them learn. With Google drive's help, both of us can see, edit and review our learning content.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

It isn't hard to learn Mandarin.. Join me and we will do it the fun way!

I try to engage my students as much as possible with fun pictures and videos. I also prefer one-on-one coaching so that you can get individual attention. I will adjust the materials to help you learn better according to your speed and we will have a fun time together.

Buena Park
1st lesson offered free !

Teaching students how to read, write, and speak in Chinese in Buena Park Ca. Have one year of teaching experience.

I am very patient with students when it comes to teaching them new topics/ lessons. Every time I see students struggling I come up with a better technique about how to get them to understand what I want them to learn.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Finance student offering Mandarin lessons in NYC. Mandarin is my native language.

In my teaching practice, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. In practice, I utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students to learn and communicate in Mandarin. I believe the languange development happens through social interaction and guided assistance.

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching Chinese and Chinese culture with master degree of education in urbana

bachelor degree of law in political education studying master degree of education - in curriculum and instruction

1st lesson offered free !

Speaking Standard mandarin, good Chinese calligraphy, Arlington Tx. Freelancer associative learning

Bachelor degree. International trade major. Love traditional Chinese, distinguish traditional Chinese characters and good at calligraphy. Studied and searched out the interesting relationship between the two languages, have simple and fun way to teach.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese native speaker with Certificate of mandarin proficiency test grade in China

My teaching method is compare the difference between pinyin and English character. Using pictures and videos to help learners to understand the meaning of every Chinese ideograph and remember it easily. I also will teach some great Chinese ancient poetry.

1st lesson offered free !

I am Native Chinese with Master degree in Chemistry. I have lived in America for 24 years and I current work in Hospital as a specialist. I love teaching.

Undergraduate: Peking university Analytical Chemistry Graduate: Chinese Scientific Institute Environmental Chemistry When I teach I like to go through a lot of practice. To use scenic illustration to help student to remember.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in nursing gives math, chemistry, sociology, psychology, ESL, Chinese lessons to any kind of students in Downers Grove, Westmont, Willow Brook, Lisle, Woodridge, Naperville, and Glen E

Currently, I am a nursing student at College of Dupage. I offer math, chemistry, sociology, psychology, ESL, and Chinese to all kind of students. I would help you to review your assignments and give you some illustrative problem to practice during my session. I would also help you to improve your study skills and organization during the session.

Rancho Cordova
1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn Chinese super efficiently? Experienced Chinese teacher is here offering lessons in Rancho Cordova.

I encourage students to talk and intentionally make them use patterns they have just learned. I also let them read articles that contain characters or patterns they know. Fun tests are given in each class. Song teaching is applied where it is appropriate.

1st lesson offered free !

Private Tutor with Many Years Experience Teaching Both English and Mandarin, Bay Area or Sacramento Area

My philosophy is that it is no fun to learn a language but it is thrilling to be able to speak a language. Therefore, I have you speaking and having simple conversation even in the first lesson. I customize my lessons based on your needs.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Chinese tutor with 6 years of tutoring experience offers mandarin lessons in LA to all ages.

My teaching method is a combination of Scaffolding and Communicative Language Teaching. At first, I will give specific language points and examples to my tutees, and then help them use the language in their conversations, because the aim is to communicate with others successfully. Therefore, I will also choose topics closest to our daily life.

Kings County
1st lesson offered free !

Advanced Chinese by AP class to middle school and high school levels in Brooklyn

My name is Amber Lin. Born in China Currently, study at Brooklyn College I majored in Accounting because my strength is math and I like to use numbers. I have passed AP test in high school which includes reading, writing and listening. It is important to learn an international language. It is my pressure to teach you.

1st lesson offered free !

Master of Education who has been teaching Chinese for all levels in Chicago for over 6 years

Master of Education in Curriculum Design from DePaul University Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai University I hold teaching certificate in teaching K-12 Mandarin in Illinois State I have studied in Chinese linguistics and literature for years

1st lesson offered free !

As an artist, I can give you some really unique lessons on Chinese from my perspective.

Education University of Oklahoma - School of Visual Arts, United States of America Aug. 2013-May 2017 Master of Fine Arts in Art, Technology & Culture Concentration: Photography GPA: 3.71 Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao - College of Resources and Materials, China Sept. 2009-Jun.

San Jose
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Chinese lessons at all levels for all purposes by a Chinese professor with PHD and >20 years teaching experience who lives in San Jose California.

I have studied at a university in Shanghai, China for seven years, received both B.A. and M.A. degrees. I have also studied at a university in the U.S. for six years, received both M.A. and PHD degrees. I have a Connecticut Educator Certificate.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Patient Mandarin Chinese Teacher for All Level and All Age Students

I’m a native born Chinese and have resided in the U.S. for more than 20 years. I am an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching Mandarin to English speakers for ten plus years. I can base the material off of your interests and level of proficiency. You will learn not only Chinese phonological system, vocabulary, grammar and conversational topics, but also Chinese cultures.

Kings County
Min xiu
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons in all levels during the summer in NYC. Can teach online or at home.

I was born in China and I am currently a student study in Skidmore College. I have many years of experiences in Chinese and I have learned Chinese since I was in kindergarten. I often speak Chinese with my friends and my family members.

Coral Gables
1st lesson offered free !

I used to have an experience in teaching in English in China

I used to teach English when I was in China, and my students are all from middle school or high school, my target was helping them to improve their English subject score, it was face to face based teaching class.

1st lesson offered free !

8 years teaching chinese experience to english background student, please contact me

i am undergraduaed student and now study my master in uk. i can teach primary, secondary and diploma chinese level. I always follow textbook and my extra tuition materials. Depends on the studens ability to decide different methods. i am very kind and have passion with my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Recently moved from Singapore, offering Mandarin lessons in Denver to all ages.

It is very important to assess the child before implementing a certain learning style with him/her. Thus, my technique will vary based on whether the child is more of a visual, verbal, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or logical learner.

1st lesson offered free !

A Chinese college student gives Chinese lesson to primary school and middle school levels in Oakland, US

Hi, dear students! My name is Katherine. I was born in China. I have studied Chinese for sixteen years in China. Even though I'm not a professional teacher yet, I will try my best to teach you. I promise that it will be an easy and learning lesson for you.

1st lesson offered free !

Master Language teacher can make Learning Mandarin so much fun, in Phoenix Metro area

- Native speaker of Mandarin and Shanghainese - Awesome written and oral skills in Chinese.

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Bilingual tutor with more than 30 years of experience in teaching and/or learning a foreign language.

I like to draw parallels to students' mother tongue to help them with problem areas in Chinese. I tailor my lessons to students' aptitude and needs and usually follow Gagnet's Nine Events of Instruction. I only introduce new content when students demonstrate a solid grasp of the prerequisite knowledge.

Los Angeles
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1st lesson offered free !

Cours de Chinois à tarifs dégréssif (en fonction de vos choix s'adapte à chaque élèves)

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Aure 16ans, je suis Franco-Américaine de Monaco. Polyglotte en 7 langues. Je suis en double cursus au CNED et en lycée internationnal (IB). De langues natales Anglais et Francais. Reviens du Japon où j’etais en 1ere. Cours à Domicile, dehors, visio ou à mon domicile. À partir de 7 ans jusqu’a 70 ans. Débutant (de 0, A1), Intermédiaire(A2-B1), Avancé(B2).

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