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Deerfield Beach
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7 years of experience, 600 hours certified instructor from south Florida USA

My aspiration is to transmit to people the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing Yoga. I will show how muscle strength and flexibility can be gained through different Yogic poses by engaging muscles that are not typically engaged doing other types of exercise. Also, I will guide you through and experience of expanded awareness while focusing on the breath and sensations in the body.

1st lesson offered free !

Marci winters yoga- austin- certified in meditation, chi quong- 20 years of experience, nurturing, supportive

I approach each individual according to his/her unique needs, including fitness level and overall health. I am extremely nurturing and supportive, also allowing for a healthy challenge. I use modalities that are appropriate for the beginner to advanced student.

(4 reviews)
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☆Private & Group Yoga - Feeling and re-balancing our Body ☆ Experienced and Certified International Yoga Teacher - I love to Share, Teach and Feel Life deeper thanks to yoga postures, breathing, visua

I believe each and all of us are unique. So, I make sure everyone feels in their ideal selves, while developping, and enhancing our innate abilities of flowing through Life thanks to conscious movements, breaths, visulizations techniques.

South Bar
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Study yoga with a 500hr Certified Yoga teacher with over 16 years teaching experience.

You can expect Lindsay’s classes vary from creative, fluid vinyasa flows to classical hatha, focused technical instruction, thoughtful yin and deep slow flows. Lindsay teaches her classes from her heart, creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness.

(3 reviews)
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Taking a warm, person centered approach that is an extension of my personality

I believe every individual and group have a different set of needs. I tailor my classes to fit the needs of the students and am a firm believer in meeting a client where they are in their practice, mind, and body.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Get out of pain!!!!!!Yoga teacher provides private yoga lessons-focus is on reducing pain.

I use the tools of yoga to help you get out of pain and back to doing all of the activities you love. You will learn about how your body was designed to move, and how your movement has become compensated. The sessions are all about what you need in the moment to move towards your desired goals. As your movement improves, your pain, strain and tension will reduce.

1st lesson offered free !

This is one of Indian traditional yoga style (Shivananda based Hatha Yoga) of deep relaxation and meditation, includes methods of Yin and Tantra and incorporates breathing methods as necessary.

What do you think about yoga? Diet, beauty, stretch to improve your posture? That is correct too. However, the physical effect appears as a result, not the original purpose of yoga. In Indian traditional yoga, we will not only focus on poses and the body but also observe humans as part of the universe created with "prana".

1st lesson offered free !

Relax and energise with Somachi yoga (for all levels) ~ love the way you move

With influences of Somatics and Taichi, Somachi gets us to understand the connection of inner space (identity) and outer space (environment) and breathe properly with intention. The classes range from slow flow to restorative with a focus on fluid transitions.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga designed to assist you to live a pain free life once and for all.

I am an intuitive Yoga/Movement teacher. I personalise every class to suit the individual or to the particular group of students who are on the mat on any given day. No BODY is the same and so every class is different.

1st lesson offered free !

Certified yoga and meditation teacher available for private lessons at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home

My classes are based on embodied bio-mechanics and can range from gentle, slow Yin-style meditations to more heat-producing Vinyasa Flows, and everywhere in-between! Sequences are inspired by the season, time of day, energy of the student, and phase of the moon.

1st lesson offered free !

300hour registered yoga teacher☽ practice with me in the comfort of your home♡ from surrey to brighton ☼

my lessons can be whatever you want them to be, just let me know and i can tailor it to whatever you feel like doing, whether you're a beginner or a frequent yogi. we can work towards any goal you've set: strengthening your core? lets go. want to rejuvenate with some yoga nidra? you got it. have no idea what you want and wanna just do a class? i got you.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga classes in Montreal, taught in either English or French by a YTT 500hr certified teacher

Sarah likes to teach strong, powerful flow classes, and restorative yin classes. Balance is key! An emphasis on awareness of breath is a key feature of any class taught by Sarah, and modifying poses in order to encourage healthy alignment and natural breath is a vital aspect of her methodology.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga teacher sharing the practice in your home or my home studio in Victoria

Private yoga sessions offer the personalized instruction necessary to deepen your relationship to your body and the many benefits of the practice including reducing stress, fine tuning asana and developing your connection to your breath. Each private class is based entirely on your needs for where you are now.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga and Meditation Teacher- Life and Relationship Coach- positive psychology focus guru

My teaching methodology is that everybody is different. I like to connect with my students personally and allow their learning styles to guide our sessions. Most students become friends quickly and we learn from one another.

1st lesson offered free !

Wellpreneur gives yoga and breathing lessons to adults and women and kids.

My methods are fun, relaxing, inspiring, i base my classes on alignment, supporting the low back for strength, inspiration, tailor to level of individual and love working with newbies or beginners! I create on-on -one programs for health and wellness.

Byron Bay
1st lesson offered free !

YOGA!!, all yoga available. Citified instructor, extended certification in yoga physiology and anatomy. Would love to share yoga with you

I like to mix up the styles I teach depending on what my students want. I am able to teach the following and more ; Yin = This practice is to deepen the flexibly and promote circulation by holding a relaxing position. Hatha = The chance to explore our bodies with a series of asanas (positions). Can be based on a function of the body, an emotion or an element.

North Lakes
1st lesson offered free !

Brisbane Based Qualified Yoga Teacher- Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga Teach All over Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

I teach based upon real-life needs. I focus on mobility, range of movement and I love to add in easy movements that you can do at home or work. I am focused in on the body and the breath, bringing it back to the basics in what you feel and how you move.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga lessons infused with spiritual wisdom, mindfulness, and the latest scientific research.

I have experience of teaching multi-style yoga, yet my aim is to preserve its original roots. All classes are taught with an accent on mindful movement and awareness of breath. Furthermore, either explicitly or implicitly I infuse each class with chakra/energy based work, psychotherapy related exercises, meditation, and general spiritual guidance.

Sunrise Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Noosa Yoga Flow, unwind and enjoy a relaxing style by the sea

We flow in a sequence of asanas, each one designed to prepare your body for the next pose. In this way we relax and unwind tension and find our way to balance and peace. Guided meditations and music is incorporated into the class to inspire and deepen our yoga experience.

North Vancouver
1st lesson offered free !

Explore and Practice Therapeutic Yoga with Experienced Instructor in North Vancouver BC

I focus on movement as medicine, balancing the physical with the mental and spiritual benefits of the practice. We use strength to build the stability for our joints, and deep stretching to release tension in our connective tissue. Meditation is used as a tool to get the yogis to deepen the connection within themselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Teacher sharing a mindful introduction to yoga for youngster and adults.

Private, Groups, Themes, Yoga Games, Partner Poses, Parties and more! My classes are recommended for all levels. Classes can include a wide range of movements and postures that stretch, strengthen, align and stimulate all systems of the body.

Palm Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Hatha & Yin Yoga teacher private and group sessions on the Gold Coast

My classes cater to the needs of my students and vary from a very slow and relaxing Yin style to an up beat, active Yang style Yoga including meditation and breathe work. I specialise in Pregnancy Yoga, Partner Yoga, Brain Yoga and traditional meditation techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate Yin and Vinyasa Yoga teacher with 3 years full time teaching experience.

My teaching method is a combination of philosophy and my own life experiences. I believe yoga is a platform for living a more connected and fulfilling life. Exploring the physical practise of yoga allows us to discover our highest potential and uncovers an internal state of peace.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga instructor teaching a wide range of different styles/methods in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

My methodology depends on the clients wants and needs. There are many different class styles I can offer for example: -vinyasa flow -beginner flow -deep stretch -yin -yang -yang yin -a focus on binds, balances, breathing/meditation and so on. Being a personal trainer I can also include fused classes with more of a variety of yoga incorporating fitness.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Yoga teacher in Sydney teaches private Yoga classes for beginners and groups!

I find fluidity between breath and movement, creating a beautiful stillness of the mind.

South Yarra
1st lesson offered free !

Melbourne based yoga teaching sharing and guiding students through the depths of yoga

My teaching strives from the heart to create a calming, soothing and nurturing environment. My style of classes can be enjoyed by all yogis from beginners to advanced, where students can explore and discover depth and connection with their inner self.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

My yoga is for everyone, not everyone is for my yoga. I guide hatha/Vinyasa yoga mixed with Kundalini, Tantra, Ashtanga, Yin techniques. I am a Shamanic body, energy and sound healer which I also infu

When I guide a class it is for the benefit of those present. I sense intuitively or through small discussion what the physical, emotional and mental needs may be at that particular time. I like to begin with meditation and an intention setting so there is something to focus our energy toward creating.

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