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Navi Mumbai
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Certified yoga teacher of the Ayush ministry. Journalist, poet and a quote writer.

I am a passionate teacher and I see that my student develops keen interest in the subject that leads to his/her overall development.

Marseille 14e
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Soft yoga classes for well-being that are aimed at seniors and all those who wish to relax smoothly without constraint

I offer private yoga lessons to seniors (also in small group 2 to 3 people). Relaxation, relaxation, meditation, exchanges are on the program. I also propose an introduction and how to use the essential oils "DoTerra" which can accompany you on a daily basis for all evils, both psychologically and physically. I am a yoga teacher and coach for adults and young people.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Individual and Group Yoga bathes in South Bopal to Satellite rd Ahmedabad only

My teaching method for young age group is 10 min Warm-up 45 min Yoga and 5 min cool down exercise

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Therapeutic Hatha yoga classes all levels; chair yoga, 55+ yoga, beginner to advanced

I am a yoga teacher for 7 years and shiatsu therapist for since 1997. I offer therapeutic yoga classes tailored to your needs, your mobility, your availabilities. From chair classes if you can't get down to floor level to advanced classes or even group classes for any event. With one on one classes we can tailor a class specifically for your needs.

New Delhi
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We give Yoga, Meditation and kriyas classes in Delhi.. Yoga for healthy life

I start teaching yoga from the initial stage wherein I cover lectures as well asans, dhyan etc. Keeping the diseases in mind. One can see the changes in the body in just couple of month .

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Health is the most important part of our life that why we say that health is wealth

Hardwork, willingness and taking risk create a new and best path in the carrier in the future of every person.

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Customised Yoga (Basic-intermediate, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha) Join me and explore your potential!

To share the joy of yoga practice by customising a class to accommodate different levels, for students to go at their own pace as it is an individual and spiritual journey.

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"Yoga Alliance International" certified yoga teacher (RYT-500) from India. I use to teach yoga, Pranayama and body weight exercise in India. The first step to your real wealth- HEALTH

I ask the personal goal of my student and then customize the class accordingly. My class starts with telling the importance, origin and benefits of the particular asana. I demonstrate each pose and then help a student to try it.

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One can contact for Individual Yoga classes, Corporate yoga classes and can also contact for Yoga classes in club house or Group yoga class

Therapy yoga, power yoga, Tradition yoga, pre-post natal yoga, Vinayasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Asthanga yoga, Meditation, yoga for stress management

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200 Hour Registered and fully insured Yoga Teacher offering teaching assistance in Birmingham

Structure is based around the individual and their needs and requirements. My style is informal and welcoming and supportive. Due to the nature of the subject lessons can be both theory and practical based dependent on what is suitable and required.

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Do you feel stiff and stressed? Therapeutic yoga teacher offers range of one-on-one and group yoga classes that will help you to de-stress and feel great.

My classes focus on your needs, whether you are seeking a slower meditative hatha practice, a flowing active breathe-based vinyasa class, or something in between. I always offer a range of pose modifications no matter your level of practice.

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Haha Yoga, vinyasa flow at home, and around Perpignan, all levels accepted

I discovered Yoga in Asia during my travels and the time of my assignment in Thailand. I started with Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and followed different types of yoga thereafter (Ashtanga, Hatha). Hatha yoga is what attracted me the most. Taking time on postures, breathing harmonize with gestures, each movement makes sense and brings serenity and well-being.

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A long term practitioner of yoga teaches best yoga practices for peace of mind, joy and well being.

I am a long time practitioner and teacher of advanced yoga practices. My classes are for adults who are living a busy active life and students looking for better grades. Teaching is done keeping the adult learning parameters in mind.

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Indian yoga researcher teaching intricacies of hatha yoga and associated philosophy to yoga teachers/students

Namaste! Being a lifelong learner (and this is what yoga teaches!), my teachings will motivate you to dive deeper into the yoga philosophy especially the hatha yoga. Be it Patanjali Yoga Sutra or the great Upanishads (Kena-, Ishavasya-, or Katha-), the class will help you to understand the intricacies of yoga in very simple, lucid manner both from philosophical as well as research point of view.

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Yoga therapist & Hatha Yogi, giving solutions to health (physical and mental) problems with Yogic techniques

I am trained and certified Yoga teacher from SVyasa Bangalore and a certified Yoga therapist from Yoga Alliance International India. I give classes to beginners and intermediate students in Yoga and to people facing specific health problems solving them by Yogic techniques. I include much more than Asanas in my class depending on the age, level and most importantly requirement of my students.

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Vinyasa yoga and yoga instructor offers lessons to increase flexibility, strength and concentration in yona Como and the province

I am a well-trained yoga student with a Yoga Alliance certificate (200 hours YTT). The yoga I propose is called vinyasa flow, that is, a series of asanas succession (yoga positions) that are performed in coordination with breathing, creating a dynamic flow that increases strength, muscle tone, concentration flexibility and respiratory efficiency.

Santa Iria de Azoia
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Yoga in Lisbon ( Adults, Mummies and Babies, Children and Families )

Yoga Teacher since 2012 with specialization in Adults, Moms, Infants, Children (SEN) and Families Formation as Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor and Female Therapist I teach Hatha Yoga classes and Meditation adapted to each student health conditions and goals who seeks to work with me

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Power Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Hatha Yoga mobile or studio in Bishops Stortford Accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher

I teach Power Vinyasa Yoga which is a flowing type of movements. Alingement, by understanding everything about the posture, and Flow, by gaining strength, are the key points of my practice. At first I was drawn to Yoga simply because of it's physical aspect. But quickly I noticed how controlling your body gives control over your mind and emotions.

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Kundalini Yoga and meditation with relaxation open to all, beginners are welcome

My name is Siri Avtar (Antoine Bréant) and I received the Kundalini Yoga teacher diploma in 2011. The course starts with a warm-up continues with physical practice and kriya, then a relaxation and meditation for closing the session.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance. Private lessons in Valencia

I'm Paloma, Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, Vinyasa is a dynamic and energizing branch of Yoga, we flow from one posture to another through breathing adding variations or modifications when necessary. The focus in my classes will depend on your level, whether you are a beginner or you are an intermediate student I will adapt the classes to your needs.

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American offers Yoga classes at home, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga, or Meditation

I am a traveler at heart. I was born in North Florida. I soon moved to Hawaii and New York where I met the love of my life and here I am, I quickly found myself in Paris (it's the city of love after all). I was taught Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Air, Acro and Bhakti Yoga on the island of Mallorca in Spain.

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Certificated female yoga instructor teach Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yoga based on the therapeutic approach, 8 years teaching experience

I provide provides gentle, but still powerful yoga classes, friendly for all levels, even beginners and seniors. I prepare individual yoga programs based on your needs and goals. I have yoga programs which helps to keep back healthy, have nice posture, and become more physical confident.

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Young yoguide accompanies you in your yoga practice, towards a balance between energy and relaxation

I mainly base my classes on my personal experience of yoga, as well as the teaching methods I learned during my training. Practice is the key word: I show you the exercise, I tell you a little about it, then we perform it again together, and we adapt it according to your needs.

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Private & Group Classes of Various Yoga Styles by 200RYT in Lethbridge, AB

When I work with adults, I base my classes on bringing awareness to the body and connecting it with the mind through a series of breathing techniques. Following that, we gently warm up the body by moving according to the rhythm of our breath; inhale we expand, exhale we contract.

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Yoga is satisfaction , the way to find your self which gives you peace

I am teaching "Asana" and "Pranayama" from Asthang yoga. It is a type of meditation. Asana relaxes your body and Pranayama relaxes your mind. Combination of clear mind and body makes you healthier human. I teach yoga with scientific explanation.

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Inspiring Yoga Teacher will develop distant sessions for your unique body type

The path of yoga looks different for each individual and it is important to tailor a practice based on the students goals. My training is in Hatha and Vinyasa, and as an athlete I also enjoy Yin (longer held asanas/poses that reach into the connective tissues). My students vary in age from 18 to 73 years old, and they also vary in body type, gender, flexibility and years of practice.

South Brisbane
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400 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher gives private and group lessons to all levels in Brisbane. Hablamos Español

I usually like to incorporate themes or intentions before and throughout the practice, like a philosophical concept or a category of asana. Depending on the style, my classes might be dynamic and energetic, or slow, grounding and relaxing. However, the compassionate, humorous and fun factors are never missing! I love giving hands on adjustments when students feel comfortable about them.

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Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline whose main purpose is to heal body and soul, has never been more popular. Using breathing techniques, as well as strict exercise and meditation in order to improve health and happiness, everyone profits from yoga lessons. Although Christianity disputes its benefits, yoga has found its way to infiltrate our lives and make us find inner peace. Doctors have also tried to determine if yoga lessons have any influence on our health and came to a conclusion that it does indeed help reduce risk factors and aid the patient psychologically. Anyone interested in yoga can now easily find private yoga teachers on SuperPROF. Furthermore, yoga is related to a number of other physical activities including dance lessons. Additionally, potential students could also be interesting in ice skating, Qi Gong or perhaps krav maga, an Israeli self-defense system. Each student can also find their ice skating teacher, Qi Gong teachers or even a krav maga instructor.