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São Paulo
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Yoga and therapies, classes for all ages, massage therapies and relax

Yoga, hatha and Tibetan yoga classes for body awareness and preparation. All ages, children, teenagers and adults. Massage therapy sessions, Thai massage, shiatsu, sports and workshops for technical knowledge. Meditation for knowledge and stress relief, with mantras and relax music.

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Yoga for everyone! Hatha and Flow for children, adults, seniors, couples and businesses.

I like to know the person, their posture, habits, strengths, and improvement areas. My classes have a pre-heating, breathing exercises, and always a little aromatherapy at the end :) Seeing you evolve, find your own balance and achieve your goals, is what I'm most passionate about.

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Classes of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in the region of Campinas: face-to-face or webcam

Graduated in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Camila Reitz. During the practice we will do exercises of breathing (pranayama), postures (asanas), relaxation (Yoga nidra) and techniques of concentration and meditation. Vinyasa Yoga consists of a dynamic class that combines breathing with the movements performed, helping with stretching, strength, concentration and relaxation.

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Cultivate peace and recognize your potential with personalized yoga, meditation, and healing practices. RYT 200hr and certified personal trainer.

Step 1 is learning about you. You can tell me as little or as much as you like, and we will take it from there. We will work together to create a methodology that works best for you, at your pace. Our typical yoga/training session will last 45-120 minutes, depending on your needs and goals.

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Certified Yoga Instructor inspiring beginner and experienced Yoga students classes in Markham

Experience to learn, grow by inspiring. Yoga is very meaningful to me and I have learned a lot about myself through my own practice. To me, there is no better way to learn than when you are passionate towards what you are learning. Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

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Student in school and engineering gives tuitions in yoga from high school to college inHyderabad

There are many aspects of Yoga that help anyone improve his or her life. Below are five methods that can help any Yoga teacher maintain a path of continued progress and success. Ultimately, Yoga students will benefit under the guidance of a successful teacher.

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Internationally certified yoga instructor interested in taking yoga classes for those who want to start their day with positive energy.

My approach to teaching is very systematic and starts with warm up so that everyone will be able to master the poses in due course of time. I am basically interested in teaching people who are beginners and want to start yoga.

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Yoga Teacher, experienced in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga from Yoga School in India. I enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness both in body and mind.

My classes focus on yogic postures and breathing. I help students deepen their yoga practice through the development of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Classes are tailored to the student needs.

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Certified teacher offers personalized private lessons in English (Vinyasa Yoga and restorative)

Malvina offers a personalized approach to physical and spiritual wellness through yoga, with her goal to connect and train both the inner and outer self.

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Flow with your own movement: Yoga classes for all levels - Barcelona

Personal classes for all levels, from intensive classes to more relaxed classes, through Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Restorative Yoga. Each person has a different body, when you understand what are the needs for each one, the practice can move forward and feel better.

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Yoga for all: A journey within. I'll help you build a program just for you, what exactly your body needs

Hello my yoga friends, yoga is for everyone and I help you to find the perfect for you! Classes can be given in German, English and Portuguese. Private lessons or small groups (up to 8 people) Focus on Hatha Yoga (100 hours training) Yoga workout - Fitness Yoga for beginners - general body flow and strength Children's Yoga - work with concentration, focus and energy expenditure.

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Wellness for all by Yoga for life in Wakad Pune available online too

I prefer individual classes as that allows more focus on an individual, however in order to cater to multiple students the batches are aligned in order to give best help to all the students.

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Facial Exercises / Yoga For A Young, Wrinkle Free Face With Simple Facial Exercises

Anyone interested in learning these exercises to slow down ageing process can contact me. Not only the exercises, I can also guide you with some daily routines and face masks that can help you to a great extent. I look forward to contacting with you soon.

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Certified yoga instructor gives yoga classes to the individuals and groups in Delhi.

My teaching method is based on the student expectation and its phycology. As every student's learning aptitude is different, therefore first I try to understand the student's phycology and customize my teaching strategy accordingly. On the top of that, I always motivate all of my students as I believe it's key to successes.

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Yoga will help you attain contentment and peace of mind in life and I am a certified yoga teacher from India, currently in Melbourne doing my masters from Victoria university.

I am priyanka from India, certified yoga teacher. I teach yoga for all age groups and my yoga classes not only includes Asanas but also includes the anatomy and philosophy of yoga. Meditation, yoga nidra, Asanas, correction of posture is included in my classes.

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Yoga is the union of body and soul. It is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices.

I have taught Ashtanga, Hatha and poweryoga to my students. We begin with Surya Namaskar and after that I used to make them sit for 10 minutes meditation and OM chant. There are total 284 Asanas and we practice at least 20 Asanas per day.

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Certified yoga therapy teacher who believes in spiritual yoga and its wonderful effects

My yoga practice is based on firm belief that Yoga can heal you physically,mentally and spiritually.

Laerke olise
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Yoga teacher, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Management. Private or group classes en English, French, Spanish or Danish ))

My classes focuses on maintaining and knowing the natural balance of health, the physical body, the mind and emotions and of nutrition. Out from your needs and motivation we can work specialising on nutrition, physical postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation, mental and emotional balance.

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Registered Yoga Trainer with Yoga Alliance (RYT200) from India. Providing private and at-home classes for yoga , pranayama and meditation

Registered Yoga trainer - certified RYT200 from Yoga Alliance in Vinyasa and Hatha style of Yoga. My classes begin and end with Shanthi Mantra to create the positive atmosphere while we engage in Yoga. The classes are uniquely designed based on the client needs whether for weight loss or general fitness.

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Teaching the art and science of yoga . sessions at beginner and intermediate level

yoga is my passion and being a doctor i give extreme importance to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle. i have been practising yoga since a long time now and want to offer what i have learned all through these years. hopefully my lessons will benefit you .

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I'm a professional yoga trainer with experience in teaching different yoga and also prescribe diets for diseases also

I am a qualified yoga trainer I am a specialised in training clients in Traditional Yoga, power yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Weight loss, Diabetes, obesity, Thyroid, Stress relief. I can easily understand the capacity of my client in the first session itself so that I know what type of training I should carry on with them.

Ciudad de México
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Tailored Private Jivamukti Yoga classes in Mexico City (open level and beginners)

Jivamukti Yoga is one of the 9 styles of yoga recognized worldwide. Dynamic and integral style (philosophy, postures (asanas), mantras). Creative sequences, spiritual content and correct alignment is key for this method. Not suitable for pregnant women or children.

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Teacher of yoga, pilates and fitness

Yoga classes for all levels. Yoga relaxation and dynamic. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga in a hammock or on a chair. Pilates and fitness in a hammock. Therapeutic and energetic approach.

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Let's learn yoga for healthy mind and body, come we'll smile together. :)

Basically the class duration will be of 1 hour which will include- warm up, yoga asanas,yog nidra, pranayams and meditation. I work according to the requirements of the student. I'm specialised in teaching ashtanga yoga and it's the most beautiful form of yoga.

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Students of sophia girls college are a part of internshala education app

I approach the class by a formal and short introduction of the topic and the subtopics and later switch on to brief with a break.

Vivekanand puri
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Take yoga classes in group or individually. Special exercises for ladies, stay fit, stay healthy with the power of yoga and exercise.

My teaching method is providing yoga tutorials to individuals based on their needs, age group and ability to hold on their bodies for a particular exercise.

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Yoga,Meditation training for all age groups. An S-VYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) certified Yoga trainer

Customize meditation and yoga sessions according to learner profile ,Promoted balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations.

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Hii I'm Yoga instructor Ruhani Garg (The Yoga Point) I'm a certified instructor,i complete my graduation in Delhi University,And complete My D. Y. Ed in Madurai kamraj university,Tamil Nadu.

Main apne students pe pura concentrate krti hun, Jb se Maine yoga sikhana shuru kiya hai tb se Koi shikayat nhi Mili, Bs God se pray krti hun aise hi wo mere saath rhein

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I provide Yoga tutoring for general and spiritual well being for women and couples

I am an ex- corporate worker turned into a free soul worker- a yoga instructor a designer and a writer and love to share the life skills with people from various walks of life. I am Yoga Alliance certified and QCI certified instructor of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. I also have knowledge of other ancient yoga techniques and movements .

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Yoga expert with 10 years of experience can teach you yoga at your home

I will teach you easy yoga postures so that your body will gain ability to overcome stress ,pains in our daily routine and keeps you active.If we keep on practicing yoga they will be weight loss also will happen.

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Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline whose main purpose is to heal body and soul, has never been more popular. Using breathing techniques, as well as strict exercise and meditation in order to improve health and happiness, everyone profits from yoga lessons. Although Christianity disputes its benefits, yoga has found its way to infiltrate our lives and make us find inner peace. Doctors have also tried to determine if yoga lessons have any influence on our health and came to a conclusion that it does indeed help reduce risk factors and aid the patient psychologically. Anyone interested in yoga can now easily find private yoga teachers on SuperPROF. Furthermore, yoga is related to a number of other physical activities including dance lessons. Additionally, potential students could also be interesting in ice skating, Qi Gong or perhaps krav maga, an Israeli self-defense system. Each student can also find their ice skating teacher, Qi Gong teachers or even a krav maga instructor.