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Greater London
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Want to look, move and feel better? Yoga with Mr Anderson helps!

Clients then can continue with their day feeling at ease and relieved of tension both mind and body. I work with peoples goals and build a structure to suit them. Providing an environment that clients can enjoy start to finish.

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Certified Yoga Teacher gives classes in English / French in Paris and western suburbs.

Yoga is the best way of finding balance and grounding in your life. For this, you must practice it right. I focus on breathing and adjusting your postures so you can have the right alignment to get the most out of your practice.

Sravan kumar
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Yoga freak teaching yoga techniques to all age groups in Montreal city, Quebec

I am from the country where yoga was born. I strongly believe that Yoga will make people strong physically and mentally. The methodology for my teaching is dependent on the age group or the requirement of the individuals that I teach.

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Certified yoga teacher with long experience gives yoga classes, relaxation, and meditation at home.

I propose a harmonizing yoga class that will refocus on you. A journey connecting you to your deepest being. I completed my professorship in Agama, Thailand. The Hatha yoga I teach is the form currently the closest to the original yoga. This practice aims at the complete revitalization of your person as well as the union between body and mind.

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Yoga Teacher gives online lessons to increase balance and harmony in your life

My name is Phoenix, I have been practicing yoga for 6 years, and teaching for one year. My yoga classes are meant for anyone, from beginners to advanced, I can give many options to your level of flexibility and depending on what your goals are for the practice.

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Yoga teacher for all levels graduate in India has mulhouse and surroundings

My name is Ravinder and I come from India and I live in Mulhouse for 3 years. Diploma of the international yoga alliance of Chandigarh (North of INDIA). Specialist of Hatha Yoga, pranayama, meditation, bandha, kriya. My classes are accessible to anyone and any age.

Garching bei München
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Deepen your Yogapraxis through Individual classes in Munich or online from where ever you are - Focus on Physical Alignment & your Needs - Hatha, Vinyasa and Embodied Flow inspired :)

Yoga takes place on your Yogamat as well as out of the mat - as this is a class where we focus on safe practice, we concentrate on the physical :) - What are certain asanas / yogapositions where you feel unsafe? - Are you still insecure about how you can guide your breathing so that your yoga praxis feels "in tune"? -Are there certain body parts that you feel you need more space? Yoga...

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Do you feel stiff and stressed? Therapeutic yoga teacher offers range of one-on-one and group yoga classes that will help you to destress and feel great.

My classes focus on your needs, whether you are seeking a slow meditative hatha practice, a flowing active breathe-based vinyasa class, or something in between. I always offer a range of pose modifications no matter your level of practice.

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Student of yoga and fitness yoga at YogaBody Teachers' College in Barcelona

My teaching methods is '' tell, show, adjust ''. The structure of a class consists of: - breathing and internal warming - stretching and external heating - subject of the class (postures or deep stretching) - final positions and relax My particularities as a teacher are: - hatha yoga - yoga fitness All classes are for all levels.

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A playful, personable and enthusiastic yoga teacher offering private and group lessons in Sydney

I am currently teaching a range of ability classes from yogi novices to corporate rookies, with group, private and semi private classes. Please contact me directly if you are interested :) Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Yoga and Pilates - Private or group lessons, Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal_susana.vie | High Performance Training

Personal Yoga Training. Get more schedule flexibility and privacy! It is the alternative for those who do not have the time or who want more privacy and specialized professional attention. It will be proposed some techniques that are better suited to the practitioner and their specific needs and quickly get the desired results. Working with all customer groups.

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Stress reduction, Restorative and Iyengar methodology are my ways of helping you get better.

my methodology is uniquely developed to assist patients with their specific and unique problems. I believe each of us is so unique no one solution fits all.

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Experience the yoga session from your home providing by expert in yoga

i am master in yoga, practicing yogA from last 7 years as a professional teaching yoga from last 4 years. i am teaching hath yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, therapeutic yoga, pranayam and meditation providing yoga class according to person need their ability.

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Yoga classes online with short and long programs adapted to each person

I work with the programs of the great master BKS Iyengar. Above all it is safety and the good evolution. I prepare programs to follow appropriate to each person and I explain everything in detail. With time you will have in front of you a perspective of life wider and different.

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Certified in India I offer yoga classes on donation in Lille area

Classes can go from one to two hours including meditation, breathing exercises and postures. Yoga is good to all types of people and I will always do my best for you to have a moment of deep well being and reconnection with your body and mind. Classes on donation will be organized soon in Lille and around, contact me if you want to be informed of dates and places.

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Learn authentic Indian Classical Yoga from a gurukulam trained Yogic Lifestyle Teacher

Yoga is a way of life. I teach complete classical yoga in step by step method based on capacity and capability of each student. Knowledge of Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga including detailed understanding of Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Meditation and Relaxation techniques are taught with an aim to transform modern stressful life into stress-free, Healthy and Joyful life.

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Registered Yoga Trainer with Yoga Alliance (RYT200) from India. Providing private and at-home classes for yoga , pranayama and meditation

Registered Yoga trainer - certified RYT200 from Yoga Alliance in Vinyasa and Hatha style of Yoga. My classes begin and end with Shanthi Mantra to create the positive atmosphere while we engage in Yoga. The classes are uniquely designed based on the client needs whether for weight loss or general fitness.

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Yoga teacher prov. of Catania: learn the Asanas and the Yoga Sutras of Petanjalim

I learned yoga "ashtanga" in an Ashram in India face to face with a "baba". The development of the lesson consists of the practices of the asanas and of the small philosophical notions of ashtanga yoga. Furthermore, it will be necessary to deepen the theories on meditation, pranayama, mudra and Mantra.

La Seyne-sur-Mer
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Professor of Hatha Yoga proposes a personalized practice in Toulon and surroundings (French and English billing)

Hello everyone I am Xavier, teacher of Hatha Yoga, trained in India within the ashram Yoga Vidya Gurukul. I accompany you in your practice by sharing my joy of living in a simple teaching adapted to your physical condition and your experience in yoga (beginner and intermediate).

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Yoga,Meditation training for all age groups. An Art of Living organization certified Yoga trainer.

Improve health,self confidence,productivity with greater quality, feel happy, secure, protected, loved,improved relations, manage stress, work life balance, by doing regular yoga ,meditation, Pranayama,ayurveda principles,and practicing self management techniques. Understanding spirituality. Introduction to vedic literature, books, chantings mantras. Overall improve quality of life.

Greater London
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Gives Authentic, Traditional and Classical Yoga lessons for every level and age

I am a 27 yr old Yoga teacher living in Uk. I am from India and recently moved to Uk with my wife. I teach traditional Hatha yoga, Hatha flow, Vinyasa and Sivananda yoga. I am an easy to get along with person with an affinity towards adventures and nature. My teaching style is simple and designed to amplify the potential in every individual. I believe in steady learning process.

(6 reviews)

Yoga tuition in Strasbourg and during yoga class in Schiltigheim

My course is accessible to all. I propose yoga is a gentle yoga, we take the time to feel our body and breathe well. I teach the traditional postures and I add personal and creative sequences. In private lessons, I like to adapt my courses to the individual needs.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yogatherapy Home Classes for Seniors and Hatha Yoga, meditation and mantras in Oviedo

Yogatherapy for Seniors with Magda - These specially adapted yoga exercises can awaken the regenerative power of the body.

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Traditional Ashtanga Yoga practitioner teaches introduction classes privately, online or at a place in which can be arranged.

Ashtanga Yoga focus is on the very complete notion of what Yoga is, not taking it partially. Its completness is founded in the eight limbs discribed on Patanjalis Yoga Sutras. The practice being done frequently brings health into the body, purifying the function of organs, cleansing nervous system, developing muscle strength and flexibility, strenghtning bone structure, increasing lung capacity...

Paris 17e
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Yoga Instructor gives Yoga and Meditation Classes for Artists, Singers and Musicians

Why do yoga when we want above all to practice music and improve its musical talents? Because the musician will tend to work a body part rather that another. A right-handed guitarist eg seek the right side of the body and this created tensions not always compatible with the relaxation and openness that music requires. Yoga is to balance, stretch and relax the whole body by aligning opposed.

Mermaid Beach
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International Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Therapist Offering Private and Online Classes

I am extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit for yogis of all levels. I possess sound knowledge about asanas as well as the history and philosophy of yoga. Moreover, I am well versed with various relaxation and breathing methodologies and their principles and integrate these in my classes.

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Yoga for expats - Iyengar - Yoga Therapy - Meditation - Mindfulness - Body awareness - Yoga in English in Buenos Aires -

YOGA INSTRUCTOR FOR PUPILS OF ALL LEVELS Yoga for Expats - English spoken classes for every level Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced. INITIAL - INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED Even if you are interested in yoga, and you never practiced it. There is a class tailored to your possibilities. PERSONALIZED GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL CLASSES Both in the Body & Health Study, and at home.

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Fit Yoga, Meditation, Food. We create new habits, a daily practice for you.

I start practicing yoga more than 10 years ago, as my practice grow, my mind change, become more strong emotional, and fisical. That's what I love to see in those who start this path, transformation. Guide by Master Yogui Krishnamacharya, I follow his teachings. We start relearning how to breath, combining with asanas. We go from the most fiscal issues to the sutil aspects of the human being.

Villa Carlos Paz
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Yoga classes fitness, training, vinyasa yoga and relaxation from your home, e

My methodology consists of verbal explanations and gradual demonstrations of each movement of the postures, with detailed explanations of each movement with knowledge of body anatomy and physiology. You will learn about your body, how each movement works and what each position is for.

1st lesson offered free !

Yoga teacher keeping the flow in Montréal at work, at home or at a studio

Discover Yoga with a friendly, open-hearted teacher in Vinyasa Flow classes. Offering Yoga classes with an active pace but suitable for all levels. Dig deep inside, meet & greet your wonderful self with some relaxation, meditation and breathing exercice each class.

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Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline whose main purpose is to heal body and soul, has never been more popular. Using breathing techniques, as well as strict exercise and meditation in order to improve health and happiness, everyone profits from yoga lessons. Although Christianity disputes its benefits, yoga has found its way to infiltrate our lives and make us find inner peace. Doctors have also tried to determine if yoga lessons have any influence on our health and came to a conclusion that it does indeed help reduce risk factors and aid the patient psychologically. Anyone interested in yoga can now easily find private yoga teachers on SuperPROF. Furthermore, yoga is related to a number of other physical activities including dance lessons. Additionally, potential students could also be interesting in ice skating, Qi Gong or perhaps krav maga, an Israeli self-defense system. Each student can also find their ice skating teacher, Qi Gong teachers or even a krav maga instructor.